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More Kardashian Drama: A Legal Fight Over Ownership of the Kimoji Emoji Set–Liebensohn v. Kardashian (Guest Blog Post)

by guest blogger Gabriella Ziccarelli [Eric’s introductory note: I have made a personal life choice to ignore the entire Kardashian enterprise and their constant and often faux drama (except that I have occasionally mocked the Kardashians in my law school exams). I’ve decided that life is short and I should invest my limited energy and attention only into people who truly deserve such a precious resource, and none of the Kardashians, or anyone in their orbit, come close to clearing this stand...
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"Forty-nine people were killed in shootings at two mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday..."

The NYT reports.The police said that four people, including three men and one woman, had been taken into custody....A 17-minute video posted to social media appears to show part of the attack. The clip, ... may have been taken from a helmet camera worn by a gunman.... “There wasn’t even time to aim, there was so many targets,” he says at one point...Before the shooting, someone appearing to be the gunman posted links to a white-nationalist manifesto on Twitter and 8chan, an online forum known fo...
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A Gaggle Of Geese, A Pride Of Lions. A ??? of Emojis?

In written English right now, there’s little consensus on this question. National publications have not settled on a regular style. The Atlantic, for instance, used both (emoji, emojis) in the last quarter of 2015.  – The Atlantic
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ review

Launching around the globe a few days ahead of the world’s largest mobile show was the ultimate big-dog move. Samsung celebrated the 10th anniversary of its flagship phone line by launching its latest device on Apple’s sometimes-stomping grounds at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Center. The timing was less than ideal for all of us jet-lagged gadget reviewers, but the effect clearly paid off. Dozens of the world’s highest-profile reviewers have been roaming the streets of Barcelona with the S1...
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10 Memorable Marketer Moods, Memed

As a content marketer, I’m always looking for more effective and efficient ways to communicate. I love the way communication is evolving online (with the exception of, say, YouTube comments). Think about it: A hundred years ago, it was much harder to convey a mood in text. You could trail off (…) You could ask questions (?) You could shout (!!) And that’s about it. Emoticons opened up the possibilities a bit, with “slight smile :),” “big smile :D,” and “guy wearing sung...
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What’s New With Emoji Law? An Interview

I did an interview with Vanessa Blum of the Recorder about emoji law. It was first published here. The text: * * * Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman is an expert on internet speech. Lately, he’s been rather obsessed with a topic that most lawyers probably have never stopped to think about—the ways that emojis are creeping into court cases and how judges and litigants are dealing with them. Emojis can be difficult to interpret when they’re presented as evidence in a case, and tha...
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Emoji Law 2018 Year-in-Review

As I’ve mentioned before, I track every U.S. court opinion in Westlaw and Lexis that references “emoji” or “emoticon.” This is not a comprehensive census for several reasons, including my inability to set up alerts when a court displays the symbol without calling it an emoji or emoticon (which, in many emoji cases, aren’t even displayed in Westlaw or Lexis) and the other known skews and limits of Westlaw’s and Lexis’ case collections. Still, FWIW, I’ve posted the updated roster of cases. As expe...
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A mysterious Facebook phenomenon — some people get a left-handed thumb's-up emoji and others get a right-handed thumb's-up emoji.

Observed and commented on in a Facebook thread (started by my son John) about the likelihood of Presidents to be left-handed:What's going on at Facebook? Perhaps it's just an innocuous device to get people talking or to test if anyone notices, but I think it's very strange to have 2 different ways of displaying the most important emoji (the one used to signify a "like") and to have a right/left distinction (which is so meaningful in political analysis). I feel actively lured in conspiracy thinki...
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Emojis and the Law

For the past couple of years, I have invested significantly in all things emojis. This post rounds up everything I’ve done during that period. 1) Emojis and the Law Article I’m pleased to announce the final version of my paper, Emojis and the Law, was published in the Washington Law Review last month. This version supersedes my working draft, Surveying the Law of Emojis, that became one of my most popular SSRN downloads of the past 15 years. Some topics in the working draft got dropped from the ...
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This Online Emoji Maker Is a Legitimately Fun Way to Kill 5 Minutes

Sometimes words aren’t enough, and that’s where emojis come in. But even then, there are times you just can’t find the perfect little pictograph that encapsulates your exact mood. Even the slightly more expressive kaomoji can fail you when you need them most. Read more...
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Swedish Court Misunderstands Memes (Guest Blog Post)

by guest blogger Stacey Lantagne Memes are everywhere. Part of the essential communicative fabric of social media, it’s hard to imagine Twitter or Instagram or even texting without them. They get used to react to matters of national debate, sports scores, gossip (celebrity or more personal), and requests to stop at the store for milk before you come home. But their ubiquity means they aren’t just used in personal conversations – schools use them to teach, politicians use them to campaign, and ad...
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Search for music on YouTube now with emojis

Searching for music to listen to on YouTube but not quite sure what to listen to? Try searching with a winky face and see what the results are with the new, updated search. This year YouTube launched YouTube Music, a new platform conjoined to YouTube which collates their expansive and varied music content all into one place. It essentially created a dedicated music streaming service within YouTube, with the added benefit of live shows, cover songs, and more that traditional streamers don’t h...
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3 Creative Ways To Increase Your Organic CTR

Crafting compelling meta titles and descriptions or doing other efforts to increase CTR, isn’t always a top priority for digital marketers and SEO’s, even though it’s becoming more and more important. Let me show you 3 creative ways that you can increase your CTR! But first, let’s start with the basics. What is CTR? Well, CTR is a shortened term for Click Through Rate and is a performance metric that measures the numbers of clicks a specific link gets divided by the number of impressions. T...
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iOS 12.1 will come with new emojis

Apple is about to release the public beta version of iOS 12.1. And before everybody freaks out, the company announced that this update will feature new emojis — best feature update ever. In other words, Apple is releasing its own take on Unicode 11.0 emojis. Other devices and major services will soon all support the same emojis, but with a different design. Apple already previewed some of these new emoji designs back in July for World Emoji Day. So here’s what you should expect. Curly hair, g...
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Podcast Episode 11 – Jae Um on Legal Innovation, Emotions, and Emojis

Marlene (@gebauerm) and Greg (@glambert) talk with Legal Rebel, Jae Um (@jaesunum), Founder & Executive Director at Six Parsecs, about her unique writing style (it involves the use of emojis), and her ideas behind her series on Legal Innovation Woes. Greg breaks down a conversation which amplified the idea of why it’s important to be seen as a driver for the firm’s bottom line, and how he deleted Facebook and twitters apps from his phone, as well as how didn’t melt while in Arizona over the week...
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Let Google’s A.I. make a mini version of you with Minis for Gboard

Looking for a more personal flair in your favorite messaging app? Minis for Gboard allows you to get that personal edge, creating an A.I. generated version of you from just a selfie. The post Let Google’s A.I. make a mini version of you with Minis for Gboard appeared first on Digital Trends.
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World Emoji Day: Apple previews over 70 new emojis including redhead, lobster, cupcakes, superhero that are coming to iOS devices

Apple on the occasion of 'World Emoji Day' announced that more than 70 new emoji characters are coming to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac later this year via software update. These new emojis are based on the approved characters from Unicode 11.0.  The new Emojis include more hair options to better represent people with red hair, gray hair and curly hair, a new emoji for bald people, and new smiley face with a cold face, party face, pleading face and a face with hearts. Furthermore, wide-...
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Jamaican Lottery Winner Wears Emoji Mask to Collect Million-Dollar Check

A Jamaican lottery winner went all out to make sure no distant cousins bothered her as she collected her multi-million dollar check. In what has become a viral moment, the lottery winner showed up wearing an emoji mask.Identified only as N. Gray, the woman received her $1 million (USD) giant check from Supreme Ventures Limited on June 5th at the Spanish Court Hotel in St. Andrew, Jamaica. She wore the yellow wink-face emoji mask for privacy and out of fear she might be robbed.And just like that,...
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WWDC 2018: Our Highlights on Apple's Developer Conference

WWDC 2018: Our Highlights on Apple's Developer Conference AoiroStudio Jun 06, 2018 Here I am, just finished watching Apple's keynote at WWDC 2018 Conference. It was fun to see what Apple has been working for the past year, some really cool updates coming to the iPhone and iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We have decided to share our highlights on Apple's Developer Conference, so you simply won't have to watch the keynote again hah! In all seriousn...
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We Finally Have Redhead Emoji!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone This post was originally published in August 2017 What's frustrating: texting with my best friend (pictured above) and her having to use a blond emoji when expressing herself. It's just not cool. My friend has naturally bold red hair, and the emoji options just don't cut it - or look like her! What an identity crisis for redheads. So I was pumped for all of the Princess Ariels out there who will hopefully soon get a keyboard option that properl...
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Mark your calendars — more than 150 new emojis are coming on June 5

Come Tuesday, June 5, we'll be blessed with the arrival of more than 150 new emojis, which will come as part of Unicode Version 11.0. These new emojis will help you express yourself via text in new ways. The post Mark your calendars — more than 150 new emojis are coming on June 5 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Thanks to Doc Pop, there's going to be a yo-yo emoji

About a year ago, professional yo-yoist (and hand-knit Pac-Man Icelandic peysa wearer) Doc Pop submitted a proposal for a yo-yo emoji. He's just learned that it was approved! He explains how he made it happen (fascinating!) in his most recent PopCast: Last year I started working on a proposal for a yo-yo emoji, with the helps of my friends at Emojination. It’s been an interesting experience and I’m really excited to say that it’s been officially accepted by the Unicode Consortium. Expect to...
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Google is replacing Android’s gun emoji with a water pistol

Google seems to be making the move to change the design of its revolver-style emoji into a toy-like Super Soaker water gun. The change is expected to follow in the next major Android update, Android P. The post Google is replacing Android’s gun emoji with a water pistol appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Emojis become modern-day gargoyles on a Dutch mixed-use building

Emojis have worked their way into our everyday lives—and now they’ve infiltrated the built world as well. Over 20 expressive emojis have been cast in concrete and used as modern-day gargoyles on the facade of two mixed-use buildings in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Designed by Attika Architekten, “Emoji Architecture” taps into the world of social media to create a subtle and unusual embellishment to otherwise ordinary brick-and-concrete architecture. Set on a street corner in Vathrost, the Emo...
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Apple’s newly proposed emojis are more inclusive for those with disabilities

Apple proposed 13 new emojis to the Unicode Consortium. The new emojis are aimed at being more inclusive of those with disabilities, including ones of people in wheelchairs, hearing aids, and so on. The post Apple’s newly proposed emojis are more inclusive for those with disabilities appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Learn The Emotional Language Of The Digital Era

Building on the research “Emotions Fuel Your Brand Energy” from my colleagues James McQuivey and Dipanjan Chatterjee, I have done some research on the role of emotions on digital and especially mobile touchpoints. Marketers need to rethink how their brand conveys emotion beyond the confines of TV advertising. Mobile touchpoints like messaging apps and conversational […]
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Cringe along as we turn ourselves into Samsung AR Emojis

Samsung lets you create AR Emojis -- animated emojis based on a selfie of you -- in the camera app of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. We tested it out to see how accurately it could portray us. The post Cringe along as we turn ourselves into Samsung AR Emojis appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Emoji Domains Are the Future (Maybe)

There was a time when merely uttering “WWW.” caused investor eyeballs to blink dollar signs. Now, that excitement seems long gone. The digital space is near fully colonized. The .coms have been bought. Our grandparents are now on Facebook. If there’s a market to monetize, it’s been monetized.Read more...
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Samsung is fixing its terrible emojis in Samsung Experience 9.0

It's not every day you can replace pistols with water guns or crackers with cookies and not expect a dust-up, but that's what Samsung is doing with its fixes for its terrible emojis. The post Samsung is fixing its terrible emojis in Samsung Experience 9.0 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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