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Artist Esther Mahlangu Wants African Artists To Stay The Course

Limited public funding is harming African artists, says Ndebele superstar painter Esther Mahlangu. She sees how many young people want to learn at the school she’s set up, but she adds, “there should be more support for artists from governments. They need to promote African art and culture around the world. That would be a very good thing. That way it won’t vanish.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Renowned artist Esther Mahlangu urges Africans to hold on to their traditions

Pioneering Ndebele artist fears young people are losing a sense of their rootsOne of Africa’s best-known artists has made an impassioned appeal for governments and communities across the continent to preserve their traditions and culture in the face of globalisation.Esther Mahlangu, 85, said that she was worried that young people in Africa were losing a sense of their roots. Continue reading...
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The Atlas of Endangered Alphabets: A Free Online Atlas That Helps Preserve Writing Systems That May Soon Disappear

The United Nations, as you may or may not know, has designated 2019 the Year of Indigenous Languages. By fortunate coincidence, this year also happens to mark the tenth anniversary of the Endangered Alphabets Project. In 2009, its founder writes, "times were dark for indigenous and minority cultures." Television and the internet had driven "a kind of cultural imperialism into every corner of the world. Everyone had a screen or wanted a screen, and the English language and the Latin alphabet (or...
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South African Artist Esther Mahlangu Brings Ndebele Art to BMW Once More

The first woman commissioned to create a BMW art car (back in 1991), South African artist Esther Mahlangu, has seen her relationship with BMW reignite once more. The automaker recently tapped Mahlangu for interior paneling that would further employ her colorful motifs—drawn from the Ndebele tradition of message-laden house painting—something she learned from her grandmother. The result is astounding—a joyful punctuation to the vehicle. And as for what’s …
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Esther Mahlangu's tour teaching Americans to make traditional South African art

Late last year, famed South African artist Esther Mahlangu visited a number of major American cities with a traveling display of her work and hands-on workshops for aspiring artists. It's a great glimpse into her body of work. (more…)
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British Museum exhibit explores the art of South Africa

The gold treasures of Mapungubwe and a car painted by renowned artist Esther Mahlangu are among the items on display as part of major UK exhibition.
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