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Epub error

Hi guys, have I validated an epub and give me these errors, any advice? Informazioni Epub Format Controllo Epub Informazioni Epub Format Validating using EPUB version 2.0.1 rules. EpubCheck Epub Format Epubcheck Version 4.0.2 EpubCheck Error Epub Format OEBPS/Text/titleebook.html(47,269): Error while parsing file 'element 'font' not allowed anywhere; expected the element end-tag, text or element 'a', 'abbr', 'acronym', 'applet', 'b', 'bdo', 'big', 'br', 'cite', 'code', 'del', 'dfn...
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Something wrong with this file

UPDATE: Nevermind. There was a problem with CSS "cover.css". I fixed it, and it works now. There seems to be something wrong with the following file in my ePUB book, because I can't open the book in my PocketBook InkPad3. It opens the cover, but then I can't change pages. But if I remove it from the book structure, it opens normally. I use Sigil to edit ePUBs. This is the file: PHP Code:   The Essential Journey of Life and Death  The Essential Journeyof Life and D...
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error message

Hello together uploading the epub in smashwords always gives me those error messages. Even though when I change it into what they say is allowed it doesn't work. First error: Error while parsing file: attribute "align" not allowed here; expected attribute "dir", "id", "lang", "style", "title" or "xml:lang" Than I changed tried to change "align" into "dir". Than it states: Error while parsing file: value of attribute "dir" is invalid; must be equal to "ltr" or "rtl" The same when I try to c...
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need help for convert pdf

hi every one i need emergency help I want to create a e-book library and need convert some medicine e-book with border table and many figure how can i convert these book without any problem to word or directly to e-pub ?? it is very important for me please help me and introduce some software i try abbyy it is wonderful but when i convert with ocr some problem showed
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Implementing small-caps using Open-type features

This new thread follows a former thread about ligatures. This time it is about small-caps (but it could concern also other Open-type features of course). I suppressed the former post. Quote: Originally Posted by Tex2002ans (Post 3799877) I would highly recommend reading these fantastic articles (they also include fantastic visual comparisons): Mozilla's OpenType font features guide Adobe's Syntax for OpenType features in CSS Each o...
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ePub is shown as folder in Dropbox

All my ePub files in the Dropbox folder on my Mac is single files. But on the Dropbox website or via apps all the files have turned into folders. That way there is no single file to use the 'open with' function. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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Can I prevent hyphenation in a block of text?

I'm working on an epub ebook which in each of its 18 books and 208 chapters has a 'preface' of several words or a few sentences. The text of the 'preface' is centered, often using several lines, and quite often the last word on a line breaks, and is hyphenated. I think this looks awful. Is there a way to prevent all of the words in the centered text from breaking? A word at the end of a line which would otherwise break will then drop to the next line. I know how to prevent a single word from b...
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Html text not passing EpubCheck validation

I though the previous discussions on my ebook had solved my epub book errors, but on updating the epub version of my book via Smashwords Switch, the epubcheck tool (at failed my epub version giving me multiple errors (see attached screenshot). The four errors for each split html file are always the same, namely text, link, vlink and dir. I have included the code for split_001.html segment to show the code as written: Code:     Unkn...
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Wanted: replacement for Menestrello, or: reading EPUB 3 Audio-eBooks on an iPad

Hi, I used to use Menestrello/Minstrel for the following, but the app is no longer available on Apple's appstore. That's why I'm looking for a replacement and hope for some hints here. I'm looking for a free iOS-App that's capable of playing/showing EPUB 3 Audio-eBooks, i.e. play audio while reading with highlighting of the word(s) actually being read (like Whispersync for Voice in the Kindle Android app). The speed of the audio/speaker should be adjustable and I want to import a self-made EPU...
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Epub3 seems to be much closer

Recently I downloaded the last update of the PocketBook app for Android. This new release now has two rendering engines: RMSDK (for epub2) and Webkit (for epub3). The engine to be used is auto-selected by the app, but the user also can chosse what to use to read an epub (so it's perfectly possible to use webkit to read epub2 ebooks and sometimes is better). I was testing the epub3 support and I must say that is impressive (like Sigil or a bit better because it has hyphens and Sigil not); practic...
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Center only last line in a heading

Hi! How can I produce forced centering of only the last line of a heading? (see example) Thank you in advance for your help! degn (using Calibre) Attached Thumbnails  
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Custom link colour in .mobi?

Hi, Is it possible to specify a custom colour for links in a .mobi ebook? In my ePubs I use the following CSS, but it isn’t working when I transfer to mobi. Also, with the latest version of Kindle Previewer, text-decoration: none; also doesn’t work anymore... Any workaround? Code: a {         color: #A00000;         -webkit-text-fill-color: #A00000;         text-decoration: none; } Thanks!
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Hyphenation under epub3

By chance, does anyone know how to enable hyphens under epub3? The following css properties seem not to have any effect with ADE 4.5x: Code: p {   -epub-hyphens: auto;   adobe-hyphenate: auto;   -webkit-hyphens: auto;   hyphens: auto; } Regards Rubén
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Your top sources for purchased Epub books

What are your top 2 or 3 favorite sources for purchased books in epub format? For each, I'm interested to know the main pros and cons as you see it. Mine: Source: Google Play Books Pros: Decent Epub 3 support and book formatting quality; good selection; Android/iOS/browser apps; easy download/import-to-Calibre via ADE; uploaded books get full support for sync of positions/notes/highlights; notes saved to Google docs and easy to export Cons: Selection and pricing often inferior to Amazon;...
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Epub 3 feature support and conversion

I have a couple Epub 3 questions for folks who have experience using and directly editing epub 3 source files, and managing those files in Calibre. What is the best concise summary you know for the differences between Epub 2 and 3, from a practical perspective of reading ebooks? Is this summary accurate? For current model devices and apps that claim to support Epub 3--for example Android 8.x/9.x devices running apps like Fbreader or Moon+, and recent Kobo devices --is there any value in conve...
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Question about fonts and character .

While creating my first ebook i saw that a particular character wasnt been shown across some readers . These are the characters : 「 and 」(left and right corner bracket). Is this because of varying fonts in there readers ? also is there any way to fix it ? Thanks in advance.
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CSS selectors

I'm looking to find a way of using a css selector with some unusual parameters. I'm familiar with using a selector such as Code: p + p { text-indent: 2em; } or Code: p.class1 + p { text-align : right; } however what I'm looking for is one which will only select the second where the first one has no class declared; i.e it won't select in the case of say Code: blah, blah, blah some more text Or any other "classed" tag. I'm not sure if this is possible - has anyo...
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View single page landscape

I have a Nook HD+ tablet and I have created an epub from a collection of Wikipedia Periodic Table articles. To show the periodic table in its full width I need to view a single page in landscape mode. However, using Moon+ Reader, every time I rotate to landscape it gives me two pages (which for normal text would be fine). Is there any way to get Moon+ Reader to show me a single page landscape or is there any other reader which provides the option? Many thanks.
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Help with TOC and Toc entries.

So guys im making an ebook of my an light novel called Overlord from scratch and im having a small problem with the TOC entries. All the chapters are divided into parts like Part 1, Part 2 etc as shown below: Here is a screenshot of the pdf. Spoiler: These Parts are supposed to show up below the Chapter title but once i add both Chapter title and Part 1,Part 2 to TOC, they show up on different pages on the ebook reader. Like this : Spoiler: and So is there any way i c...
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Revolutionary code? Need feedback

I came up with what seem to be a revolutionary code that solves all of the problems for full page images AND images with caption. Before making a formal announcement with my company I’d love if some of you guys could double check my code and see if it is as good as I think it is. I tested it with an ePub3 on ADE on Windows 10, iBooks on iPad, and on Android, Bluefire, Google Books and Gitden Reader. Full page images (the height="98%" is for Bluefire, else it creates a blank page before the ima...
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SVG and Google Books

I noticed that in Google Books, the height and width parameters inside the svg image are ignored and the image is displayed very tiny, which forces us to also specify the height and width inside our ePub, in the containing the svg image. This works fine, but how time consuming it is to have to enter these values everywhere! Is there any workaround? I’m searching like crazy and nothing works.
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EPUBCheck v4.1.1

EPUBCheck v4.1.1 is now available: It's a maintenance/bugfix release without support for the newer EPUB 3.2 specifications. (I have updated the Sigil and Calibre plugins.)
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Recommend an ePub3 using Bootstrap?

This is probably a dumb question, but can anyone point me towards an ePub3 using Bootstrap? If you type "Bootstrap" into Amazon's search box, you get books with Bootstrap in the title. I'd like to find an ePub that actually uses Bootstrap. I'd simply like to see what you can do with Bootstrap in an ePub, plus it would be nice to have a book that I can use as a model if I decided to go for it. I asked a question about Bootstrap about a year ago, and it looks like the situation hasn't changed mu...
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Starting a line indented to end of previous line (Poetry)

I have some poetry that in the manuscript has short lines formatted to preserve meter: if one line is only a few syllables, the next line begins indented past the end of the previous one, and such. Monospace example (I've attached an image that illustrates this if the code here fails): Code: Here's a full line to start this dumb poem, This line it ends                   and then                           the next begins And now the sample's coming to an end. How would you appr...
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Turn off ligatures (temporarily)?

Right now in my ebook I've got ligatures turned on everywhere with this bit in my CSS... Code:         -moz-font-feature-settings: "hist=1, liga=1, dlig=1";         -ms-font-feature-settings: "hist", "liga", "dlig";         -webkit-font-feature-settings: "hist", "liga", "dlig";         -o-font-feature-settings: "hist", "liga", "dlig";         font-feature-settings: "hist", "liga", "dlig"; ...which works fine, but what would I change that to if I wanted to set up a class to just te...
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Best practice to add an image

Sometimes images (jpeg, png, etc.) in ebooks are poorly rendered by the ebook-readers based on Pearl/Carta e-ink screens, Does it exist a best practice to add images to ebooks aimed to maximize the visual rendering of images?
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remove "cover"

Hi. every .doc that I convert to epub produces the "first page" below. (attached file) I use a online tool to convert. please, how can I remove that page? Better, how can I remove any page of a epub individually? Attached Thumbnails  
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Picture height

Hi, I'm using this css in order to get an image high as text: Code: Bla bla bla bla. Is it working on all readers/apps? Example: :thanks:
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Links in TOC don't take to the right ID

What can cause links in the TOC not to send to the right location? My epub3 is built with Calibre, I've run Calibre check book and epub validator and the books tested ok. If I open the book in Calibre/iBooks and click on a TOC item I am redirected to the corresponding file but the HTML tag (
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How can you embed video in an epub document?

We’re trying to produce an epub document that includes videos hosted on YouTube. Can this be done? Ideally, we’d like to have a page that includes a video thumbnail. When you click the thumbnail, the video will play (because the reader will be online). We tried embedding the video itself but that made the document file size too big. We’re hoping to include 20 – 30 videos in the document. Any help much appreciated.
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