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Extract from ‘The Journey’: Responses to the archive

This sequence of texts was written in response to various photographs of Nigeria made between 1920 and 1929 that form part of the Colonial Office photographic collection The post Extract from ‘The Journey’: Responses to the archive appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How asking professionals to write my essay for me leaves more time for Daily Yoga

Doing yoga is a great way to stay healthy and fit, as well as learn how to stay… The post How asking professionals to write my essay for me leaves more time for Daily Yoga appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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The Lingering Pain of Leaving Italy

If you have ever lived in Italy and had to leave it, this post may hit a nerve.The post The Lingering Pain of Leaving Italy appeared first on Italofile.
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How to Build Strong Argumentation by Using the Toulmin Method

Building strong argumentation is one of the most highly-required skills in modern education. Top world universities make their… The post How to Build Strong Argumentation by Using the Toulmin Method appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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How Can You Write A Speech So That It Can Be Spoken?

Speakers need to understand how to get from page to stage Image Credit: Fredrik Rubensson I’m hoping that we can all agree that in this world in which we live in, there are three types of writers out there. There are the writers who are able to write for the spoken word, writers who are able to write for the written word, and writers who are just flat out bad writers. I’m hoping that none of you fall into that later category. However, when it comes to writing your next speech, are yo...
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Growing Up Star Wars, as Seen Through the Eyes of Author Phuc Tran

Let’s go to a galaxy far, far away in a time long ago. Well, not that long ago—the ‘70s. My family wasn’t from a galaxy far, far away, but the Trans had moved from Vietnam to Pennsylvania in 1975, and by “moved” I mean escaped an imploding country.Read more...
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Engaging Ways to Write Your Introduction Paragraph

The article provided courtesy of, the education platform that provides academic writing assistance to students. We’ll bet… The post Engaging Ways to Write Your Introduction Paragraph appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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The College Extracurricular Activity Essay

How will you write your extracurricular activity essay? The Common Application used to ask you to “elaborate” on one of you extracurricular activities in 150 words. Now this essay is not quite as common. At least it is no long required on the Common App. However, many other colleges do require it, either as a part of their application, or as a “supplement” the Common Application. Either way, this short paragraph can be an essential component of your entire presentation as an applica...
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4 Most Effective Tips to Improve Academic Essay Writing

Academic writing is something that most students are struggling with. They dislike writing tasks because it consumes a lot more time and requires research to produce a good piece of writing. A few months ago, I met some college students, and they were discussing their problems related to studies. They all were very anxious about… Read More » 4 Most Effective Tips to Improve Academic Essay Writing The post 4 Most Effective Tips to Improve Academic Essay Writing appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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Most Prominent Online Tools to Master the Art of Essay Writing

With the advances made in technology, writing has become easier. There are a lot of helpful online tools that you can use while writing your essays. This article will show you the online tools that you can use to improve your writing skills. Stay Focused As the name suggests, this tool helps you to keep… Read More » Most Prominent Online Tools to Master the Art of Essay Writing The post Most Prominent Online Tools to Master the Art of Essay Writing appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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"Second Looks & Criminal Legislation"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new paper authored by Michael Serota now available via SSRN. Here is its abstract: This Essay explores the relationship between second look sentencing and retributive theory by focusing on the primary vehicle for authorizing and distributing punishment in most American jurisdictions: criminal legislation.  Looking beyond debates over the import of evolving norms to desert judgments, the Essay argues that the central retributive issue presented...
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The Maximum Viable Product

This essay was originally published by Michael DiTullo on LinkedInDuring the summer I drove from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR with my wife and dog. We stopped off in Redding, California, specifically to experience the Calatrava designed pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sacramento River and connects two portions of the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. All thanks to my wife and partner, Kristina, who plans all of our travel. Not only is the bridge stunning, like all Calatravas, it is also the world...
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How to Write The Perfect College Essay–Consider Your Audience

Consider your audience No matter what kind of writing you are doing, you must consider for whom you are writing it.  Who’s your audience? This is a good question to ask even as you write your high school papers.  If your answer is, “my teacher,” then you may not fare as well as you might if you imagined about writing a paper (about a Shakespearean play, for example, or the causes of the Civil War) for your mother. I’m serious.  If you write for your teacher, you are going to presume too much ...
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The Dissatisfied Designer

A young designer asked me this question during the Q&A session after one of my talks at a conference: "What is the most important skill to have as a designer?" After pausing for a beat, it dawned on me that the most important skill to cultivate as a designer isn't sketching, modeling, research methodologies, leading workshops, or presenting—it's dissatisfaction. Getting into the state of having just the right amount of dissatisfaction is the glue that holds all of my work together. It is somethi...
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Reader Submitted: Formation

Artifact Zine is a publication examining the material world and our systems of making.Each issue features short essays, interviews, and analysis of the artifacts, manufacturing processes, and technologies running behind the scenes of everyday life. The first issue, Formation, is an introduction to the questions Artifact Zine explores: why do we make, and how are we shaped by the technologies we use to produce those objects? View the full project here
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Why are Makerspaces Dying? Can Designers Bring them Back to Life?

Back in 2008, I was an architecture student in England living a blissful student life of beans on toast, late nights in the studio and keeping myself awake with Red Bull. Okay, in retrospect "blissful" is probably not the right word for this. Perhaps "responsibility free"? I remember experiencing my final year as a student: the anxiety, fear, and dread for the future. I was about to graduate into a world that had collapsed on itself economically, and anything connected to the construction indust...
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Exploring the Dangers of Industrial Design Instagram Influencers

A few months ago, a video emerged of Kanye West giving one of his signature verbal fire hoses to the students at Detroit College for Creative Studies. As I watched, a smile slowly curled on my face, anticipating the silence he would receive at the end of his rant. That didn't happen. I started to dig around, and I was shocked to see that generally speaking, students and graduates admire Kanye West. Remember, there's a very key difference between working with designers, and being one. Kanye is no...
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No More "Crunch Time": The Value of Taking Breaks During the Design Process 

It's 3AM, and I'm in the studio working on a project deadline due in a few days. The scene is stereotypical; all the lights are off, and we are working by the cold glow of our monitors. We want to finish early so that we have more time to practice our presentation and make sure we're prepped for the review. As I pause for a minute and rub my eyes to get the exhaustion out, I look up and see my colleagues toiling away. The three of us exchange a look, and without words, we say to each other "we'v...
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The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
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From Paris, with Poetry: On Henri Cole's 'Orphic Paris'

None Paul Valéry, the great French poet and critic, famously remarked that "poetry is to prose what dancing is to walking." His point was that poetry and prose are both forms of writing, but that their use of language is fundamentally different — one of them is artistic and the other is instrumental. When poets write prose, then, they are taking advantage of the instrumentality of the medium to do something that they can't quite do in their poetry: tell a story, flesh out a character, make an a...
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Suggested Science Essay Topics

Writing an excellent essay demands great organisation and preparation. Simply, an essay is just about the wellknown tasks among teachers, professors and students also. It truly is occasionally argued the composition is precious since it teaches learners to write words. Clarify to your own pupils an composition isn’t about creating insistent sentences with basic info Essay writing is really a kind of the rough homework. Scholar essays aren’t assumed to be advantage -of-your- seat whodunnits. Wr...
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My life on the road: A lost passport, no ID, and bullshit paperwork trying to get back to Canada

16 October, 2018 My wife drops me at the airport in Calgary. I'm traveling to Chicago. A fancy audio hardware company called Shure invited me to the city to check out some of the new tech that they'll be releasing in the coming months. I pass through security with no issues. As I lace on my boots, I am certain that I have my passport. It is in my hand as I board my flight. I place my passport in a buttoned pocket in my jacket before sitting down on the plane. Standing up at the end of my fligh...
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My life on the road: shit fountains and dump stations

It doesn't matter what tech you opt for – composting toilets, incinerator toilets or, as we have in our rig, a john connected to a holding tank – if you live in an RV, sooner or later you're going to wind up handling your own waste. The first time we dumped out tanks, it didn't go so well. We hadn't quite started living in our old 1991 Triple E Empress just yet. At the time, we were busy downsizing our lives to fit into the motorhome, and my wife was enrolled in a week-long wilderness first ...
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Multiple inheritances: how the art of Romare Bearden reflects 21st century identities

On his way to becoming a successful artist, Romare Bearden was a promising varsity baseball player at Boston University, who occasionally played for The Boston Tigers, a Negro League team. Once during his student years, major league talent scouters tried to persuade him to try out for a professional team. He turned down their offer. Playing professional ball would require him to pass for white. A staunch race man in the 1930s, in a pre-Jackie Robinson world, the future artist was not willing to ...
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Let me tell you about living my life on the road

In passing, I've talked about the fact that my wife and I are full-time nomads. Lemme expand on that. A few years back, we bought a 21-year-old RV with the intention of living in it while my wife completed her degree in Vancouver, Canada. Typically, winters in Vancouver are mild by comparison to the rest of the country. The climate is similar to what you see in Seattle. Not so while we were there. It dropped to below freezing for weeks at a time. Snow, a largely unknown commodity in British Col...
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Professional Medical College Essay Writing Services – Should You Hire These Services to Get Your Essays Online

Of late, the idea of relying upon the custom medical and healthcare related college essay writing services has snowballed with every passing day. Every time, you are seen visiting the web or the social media, you can find ads proclaiming the selling and promoting the groups involved in a professional essay or thesis writing services. The idea of  writing paper service may not be acceptable to many, but considering the number of benefits one can reap, more and more people are now relying on i...
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Canadian scolding of Saudi Arabia's human rights violations means nothing if they continue to sell them weapons

I’m a proud Canadian. I’m proud that my nation took a stand against the human rights practices in Saudi Arabia. Maybe you’ve read about it. Earlier this week, Canada’s Minster of Foreign Affairs tweeted that our nation was less than impressed with Saudi Arabia’s arrest of a woman’s right activist. It’s a sentiment echoed by Human Rights Watch and the United Nations. From The Guardian: On Wednesday, Human Rights Watch said Saudi Arabia had arrested the women’s rights activists Samar Badawi and...
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I'm an Android loving iPhone user

Hardware reviews are a big part of how I put bread on the table. In order to do my job properly, I’ve got to be something of a platform agnostic. While I do most of my writing using Apple devices, I also have to consider other platforms in my coverage: software that works well on a laptop running Windows 10 may be a dog’s breakfast on a MacBook once it’s been ported. A bluetooth speaker that sound great when paired with my iPhone 7 Plus, for example, might sound like hot garbage when linked t...
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The “Opportunities” in the CHRO – Kids Court Essay Competition 2018

The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities can sometimes be seen as an easy punching bag by legislators, employees, employers and employment law attorneys. But there’s one area that has been an unequivocal success and where you won’t see almost any headlines. The CHRO several years ago developed the Kids Court Essay Competition which runs each year.  In it, it gives high school and middle students the opportunity to talk about topics that are important to them and shine a spotlight on othe...
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Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch from a Gameboy aficionado

As an insomniac, I take my gaming seriously. When I get to a point in a cycle of sleeplessness where I’m too tired to work or keep track of where I am in the book I’m reading, I turn to video games to keep me from delving too deeply into the dark thoughts that creep into my skull in the middle of the night. After waiting for over a year to see if it would prove popular enough with developers and players to make it worth picking up, I finally broke down and bought a Nintendo Switch – that I hav...
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