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Flying a Drone Near a Pipeline Could Soon Cost You $4,000 in Louisiana

Louisiana’s looking out to protect its pipelines and chemical plants from drone, raising the specter of nefarious climate protesters to pass the legislation. But the main pilots they’ve busted so far appear to be literal children. Read more...
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Cops Are Using Facebook to Target Line 3 Pipeline Protest Leaders, New Documents Reveal

Protests against Enbridge’s Line 3 have been ramping up in Minnesota—and so has the response from authorities. A video went viral this week of a Department of Homeland Security helicopter sandblasting protesters following mass arrests. But some police tactics are far less visible while causing long-term hardship.Read more...
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The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Officially Dead

In a shocking move, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline has announced it will no longer move forward with the project. The controversial pipeline has been at the center of a fight over Indigenous treaties, land rights, and the permitting process. Now, it’s dead.Read more...
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Lauren Boebert Spends Drought Hearing Rambling About ‘Green New Deal Extremists’

Rep. Lauren Boebert, the gun-toting, Trump-loving, riot-goading, Congresswoman from Colorado, has a new conspiratorial obsession. And she’s fixated on it rather than working to address the multiple environmental crises facing her state. Read more...
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Decolonising environmentalism and climate change

Indigenous oral cultures are teaching researchers that precolonial South Africans were aware of conservation The post Decolonising environmentalism and climate change appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Colonial CEO Would Love It if You Could Forget About His Company

The Colonial pipeline has proven just how critical of a piece of infrastructure it is after it was shut down by a ransomware attack last week that sparked a gasoline shortage along the East Coast. But the company doesn’t want you to remember just how important it is to daily life. There’s a good reason: Anonymity has…Read more...
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The psychology of why we sabotage our planet

In The New Yorker, environmentalist and activist Bill McKibben attempts to understand the psychology of how some corporations (and individuals) can do what they do knowing that it's killing our planet. In the essay, he summarizes a book on the matter positing that it all comes down to a curious form of narcissistic entitlement. — Read the rest
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Watch: animation shows how much "recycled" plastic Britain dumps abroad

This animation from Greenpeace UK offers an amusing impression of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson sputtering platitudes about recycling while plastic bottles, boxes and other trash falls like rain and piles up around him. Just when you think it's getting a bit too silly, the kicker comes. — Read the rest
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Children of Shell Employees Sure Seem to Be Embarrassed by Their Parents

At Shell’s annual general meeting on Tuesday, a company executive told a heartwarming story. Shortly before taking the role six years ago, the fossil fuel giant’s outgoing chairman, Charles Holliday, said he had a conversation with one of the company’s employees.Read more...
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A Nasty Pipeline Showdown Is Brewing Today in Michigan, and Canada Is Pissed

Seizing the profits of a major oil company, making Canadians angry, tugboats causing havoc: It’s all happening in Michigan right now. The mandated shutdown of a major oil pipeline is brewing into a nasty fight that pits Michigan’s governor and environmental groups against a fossil fuel company—as well as the country…Read more...
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This Indoor Garden Will Feed You Greens Year-Round

Click & Grow 25 is the latest project by former orchestra conductor Mattias Lepp who felt that the idea of indoor gardens—essentially, a farmer’s market in a box—would be just the tool for staving off future food shortages. His company, founded in 2018, raised $11 million to develop new materials and hardware…Read more...
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Diginex launches ESG reporting platform aimed at small businesses

As ESG reporting goes up the agenda for large companies, it’s also increasingly doing so for smaller companies as well. But right now, tracking things like your company’s CO2 emissions is mainly the preserve of large corporations. Now a startup hopes to address this. Diginex Solutions has a self-guided tool which claims to generate ESG reports six times faster than competitors and comes in at a relatively affordable $99 per month. The blockchain-enabled reporting tool also generates reports, giv...
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The Weird, Unholy Alliance of Tucker Carlson and Environmentalists

Tucker Carlson has used his platform to, among other things, undermine climate science and lie about renewable energy. Yet last week, he put out an impassioned plea to save the Maine woods, claiming that “real environmentalists” should oppose a power line connecting Quebec hydropower to the U.S. Bizarrely, he and the…Read more...
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Fund managers can leverage ESG-related data to generate insights

Georges Archibald Contributor Georges Archibald is head of Americas at the Apex Group. Almost two centuries ago, gold prospectors in California set off one of the greatest rushes for wealth in history. Proponents of socially conscious investing claim fund managers will start a similar stampede when they discover that environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights can yield treasure in the form of alternative data that promise big payoffs — if only they knew...
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Environmental histories and potential futures [podcast]

This month marked the 51st observation of Earth Day, which, in the past decade, has become one of the largest secular observances in the world. This year, more than 1 billion individuals in over 190 countries are engaged in action to promote conservation and environmental protectionism. In this current moment, the discourse surrounding environmentalism seems to exist primarily in the realms of science and politics, but we wanted to take this opportunity to talk to a couple of researchers who stu...
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It's Time to Kill Earth Day

Hooray, it’s Earth Day! That one day of the year when we can all come together and celebrate treating our planet with respect. From first-graders to Jeff Bezos, everyone loves a good, ol’ fashion Earth Day. So, I regret to inform you that we must kill Earth Day and replace it with something more urgent.Read more...
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Today is Earth Day. Watch this message from Carl Sagan.

"In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves." —Carl Sagan, from COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey (2014) and Pale Blue Dot (1994) Happy Earth Day.
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"Around 15 million garments per week flow through Kantamanto, one of the largest secondhand clothing markets in the world...."

"Retailers take out substantial loans to purchase the bundles, hoping to find worthwhile garments in sellable condition. Yet almost half of what is bought is thrown away.... Why is there so much secondhand clothing? Increasingly, it’s built into the way we dress: fast fashion, the trendy, mass-produced clothing that can be made quickly and at low cost.... [T]he average person purchased 60 percent more clothing in 2014 compared to 2000, while each garment was kept for only half as long.... [C]lot...
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Zero Waste: Eight Surprising Reasons You Should Keep Used Tea Bags

Here are eight surprising ways you can maximize a used tea bag for a zero-waste lifestyle. The post Zero Waste: Eight Surprising Reasons You Should Keep Used Tea Bags appeared first on T Ching.
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A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans

Having noticed that Washington got a bit of publicity for vowing to ban all vehicles reliant on internal combustion after 2030, a dozen other American states decided it would be a good idea to reaffirm their own religious-like commitment to the environment by saying they too will be restricting your choice of automobiles by 2035. […] The post A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Abandoned Oil Pipelines Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen in the Gulf of Mexico

Seems like no one is keeping an eye on what polluters are doing in the Gulf of Mexico. For decades, the federal government has allowed the oil and gas industry to abandon almost all ocean pipeline infrastructure it no longer uses without further cleanup—and barely monitors the safety of active pipelines still in use…Read more...
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Worn Out: The Challenge of Shopping for Sustainable Clothes

Earth Day is swiftly approaching, and that means my inbox is full of promotional emails from clothing brands announcing that they’re becoming “sustainable” or making “eco-friendly” products. But it turns out those labels don’t mean much. Read more...
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European Automakers Think Fuel Taxes Will Increase EV Sales

Undoubtedly eager to improve the take rate of electric vehicles, automakers have a myriad of solutions at their disposal. But the majority have something to do with getting the government involved to futz around with taxes. Normally, this has to do with making special exceptions for EVs or subsidizing them via rebate programs. But governments […] The post European Automakers Think Fuel Taxes Will Increase EV Sales appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Texas Wind Energy Set a Record—But Republicans Are Still Trying to Squash It

Despite recent baseless attacks on wind power as unreliable and unneeded from Texas politicians, wind was the number one source of electricity on the state’s grid last month. Awkward!Read more...
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The finance bro uniform is officially dead as Patagonia stops adding corporate logos to its ubiquitous fleece vests

"Silicon Valley" character Jared Dunn is notorious for his fleece vests and button down shirts. HBO Patagonia is ending its decades-old practice of adding corporate logos to its clothing. The company cited environmental concerns for the move. "Adding an additional non-removable logo reduces the life span of a garment," the company said. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The unofficial uniform of finance bros everywhere is about to be sunset: Patagonia is officially en...
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Don't Watch Netflix's Seaspiracy

Yesterday, the sun was shining bright, and birds were chirping outside my window, and the buds were really starting to coming out on the trees. It was a stupidly perfect day really, and I had to go ruin it all by watching Seaspiracy.Read more...
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"This is an Earth-built landscape millions of years in the making. When you crush, excavate and finally smother this land with fill and concrete..."

"... you destroy forever an entire interlocked, respiring and breathing community, the home for thousands of organisms living deep in the soil up to the treetops. You don’t get it back.” Said the wildlife biologist Sam Droege, quoted in "A maglev would be a speedy option over protected land. But research and wildlife might suffer" (WaPo). The question is whether there should be a magnetic levitation train connecting Washington and Baltimore. The 40-mile trip could be accomplished in 15 minutes i...
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Facebook gets a C – Startup rates the ‘ethics’ of social media platforms, targets asset managers

By now you’ve probably heard of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) ratings for companies, or ratings for their carbon footprint. Well, now a UK company has come up with a way of rating the ‘ethics’ social media companies.     EthicsGrade is an ESG ratings agency, focusing on AI governance. Headed up Charles Radclyffe, the former head of AI at Fidelity, it uses AI-driven models to create a more complete picture of the ESG of organizations, harnessing Natural Language Processing to automate t...
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"Why operate your business from an expensive midtown office when all you need is a smartphone and laptop, a tasteful backdrop for your video calls, and Amazon Prime?"

"Ask the same question on a societal level... why... pour billions into a staggeringly expensive system of urban infrastructure when all you need to keep the wheels of commerce turning is Zoom, Signal, and a reliable, super-fast wireless network…. After Covid, nothing defined 2020 more than an explosion of crime across urban America, even though there were far fewer people outdoors to victimize…. [A]re nightclubs as much of a draw when dating can be now conducted online?… Covid has [sped the] de...
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Brazil’s iFood launches outlines sustainability initiatives aiming to reduce its carbon footprint

The Brazilian-based pan-Latin American food delivery startup iFood has announced a series of initiatives designed to reduce the company’s environmental impact as consumers push companies to focus more on sustainability. The program has two main components — one focused on plastic pollution and waste and another aiming to become carbon neutral in its operations by 2025. Perhaps the most ambitious, and surely the most capital intensive of the company’s waste reduction initiatives is the developmen...
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