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Twitter Link Roundup #359 – Terrific Reads for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? If you had to stop and count, it’s probably too many. An overcrowded browser is like a cluttered home. It is overwhelming and excessive, and it provokes a genuine stress response. If you suffer from spending precious mental energy searching through all 42 tabs in your browser to find the one you need, consider looking into some tools to help you regain that lost time and attention. Medium recommends several good ones to try out. You may ...
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How to Start a Real Estate Business: The Complete 11 Step Guide (2019)

If you’re interested in starting a real estate business to help buyers and sellers navigate the stressful and complicated process of working through one of the biggest transactions of their lives, you’ll need to make sure your business is well prepared. People looking to start a real estate business often ask: How much does it cost to open a real estate business? How do you start your own real estate company? How much do real estate business owners make? How successful is a real estate busines...
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How to Start an Etsy Shop: Your Comprehensive, No-Stress Guide to Starting an Etsy Shop in 2019

You’re creative. And you love to craft! Not to mention, you’ve gotten pretty darn good at it. Or, you have an amazing eye for vintage finds but your closets are overflowing. “You should start an Etsy shop!” your friends say. And, you’ve secretly shared that very same thought. Etsy is a booming online marketplace full of amazing hand-made items and vintage goods. The platform brought in revenues of over $400 million in just the first three quarters of 2018! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such...
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How to Set Up an Etsy Shop

If you make cool handmade items for friends and family and want to grow your market a bit, opening up an Etsy shop is an excellent way for the world to see (and buy) your work. Here’s how to set one up. Keep in mind that you’re required to collect and remit sales tax in some states when selling either tangible or digital items. And to collect and pay sales tax, you need a sales permit. Some states even require you to register as a business regardless. This guide will only show you the steps to ...
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An Introduction to the Parfumerie On Etsy

Since Summer is here I thought now was a good a time as any to discuss the Parfumerie which can be found on Etsy or if you’re in Connecticut or close to it they have a store at 246 Main St in Danbury, Connecticut. It’s no great secret I love fragrance. It’s a passion of mind that’s actually bigger than my love of makeup and I have a rather larger collection of scents that rivals my makeup one. Like any fragrance lover I like my scents to linger and have a good projection this is one reason I lo...
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10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business on Etsy

Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY) has been one of the most popular online platforms for handmade and vintage sellers for more than a decade. With nearly 2 million business owners and hobbyists selling their wares, the company is constantly evolving and releasing new tools to support the ecommerce community. How to Be Successful on Etsy Small Business Trends recently spoke with Kruti Patel Goyal, who is the General Manager of Seller Services for Etsy about what sellers can do to grow their businesses on the...
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Artist turns your favorite movie scenes into pixel art

Pixel art parody posters by Gustavo Viselner There is an unquenchable thirst for everything 80s, strongly reflected in the latest graphic design trends. As a result, I think you should see the following artist. I really think you will like his works. Gustavo Viselner is a game artist, animator and illustrators. He’s caught the attention of the public and BuzzFeed News through his fun pixel art.  Think of any iconic movie or tv scene ever made. He can recreate it as a pixel art parody poster of ...
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Is It Time to Drop Your Etsy Shop? 7 Options for Online Sellers

Ready to drop your Etsy shop? (Or simply want to sell in additional places?) We've got your back with 7 alternatives for online sellers.17 Vote(s)
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Etsy’s Valentine’s Day Party

Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, Etsy invited press to its headquarters in Brooklyn and took the covers off a bunch of things they have been working on for most of last year and will launch shortly. For those that don’t know, USV was one of the first investors in Etsy and have been on the Board of Etsy for over a decade now. Here are the details of what they talked about and showed yesterday: Etsy Studio – This is a brand new marketplace, built from the ground up, to allow makers of craft supplies...
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Printable Valentine's Card by Danielle Thompson of Tiny Bazaar & Kitchy Digitals!

Vintage Indie would like to welcome special guest Danielle Thompson of Tiny Bazaar and Kitchy Digitals. She joins us today to share a super adorable printable Valentine's Card with you. Of course, I couldn't just give you a freebie from Danielle without letting you get to know her a little. I asked her to share with us more about her and her businesses. My name is Danielle Thompson and I have two small businesses: Tiny Bazaar (my Etsy Shop) and Kitschy Digitals. I have a background in Graphic De...
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50 Small Businesses to Start in Your Backyard

For entrepreneurs who want to start a business close to home and maybe spend some time outside too, a backyard business might be the right choice for you. It might sound like a strange concept, but there are actually plenty of businesses that you could potentially run right from your very own yard. Of course, you’ll want to check your state and local zoning ordinances to make sure it’s allowed in your area. But if owning a small business sounds like something that would interest you, here are 5...
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Introducing Dress Shirt Dog Collars by Betolli - For Classy Canines Everywhere

    Have you ever looked at your dog and thought..." what would make him or her look super darn spiffy on this very fine day.  A look that shows they're ready to go for that big job interview or special date down at the dog park.  An accessory that truly reflects their stylish, happening personality and overall suaveness." Finally there is a solution to such deep thoughts and your searching days are over.  Cue: BETOLLI.  BETOLLI is a small Latvian company that produces custom made appa...
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Wet n Wild Goes All Etsy and Drops a ColorIcon Rainbow Highlighter On us

Looking to capture the rainbow on your face and do it on a budget? Wet n Wild ColorIcon Rainbow Highlighter captures and harnesses the light and beauty of a rainbow with their new pressed powder highlighter. Earlier this Summer, an Etsy Shop by the name of Bitter Lace Beauty broke the Internet with their gorgeous rainbow highlighters. Needless to say after everyone started gramming, tweeting, and Facebooking the highlighter to a point it became impossible to actually buy the highlighter becau...
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How to Make Money While Traveling

Becoming a digital nomad and travelling the world sounds like the perfect life, after all,  from what we’ve been told, one can sit on a beach while working from their laptop, all while sipping an icy cold bottle of Chang and admiring the stunning scenery stretched out before them — and making money at the same time. Who wouldn’t want that kind of life? "Living the life of a digital nomad is not going to be beaches and luxury hotel rooms 24/7." In recent months there have been several articles ma...
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Cosmos Space Jewelry

BeautySpot nous offre le cosmos à portée de main avec une collection de bijoux accessoires aux couleurs des planètes du système solaire. Déclinée en bracelet, collier et boucles d’oreilles, chaque pièce de la collection est une image en haute définition recouverte de résine et imbriquée dans une jolie structure en laiton ou argent. En vente sur Etsy.
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2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for Her - YouTube Video

The holidays are upon us and that means it's time to shop till we drop! Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy with no presents at all during Christmas. This isn't what Christmas is about after all, but if you do enjoy spreading cheer to others by sharing gifts, why not shop small business and support other hard working families like yourself? This year I encourage you to shop small business and not give all of your money to big business! Sure, there are some things that small shops don't produce as ...
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Ingrid the Owl – The process of drawing her and she’s a newly listed print on Etsy

I drew Ingrid using Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens and Prismacolor Verithin Coloured Pencils inside a handbound leather journal. The original drawing measures 9 by 9 inches and the final limited edition print measures 8.5 by 11 inches. This size print is easy to mat and frame and hang on your wall. A pre-cut 11 by 14 inch mat with an opening cut for an 8 by 10 inch will fit this print perfectly. Then just slip it into your favourite 11 by 14 inch picture frame. I began by drawing Ingrid using ...
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Bought a new DYMO postal scale yesterday

After being in business online for over seven years I’ve finally purchased my own nifty usb powered 10lb cpacity postal scale from Staples. I’ll now be able to weigh your orders properly and not undercut myself nor overcharge you on postage ever again. And seeing as Canada Post has increased rates by 35% on some services a few weeks ago I can not afford not to weigh any longer. The time is come. The time is now, said Marvin K. Mooney. Etsy has also built in a few shipping features and I will be...
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Owl Locket Set – New in the Etsy Shop

This set features four different illustrative owls and is the most recent collaboration between myself and Catherine Ivins. This magnetic locket set can be purchased on Etsy. It ships directly from Catherine’s studio in the USA so that you are not paying double shipping costs. And if you live in the Saint John or surrounding area you can purchase one from me in person.
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