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How generations compare in the use of smartphones and other technology

While younger generations are being touted as “digital natives” and have the highest percentage of smartphone use, older Americans’ smartphone use has quadrupled since 2011. Here are the percentage of U.S. adults who own the following devices: A Pew Research Center survey shows that smartphone use among seniors has nearly quadrupled in the past five years. In 2018, the AARP conducted a survey of seniors to see how they used their smartphones. Here’s what they found: Your g-g-generation Ever ...
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I upgraded my standing desk after a making the switch from sitting and it was a great move

After a lifetime of sitting, I switched to a standing desk at my home office. It wasn't an expensive change. All I needed was an unused cardboard box. BUT the box eventually wore out. I thought about having a new one made from wood, but then I discovered the Stand Stand portable standing desk. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. I think I got my first desk when I was about ten. For the following 41 years, despite knowing that there was a history of writing while standing that ...
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Podcast #508: Break Out of Your Cage and Stop Being a Human Zoo Animal

The human body is capable of doing a wide variety of movements, in a variety of environments. But my guest today argues that most modern people only do a few movements each day, commonly find themselves stuck in sterile surroundings, and that these confinements are sapping our physical and psychological health. His name is Erwan Le Corre and he’s the founder of the MovNat physical fitness system and the author of the book The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom. T...
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Did Ernest Hemingway copy his friend’s ideas for Cuban classics?

Some of the novelist’s best-loved work bears ‘striking resemblance’ to that of an unknown journalistOne was a Cuban newspaper reporter working to support his family andwriting fiction in his spare time. The other was one of the world’s most famous novelists on the planet, a larger-than-life Americanwho came to Havana in search of inspiration.New research shows that Enrique Serpa, a little-known Cuban author, wrote in a way that sparked the creative genius of Ernest Hemingway, who wrote some of h...
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Using punctuation to pace

Ernest Hemingway is famous for his use of short sentences to build tension, as in this example from A Farewell to Arms, describing Catherine Barkley’s childbirth:She won’t die. She’s just having a bad time. The initial labor is usually protracted. She’s only having a bad time. The staccato style of the sentences builds a hold-your-breath tension. Other writers pack everything into a single breathless exhale. One of my favorite examples is from Brian Doyle’s essay “His Last Game,” writing about a...
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Ernest Hemingway’s Advice on Camping Out

Editor’s note: Throughout Ernest Hemingway’s life, he maintained a love for the outdoors and for outdoor pursuits. This love was inculcated early, as his father took him into the woods as soon as he was able to walk, and taught Ernest the rudiments of hunting and fishing when the boy was only a toddler. Hemingway Sr. further instructed his son in how to build fires, make wilderness shelters, tie fishing flies, and cook wild game; he always insisted that Ernest eat whatever he killed. Hemingway...
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Best of Eye Prefer Paris: Parisian of the Month: John Baxter

I am taking a blogging break this week. I am reposting some of your favorite Parisian’s of the Month. See you next week with all new content.   Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Sydney, Australia, but mostly grew up in a country town called Junee. Think Modesto, California, and you'll have some idea. When George Lucas, who was born in Modesto, had his STAR WARS hero Luke Skywalker say of his home planet "If there is a bright center to the universe, this is ...
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'Bouillon Julien' in Paris Revels in its Art Nouveau Heritage

Established in 1906 at Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, Bouillon Julien is a veritable Parisian gem both for its exceptional Art Nouveau interior and its famous clientele such as Ernest Hemingway, and Edith Piaf who frequently dined at ‘table n. 24’ with her lover, Marcel Cerdan, the champion boxer.
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Motion detectors: say hello, wave goodbye and… flushhhhhh

Some things are better left without a video greeting Something for the Weekend, Sir? How did Ernest Hemingway get his scar?…
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8 College Courses That Will Make You Rich

Growing up, you were probably given the idea that doing well in school can help you succeed later in life. It’s one good reason why you try really hard to learn your lessons, study for your exams, and pass your classes with flying colors. While you can get a good degree, find a well-paying job, work until you’re in your 60s, and then retire to enjoy the life you’ve deferred for 40+ years, you may still end up feeling unsatisfied. It’s still not the successful, secure, and financially sound life ...
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Ernest Hemingway museum in Cuba

US-Cuba relations might not be particularly warm these days, but Cuba is nonetheless opening a new conservation center in honor of one of America’s greatest authors: Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway moved to his Cuban villa Finca Vigía in 1939 and lived there for over two decades during which he wrote much of A Moveable Feast, Islands in the Stream, and The Old Man and the Sea. When Hemingway urgently and reluctantly departed Cuba in 1960, he left many of his belongings behind. After his su...
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How to Create an Essay on Particular Interests & Career Objectives

An essay how precisely to begin writing a memoir essay may have a few goals but the straightforward arrangement might be identical regardless of what you might be writing an essay to argue for a particular outlook or possibly to clarify. Students, when they’re given a memoir essay to write, don’t have a lot of idea on. So under are some tips which could buy an essay online be useful, if you’d like to compose a memoir essay. How exactly to write a memoir essay is typically a challenging procedure...
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Steven Pinker’s 13 Rules for Good Writing

Photo by Rose Lincoln, via Wikimedia Commons What is good writing? The question requires context. Each type of writing has its norms. Some guidelines apply across disciplines—consult your Strunk and White or any of the hundreds of handbooks recommending strong verbs and minimal use of passive voice. Still, you wouldn’t necessarily put the question to an experimental poet if your concern is informative writing (though maybe you should). Maybe better to ask a scholar who writes clear prose. Harva...
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Hemingway: "The Big, Fat Slob" in Bimini

Hemingway in Bimini with Blue Fin tuna. There's a lot they don't teach you in English class, and more's the pity.You see, The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway's story of the epic battle of age against nature, is not entirely a work of fiction, and there's some excellent fishing history there too.The Caribbean was once full of enormous Blue Fin Tuna and Blue Marlin that could not be reliably caught by line, as the proliferation of sharks in these same waters meant that the hours it to...
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William Faulkner’s Review of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea (1952)

Images via Wikimedia Commons In the mid-20th century, the two big dogs in the American literary scene were William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway. Both were internationally revered, both were masters of the novel and the short story, and both won Nobel Prizes. Born in Mississippi, Faulkner wrote allegorical histories of the South in a style that is both elliptical and challenging. His works were marked by uses of stream-of-consciousness and shifting points of view. He also favored titanically lo...
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A Room of One’s Own: Why We Need Space and Quiet

Virginia Woolf believed that if a woman was to write fiction that she must have money and a room of her own. I would say the same for a mental health blogger or anyone in a creative field. Money can be hard to come by. But a creative soul should at least have a fort or office somewhere in her home or in the neighboring vicinity that is hers alone, where she can hang up a “Do Not Disturb” sign. A space to spread out notes and books and journals for days or months on end until the project is fini...
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‘Triple Frontier’ Review: A Great Cast Scowls and Shoots Their Way Through This Junk Food Action Flick

Triple Frontier had a long, strange journey to the big (and in most cases, small) screen. Back in 2011, Kathryn Bigelow was set to direct, with Tom Hanks starring. By 2015, Bigelow was out, and J.C. Chandor was in. Chandor would spend the next several years with the project, with one big name after another being floated for potential cast members: Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum. At one point, the Affleck brothers – Ben and Casey – were being courted to star. But the Afflecks eventually ...
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The Elaborate Pictogram Ernest Hemingway Received in the Hospital During WWI: Can You Decode Its Meaning?

Everyone who knows the work of Ernest Hemingway knows A Farewell to Arms, and everyone who knows A Farewell to Arms knows that Hemingway drew on his experience as a Red Cross ambulance driver in Italy during World War I. Just a few months after shipping out, the eighteen-year-old writer-to-be — filled, he later said, with "a great illusion of immortality" — got caught by mortar fire while taking chocolate and cigarettes from the canteen to the front line. Recovering from his wounds in a Milanes...
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The Elusive Obelus: Streaming’s Issue With Denominators

Here Christian Castle details issues regarding streaming rates, and the problem in the formula which prevents the creation of long-term shareholder value, and instead gives an immediate short-term rush to the beneficiaries.  _______________________________ Guest post by Christian Castle of Music Tech Solutions “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises. No matter how much people would like ...
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Glimmers of Truth from the Inebriated Work of the Late, Dirty Realist Writer, Charles Bukowski

None The podcast "Friendly Fire", from the Maximum Fun Network, poses a pivotal question near the end of each episode. The three hosts (John Roderick, Adam Pranica, and Benjamin Ahr Harrison) take turns introducing and monitoring discussion of that week's topic, a film in the canon of specific battles and general warfare. While the show deals with war films as a genre within the context of their time and through the creative perspective of their auteur writers and directors, this key question a...
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To Travel Is Divine

Everyone knows that the world of travel opens up a world of opportunities. Traveling the world allows individuals to dive into new experiences, wonderful authentic, natural foods and cuisines, great bonding with the locals and the traveling party, and a profound sense of appreciation for those that are present in different areas of the world that we live in today. Individuals can travel the world and immerse themselves in their hobbies, passions and times of rest and relaxation with the finest p...
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Paul Crenshaw's 'This One Will Hurt You' Will, Indeed

There's a precarious balancing act many personal essayists undertake when shaping their work. Some of the finished products are so finely tuned and crafted that the personal connection is lost. These essays are the literary equivalent of artisan coffee or beer. The ingredients are all included, distilled through proper machines. They are rich and expensive and they leave the customer feeling full, but not fully satisfied. Indeed, the smooth edges and shiny surfaces of many personal essays under ...
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Market Review: “Money makes the World go Round”

By Ahmed Tabaqchali, CIO of Asia Frontier Capital (AFC) Iraq Fund. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. The Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX), as measured by the Rabee Securities RSISUSD Index, started the year not with a bang but with a whimper, as befits the ending of the Chinese year of the Dog, by going mostly sideways on a continuation of the low turnover of the last few months. However, the emergence of a moderate foreign ...
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How the Bonkers ‘Serenity’ Borrows From Film Noir Classics

(Welcome to Classically Contemporary, a series where we explore the ways in which new releases echo classic Hollywood.) By this point audiences have been scratching their heads and questioning their film choices with the release of Steven Knight’s Serenity . It’s a movie that is as compellingly bonkers as it is exceedingly dumb. It’s a fun bad movie that you’ll enjoy if you’re into that kind of thing. But, in watching it myself (and loving everything about it), the classic film comparisons fl...
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A Writing Shed of One’s Own

In the first couple of minutes of this video, Roald Dahl introduces us to the writing hut behind his house that he used to write all of his famed children’s books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Danny the Champion of the World. Dahl describes his working routine and details how he’s designed his writing environment, his “nest”, to be as free from distraction as possible. The Guardian used to run a series about writers’ rooms and in 2008, illustrator Quentin Blake, who worked with...
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At Age 101, Hemingway Friend Adapts 'Old Man And The Sea' For The Stage

Ernest Hemingway hated the 1958 film adaptation of his famous book "The Old Man and the Sea." He thought his friend, playwright A.E. Hotchner, could have done it better.
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A 101-Year-Old Playwright Is Finally Keeping His Word to Friend Ernest Hemingway

Hotchner's stage adaptation of 'The Old Man and the Sea' premieres Feb. 1
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The Old Man and the Play: Friend keeps word to Hemingway

WESTPORT, Conn. (AP) — When the 1958 film adaptation of “The Old Man and the Sea” hit theaters, Ernest Hemingway happened to be in New York City to watch the World Series and invited his close friend A.E. Hotchner to go see the movie with him. “About 12 or 13 minutes after we sat down, […]
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10 approachable must-read classics

Classical literature constitutes a notable piece of work that has enduring quality over the years.The ranks of classics encompasses a small number of works over many languages. These works are accessible and timeless.Classic literature isn't usually on a leisure reader's list. Classics tend to evoke views of dusty tomes, unapproachable texts or mere ornaments in some ersatz library. Mention to someone that you're reading Moby Dick, Brave New World, or some other renowned classic and you're sure...
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10 must-read classic books for beginners

Classical literature constitutes a notable piece of work that has enduring quality over the years.The ranks of classics encompasses a small number of works over many languages. These works are accessible and timeless.Classic literature isn't usually on a leisure reader's list. Classics tend to evoke views of dusty tomes, unapproachable texts or mere ornaments in some ersatz library. Mention to someone that you're reading Moby Dick, Brave New World, or some other renowned classic and you're sure...
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