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Bizarre Details Enliven Seemingly Simple Moments in Photographs By Ben Zank

Ben Zank captures emotions of confusion, restriction, and ennui and in his ongoing series of banal-meets-bizarre photographs. Each image features a single subject in a seemingly mundane location: on a city sidewalk, near a semi truck trailer, or in a forest. Yet the individual at hand is engaged with or affected by their surroundings in highly unusual ways: one figure bends backward under the... Source
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Can Botox and Cosmetic Surgery Chill Our Relationships With Others?

Experts say mirroring another person’s facial expressions is essential not only for recognizing emotion, but also for feeling it.
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How best to live with grit and grace

Former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin is the only person to catch a pass in the NFL and in space.Here, he shares his thoughts on living in a state of grace and advocating for justice.Humanity's future is among the stars and to get there, we'll need everyone's diverse talents. Chasing Space: An Astronaut's Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances by now at amazone --> List Price: $25.99 New From: ...
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5 life skills we need to teach in school

A stunning number of adults seem to be coasting by without knowledge of what many would consider extremely basic life skills.From financial literacy to learning how to communicate, the U.S. education system could stand to incorporate courses on the basic skills we need to navigate daily life.This list describes 5 life skills, why we need them in our schools, and the consequences of their absence. None In school, you learned that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. You learned that C...
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Letter of Recommendation: Letter of Recommendation: Personality Cafe

How I found a road map to my emotions on a decade-old online message board.
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Are you making these 3 career-ruining mistakes?

How do you succeed in real estate? The answer to that is varied and highly individualized. However, there are certainly mistakes that will chip away at your ability to achieve success. Here are active measures you can take to avoid failing as an agent.
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How Pain Tolerance and Anxiety Seem to Be Connected

An article about the case of a woman who feels little pain or anxiety raised many questions, such as: Do low-anxiety people seem to feel less pain?
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Inspiration is just around the corner, it is so important to be in touch with your feelings so you will recognize it.

This post was originally published on Leave a comment or share this post by visiting Inspiration is just around the corner, it is so important to be in touch with your feelings so you will recognize it..
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Sometimes Being Bossy Is a Good Thing

I caught my heart heading to a pit of discouragement for spring break. Although it was supposed to go to the beach with my family and me, it was not cooperating. We had been hit by one emotional and financial crisis after another. Early in the week, a close friend found out she had a large tumor, likely ovarian cancer. The day after that, our air conditioner broke again. A week before, we found out our international adoption expenses weren’t deductible that year, and we would now owe significant...
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Masculinity is in crisis. Who’s to blame?

Male power is a paradox, says Michael Kaufman. Society is male-dominated, yet despite their advantages men still die younger than women, are more likely to commit suicide, to be in prison, and to be addicted to drugs.Masculinity is a millennia-year-old idea that no longer functions well in the modern world. Advice like "be a man" backfires on men the most, for all the reasons above.There is a growing movement that blames women for the so-called attack on masculinity, but Kaufman doesn't buy it. ...
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Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do With Self-Control)

If procrastination isn’t about laziness, then what is it about?
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How to Let Conflict & Change Be Your Teachers

What can conflict and change teach you? Life is full of potential friction. We expect relationships to last forever, situations to have certain outcomes, jobs to last longer than they do. However, life tends to serve us what we need to grow and evolve rather than what will keep us safe. How we tend to the pain of those disappointments — both big and small — define whether we get stuck in an eddy of emotional turmoil, or ultimately evolve to our next level of growth. When faced with disappointm...
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Experiencing awe is linked to decreased inflammation

In the Savvy Pscychologist, clinician Ellen Hendriksen of Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, looks at the profound psychological and physiological impacts of feeling awe, whether it comes from looking up at the expansive night sky or hearing an incredible musical performance. She reflects on scientific evidence that awe makes us "feel small" and humble, nicer, and expands our worldview, all of which seem like fairly obvious effects. But Hendriksen also points to a rec...
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Why You Procrastinate. (It Has Nothing to do With Self-Control.)

If procrastination isn’t about laziness, then what is it about?
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Trilobites: Sun Bears Mimic Each Other’s Faces. Scientists Didn’t Expect That.

They are solitary mammals, but like primates and people, they seem to be able to read one another’s facial expressions.
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Believe in soulmates? You're more likely to 'ghost' romantic partners.

Ghosting, or cutting off all contact suddenly with a romantic partner, is not nice.Growth-oriented people (who think relationships are made, not born) do not appreciate it.Destiny-oriented people (who believe in soulmates) are more likely to be okay with ghosting. None Most folks who have been on the dating scene since the advent of smartphones are familiar with 'ghosting', the practice of suddenly cutting off all contact with a romantic partner: not responding to or sending texts, not picking u...
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Why do we feel schadenfreude — and who it feels it the most?

Few words convey as much meaning as Schadenfreude, or the joy that arises from seeing harm come to others.Schadenfreude is a complex psychological phenomenon, and researchers have only begun to look into rigorously.Psychology can tell us why we feel schadenfreude, when we feel it, and who feels it the most. None Anybody would admit that they like it when an opposing sports team makes a critical mistake. Many of us also like it when a rival coworker gets turned down for a promotion that we were h...
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Frances Marion on Emotion (Part 1)

Book update: I’m still pushing for a release of my book this month and think all is on track. In the meantime, I’ll continue to post insights from Oscar-winning screenwriter Frances Marion‘s 1937 book, How to Write and Sell Film Stories. Since I’ve written a lot of posts over the years on emotions, I was […]
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Carefully Smash the Patriarchy

Carol Gilligan, author of the feminist classic “A Different Voice,” reminds us that we’re all humans.
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Learn How to Resolve & Release Emotional Pain

How can empathetic people let loose the burden of other people’s emotions? When your body has disease, illness or painful conditions, suppressed (somatized) emotion can exacerbate symptoms and escalate deterioration or decline. In my last article, I shared a practice for identifying and acknowledging emotional energy to avoid suppressing it into the energy system of the physical body. Validating and embracing emotions that you may have been taught are unacceptable or inappropriate for you, an...
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Researchers say humor is a powerful tool against depression

A new study examined 55 individuals recovering from major depression to see how well humor worked as a coping mechanism against stress.Individuals at risk for depression often fall into depressive episodes because of faulty coping mechanisms. Research indicates that humor works as a powerful defense against depression. None In 1894, Mark Twain had good reason to feel depressed. He owed $100,000 due to some poor investments, the equivalent of about $2.9 million today. To get out from under this d...
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6 signs you’re in an emotionally strong relationship

One of the most important yet underappreciated parts of a happy, fulfilling relationship is emotional strength — but what does that really mean? Research shows that emotional strength primarily comes down to maintaining a healthy perspective, a trait that's ever more important within the context of romantic relationships, where opportunities for miscommunication and unhealthy habits can be plentiful.These six celebrities offer insightful lessons on emotional strength that we can all apply to our...
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Help an Upset Teen With This Glitter Jar Technique 

When a teenager is really upset, parents often feel the need to do something—gather information (“Who hurt you and what’s their phone number?”), launch into a profound lecture, or maybe try a problem-solving technique they heard about in a TED talk.Read more...
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Different kinds of loneliness – Having poor quality relationships is associated with greater distress than having too few

Loneliness not only feels bad, experts have characterised it as a disease that increases the risk of a range of physical and psychological disorders. Some national prevalence estimates for loneliness are alarming. Although they can be as low as 4.4 per cent (in Azerbaijan), in other countries (such as Denmark) as many as 20 per cent of adults report being either moderately or severely lonely. However, there's no established way of identifying loneliness. Most diagnostic methods treat it as a one...
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6 creative ways that powerful people manage stress

Anne Hathaway has just revealed her unique approach for tackling stress and anxiety. "Set a timer on your phone, have a candle nearby, and write it all down…You spew it all out. You do not read it…The timer goes off, you tear it out of the book, and you light it on fire," she told Town & Country. She recommends pouring your stresses out onto the page for 12 minutes before putting down your pen. Even if you'd prefer not to actually set your journal entry ablaze, Hathaway's strategy does show the ...
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Jordan Peterson on the art of forgiveness

Jordan Peterson says that recognizing your mistakes is essential, but you shouldn't "beat yourself to death" because of them.Atoning and repenting for mistakes clear the path for personal growth. If you avoid the responsibility of your errors, however, you're likely to make them again and again. None Apologizing shouldn't be hard. Recognizing and then owning your mistakes leads to a healthy relationship with truth. It also makes you a better person in the eyes of those close to you and those yo...
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Why family group texts cause anxiety, and how to escape them

I am not known for being especially easy to get hold of via text. I tend to keep my phone on silent as the high-pitched ping of an incoming message makes my cheeks flush with dread. I wish I could mute all my contacts' notifications – sorry, mom, dad, and everyone I care about, but communicating with you makes me incredibly anxious. But, obviously, that's not feasible. I do, however, mute text threads with more than three people, and I opt out of family threads entirely. It is a small gesture, b...
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A personalized approach to treating anxiety and depression

Kristin Gainey, a psychology professor at the University of Buffalo, says that an individualized approach to treating anxiety and depression is possible. 135 volunteers were sent three daily surveys for ten weeks to check for emotional triggers and mindsets. Gainey believes that smartphone tracking could provide better avenues of research for treating mental health problems. None Now that Apple is cutting production on iPhones, the company, seeking other revenue streams, recently announced that...
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Nonfiction: Frans de Waal Embraces Animal Emotions in ‘Mama’s Last Hug’

In his new book, the renowned ethnologist argues that emotions are key to understanding both human and animal behavior.
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