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House Oversight opens investigation into EPA administrator's compliance with ethics law

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has opened an investigation into Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler's compliance with an ethics law that requires officials to disclose all sources of money earned in an amount greater than $5,000 two years prior to holding an appointed position, according to a letter House Oversight chairman Elijah Cummings sent Wheeler.
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5-county greater Los Angeles area ranks as nation’s worst for smog, again

The five-county Los Angeles region ranks as the nation’s smoggiest metro area for the 19th time in the 20 years, according to the annual analysis by the American Lung Association released Tuesday. While air quality has improved dramatically nationwide and locally over the past 50 years, this year’s report — which covers 2015 to 2017 — shows it deteriorating from the group’s three-year assessment last year. Climate change and wildfires are cited as key causes for the downturn. On the county-by-co...
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More than 25,000 comments received so far for EPA’s proposed E15 rule

In Washington, with less than a week left before the public comment period closes, more than 25,000 comments have been received on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule to allow year-round E15 blending under the 1-psi Reid Vapor Pressure waiver. The proposed rule was published on March 21 and the agency expects to be able to take into account the comments submitted and have the final rule ready for implementation in time for the launch of the summer driving season in June, but doub...
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10 Small Beauty Tweaks That Will Help Save The Planet

We really do wish we could be the type of citizen who lives a zero-waste lifestyle. You know those people who hold the contents of their lives in a Mason jar? We want to be them, we really do. Until we think of our dry shampoo habit, how alive we feel with a little blush, all the SPF and nail polish options we need... and, well, so long, tiny living. But just because we won’t cut down on our fragrance collection doesn't mean that there aren’t other things we can do to help cut down on waste and...
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Judge Hands Trump Another Setback, This Time on Coal Leases on Federal Land

Donald Trump and his administration have lost in court about 40 times since they began reversing former President Barack Obama’s environmental policies, according to The New York Times. Read more...
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Conform to the Culture Just Enough

Leaders must conform enough if they are to make the connections necessary to deliver change. Leaders who succeed in changing organizations challenge the norms--but rarely all of them, all at once... To change an organization, the leader must first gain at least minimal acceptance as a member. ~Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones [1] You're in a new leadership role, you see some room for improvement, and you want to make some changes. If you're one of my coaching clients, the title of this post w...
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Judge says US government can be sued for Flint water crisis

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — A judge says the federal government can be sued by Flint residents who blame the Environmental Protection Agency for waiting too long to intervene in the city’s water crisis. Federal Judge Linda Parker didn’t determine whether EPA employees were negligent when Flint’s water system became contaminated with lead in 2014 and […]
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Honeywell to clean up chemical pollution in North Carolina

RIEGELWOOD, N.C. (AP) — Federal authorities say they’ve reached a proposed settlement with two companies for the cleanup of a former chemical plant near the Cape Fear River. The Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency said in a news release Thursday that the settlement was reached with Honeywell International Inc. and International Paper Co. […]
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Mazda CX-5 Diesel: Giving Yourself the Skyactiv-D

Mazda has certainly bent over backwards to get its new diesel to the U.S. market. Originally slated to premiere inside the 2017 CX-5, Mazda’s Skyactiv-D failed to receive approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. We’ve followed the story for a while, including when it concerned the Mazda 6, sometimes wondering why the company would even bother pursuing […] The post Mazda CX-5 Diesel: Giving Yourself the Skyactiv-D appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Ex-EPA chief Pruitt registers as energy lobbyist in Indiana

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scott Pruitt, the scandal-ridden former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, registered as an energy lobbyist in Indiana on Thursday as fossil-fuels interests there are fighting to block the proposed closure of several coal-fired power plants. A lobbying disclosure report for Pruitt provides little insight into precisely what he’s doing in Indiana, […]
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E.P.A. Moves to ‘Close the Door’ on Asbestos. Consumer Groups Say Loopholes Remain.

The new rule will restrict uses of asbestos, a carcinogen, more than initially expected, but health advocates criticized it as falling short of the protections needed.
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EPA announces nearly complete ban on asbestos

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced a nearly complete ban on the manufacturing and importing of asbestos.
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RIN prices rise on the back of expectation EPA won’t approve some waiver applications

In Washington, Reuters reports that RIN prices rose last week on the back of statements from the administrator of Environmental Protection Agency’s that the agency may reject some applications for hardship waivers due to RIN prices being so low. RINs for 2018 compliance rose on Thursday to 13 cents from 8 cents while RINs for 2019 compliance rose to 19 cents from 16 cents. He said that with RIN prices much lower than they were last spring, companies shouldn’t have a hard time complying with the ...
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Don’t Let a Killer Pollutant Loose

The Trump administration is moving to ease standards on a particularly deadly air contaminant.
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EPA won't make GE restart Hudson dredging for now

The Environmental Protection Agency declined for now to make General Electric restart dredging in the Hudson River, triggering a wave of condemnation Thursday from New York officials and environmentalists who say contaminant levels from its industrial pollution remain too high.
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EPA to make announcement on GE’s Hudson River cleanup

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency is poised to make an announcement on General Electric’s $1.7 billion Hudson River cleanup. Regional Administrator Pete Lopez is slated to discuss the Superfund cleanup with reporters Thursday morning. Last week, New York’s top environmental official said the federal government was about to announce Boston-based GE met […]
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Trump signs orders targeting states' power to slow energy projects

Trump's orders direct his Environmental Protection Agency to change a part of the U.S. clean water law that has allowed states to delay projects on environmental grounds. New York has delayed pipelines that would bring natural gas to New England, for example, and Washington state has stopped coal export terminals. "My action today will cut through destructive permitting delays and denials ... what takes you 20 years to get a permit, those days are gone," said Trump, surrounded by workers in ha...
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Automakers Plan for Their Worst Nightmare: Regulatory Chaos After Trump’s Emissions Rollback

The matter is increasingly urgent because the Trump administration is said to have settled on the details of its rollback plan, which would quite likely split the American auto market.
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Trump to fight states delaying energy projects

Trump's orders will direct his Environmental Protection Agency to change a part of the U.S. clean water law that has allowed states, on the basis of environmental reasons, to delay projects such as pipelines to carry natural gas to New England and coal export terminals on the West Coast. Trump will issue the orders at a training center for union members in the petroleum industry in Houston, an event sandwiched between fundraising events in Texas for the 2020 campaign. "Outdated federal guidanc...
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Trump to seek to stop states from delaying energy projects

Trump's orders will direct his Environmental Protection Agency to change a part of the U.S. clean water law that has allowed states, on the basis of environmental reasons, to delay projects such as pipelines to carry natural gas to New England and coal export terminals on the West Coast. Trump will issue the orders at a training center for union members in the petroleum industry in Houston, an event sandwiched between fundraising events in Texas for the 2020 campaign. "Outdated federal guidanc...
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Agriculture secretary sees progress with China on ethanol tariffs

In Washington, Reuters reports that the agriculture secretary says tariff negotiations with China over ethanol trade are going well but still no indications of a deal will finally be reached or at what level the Chinese could cut the import tariffs too. He also told reporters that he had spoken with the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency about ensuring that the process to approve hardship waivers for small oil refiners was more tightly controlled.
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Watchdog: EPA data on sewer plant pollution is inaccurate

The Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general says data released to the public about municipal sewer discharges is not accurate. The agency watchdog sent a letter to the head of the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention on Monday, warning that some information about hazardous substances released from publicly owned sewer systems is missing […]
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In Asbest, Russia, Making Asbestos Great Again

The largest maker of the deadly fiber is making a comeback, and it says it has an ally in President Trump.
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EPA says cleanup of gas spill near Lochsa River going well

LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency says the cleanup of a gasoline spill near the Lochsa River in north-central Idaho is going well and could be completed soon. The Lewiston Tribune reports a tanker truck traveling on U.S. Highway 12 crashed near Powell last week, spilling roughly 1,500 gallons of gasoline into a […]
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EPA administrator doesn’t think it’s possible to reassign waived RIN obligations

In Washington, Platts reports that the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t believe RIN obligations that have been waived under the hardship waiver program can be reassigned to other obligated parties to make up for the missing ethanol gallons. The agency is reviewing 39 hardship waiver applications for 2018, one left over each for 2016 and 2017, 35 in 2017, 19 in 2016, and it hasn’t denied an application since the 2015 compliance year but there has been some indication t...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. YouTube's executives were aware the platform's issues with misinformation and hate speech, but chose to ignore internal warnings from staff about conspiracy theories and other questionable content. According to Bloomberg, worried employees tracked the rise of alt-right YouTubers and borderline content, but were essentially told not to rock the boat. YouTube placed multiple restrictions on content from far-right British activi...
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Ford’s electrified vision for Europe includes its Mustang-inspired SUV and a lot of hybrids

Ford of Europe’s vision for electrification includes 16 vehicle models — eight of which will be on the road by the end of this year — the company announced at its Go Further event in Amsterdam. Those plans include a plug-in hybrid variant of its Kuga SUV, its Mustang-inspired crossover, and a commercial transit van. Ford’s European electrification strategy is in line with its plans for North America to focus largely on hybrids. For instance, in a separate event on Tuesday Ford took the wraps off...
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EPA says 2018 hardship waiver approval process held up by DOE delays

In Washington, the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator has thrown the spotlight on the Department of Energy, blaming them for delays in approving hardship waiver applications from 2018. The approvals were meant to be announced by the end of March but the DOE is yet to send the EPA its input. The administrator expects the delays on DOE’s side will only be for a few more days and then the agency can get moving on approvals.
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Ford is bringing an electric Transit van to Europe by 2021

Ford plans to bring an electric Transit commercial van to the European market by 2021, as part of the automaker’s broader plan to electrify its global portfolio. The automaker announced the Transit EV, along with more than a dozen other electrified consumer-facing models that will be part of its European portfolio, at its Go Further event in Amsterdam on Tuesday. Ford didn’t provide many other details on the Transit van. And for now, the EV commercial van is only slated for Europe. Ford’s foc...
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Ford to offer hybrid and electric options in redesigned 2020 Escape SUV

Ford today is taking the wraps off the latest generation of the Escape . It’s a major re-work inside and out with new sheetmetal and powertrain options. The 2020 Escape is sportier, loaded with technology, and with hybrid and electric options, clearly built for the future. The Escape has been Ford’s most affordable SUV since its debut in 2000. Smaller than the stalwart Explorer and more traditional than the Edge or Flex, Ford has always positioned the Escape as an easy and accessible sport ...
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