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Navy Tests New Aircraft Carrier by Blasting the Area with 40,000 Pounds of Explosives

The U.S. Navy has released video of its tests of the new USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, blasting an area near the ship with thousands of pounds of explosives in tests that are known as “full ship shock trials.” One explosion was so powerful it registered as a 3.9 earthquake, according to U.S. Navy Institute News.Read more...
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New bill aims to force Canada to tackle ‘systemic’ environmental racism

C-230 would require government to study effect of pollution and industry on marginalized people but conservatives could sink planFor generations, marginalized communities in Canada have feared that heavy industry is slowly poisoning their air, land and water. Related: America's dirty divide: how environmental racism leaves the vulnerable behind Continue reading...
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Congo’s latest killer is the climate crisis. Doing nothing is unthinkable | Vava Tampa

Lake Tanganyika sustains life for millions but ever more erratic weather threatens the entire CongoFor thousands of years, Lake Tanganyika was an exquisite sight that soothed and supported generations of Congolese people. Those living by its shores in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have snoozed in hammocks under the tropical sun, watching their children splash in Africa’s oldest, deepest and longest lake. In the evenings, when boats head out for fishing trips, local people would ligh...
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Black US farmers dismayed as white farmers’ lawsuit halts relief payments

Funds were intended to address discriminatory policies – but ‘promises to Black farmers are always put on hold’The US Department of Agriculture was scheduled to begin sending out payments to Black and minority farmers this month, as part of a $4bn loan forgiveness program included in the $1.9tn coronavirus relief bill that passed Congress in March.But a lawsuit on behalf of white farmers accusing the Biden administration of discrimination has, at least temporarily, stopped the checks, prompting ...
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The real urban jungle: how ancient societies reimagined what cities could be

They may be vine-smothered ruins today, but the lost cities of the ancient tropics still have a lot to teach us about how to live alongside natureVisions of “lost cities” in the jungle have consumed western imaginations since Europeans first visited the tropics of Asia, Africa and the Americas. From the Lost City of Z to El Dorado, a thirst for finding ancient civilisations and their treasures in perilous tropical forest settings has driven innumerable ill-fated expeditions. This obsession has s...
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The big dig: After 15 years of planning, wastewater tunneling begins beneath South Bay, Harbor Area

After more than a decade of meticulous planning, a massive $630 million underground tunneling project took a big step Monday June 21, 2021 as the actual tunnel boring machine was lowered by crane into the shaft. (Photo by Chuck Bennett, Contributing Photographer) After more than a decade of meticulous planning, a massive $630 million underground tunneling project took a big step Monday June 21, 2021 as the actual tunnel boring machine was lowered by crane into the shaft. (Photo by Chuck Ben...
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Australian mouse plague forces evacuation of jail in western NSW

Mice have damaged internal wiring and ceiling panels at Wellington correctional centreMouse plague map: are the mice terrorising regional NSW about to invade Sydney?Australia’s mouse plague: six months ago it was war, now whole towns have accepted their presenceThe mouse plague that has cut a destructive swathe through western New South Wales for months is forcing the evacuation of a jail in the region.Up to 200 staff and 420 male and female prisoners at Wellington correctional centre will be tr...
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Stormwater capture project opens in Pacoima

LOS ANGELES — City officials have celebrated the opening of the Glenoaks-Filmore Stormwater Capture Project, which will capture stormwater and urban runoff from a 115-acre watershed. “The Glenoaks-Filmore Stormwater Capture Project will reduce localized flooding in an area that is disproportionately impacted by environmental concerns,” said Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. “This $3.24 million project is a sustainable solution to managing stormwater and increasing groundwater recharge in the San Fe...
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LA Public Health announces study into Inglewood Oil Field health impacts

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced on Monday, June 21, it will conduct a second study, led by UCLA research teams, into the health impacts of living near the Inglewood Oil Field. UCLA teams will develop and implement the assessment, which will take into consideration residents’ distance from oil fields in an effort to better understand how community health is impacted. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will develop the assessment’s protoco...
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Mouse plague forces evacuation of jail in western NSW

Mice have damaged internal wiring and ceiling panels at Wellington correctional centreThe mouse plague that has cut a destructive swathe through western New South Wales for months is forcing the evacuation of a jail in the region.Up to 200 staff and 420 male and female prisoners at Wellington correctional centre will be transferred to other prisons in the next 10 days while cleaning and remediation work takes place. Continue reading...
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Big Sur fire: hundreds of firefighters battle blaze raging in California

Willow fire is one of dozens burning across US west, including Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, amid dry conditions Firefighters are battling to contain a wildfire that erupted near Big Sur last week, as the flames continue to engulf the dry California landscape and threaten historical sites, cabins, and ranches.The fire is one of dozens of wildfires burning in hot, dry conditions across the US west, including in Arizona and New Mexico. Continue reading...
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LA County urges employers to verify workers’ vaccine status despite honor system

Saying COVID-19 is now “a pandemic of unvaccinated people,” Los Angeles County’s public health director urged employers on Monday, June 21, to verify workers’ vaccination status to determine if they should be wearing masks at work, despite the state allowing a self-attestation honor system. Although she expressed optimism that workers in the county will continue “doing what’s right” and being honest about their vaccination status, Barbara Ferrer said the threat of COVID-19 variants — such as the...
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City Sinking Into Sea Welcomes Bitcoin Miners

Miami is scheming for ways to become the U.S. bitcoin capital. Mayor Francis Suarez told CNBC last week that his city would welcome bitcoin miners with open arms, as China picks up its nationwide crackdown on miners. What’s more, Suarez also said that the city was looking into lowering energy prices to further entice…Read more...
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Great Barrier Reef should be listed as ‘in danger’, Unesco recommends

Australian government ‘stunned’ by recommendation and will strongly oppose draft decision, environment minister Sussan Ley saysThe Great Barrier Reef should be placed on to a list of world heritage sites that are “in danger”, according to a recommendation from UN officials that urges Australia to take “accelerated action at all possible levels” on climate change.The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization says the world’s biggest coral reef system should be placed on the...
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Amazon Trashes Millions of Products a Year at Just One Warehouse: Report

E-commerce titan Amazon destroys millions of items a year at just one of its fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, according to an ITV report published on Monday.Read more...
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Microbes and solar power ‘could produce 10 times more food than plants’

The system would also have very little impact on the environment, in contrast to livestock farming, scientists sayCombining solar power and microbes could produce 10 times more protein than crops such as soya beans, according to a new study.The system would also have very little impact on the environment, the researchers said, in stark contrast to livestock farming which results in huge amounts of climate-heating gases as well as water pollution. Continue reading...
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Tornado leaves trail of devastation in suburban Chicago

Associated Press CHICAGO — A tornado swept through communities in heavily populated suburban Chicago, damaging more than 100 homes, toppling trees, knocking out power and causing multiple injuries, officials said. At least five people, including a woman who was in critical condition, were hospitalized in Naperville, where 16 homes were left “uninhabitable” and dozens of other homes were damaged when a tornado touched down after 11 p.m. Sunday, said city spokeswoman Linda LaCloche. More than 120 ...
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Buying a Car Improved My Life. It Shouldn't Have.

Before October 2020, I’d never owned a car, which I’d considered a point of pride. I live in Baltimore, which isn’t the country’s most walkable city—WalkScore gives it a 65%—but I got by.Read more...
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9 Quotes From Republican Politicians Next to Their State's Damning Heat Graphs

Happy #ShowYourStripes Day! For the past few years, meteorologists and climatologists have taken a day in June to show dramatic graphics on TV green screens, ties, masks, blankets, sweaters, and even a Tesla that illustrate how quickly the climate is changing. Read more...
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Elephant in the room: visitor crashes through kitchen wall in Thailand

Woman finds hungry elephant rummaging for late-night snack – and it’s not the first time he’s stopped byRatchadawan Puengprasoppon was awoken in the early hours of Saturday morning by crashing and banging. When she went to find out what had happened, she discovered an elephant’s head poking through her kitchen wall beside the drying rack.The male elephant, named Boonchuay, appeared to be looking for something to eat. His trunk rummaged through the kitchen drawers, knocking pans and cooking parap...
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Tasmanian devils wipe out thousands of penguins on tiny Australian island

Marsupials introduced to Maria Island north-west of Tasmania to safeguard their numbers but have decimated birdlifeAn attempt to save the Tasmanian devil by shipping an “insurance population” to a tiny Australian island has come at a “catastrophic” cost to the birdlife there, including the complete elimination of little penguins, according to BirdLife Tasmania.Maria Island, a 116-square-kilometre island north-west of Tasmania, was home to 3,000 breeding pairs of little penguins around a decade a...
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Medical leaders urge Boris Johnson to bring air pollution below WHO limit

Alliance of doctors and nurses calls for environment bill to include reduction in small particle pollution limitsMedical leaders are urging Boris Johnson to cut legal levels of air pollution in the UK to below World Health Organization limits in response to the death of the schoolgirl Ella Kissi-Debrah from toxic air.Members of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change are calling for the reduction in limits of PM2.5 to be included in the environment bill, which returns to parliament this week. C...
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Farm plan poses ‘catastrophic’ threat to Zambian park vital for fruit bats

Conservationists warn of impact on world’s largest mammal migration, key to seed dispersal across AfricaPlans to create a huge commercial farm next to a national park in Zambia could have a “catastrophic” impact on wildlife, conservationists have warned, threatening vital habitat for bats undertaking the world’s biggest mammal migration.Every October, about 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats descend on the evergreen swamps of Kasanka national park in central Zambia from across Africa, feasting...
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New EU rules would permit use of most polymers without checks, experts warn

Proposals would allow common plastics to be used despite valid concerns about possible harms, scientists sayNew rules on chemicals to be debated by the EU this week would allow most polymers to be used without further checks, according to a group of scientists.Only about 6% out of about 200,000 polymers would require extensive safety checks under proposals being discussed as part of Europe’s Reach chemicals regulations. Continue reading...
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South Africa won’t support proposed global plastic ban treaty, draft document reveals

Critics say the environment department’s argument that the treaty would be a duplication of existing agreements is flawed The post South Africa won’t support proposed global plastic ban treaty, draft document reveals appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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There is shit in the Hennops River: ‘No way you can call this water’

E.Coli counts in tributaries feeding the Hennops River run into tens of millions, far above the permitted limit The post There is shit in the Hennops River: ‘No way you can call this water’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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California authorities hunt suspect behind ‘atrocious’ attacks on Pelicans

Thirty-two of the slow-flying water birds were found in Orange county, with all but 10 showing fractures to their wingsAuthorities in California are looking for a suspected human culprit behind attacks on more than two dozen brown pelicans who have been found seriously injured in the south of the state.In an alert issued last week, the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Orange county said 32 of the slow-flying water birds have been found between San Clemente and Huntington Beach, with all but 10...
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Bee-friendly urban wildflower meadows prove a hit with German city dwellers

Countrywide scheme is flourishing after being set up to reverse a 75% decline in insect populationsTo escape the Berlin bustle on a summer afternoon, all that Derek O’Doyle and his dog Frida have to do is lap the noisy building site outside their inner-city apartment, weave their way through the queue in front of the ice-cream van, and squeeze between two gridlocked lorries to cross over Baerwaldstrasse.Bordered by a one-way traffic system lies a bucolic 1,720 sq metre haven as colourful as a Mo...
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Micro-hydropower lights up an Eastern Cape village

There is hidden potential for small hydropower plants in South Africa The post Micro-hydropower lights up an Eastern Cape village appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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‘We will not stop’: pipeline opponents ready for America’s biggest environmental fight

Activists have traveled from all over the US to protest against the construction of Line 3, a giant project that crosses Indigenous landAs the sun set, more than a dozen young people carried a wooden bridge toward a narrow section of the Mississippi River. The bridge allowed the group to cross more easily from their camp to where the immense oil pipeline was being built on the other side.They were cited for trespassing – but they had symbolically laid claim to the marshy landscape. Continue read...
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