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Update WinRAR on Your PC Right Now (lifehacker)

Last month a 19-year-old bug was discovered in WinRAR, the software many PC users use to extract .zip and other files on their computer. While the company was quick to patch the bug, that match requires users to update their software in order to be safe from the bug — and a lot of people haven’t yet.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Find Out If You're Booked on a 737 Max and What to Do if You Are (lifehacker)

After two deadly plane crashes involving Boeing’s 737 Max 8 jet over the past six months, many airline passengers and airlines have starting to consider whether or not the planes are safe to fly.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Get Rid of the 'Hole Punch' on the Galaxy S10's Display (lifehacker)

Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 might not have a notch, but it does have a hole punch camera on the front.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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This Is the Best Time to Book Flights in 2019 (lifehacker)

If you’re planning on buying a plane ticket soon you might want to set an alarm.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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9 Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

Working from home can be incredibly convenient. You get to skip the long commute and rush-hour traffic. Your schedule is flexible, and can bend and bow to fit whatever you need to do (like picking up your kids from school and actually getting to the bank before it closes). But working from home isn’t without its challenges. For instance, distractions are aplenty: dishes in the sink, piles of laundry, and interruptions from everyone from your kids to UPS to your next-door neighbor. It’s also hard...
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What to Do When 911 is Down and You Have an Emergency (lifehacker)

It doesn’t happen often, but 911 services can go down. Currently, 911 service is down across several states in the U.S. after a massive outage at a CenturyLink data center. While some of the initially-out-of-service cities are already up and running again, others are still down.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to See if Your Photos Were Exposed By Facebook's Latest Bug (lifehacker)

On Friday, Facebook disclosed that a bug had exposed photos that were uploaded to the social network.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Rent Any Movie From Google Play Today For $.99 (lifehacker)

If you’re looking for something to do with the fam this afternoon/are in desperate need of something to keep all your houseguests occupied, Google is offering a pretty sweet deal on movie rentals. For today only, every film in the Google Play library that’s eligible for rental can be rented for $.99.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Why You Should Always Order Room Service Breakfast on Business Trips (lifehacker)

By the end of this year I will have spent more than half of it traveling, most often staying in hotel rooms. So, I’ve developed a bit of a… routine. One of the first things I do when I check into a hotel room, after I immediately drink all the free water bottles (flight dehydration is real!), is fill out the door…Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Get Your U.S. Passport Fast (lifehacker)

My first passport was stamped exactly one time for a trip to Jamaica when I was 17. My current passport is on its very last pages, but its first one almost didn’t get stamped at all because it arrived just a few days before a trip to London a few years ago.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Opt Out of Netflix's New Ads (lifehacker)

By now you’ve probably heard that Netflix has started showing trailers for its shows in between episodes of shows you’re binge-watching. So while you’re waiting for that next episode of “Orange is the New Black” to play, you might be subjected to an ad for “Fuller House.” Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Buy Tons of Movies at a Huge Discount From iTunes This Weekend  (lifehacker)

If you’re looking to escape the heat this weekend with a good movie binge-watching session, Apple is currently running a pretty amazing deal on close to 900 titles that might help you make that dream a reality, BestAppleTV reports.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Livestream the Warriors and Cavaliers NBA Finals Games (lifehacker)

Oakland’s Golden State Warriors won Game 1 of the NBA Finals Monday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it’s still anyone’s championship.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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This Site Helps You Find Cheap Items to Hit Amazon's Free Shipping Threshold  (lifehacker)

A day before my last trip to Ireland I made a last-minute discovery: I had absolutely no idea where my travel power adapter was. We had recently moved and I didn’t have the slightest idea (and oddly still don’t months later) where my travel adapters ended up in our new place. For all I know they actually might still…Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Try Out Google Assistant's New Voices Now (lifehacker)

Last week Google announced that it will be adding six new voices for Google Assistant, as well as one that sounds like John Legend.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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This App Turns YouTube Into Curated TV Stations For Mindless Viewing (lifehacker)

About a year ago, we started binge watching a single show at a time at my house. We typically pick something with at least four or five seasons, and then whenever we’re looking to “watch something” the answer is always the next episode of that show. Yes, we stray from it to catch new episodes of other programs, but…Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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The Best Time to Book a Summer Hotel is a Month Before Your Trip (lifehacker)

When it comes to booking hotels there are a lot of theories out there on when the “best” time to book is. I know people who swear you should book as soon as you start planning a trip, and others who think a few days before your departure is the right time to get a deal. In truth, the answer is somewhere in-between.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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The Best Time to Buy Fights, Based on 917 Million Airfares (lifehacker)

Anyone who has ever purchased a plane ticket can tell you there’s a “right” and “wrong” time to buy.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Waste Phone Scammer's Time Instead of Yours With RoboKiller (lifehacker)

I work in a profession where I tend to get a lot of phone calls from numbers I don’t have saved as contacts. That means that I’ll answer the phone during the work day when I don’t recognize the number. Most of the time the person on the other end of the line is calling me with a work-related request, but lately at…Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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If You Ever Owned a PS3, Sony Might Owe You $65 (lifehacker)

If you purchased the first version of Sony’s PlayStation 3, then you might be entitled to some cash.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Get Cash Back For Things You're Already Buying With Dosh (lifehacker)

At some point in my transition from being a free-spirited 20 something to an old lady, I because obsessed with cash back opportunities. I’m definitely not as into it as some people, but if there’s a punch card or point system I can use for a retailer that ends in me getting a discount or something free in the end, you…Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Ask For Another Free In-Flight Meal if You're Really Hungry on a Long Flight (lifehacker)

If you’re still hungry after eating your in-flight meal, you can ask a flight attendant for another one for free.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Waze Still Provides the Fastest Driving Directions (lifehacker)

If you want to get to your destination fast, then you’re possibly better off using Google Maps or Waze over Apple Maps. Waze if you truly want the “fastest” option.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Bring Back Google's Missing 'View Image' Button With Startpage  (lifehacker)

If you’re a frequent user of Google’s Image search, then you probably noticed that the company recently removed the ‘View Image” button from search results.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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This Mac Wallpaper Teaches You a Foreign Language (lifehacker)

Learning a foreign language is hard.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Pick the Right TV Size For Your Living Room (lifehacker)

When it comes to televisions, bigger isn’t always better. Yes, if you have a huge living room then a giant TV is great. However, if your living room is on the smaller side, then you can end up in a situation where you’re sitting way too close to that massive screen, even when you’re technically sitting on the other…Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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How to Find Your Doppelganger in a Museum (lifehacker)

If your Facebook feed has been littered this week with pictures of people comparing themselves to portraits in museums, you’re not alone. The meme started with people who actually found art on their own that happened to look like them and has now extended to people posting pictures of art that sort of kind of looks…Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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This Free Desktop App Reminds You To Take Computer Breaks During the Day (lifehacker)

We all know that sitting for long periods of time is bad for our health, but remembering to get up and takes breaks isn’t exactly an easy proposition.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Research Proves Switching to the Shorter Line Almost Always Backfires (lifehacker)

When you’re in a grocery line that seems to be going nowhere, you shouldn’t make the switch to another queue. Unless that cashier just opened up next to you with no waiting, researchers say skipping from one line to another is actually counterproductive.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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Use a Ping Pong Ball to Tell If Your Christmas Tree Needs Water (lifehacker)

Full Christmas trees look great, but they can be a pain when it comes to watering them.Read more... [Author: Emily Price]
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