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A Path Forward

From Industry to Recreation: Turning Rails into Trails Born and raised in Southwest Virginia, Eva Beaule’s family depended on tobacco agriculture for income. Washington County was one of the country’s largest producers of burley tobacco leaves and, at that time, a rail line linking Mendota and Bristol, Va., carried products in and out of the county. “I remember very well when the train was there, and the community was built somewhat around that train and the commerce it brought in,” Beaul...
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Outdoor Updates: VA seeking trail builders + Morgan Freeman the beekeeper

Caroline County, VA seeks trail building volunteers this Saturday This weekend, Caroline County, VA will begin construction of a woodland hiking and biking trail off Devils Three Jump Road adjacent to the Caroline County Park. It will be the first-of-its-kind trail for the county. On Saturday, volunteers will begin constructing bridges and paths for the trail. At least 30 people are needed for the project, especially volunteers that can supply and operate chain saws, tractors and rakes and p...
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Dirty water 20 times deadlier to children in conflict zones than bullets – Unicef

World Water Day study highlights lethal nature of unsafe sanitation and hygiene for children, especially under-fivesChildren under five who live in conflict zones are 20 times more likely to die from diarrhoeal diseases linked to unsafe water than from direct violence as a result of war, Unicef has found.Analysing mortality data from 16 countries beset by long-term conflict – including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen – the UN children’s agency also found that unsafe water, sanitation and hygi...
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‘People think it’s not safe’: nature tourism takes hit over Trump wall policy

Texas’s eco-tourism industry is seeing a drop in visitors in what should be a blockbuster year – and locals think the push for a border wall is to blameIn the Alamo Inn’s gift shop, a whiteboard lists recent bird sightings in the valley: Morelet’s seedeater; ferruginous hawk; crimson-collared grosbeak; golden-crowned warbler.“We didn’t see these birds at all last year,” said Keith Hackland, who with his wife co-owns the inn, in the small Texan town of Alamo, which caters to birders and other nat...
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Dirty lies: how the car industry hid the truth about diesel emissions

The ‘Dieselgate’ scandal was suppressed for years – while we should have been driving electric cars. By Beth GardinerJohn German had not been looking to make a splash when he commissioned an examination of pollution from diesel cars back in 2013. The exam compared what came out of their exhausts, during the lab tests that were required by law, with emissions on the road under real driving conditions. German and his colleagues at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) in the US ...
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Mining sector met NSW ministers almost every week over four years

Environment groups were given far less access and broadcaster Alan Jones got eight ‘catch-up’ meetings Mining and resources companies have been given an extraordinary level of access to the highest rungs of the New South Wales government in the past four years, securing roughly 188 meetings with ministers in 235 weeks.An analysis of four and a half years of the state’s ministerial diaries shows the NSW Minerals Council has obtained regular access to resources, planning and finance ministers, and...
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Santa Susana Field Lab cleanup agreement penned years ago is ‘not achievable,’ report says

Officials with the state agency that oversees the cleanup of the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory said it will hold NASA “accountable” if it violates an agreement the agency inked several years ago. The letter, sent by the state Department of Toxic Substance Control Wednesday, March 20, follows NASA’s reply to a to a report on the agency’s progress on environmental remediation activities at the 2,900-acre site, nested between Chatsworth and Simi Valley. In the report, issued Tue...
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Where should the northerly extension of the Crenshaw line go? Pick from five routes

Yes, this Metro project is not scheduled to break ground until 2041. But that hasn’t stopped the mega transit agency from holding scoping meetings this week and next week to help officials determine alignments for the Northern extension of the Crenshaw line, a rail route currently under construction and set to open in 2020. If the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority can gain enough momentum from the public for the Northern Extension of the Crenshaw/LAX Line project, it will ...
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Top oil firms spending millions lobbying to block climate change policies, says report

Ad campaigns hide investment in a huge expansion of oil and gas extraction, says InfluenceMapThe largest five stock market listed oil and gas companies spend nearly $200m (£153m) a year lobbying to delay, control or block policies to tackle climate change, according to a new report.Chevron, BP and ExxonMobil were the main companies leading the field in direct lobbying to push against a climate policy to tackle global warming, the report said. Continue reading...
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Australia's coal bonanza at risk as Chinese import 'ban' spreads

Hold-ups reach southern ports as analysts warn that trade could dry up amid China restructuring and diplomatic tension The number of Chinese ports restricting or delaying Australian coal imports has continued to rise, threatening to end the export bonanza that is bloating federal coffers and signalling possible painful long-term structural change to the economy.In an ominous development for Australia’s trade balance and federal budget, traders and buyers in China reported on Thursday that the ho...
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Drones are the new cost-effective way to monitor the environment

Conservationists, researchers and volunteers have spent countless hours on the ground keeping tabs on water quality in rivers across the country. Their work has been instrumental over the years, and new technology in the form of drones is making their jobs a whole lot easier. These unmanned aircraft, referred to as drones or UAVs, are easy to control and have become cost-effective in recent years. Environmentalists are using them to monitor ecosystems from the skies and are able to carry out th...
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Lake Elsinore wildflower fields will reopen — along with $10 weekend shuttles, new parking rules

The dazzling poppy fields of Lake Elsinore will be open again this weekend. But this time, those flocking from across Southern California to see the orange hillsides will have an army of workers keeping them company — and some new rules. After several weekends that turned chaotic when hundreds of thousands of visitors descended on Walker Canyon off the 15 Freeway, the city announced Thursday, March 21, that it would mount a massive effort to control crowds and address other problems. The city cl...
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Outdoor Updates: Solar/Wind Power has Quintupled + Weed Killer causes Cancer

Solar and wind power has quintupled in the last decade Here’s some good news about renewable electricity: the amount of renewable electricity generated in the United States has doubled in the last 10 years and 90 percent of that growth came from wind and solar, which has increased more than fivefold in the past decade. Impressively, more than 17 percent of the country’s electricity now comes from renewables. Nineteen percent of the electricity in the states comes from nuclear power plants an...
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Climate change could make insurance too expensive for most people – report

Munich Re, world’s largest reinsurance firm, warns premium rises could become social issueInsurers have warned that climate change could make cover for ordinary people unaffordable after the world’s largest reinsurance firm blamed global warming for $24bn (£18bn) of losses in the Californian wildfires.Ernst Rauch, Munich Re’s chief climatologist, told the Guardian that the costs could soon be widely felt, with premium rises already under discussion with clients holding asset concentrations in vu...
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What Exactly Is the Green New Deal?

In the months since the Green New Deal entered the public consciousness, it has been called many things: Zany. Unrealistic. Wildly popular. A socialist Christmas list. It has provoked strong reactions from both the right and ostensible left, and is already being regarded as a litmus test for the scrum of Democrats…Read more...
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The Fight to Tame a Swelling River With Dams That May Be Outmatched by Climate Change

Along the Missouri, John Remus controls a network of dams that dictates the fate of millions. ‘It was not designed to handle this.’
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Cyclone Idai: satellite images show extent of flooding around Beira

Tens of thousands still trapped by floodwaters as rescue teams in Mozambique race against clock to deliver aid and suppliesNew satellite images taken above the Mozambican port city of Beira show the vast scale of flooding there, as rescuers race to reach tens of thousands of people trapped by floodwaters from Cylcone Idai.The images released by the European Space Agency show a huge new inland “lake” measuring 125km by 25km. Continue reading...
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The Fight to Tame a Swelling River With Dams Outmatched by Climate Change

Along the Missouri, John Remus controls a network of dams that dictates the fate of millions. ‘It was not designed to handle this.’
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Danish billionaires plan to rewild large swath of Scottish Highlands

Scotland’s largest private landowners want to reverse years of land mismanagement, says adviserThe Danish billionaires who are now Scotland’s largest private landowners are trying to restore the Highlands for generations to come, one of their closest advisers has said. Related: Report calls for reform of 'unhealthy' land ownership in Scotland Continue reading...
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Final Wittenoom residents to be forced out of asbestos-ridden mining town

Western Australian government to compulsorily acquire properties in deadly Pilbara site, where there are fears for tourists who still visit the areaLandowners who refuse to move from the most contaminated site in the southern hemisphere will have their properties compulsorily acquired by the Western Australian government.A bill to finalise the closure of the former asbestos mining town Wittenoom in the Pilbara, which was de-gazetted in 2007, was due to be introduced to state parliament on Wednes...
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Could February showers bring March rattlesnakes? ‘Snakebite season’ begins

After a wet winter, a warmer spring that began Wednesday will send hordes into the great outdoors just as the local snake population awakens from a long hibernation, setting up a dangerous scenario resulting in snakebites and emergency room visits, experts warned. The above-average rainfall ushered in more insects, not to mention the super blooms of wildflowers and a migration of Painted Lady butterflies — all food for rodents. This bounty creates a buffet for mice, gophers and ground squirrels,...
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The Best Atacama Desert Adventures in Chile

The long and skinny country of Chile has two major playgrounds for adventure travelers: the far south and the far north. The latter would be the Atacama Desert, where all kinds of adventures and excursions are available that could easily fill up a week's vacation on their own. Let's get one thing out of the way first though: Don't believe the guides and hack travel writers who tell you this Chilean desert is the "driest place on Earth" or the "driest desert in the world." Neither is true. The ...
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Obama-Era Oil Leases Broke the Law by Not Assessing Climate Impact, Judge Rules

The decision could present a threat to President Trump’s agenda to quickly expand oil and gas drilling by offering opponents a roadmap to legal challenges.
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Mozambique rescue teams struggle to save thousands

Workers appeal for more helicopters as flood waters keep rising after Cyclone IdaiRescue teams in Mozambique are struggling to reach the thousands of people stranded on roofs and in trees and urgently need more helicopters and boats as post-cyclone flood waters continue to rise.Mozambique, which was hit by Cyclone Idai over the weekend, has declared a state of emergency and is appealing for international help. Continue reading...
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‘It’s Literally Our Future.’ Here’s What Youth Climate Strikers Around the World Are Planning Next

On March 15, an estimated 1.6 million students protested in over 120 countries
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Storms, cyclones and floods will only worsen as the planet warms | Letters

Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth, says rich countries must act to make disasters such as the cyclone that hit Mozambique less likely. Meteorologist Bernadette Woods Placky describes how Climate Matters is helping to end the ‘TV news desert’ around global warming. Plus letters from Caroline Evans and Daniel ScharfThe disaster to hit Mozambique is reported as one of the worst tropical cyclones to visit the southern hemisphere, with hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands more needing urg...
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Federal judge casts doubt on Trump’s drilling plans because they ignore climate change

By JULIET EILPERIN WASHINGTON – A federal judge ruled late Tuesday that the Interior Department violated federal law by failing to take into account the climate impact of its oil and gas leasing in the West. The decision by U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras of Washington marks the first time the Trump administration has been held to account for the climate impact of its energy-dominance agenda, and it could have sweeping implications for the president’s plan to boost fossil fuel production a...
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Judge Halts Trump’s Drilling Plans Over Lack Of Climate Change Consideration

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A judge has blocked oil and gas drilling on almost 500 square miles (1,295 sq. kilometers) in Wyoming and says the government must consider the cumulative climate change impact of leasing broad swaths of U.S. public lands for oil and gas exploration. The order marks the latest in a string of court rulings over the past decade — including one last month in Montana — that have faulted the U.S. for inadequate consideration of greenhouse gas emissions when issuing leases and...
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Southern California mountain lions face possible extinction, study finds

Hemmed in by freeways isolating them from larger populations nearby, the mountain lions of the Santa Ana and Santa Monica mountains face a moderate to near-certain chance for extinction in the coming decades unless new cats find a way into the ranges, according to a study published today in the journal Ecological Applications. Only once before have researchers recorded a mountain lion population with so little genetic diversity as these two Southern California “habitat islands.” Small population...
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Rising flood levels threaten Mozambique disaster relief effort

Thousands of people stranded as workers tackle devastation wrought by Cyclone Idai Rescue teams are rushing to save thousands of Mozambicans stranded on roofs and in trees before flood levels rise further.Mozambique, which was hit by Cyclone Idai over the weekend, is trying to rescue people from vast and deadly flooding. It has declared a state of emergency and is appealing for international help. Continue reading...
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