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Coach says it will stop destroying 'unsaleable' handbags after a viral TikTok revealed demolished merchandise discovered in a dumpster

Coach handbags. AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Coach said it will no longer destroy "unsalable" handbags after a TikTok video criticized the practice. The viral video showed several slashed Coach bags that were found in a dumpster outside a mall. Coach denied that it destroys bags that are in usable condition or that can be donated. Coach said it will stop destroying "damaged and unsaleable" bags after a viral TikTok video accused the company of slashing handbags and throwing them in a dumpster ...
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Bitcoin mining consumes 0.5% of all electricity used globally and 7 times Google's total usage, new report says

Bitcoin - represented here by a physical coin - uses a tremendous amount of electricity. SOPA Images/Getty Images Bitcoin mining consumes roughly 0.5% of all energy consumption worldwide, according to the New York Times. That's roughly seven times more than Google's total energy consumption per year, the report said. Bitcoin's negative environmental impact is expected to become a bigger issue as cryptocurrency gains more popularity. See more stories on Insider's business pa...
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Exposure to Wildfire Smoke May Increase Risk of Dying from Covid-19

Amid a record-breaking fire season in the U.S. West, new research shows that air pollution from last year’s wildfires California, Washington, and Oregon was associated with an increased risk of contracting and dying from covid-19.Read more...
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No, Hermit Crabs Are Not Trying to Bone Plastic Trash

Have you ever been turned on by someone—or something—you knew was trash? Reading the news today, you’d think that was happening to crabs. A number of media outlets have reported that crabs are horny for plastic pollution. While I love a horny crab as much as the next person, I have some bad news: New research…Read more...
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Redfin Will Now Tell You How At-Risk Your Dream Home Is to Climate Change

It hard enough to buy a home, but the climate crisis is making it even more challenging. Will a prospective house be underwater? Catch on fire? Real estate brokerage firm Redfin is offering a new tool to assess those and other climate risks.Read more...
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‘Adapt or We’ll Break’: A Water Expert Lays Out the West’s Risky Future in the Megadrought Era

The West’s megadrought has produced no shortage of terrible stories. Drought conditions have enveloped 90% of the region, leading to record low water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the two largest reservoirs in the U.S., as well as countless other smaller water systems throughout the region.Read more...
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The dirty tricks climate scientists face

Think-tank institutes, politicians and Big Business conspired to discredit researchers and the science of the climate crisis The post The dirty tricks climate scientists face appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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October Accelerator All Access— Reduced Carbon Footprints, Curated Clothing Rentals, 3D Learning…

October Accelerator All Access— Reduced Carbon Footprints, Curated Clothing Rentals, 3D Learning Platforms & More Capital Factory’s VIP Accelerator accepts new tech startups from across industries every month. Once accepted, we help these startups meet their first investors, employees and customers with the support of our Investor Relations and VIP teams as well as our exclusive Mentor network of the top entrepreneurs and investors in Texas. Take a look at the most recent group of companies t...
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Mountain Lion Predation on Bighorn Sheep

The mountain lion is neither threatened, endangered, or at risk. Mountain lions are the most broadly distributed large mammal species in North America. The post Mountain Lion Predation on Bighorn Sheep appeared first on
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Fun Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Care About the Environment

If you want to help the next generation understand more about the environment and care about current and future conservation efforts, it’s important to educate children about these issues. Starting your environmental education lessons when your children are young has many benefits. Your kids will get started on a lifelong commitment to keeping the planet... The post Fun Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Care About the Environment appeared first on A Happy Hippy Mom.
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Even Automakers Disagree With Trump’s Choice to Abandon the Paris Accord

On Thursday, President Trump made the decision to ditch the Paris climate accord and the entire internet seemingly spent the next twelve hours calling it a misstep. Either the president possesses a hidden wisdom on the subject that nobody else can seem to fathom, or he has severely misjudged the public’s position on environmental issues. Calling […] The post Even Automakers Disagree With Trump’s Choice to Abandon the Paris Accord appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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VW Fined Billions of Dollars for What Looks Like the Last Time

Oh my God, it’s finally almost over. After a 10-year conspiracy and almost 600,000 rigged diesel cars, VW’s legal battle with the United States is coming to an end. Volkswagen pled guilty last month to conspiracy to commit fraud and the obstruction of justice after it was caught cheating on emissions tests in 2015, and we’ve […] The post VW Fined Billions of Dollars for What Looks Like the Last Time appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Air pollution is the leading environmental cause of death worldwide

A new report shows that air pollution is the leading environmental cause of death in the world - and the number five cause of death overall. China and India lead the way with a combined 2.2 pollution-related deaths in 2015. These rising trends continue to put pressure on governments and industries that could make a difference. The State of Global Air 2017 report revealed how long-term exposure to harmful, small particulate matter in the air contributed to over 4 million premature deaths in 20...
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