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EU Gives Final Approval To Article 13 Copyright Directive, YouTube, Facebook Expected To Be Hit Hard

On Monday morning, the EU Member States gave the Article 13 copyright directive the final green light, after months of contentious debate. Nineteen member countries voted yes, six voted against and three abstained. The directive is expected to hit platforms based on user-generated content including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram hardest. EU indie trade group IMPALA’s Executive Chair Helen Smith commented:  "It was a long road and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to t...
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Ireland: Telecommunications: Issues And Recommendations In Advance Of The Brexit Deadline - Matheson

Operating in EU Member States: UK-headquartered telcos will not benefit from freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment in EU.
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Facebook, Google and Twitter told to do more to fight fake news ahead of European elections

A first batch of monthly progress reports from tech giants and advertising companies on what they’re doing to help fight online disinformation have been published by the European Commission. Platforms including Facebook, Google and Twitter signed up to a voluntary EU code of practice on the issue last year. The first reports cover measures taken by platforms up to December 31, 2018. The implementation reports are intended to detail progress towards the goal of putting the squeeze on disinform...
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Europe dials up pressure on tech giants over election security

The European Union has announced a package of measures intended to step up efforts and pressure on tech giants to combat democracy-denting disinformation ahead of the EU parliament elections next May. The European Commission Action Plan, which was presented at a press briefing earlier today, has four areas of focus: 1) Improving detection of disinformation; 2) Greater co-ordination across EU Member States, including by sharing alerts about threats; 3) Increased pressure on online platforms, i...
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Europe to cap intra-EU call fees as part of overhaul to telecoms rules

European Union institutions have reached a political agreement over an update to the bloc’s telecoms rules that’s rattled the cages of incumbent telcos. Agreement was secured late yesterday after months of negotiations between the EU parliament and Council, with the former pushing for and securing a price cap on international calls within the bloc — of no more than 19 cents per minute. Texts will also be capped at a maximum of 6 cents each, Reuters reports. While roaming charges for EU travel...
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European Union: M&A: Key Considerations In Transactions With EU Employees - Cooley LLP

The employment law landscape across the EU Member States is often markedly different from that in the US.
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Brexit and the flow of personal data

At the moment the media, political parties and the legal establishment are all focussed on the big questions of Brexit. What happens to the Northern Ireland border? What does Brexit mean for farmers? And what does it mean for the future of the Nations and regions of the UK? However potentially the most problematic aspects of Brexit are not the big issues but the small technical details: too small to merit day-to-day attention but too important to be left to float on the tides of the Brexit seas....
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Brexit: what happens to international litigation?

At the present time, a large range of civil proceedings, especially in the commercial area, are governed by an EU measure, the Brussels I Regulation (Recast) of 2012. This applies whenever the defendant is domiciled in another EU country, whenever there is a choice-of-court agreement designating a court in the EU, and whenever an EU Member State has exclusive jurisdiction over a particular matter, for example title to land or registered intellectual-property rights. The Regulation also applies t...
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UK: Gearing Up For GDPR - Olswang

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take direct effect in EU Member States on 25 May 2018.
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Brexit and UK company law

Most discussion relating to the referendum result has focussed on the effect that Brexit will have upon our constitutional arrangements or workers’ rights. This blog post will focus on the effect that Brexit will have upon the UK system of company law. Unfortunately, the current uncertainty regarding the terms on which the UK will leave the EU (if indeed it does) means that a definitive answer cannot be provided, but several principal possibilities can be advanced. The UK could, despite the refe...
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Opioid misuse continues to dominate for treatment use, spread of disease & drug-related deaths

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) produces an annual report of the latest data available on drug demand and drug supply in all 28 EU Member States plus Norway and Turkey, available online. The scientific journal Addiction has today published the EMCDDA's summary of the most important findings from that report.
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