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The lede reads: “Daniel hoped he hadn’t made a big mistake. It was a birth day present coming fr om Europe. Shipping was a big part of the price.” I’m copying from the page above, so it’s all [sic]. The package arrived from the U.K. weeks before my Virgo birthday. ” ‘What if you don’t like it?’ I got nervous, but he said he could send it back.” Sure, I could retype the whole first page I wrote on my gift on my MacBook, or scan and copy a doc that would come close. But any accuracy would be c...
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Iranian Oil Exports: US-Iran Relations Complicate European Efforts To Ship Crude

U.S. policy toward Iran is complicating efforts to ship Iranian oil to Europe. Shipping company officials are struggling to find insurance for oil tankers holding Iranian crude, highlighting a potential roadblock to Iran’s plans to ramp up exports following the end of sanctions imposed by the West, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
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