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Ingenious DIY Etch-A-Sketch digital camera

Martin Fitzpatrick built the Etch-A-Snap, a digital camera with an automated Pocket Etch-A-Sketch as its display on the back. Each photo takes between 15 minutes to one hour to be sketched. From Two Bit Arcade: Photos are processed down to 240x144 pixel 1-bit (black & white) line drawings using Pillow and OpenCV and then translated into plotter commands by building a network graph representation with networkx. The Etch-A-Sketch wheels are driven by two 5V stepper motors mounted into a custo...
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Etch-A-Snap camera puts a modern spin on one of your favorite childhood toys

Can't draw on an Etch A Sketch? Snap a photo with the Etch-A-Snap and the camera will draw out the scene for you. The weirdly cool camera designed by Martin Fitzpatrick replaces the usual LCD screen with an old-school Etch A Sketch. The post Etch-A-Snap camera puts a modern spin on one of your favorite childhood toys appeared first on Digital Trends.
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This DIY camera draws every photo you take on an Etch A Sketch

We’ve seen our fair share of unique DIY cameras powered by Raspberry Pie, and the latest one is coming from a self-taught programmer Martin Fitzpatrick. He has created a camera that’s basically a hacked Etch A Sketch. He named it Etch-a-Snap, and it will turn your photos into quite precise Etch A Sketch drawings. Etch-a-Snap […] The post This DIY camera draws every photo you take on an Etch A Sketch appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This Digital Camera Draws Every Photo It Snaps on an Etch A Sketch

The challenge of trying to draw anything even partially recognizable using just two spinning knobs has somehow made the Etch A Sketch a popular toy for almost 60 years now. Some artists have managed to master the unique medium with endless hours of practice, but Martin Fitzpatrick opted to hack together a shortcut…Read more...
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Is your Etch A Sketch game at Kyle Fleming's level?

If drawing stairsteps on an Etch A Sketch seems like the pinnacle of achievement, these masterworks by Kyle Fleming may inspire you to new heights. They may also inspire you to shake yours clean and permanently donate it to the nearest toddler. (more…)
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Toys“R”Us Pops Up With a Giant Etch a Sketch

Toys”R”Us has placed a larger-than-life Etch A Sketch in the most unlikely of places: right above the busy Fulton Street subway station in New York City. The retailer unveiled the massive Etch A Sketch in lower Manhattan over the weekend, where it will remain until Thursday, October 12th. Life can be stressful. Etch out some playtime with our giant #EtchASketch located in Fulton Center. Just look at those smiles. #todayweplay — ToysRUs (@ToysRUs) October 10, 2017 ...
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Hatchimals Are the Hottest—and Most Elusive—Toy of the Holiday Season

No doubt about it—Hatchimals are the hottest toy of 2016. The interactive, furry creatures come in a colorful spotted egg in five species, Draggles and Pengualas (that resemble penguins), Owlicorns (owls with a unicorn horn), Burtles (turtles) and Bearakeets (bears). As you rub, tap and warm the egg, it coos, lights up, taps back for about half an hour, eventually gurgles, hiccups and slowly pecks its way through the hard shell. This initial video released in October has garnered 1.4 million vi...
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So What's Going On Inside an Etch A Sketch?

Unless being covered in impossible-to-clean metal shavings is your idea of a good time, leave this experiment to the professionals.Read more...
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