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Netherlands: Finding Value In ESG - TMF Group

ESG investing continues to gain momentum and prominence among global institutional investors as they increasingly look to benchmark not only the performance of funds in their portfolios
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The best way for companies to incorporate ESG goals is by using data science and AI

Junta Nakai is the global industry leader for financial services at Databricks, a big data and AI company valued at $6.2 billion. In this op-ed, Nakai explains why companies looking to focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals need to use data and AI technology.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Companies and brands that want to cement themselves as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) leaders must leverage data and artificial intelligence.  Today, t...
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Wall Street Insider: The Mooch's leaked memo to Merrill — Boutique bank exits — Hackers target PE

  Welcome to Wall Street Insider, where we take you behind the scenes of the finance team's biggest scoops and deep dives from the past week.  If you aren't yet a subscriber to Wall Street Insider, you can sign up here. Dealmaking activity has fallen off a cliff this year, as executives focus on steering their existing businesses through the havoc caused by the coronavirus crisis instead of seeking out new deals. Data from Refinitiv released this week showed that the drop in activity was more pr...
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United States: DOL Proposed Rule Urges Caution Regarding The Use Of ESG Factors When Selecting Investments For ERISA Plans - Mayer Brown

The Proposal generally cautions plan fiduciaries against considering ESG factors when making investment decisions, unless such factors are relevant to the plan's pecuniary goals.
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Work profile: the new standard for employee privacy

Employees increasingly demand privacy from the technology they use every day, but employers often see privacy in opposition to enterprise data security. Since its debut in Android 5, the work profile has secured company data on personally-owned devices while preserving employee privacy. The separation of work and personal apps means IT gets full control over work apps and data, but has no visibility into personal apps. In Android 11, we’re bringing these privacy protections to company-owned devi...
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Ireland: My ESG - A Leadership Series - Maples Group

In this series, brought to you by SIF Ireland, we ask leaders in the ESG and Responsible Investment space for their thoughts on the sector in Ireland and globally.
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Woke funds are having a moment as Millennials invest more

ESG investments are finally having their moment.
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United States: On Our Watch: ESG In The Time Of COVID-19 - Davis & Gilbert

Here's something you don't see much of these days, a market doing well and with the potential for real "green" shoots. With an emphasis on social responsibility and community support, ESG investing is a bright spot.
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This investing strategy is beating the market amid a pandemic

During these incredibly volatile times, an investing strategy called ESG has continued to gain popularity, and its followers have outperformed the market throughout this crazy time.
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United States: SEC Again Urged To Regulate ESG Disclosures - Jones Day

The SEC's Investor Advisory Committee joins the call for SEC rulemaking on ESG disclosure in light of the "global convergence of investor interest" in these matters, although the Commission seems
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Guernsey: Sustainable Finance - How Guernsey Is Showing The Way Forward - Walkers

From the coining of the term "ESG" in an IFC report in 2005, the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance factors into financial investing has gone from strength to strength.
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Guernsey: Will COVID-19 Speed Up Green Funds Revolution? - Carey Olsen

If you were managing to ignore the increased importance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it will be hard to do so now.
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India: ESG Practices: The Way Forward? - L&L Partners

Who Cares Wins was published in 2005 with the objective of integrating good environmental, social and governance ("ESG") practices into mainstream financial investing.
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Ireland: The New ESG Framework: Principal Adverse Impact Reporting - Dillon Eustace

In this, the first in our series of client briefings on the new ESG framework, we consider the obligation imposed on "financial market participants" under Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (the "SDFR") to assess..
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Canada: Environmental, Social And Governance Considerations And The Investor Perspective - Bennett Jones LLP

Recent divestments by certain major global investment funds of their holdings in companies due to ESG concerns demonstrates the increasing importance of ESG as an investment criteria for all classes of investor.
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Australia: Even in a pandemic, maintaining a focus on ESG compliance is critical - Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Despite COVID-19, corporations must maintain compliance with environmental, social and governance (ESG) obligations.
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POWER PLAYERS: Meet the 8 PayPal execs shaping the payment giant's future as its stock rockets to record highs and e-commerce surges

Digital payments have taken off amid the coronavirus pandemic, with consumers and merchants alike looking for more ways to digitize the way they pay, both online and in-person. PayPal has seen record transaction volumes and sign-ups this year. "The steps we've taken over the last several years have positioned us to extend our market leadership in the digital payments industry," PayPal's president and CEO Dan Schulman said during its first-quarter earnings call. Here are the 8 execs driving Pay...
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Ireland: ESG Roundtable - Maples Group

With ESG now an integral part of the conversation between managers and investors, the Maples Group recently hosted an ESG-focused roundtable to discuss key trends and developments in this space.
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Why don’t more VCs care about good tech (yet)?

Johannes Lenhard Contributor Share on Twitter Dr. Johannes Lenhard is Centre Coordinator at the Max Planck Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change. One of the VC partners in a well-established London firm told me straight out: Venture capital is money [laughs], it is a risky asset class, perhaps the wildest asset class […] and it has the biggest possible returns. I have detailed elsewhere how I think caring mor...
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New BREEAM In Use Version in a Changing World

Last week BRE Global announced that the “BREEAM USA In-Use Version 6 for Commercial and Residential” green building rating system has launched. In addition to improvements to the prior commercial building rating system BREEAM In-Use now includes residential for the first time (accepting that existing multi-family building is a very much underserved sector). An update to the BREEAM In-Use online platform, which is used to facilitate the benchmarking and certification process, has also been rolled...
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What is ESG investing?

ESG in investing stands for environmental, social and governance. It is a set of criteria investors can use to understand the values and the future of an organization.Companies pour resources into disclosing their ESG because, as the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Or so has been the thought for many years.While ESG is undoubtedly good, says John Fullerton, mere transparency is not going to solve the world's sustainability issues. For that, public companies need to act more like ...
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#Dubai Financial Market launches new ESG Index consisting of 20 companies | ZAWYA MENA Edition

Dubai Financial Market launches new ESG Index consisting of 20 companies | ZAWYA MENA Edition:Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has launched the UAE Index for Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) to encourage listed companies in the UAE to expand embracing ESG best practices.The S&P/Hawkamah UAE ESG Index is developed in cooperation with S&P Dow Jones Indices and the Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance in the UAE (Hawkamah). It is supported and approved by the UAE Securities and Commoditi...
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United States: Keeping A Close Eye On ESG Issues To Minimize Risk During The COVID-19 Pandemic - Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

The COVID-19 crisis poses new challenges for companies seeking to manage ESG risks during a period of significant business disruption.
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Super clear, super thin, super durable: Zymergen bends it like Beckham, electronics-wise 

Move over, Impossible Whopper. Zymergen has made an impossible material, and something almost as rare in the biobased world, you can actually order it the day you first hear about it. Yep, Zymergen’s running the best play that you’d ever find in the Steve Jobs playbook, the “it’s insanely great, and call now to order” one. It’s called Hyaline, which qualifies as the shortest word coined using “aline’ as a suffix that you can get a trademark on, that come along in (I think) two generations. Roll...
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UK: ESG In The Boardroom - Ocorian

As investors turn to ESG analysis to bolster their reconnaissance of target companies, Senior Manager for Board Services, Veena Pydiah reflects on the rising influence of ESG
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About Turn: Eastern Spirit Garage builds an XS650 bobber

Eastern Spirit Garage have mastered the art of building cafe racers. They nailed the formula when they broke onto the scene seven years ago—and have produced consistently good results since. But the Polish shop likes to break the mold once in a while, by deviating from their hallmark genre. Because, as shop boss Sylwester puts it, “it just gives us a lot of fun and challenges.” This latest project is the furthest thing, stylistically, from a cafe racer you can get: a bobber. But clearly S...
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UK: ESG And The Construction Industry - Dentons

The continuing rise of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues up public and corporate agendas now makes them a key driver in investment decisions
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United States: Tax And ESG: Who Sets The Agenda? - Ropes & Gray LLP

year or so ago, I recorded a short video about how tax is becoming an area of focus for investors which support an ESG (environmental, social and governance) agenda.
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United States: Is There A "P" In ESG? Where Does Privacy Fit In? (Video) - Jones Day

As interest in ESG investing continues to grow, the related ESG metrics have taken on a level of significance that could one day compare to that of financial data.
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