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The rise of (societal) resilience tech

If you follow millennials on Twitter (and god help you), then you know that Anne Helen Petersen’s piece this past weekend “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation” struck a deep chord for many. It’s longform and detailed, but Petersen’s primary thesis is that my generation has been dumped into one of the worst moments for economic and social mobility in recent memory (global financial crisis, etc.), which has led us to massively over-optimize our lives to try to extract any value we can. B...
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Even H3 Wireless Hands-On Review

The Even H3 Wireless offer similar looks and the same custom tuning as their slightly larger predecessor, but they aren’t without their own special quirks when it comes to day to day usability. The post Even H3 Wireless Hands-On Review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Even raises $40M to transform the working class to the savings class

The working class of the United States doesn’t get many breaks these days. It’s not just a function of low pay and long hours, but also the incredible uncertainty of income and expenses that makes surviving week-to-week so challenging. One in five Americans have a negative net wealth, even in an economy where the unemployment rate is the lowest in almost two decades. Banks, meanwhile, are actively dissuading the working class from banking with them, creating a permanent class of unbanked and und...
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Even’s H2 headphones produce sound based on your hearing ability

 Based out of Israel, Even is an audio startup that designs headphones tailored to the listener’s hearing. It starts with a short audio test of the frequencies you can hear in each ear, with an algorithm Even says stitches the resulting data into a sound profile called, your “EarPrint”. It’s an interesting concept that works well in the instances I’ve used it. At… Read More
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Indiana teenager getting college degree before she even graduates high-school

A high-school senior from Indiana will graduate college on May 5, after that obtain her highschool diploma a couple of weeks later on. Raven Osborne, 18, is a student at 21st Century Charter School in Gary, Indiana, but has also been using university classes part-time … Indiana – BingNews
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