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In the News: Study Says Remote Workers Feel More Left Out Than They Would in the Office

If you have virtual employees or even people who work remotely just some of the time, you’ll want to hear this. A new survey of those people this week revealed many of them feel left out of the workplace. The report comes from the company Igloo. It found 70% of remote workers feel left out from the traditional work setting. You’re likely wanting to keep those employees or contractors where they are. Them being where they are probably saves you the money to afford their services. But if they’re ...
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Ad Age 2019 A-List No. 10: 360i

Marketers bringing work in-house and choosing one-stop shops are seen as existential threats by many agencies. But 360i was built to roll with that.  The shop began as a regional search agency based in Atlanta, later evolved into a digital creative and media firm and now does work ranging from comprehensive integrated assignments to very focused search, analytics and martech consulting. The combination of comprehensive offerings and flexibility served the Dentsu-owned agency well in 2018, when ...
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How to Make Your Business Credit Score Amazing – From an Expert

Most small business owners don’t realize. But their personal and business credit scores affect their company. And credit has become a 100-year-old business filled with all the mystery of a cold case. Business credit scores remain separate from your personal score. But three large credit bureaus manage all personal credit. They include Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. And significant consumer protections exist to protect your information from access without your permission. Also specific laws r...
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What is Credit Monitoring?

According to a 2018 study from Javelin Strategy & Research, more than 16.7 million Americans were victims of identity theft or fraud in 2017. That figure represents a record high number of identity theft victims that year, but the year before was also another record high. Amounts stolen in 2017 added up to $16.8 billion in losses for consumers, much of which was the direct result of data breaches. However, fraudsters and thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated in their techniques, meani...
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What is Credit Repair?

If you’re struggling with bad credit and can’t seem to turn your situation around, it may be time to seek out professional help. Credit repair companies promise to help you have incorrect information removed from your credit reports — for a fee, of course. Credit repair companies also provide important counseling and advice that can help you repair your credit for good. Unfortunately, credit repair agencies don’t have the best reputations, and they can’t do anything for you that you can’t do you...
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Your Money: The New Equifax Boss Wants to Make Amends. We Have Some Questions.

Mark Begor thinks Equifax can be the consumer-friendly credit bureau. So where are our free credit reports, automatic credit freezes for babies and consistent straight talk?
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How to Infuse Your Company Culture with Humility

In recent years, more and more leaders seem to be jeopardizing their company’s survival for the sake of ego, hubris, or selfish gain. We’ve seen Wells Fargo enable the creation of over a million fraudulent accounts that earned more than $2 million in fees for the bank, pharmaceutical firm Perrigo face a price collusion investigation, Samsung executives be accused of bribery and embezzlement, and Equifax executives profit by selling their shares before news of a massive data breach. What qualiti...
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Elizabeth Warren proposes holding execs criminally liable for scams and data breaches

A new bill from Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes personal, criminal liability for top executives of companies turning over more than $1B/year when those companies experience data breaches and scams due to negligence (many of the recent high-profile breaches would qualify, including the Equifax giga-breach, as well as many of Wells Fargo's string of scams and scandals). It is part of a raft of excellent policy proposals that Warren has introduced in conjunction with her bid for the 2020 Dem...
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Onfido, which verifies IDs using AI, nabs $50M from SoftBank, Salesforce, Microsoft and more

Security breaches, where malicious hackers obtain snippets of information that then get used to impersonate individuals in order to gain access to individuals’ and businesses’ sensitive financial and other private information, have become par for the course in the world of digital services. More than 2.7 billion records were  breached in a single incident this year in the US, and overall the damage from incidents like these potentially runs into the trillions of dollars globally. Today, a startu...
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2019's Dirty Dozen tax scams repeat last year's list

Unfortunately for taxpayers and the Internal Revenue Service, there's nothing new under the sun when it comes to tax scams. Fortunately for taxpayers and the IRS, the tax agency and its Security Summit partners are still on top of the most common scams that continue to pop up in some form year-round. These 12 schemes, which have been dubbed the Dirty Dozen tax scams, get added attention, of course, during the main tax filing season. During these hectic days from Jan. 1 — yes, some folks are rea...
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Experian Boost Review

Are you looking for a quick way to boost your credit score to get better deals on loans and save money? Then you might want to know what Experian Boost is all about and how it can be of help to you. Your credit score has the potential to affect almost every aspect of your life. Hence, if your credit score is bad, it’s beneficial to find a way to improve it before it gives you grief. There are several tried-and-tested methods of improving credit, including paying down your debts, paying your bill...
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5 Steps to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identify theft became a hot topic with the recent Equifax data breach, causing many Americans to be concerned about the safety of their personal information. And their concerns aren’t unwarranted either. According to a survey done by, 41 million Americans have been victims of identify theft. It’s clearly a widespread problem that many people didn’t even know existed – until it happened to them. Most Americans aren’t taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from identify the...
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How to Get a Startup Business Loan With Bad Credit

Are you planning to start a new business, but your capital is not enough? You’re probably thinking of getting a startup business loan as a solution. In case you aren’t familiar yet of this, a startup business loan is a type of financing that aims to fund new companies with little or no business history. While this is a good idea, this type of loan is more complicated than a regular small business loan. As per Charles Green, founder of the Small Business Finance Institute, “Nobody does a good ...
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One would think that having one of the most high-profile breaches in recent memory would make a company take security to heart, but Equifax is full of surprises. The latest is that its site, to which the company invites those affected by its poor security practices to freeze and unfreeze their credit, itself has extremely poor security. It’s all documented by security researcher Brian Krebs, who discovered the issue not in some special investigation but in the process of signing up...
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Tech security at Equifax was so diabolical, senators want to pass US laws making its incompetence illegal

Now Homeland Security committee sticks the boot in Credit-rating monitor Equifax ignored years of warnings and red flags before it was thoroughly ransacked in 2017 by hackers, who made off with the personal information of roughly 150 million Americans, Brits, and Canadians, according to another congressional probe.…
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Former Equifax executive pleads guilty to insider trading

ATLANTA (AP) — A former Equifax executive who sold stock for nearly $1 million a week and a half before the company announced a massive data breach has pleaded guilty to insider trading. Jun Ying, former chief information officer of Equifax’s U.S. Information Solutions, entered the plea Thursday in federal court in Atlanta. He was […]
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Tide Foundation gives consumers full control of personal data on blockchain

It seems that on a regular basis, we hear about massive data breaches or companies sharing highly personal information with third parties without a consumer’s permission or knowledge. The Tide Foundation wants to change that by giving consumers complete control over their personal data on the blockchain by allowing them to manage their own encryption keys. The startup wants to take that notion a step further by giving users the ability to sell that personal information in an open marketplace tha...
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Congresswoman Destroys Equifax CEO Mark Begor About Privacy

An anonymous reader shares a report: In a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) asked whether Equifax CEO Mark Begor would be willing to share his address, birth date, and Social Security number publicly at the hearing. Begor declined, citing the risk of "identity theft," letting Porter criticize Equifax's legal response to the 2017 security breach that exposed almost 150 million people's data of that sort to an unknown intruder. The company had unsuccessfully aske...
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AOC grills Equifax CEO: the Congressional record now contains the obvious, infuriating truth that everyone else already knew

Virtually everyone who's ever had the credit-rating system explained to them immediately understood that this was a complete scam: these companies that most of us have never heard of nonconsensually ingest gigantic mountains of data about you and your life and produce a numeric score that is nearly impossible to explain and extremely frustrating to alter, and that number is used to determine your access to work, rental accommodations, loans, mortgages and more. And that's before you factor...
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Watch Equifax’ CEO get schooled in a congressional hearing about his company’s massive data breach

In September 2017, US-based credit reporting firm Equifax revealed that its site had suffered a breach, and 143 million citizens’ records were stolen in the attack – names, addresses, social security numbers, and all. The breach, as we subsequently learned, could easily have been avoided. The company hasn’t yet had to face dire consequences – but yesterday, the company’s recently appointed CEO, Mark Begor (who replaced former CEO Robert Smith after he left the company with a $15 million severanc...
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Attacking Soldiers on Social Media

A research group at NATO's Strategic Communications Center of Excellence catfished soldiers involved in an European military exercise -- we don't know what country they were from -- to demonstrate the power of the attack technique. Over four weeks, the researchers developed fake pages and closed groups on Facebook that looked like they were associated with the military exercise, as well as profiles impersonating service members both real and imagined. To recruit soldiers to the pages, they use...
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Stop saying, “We take your privacy and security seriously” (techcrunch)

In my years covering cybersecurity, there’s one variation of the same lie that floats above the rest. “We take your privacy and security seriously.” You might have heard the phrase here and there. It’s a common trope used by companies in the wake of a data breach — either in a “mea culpa” email to their customers or a statement on their website to tell you that they care about your data, even though in the next sentence they all too often admit to misusing or losing it. The truth is, most compan...
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Orion FCU Premium Checking Review: 4% APY (Up to $30k) w/ Activity Requirements

Orion Federal Credit Union (FCU) has a Premium Checking account that offers 4% APY on balances up to $30,000 if you meet certain direct deposit and debit card transaction requirements. However, if you don’t meet the requirements, you’ll get basically no interest and be charged a monthly fee. Their membership requirements are now open nationally, which is newsworthy. Thanks to reader Bill for the tip. Details below. Membership eligibility. Orion FCU is based in Memphis, Tennessee and has a...
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Stop saying, “We take your privacy and security seriously”

In my years covering cybersecurity, there’s one variation of the same lie that floats above the rest. “We take your privacy and security seriously.” You might have heard the phrase here and there. It’s a common trope used by companies in the wake of a data breach — either in a “mea culpa” email to their customers or a statement on their website to tell you that they care about your data, even though in the next sentence they all too often admit to misusing or losing it. The truth is, most compan...
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Mortgage originations sink to 4-year low: New York Fed

Mortgage originations sunk to a four-year low in 2018, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's quarterly household debt report released Tuesday.
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Experts think Equifax was hacked by Russia or China to recruit spies

In 2017 the private credit information of 143 millions Americans was stolen from Equifax. But the records have never been offered for sale on the black market, which is highly unusual. (The only person who has so far profited from the breach seems to be Equifax CEO Richard F. Smith, who resigned with an $80 million retirement package.) So, who stole the records of 1/2 the US population, and why? CNBC interviewed "experts, intelligence officials, dark web data 'hunters' and Equifax" and the conse...
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Report: Stolen Equifax Data Hasn't Been Sold Online, Raising More Questions Than Answers

In 2017, consumer credit reporting agency Equifax suffered one of the largest data breaches in history, exposing extensive personal information on nearly 150 million Americans (and in countless thousands of additional cases, credit-card numbers and scans of driver’s licenses, social security cards, and other identity…Read more...
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Was that huge 2017 Equifax data breach part of a nation-state spy scheme?

That massive Equifax data breach on September 7, 2017, shocked everyone, but a year and a half later, where the data of all those 143 million Equifax users ended up is still a mystery. CNBC reports that the current prevailing theory is that “the data was stolen by a nation-state for spying purposes, not by criminals looking to cash in on stolen identities.” Excerpt: CNBC talked to eight experts, including data "hunters" who scour the dark web for stolen information, senior cybersecurity manage...
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The Stolen Equifax Data Has Never Been Found, Experts Suspect a Spy Scheme

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: On September 7, 2017, the world heard an alarming announcement from credit ratings giant Equifax: In a brazen cyber-attack, somebody had stolen sensitive personal information from more than 140 million people, nearly half the population of the U.S. It was the consumer data security scandal of the decade. The information included social security numbers, driver's license numbers, information from credit disputes and other personal details. CEO Richar...
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Mortgage software company Ellie Mae to be acquired for $3.7B

Ellie Mae, founded in 1997, processes 35 percent of all mortgage applications in the U.S., according to Banking Tech.
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