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EV Motorcycle Alrendo TS Bravo Could Launch In May 2021

The Perfect Low-Cost EV Commuter? The EV motorcycle market welcomes as many new manufacturers as it can possibly fit. Alrendo is looking to make its way into said market with their debut electric motorcycle dubbed the ‘TS Bravo’ expected to launch in May of this year (Europe only). Alrendo makes their EV bikes out of Wuxi China, and look to provide riders with an affordable EV option when compared to some of the pricey electric models on the market today. The TS Bravo is claimed to produce 75 ...
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X Mobility 2021 EV Motorcycle Teaser

I feel like these days I’m covering more EV motorcycle news than traditional with the sheer amount of new tech and announcements coming down the pipe from companies such as X Mobility. Last week, Voxan broke the land speed record with a 254 mph top speed, and if you haven’t read into it, you can probably guess it: the motorcycle was electric. With utter domination in all motor-powered industries, we welcome as much new EV technology and companies associated with EV as we can get. X Mobility Mot...
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