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Watch REM's Michael Stipe, Brian Eno, and Stephen Colbert perform "Lean On Me"

In 2011, musician and artist Brian Eno appeared on The Colbert Report for an interview. If that wasn't enough, REM's Michael Stipe showed up to join Eno and Colbert in a rousing rendition of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me." And here's the Eno interview.
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Brian Eno Shares His Critical Take on Art & NFTs: “I Mainly See Hustlers Looking for Suckers”

Image via Wikimedia Commons It can feel, in our inequality-addled world, that we have little left in common — that there is no “we,” just us and them. But multiple crises driving us apart have the potential to unite the species. After all, a rapidly warming planet and global pandemic do threaten us all, even if they don’t threaten us equally. Do solutions exist in the creation of new forms of private property, new ways of moving capital around the world? Can the extinction-level byproducts of c...
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Limited edition color-shifting turntable designed by Brian Eno

It's already too late to sign up for Brian Eno's colorful, glowing turntable: the limited edition sold out almost as soon as it became available. No price was made public, but Eno prints offered by the same gallery were 1,440 euros ($1,630) a pop. — Read the rest
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Hear Brian Eno Sing The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” as Part of The Best Live Album of the Glam/Prog Era (1976)

After leaving Roxy Music and its tour-record-tour-record cycle, Brian Eno became a studio recording artist, creating multilayered masterworks of progressive pop, proto-punk, and ambient environments, often on the same album. As a fan, however, you had zero chance of seeing Eno play any of this live. That is, except for one brief moment in 1976 that just happens to be one of the best live albums of the glam/prog era: 801 Live. It’s pure lightning in a bottle, and for a taster may we direc...
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Hear Brian Eno’s Contribution to the Soundtrack of David Lynch’s Dune (1984)

Though released just a few weeks ago, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune seems already to have garnered more critical acclaim than David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of the same material. This comparison is, of course, unfair: Lynch was working under different conditions in a different time, not to mention with a markedly different cinematic sensibility. And in fact, Lynch’s version of the ambitious, saga-launching novel by Frank Herbert does have its fans, or at least viewers willing to praise certain ...
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The Velvet Underground: Get a First Glimpse of Todd Haynes’ Upcoming Documentary on the Most Influential Avant-Garde Rockers

To the question of the most influential band formed in the 1960s a list of easy answers unfolds, beginning with the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Rolling Stones. As three of the makers of the best-selling records of all time, those bands all lay fair claim to the title. But even within the commercial dynamo of postwar America, it was also possible to exert great influence without topping the charts, or indeed without even reaching them. This is proven by the story of avant-garde rocke...
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Brian Eno Day: Hear 10 Hours of Radio Programming Featuring Brian Eno Talking About His Life & Career (1988)

Image via Wikimedia Commons Brian Eno kept busy during last year’s pandemic, telling the L.A. Times this past January about one of his latest ideas, an open source Zoom alternative, just one of any number of projects he’s kicking around at any given time. One of the most prolific and influential artists, musicians, producers, and thinkers of the past several decades, Eno is such a cultural institution, he warrants his own appreciation day. That’s just what he got on February 12, 1988 when KPFA ...
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When David Bowie Played Andy Warhol in Julian Schnabel’s Film, Basquiat

Many actors have played Andy Warhol over the years, but not as many as you might think. Crispin Glover played him in The Doors, Jared Harris played him in I Shot Andy Warhol, Guy Pearce played him in Factory Girl, and Bill Hader played him in Men in Black III, but with a twist: he is actually an agent who is so bad as his cover role as an artist, he’s “painting soup cans and bananas, for Christ sakes!” On television John Cameron Mitchell has acted the Warhol role in Vinyl, and Evan Peter...
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Your Next Bentley May Have “Adaptive Music” (But It’s Not As Cool As It Sounds)

The short version here is that Bentley (second only to Rolls Royce in its Britishness) has cooked up a system that allows its cars to “compose a soundtrack based upon drivers’ inputs and driving style.” Basically, the vehicle takes various inputs from the driver and the road and then makes an instrumental composition on the fly to enhance the “emotional experience” of every drive. But before we delve into why this will most likely be bland, boring, and monotonous “soundscapes” of a quasi-new age...
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Brian Eno Launches His Own Radio Station with Hundreds of Unreleased Tracks: Hear Two Programs

Creative Commons image via Wikimedia Commons Back in 2013, Brian Eno gave a talk at the Red Bull Academy, the lecture series that has hosted fellow musicians like Tony Visconti, Debbie Harry, and Nile Rogers. Asked when he knew a piece of music was finished, Eno let drop that he currently had 200,809 works of unreleased music. (The actual answer though? “When there’s a deadline”). Usually we have to wait for posthumous releases to hear such music, like what is currently happening now to Prince’...
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167 Pieces of Life & Work Advice from Kevin Kelly, Founding Editor of Wired Magazine & The Whole Earth Review

Image by Christopher Michel, via Wikimedia Commons I am a big admirer of Kevin Kelly for the same reason I am of Brian Eno—he is constantly thinking. That thirst for knowledge and endless curiosity has always been the backbone to their particular art forms. For Eno it’s music, but for Kelly it’s in his editorship of the Whole Earth Review and then Wired magazine, providing a space for big ideas to reach the widest audience. (He’s also the reason one of my bucket lists is the Nakasendo, after se...
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Listen to Wikipedia: A Web Site That Turns Every Wikipedia Edit Into Ambient Music in Real Time

Wikipedia turned 20 years old this past January. Do you remember how you first heard of it? Or more to the point, do you remember when you actually started clicking on it when it came up in your search results? For me, Wikipedia first proved an essential resource for learning about music: on it I looked up my favorite bands, then found my way to entries about all the people, events, places, and things associated with them. (I then truly felt what it meant to go down an internet “rabbit h...
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Brian Eno Explains the Origins of Ambient Music

When William Basinski released The Disintegration Loops in the years after the September 11, 2001 attacks, it was the sound of decay preserved for posterity — recordings of decades-old tape loops literally falling apart on their reels, as the World Trade Center ruins smoldered across the river from the composer’s Brooklyn studio. The piece was performed ten years later by an orchestra at the Temple of Dendur, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for the tenth anniversary of the attacks. An...
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Hear Brian Eno Reinvent Pachelbel’s Canon (1975)

Discreet Music came out in 1975, when most of its first listeners had never heard anything quite like it; there must have been some debate as to whether to call it “music” at all. Brian Eno’s fourth solo album, released on his own label Obscure Records, represented a departure from his own previous work, and even more so from that of his former band, the art-rock outfit Roxy Music. The recording that occupies the entire A side of Discreet Music features no vocals, and indeed no lyrics; n...
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The Time Machine

Long Now co-founder Brian Eno in front of his 77 Million Paintings generative artwork (02007). Editor’s Note: This paper was sent our way by its lead author, Henry McGhie. It was originally published in Museum & Society, July 2020. 18(2) 183-197. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. No changes have been made.  The Time Machine: challenging perceptions of time and place to enhance climate change engagement throu...
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Discover the Ambient Music of Hiroshi Yoshimura, the Pioneering Japanese Composer The history of ambient music is a difficult story to tell in the same way we tell other histories, namely by reference to great men and women and the movements they inspired. When it comes to ambient music, there are few stars, and it can be difficult to lump artists together into categories. But what else would we expect from music designed to exist in the background? The convenient origin point of the genre is Brian Eno’s 1978 Music for Airpo...
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Experience a Video Painting of Brian Eno’s Thursday Evening That Has Soothed & Relaxed Millions of People Brian Eno may not have invented ambient music, but he did give it a name. What better to call an album like his 1978 Music for Airports, whose slowly shifting pieces forego not just melody but all then-accepted methods of composition and performance? The result, as its title suggests, is meant not to occupy the intention of the listener but to color the atmosphere of a space. This marked one evolutionary step for an idea Eno first essayed in 19...
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Experience a Video Painting of Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon That Has Soothed & Relaxed Millions of People Brian Eno may not have invented ambient music, but he did give it a name. What better to call an album like his 1978 Music for Airports, whose slowly shifting pieces forego not just melody but all then-accepted methods of composition and performance? The result, as its title suggests, is meant not to occupy the intention of the listener but to color the atmosphere of a space. This marked one evolutionary step for an idea Eno first essayed in 19...
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Eno: A 1973 Mini-Doc Shows Brian Eno at the Beginning of His Solo Career We’ve seen bits and pieces of the 1973 mini-doc Eno over the years, as it is such a rare and wonderful glimpse into the very beginnings of Brian Eno’s career, and being the go-to footage for any doc about the man. Over the course of the film, we see Eno assembling/recording “The Paw-Paw Negro Blowtorch”, the second track on his debut album Here Come the Warm Jets. Right from the beginning, we see that Eno was true to his word and using the reco...
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Wild Dunes Resort: 33 Tips For An Excellent Family Vacation

Just 30 minutes east of Charleston is the Isle of Palms, South Carolina – home to Wild Dunes Resort. This little slice of heaven has been a memory-maker for generations of families. Guest rooms, villas and condos sit on the beach, boasting ocean views, excellent restaurants and tons of island adventure. If your looking for the ideal family beach escape for an upcoming weekend getaway, then the award-winning Wild Dunes needs to be at the top of your list. Below you’ll find 33+ tips and ...
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English National Opera announces new Harewood Artists for Summer 2020

English National Opera (ENO) today announces that three new singers will be joining the Harewood Artists programme this summer.
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David Bowie and Brian Eno's "Leon Suites" from the Outside sessions

Recently, for my ongoing series on the history of cyberpunk on Adafruit, I wrote about David Bowie and Brian Eno's cyberpunk-adjacent 1995 record, 1. Outside (The Nathan Adler Diaries: A Hyper Cycle).In the piece, I talk about the various experimental processes Bowie and Eno employed in creating the record, such as using Burroughsian cut-up and dialog from mental patients, and having the musicians play their instruments while roleplaying a character Eno would hand them on a 3×5 card each morning...
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Hear Brian Eno’s Rarely-Heard Cover of the Johnny Cash Classic, “Ring of Fire”

"Ring of Fire" has been covered many times and in many ways since Johnny Cash released it in 1963. But for all its recognition as one of his signature songs, Cash's "Ring of Fire" is itself a cover — or another interpretation, in any case, of a tune originally written by Cash's wife June Carter and songwriter Merle Kilgore for June's sister, Anita Carter. Though it made nothing like the mark Cash's recording did, the original "Ring of Fire" has its appreciators, a group that may well inc...
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Nzuri Textiles: Luxury Pillows and Throws from Africa and Mongolia

Nzuri Textiles pillows and throws are not the sort of things you buy casually. They are expensive and exquisitely made, more investment pieces than home accessories. Eno Jonah founded the sustainable luxury brand in 2014 to bring the craftsmanship of weavers and makers she’s encountered in her travels stateside. Eno designs the textiles in her studio in the Sierra foothills of Nevada City, CA, then works with weavers in West Africa to interpret her designs. “The designs for our handwoven and han...
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Richard Kadrey's Passive-Aggressive Oblique Strategies

Our pal Richard Kadrey has been posting a series of Passive-Aggressive Oblique Strategies, a spoof on Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies deck. Richard's cards even caught the attention of Eno himself on Twitter (OK, maybe Eno's "people," but still...). I just want to know when I can get a deck. I'd like them the same exact size and design as my Eno/Schmidt deck so that I can shuffle these in. Images: Screengrabs
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Brian Eno’s 15 Essential Ambient Works

Listen to atmospheric soundtracks for uneasy times.
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The Library of Congress Wants You to Help Transcribe Walt Whitman’s Poems & Letters: Almost 4000 Unpublished Documents Are Waiting

Every once in a while, a prominent artist will offer the advice that you should quit your day job and never look back. In some fields, this may be possible, though it’s becoming increasingly difficult these days, which may explain the reception Brian Eno gets when he tells art school students “not to have a job.” Eno admits, “I rarely get asked back.” In a letter to his anxious mother, Gustave Flaubert, railed against “those bastard existences where you sell suet all day and write poetry at nig...
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She was just a Miller’s daughter: ENO revives a middle-period Verdi

The English National Opera is having a tough old time, but the company is still capable of both daring and successful ventures, such as the new Luisa Miller, a Verdi rarity last staged in London in 1858. – Paul Levy
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Capital One Doubles Down on Chatbot with New Features and Marketing

As it promotes 'Eno' in a national TV ad campaign, the bank reveals key details about its AI-powered, but less-well-known, digital assistant. The post Capital One Doubles Down on Chatbot with New Features and Marketing appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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The Neuroscience of Drumming: Researchers Discover the Secrets of Drumming & The Human Brain

An old musician’s joke goes “there are three kinds of drummers in the world—those who can count and those who can’t.” But perhaps there is an even more global divide. Perhaps there are three kinds of people in the world—those who can drum and those who can’t. Perhaps, as the promotional video above from GE suggests, drummers have fundamentally different brains than the rest of us. Today we highlight the scientific research into drummers' brains, an expanding area of neuroscience and psyc...
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