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KTM’s 125 and 390 Duke Come Euro 5 Compliant For 2021

The Euro 5 Bug Bites The Duke Brothers Manufacturers have come a long way when it comes to bringing “cool” styling features to low displacement motorcycles, and KTM’s lineup of small bikes are no different. They look directly related to their enormous (in comparison) 1290 brothers, and now – most importantly – come fully Euro 5 compliant. 2021 KTM 125 Duke If you happen to live in Europe and are plagued with a particular case of “I’m stuck riding A1-level motorcycles”, the 125 Duke is your...
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Manufacturers are Calling on EU to Postpone Euro 5 Emissions Standards

COVID-19 Has Caused Major Disruptions Several manufacturers are asking EU authorities to postpone the implementation of Euro 5 emissions standards. The EU has ever-tightening emissions standards, and while this is good for environments, it makes for a notable hurdle for many motorcycle manufacturers. While many were moving forward with plans to updated and innovate so that they could continue selling products that everyone loves, the situation with the Coronavirus has caused some notable issue...
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