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"Legs have bristled beneath the embrace of thermal leggings. Chins have sprouted solitary hairs, like lone flags atop the summit of Everest..."

"... fluttering proudly in the wind. It was not a strike, per se, but a nationwide grooming hiatus.... Practical  reasons alone cannot explain why so many women have opted to grow out their hair colour, or rewild their eyebrows. 'The pandemic has uprooted all of our ways of being in the world,' says Jaclyn Wong of the University of South Carolina, an expert in gender and attractiveness. 'The fact that women aren’t doing this beauty work is exciting to me, because it represents a disruption of ho...
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We've now found microplastics on the very highest and lowest points on Earth. Mount Everest is littered with them.

Members of the National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Everest Expedition celebrate after setting up a weather station 27,650 feet up Mount Everest. Mark Fisher/National Geographic Every part of the climbing route up Mount Everest is littered with microplastics, researchers found. They even found plastic fibers just below the summit — at 27,690 feet above sea level — according to a new study. The fibers likely came off climbing gear, clothing, and tents. Microplastics have also been...
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The latest 'Everest' is a mountain you've probably never heard of

It's not the world's highest mountain nor is it the hardest one to climb, presumably. But Muchu Chhish is, for all wild and crazy intents and purposes, the highest unclimbed hill on Earth. Here's why.
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2020 Outdoor Lovers Gift Guide

Wondering what to get the wannabe traveler and outdoor lover for birthdays or holidays this year? I’ve put together a list of things I personally love – including books, winter gear and games, along with a few random products that I think would make great gifts. This year I’d recommend ordering early because of ongoing disruptions in the supply chain, uncertain demand and longer than normal shipping times. Keep in mind that this post does include some affiliate links. If you make a purchase vi...
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Nordic Nation: On Lhotse with Filmmakers Dutch Simpson and Nick Kalisz

Jim Morrison navigating the Lhotse face. (Photo: Nick Kalisz) Something a bit different on the podcast today. In the spirit of high mountains and the autumn season which is often the time many seek any iteration of mountain film. During normal times, we flock to touring mountain film festivals to celebrate. You know, solid storytelling and vibrant images to help us dream a bit bigger. Some of you may have already watched LHOTSE, a film featuring ski mountaineers Hialree Nelson and Jim M...
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Everest and Olson of Nordlund Associates, Inc. and VanMeter of Re/Max 360 negotiate $1.375m sale

Peabody, MA Chris Everest and Kevin Olson of Nordlund Associates, Inc. negotiated the $1.375 million sale of 2 Bourbon St., a 15...
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The American man who became a porter on Everest

After teaching himself Nepalese, adventurer Nate Menninger took on the challenge of becoming one of the first non-native porters on Everest and documented the experience on film.
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The best gym bags

A good gym bag helps you tote workout apparel and gear to and from the gym, practice, or the game, and allows you to do so comfortably and easilyThe best gym bags keep clothing and accessories organized, making for easy access and efficient storage.Our top pick, the Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag, is highly durable, comfortable to sling over your shoulder, and the perfect size for most fitness enthusiasts.If you regularly work out at a gym or play a sport, you'll want to own a gym bag to help tra...
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First man to climb Everest 10 times dies at 72

Ang Rita Sherpa, the first man to climb Mount Everest 10 times, died of a lengthy illness on Monday, his family said, an event that fellow sherpas called a major loss to Nepal and the climbing community.
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Time On Your Hands: A History of Hestra Gloves

words by Tessa Woolf Much like its namesake town in Sweden, may be small in size but it’s mighty in reach and rich in history. This family-run glove manufacturing company has been crafting the perfect fit and mitt since 1936 when its founder Martin Magnusson first started making gloves from leather and wool on his farm in Hestra to help protect and warm the hands of local lumberjacks. As his hometown ski resort, Isaberg—one of the first in Sweden—began to grow and attract skiing tourists, so gr...
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One step beyond: the ascent of mountain runner Kílian Jornet

He is the most outrageously talented mountain runner there has ever been, conquering peaks in dizzying new records. But what keeps driving Kílian Jornet ever upwards? And how does he cope with his new life as a social influencer?More days than not, Kílian Jornet runs up a mountain. A short run will take him between one and four hours. A long run will take him five or more. Usually he’ll take a backpack with him, but for the sake of efficiency there won’t be much in it. “I can run for 10 hours, c...
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'We knocked the bastard off': rare photographs of Edmund Hillary's Everest expedition

More than half a century ago, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first men to summit Everest. Now a collection of rare photos from Hillary’s life is up for auction in New Zealand, featuring scenes of the climbers tackling the world’s tallest peak Continue reading...
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How High-Risk Cinematography Was Used to Capture Mount Everest’s Might in ‘Bombardier Blood’

In 2017, mountaineer Chris Bombardier became the first person with hemophilia to scale Mount Everest. “Bombardier Blood,” bowing on demand Aug. 17, captures the remarkable journey in which he attempts to complete his goal of climbing the Seven Summits — the highest mountain on each continent — while raising awareness of the blood disorder. The […]
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Jake Gyllenhaal Signs First-Look Film Deal With New Republic

Jake Gyllenhall and his Nine Stories production company signed a first-look feature film production deal with New Republic Pictures, the company headed by Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer. Gyllenhaal has previously collaborated with Oliver on “Everest” and Fischer on David Fincher’s “Zodiac.” Gyllenhall and Riva Marker launched Nine Stories in 2015 and have teamed on “Stronger,” […]
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Coronavirus: Cardiff man meets doctor who saved his life

At one stage the oxygen level in Davide Compagnone's blood was lower than on Everest's peak.
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Review of ‘Breathtaking: K2' film

K2 is known as the “savage mountain.” At 28,251 feet, this Karakoram peak is the world’s second tallest, behind only Mt. Everest, but it is the world’s toughest mountain to climb. The new film Breathtaking: K2 – The World’s Most Dangerous Mountain stars renowned Eddie Bauer alpine climbing guides Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez, along with photographer Esteban “Topo” Mena, in their attempt to summit the world’s second-highest mountain without supplemental oxygen. The journey follows the pai...
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Davide nearly died with Covid-19. Now he's met the doctor who saved his life

At one stage the oxygen level in Davide Compagnone's blood was lower than on Everest's peak.
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Film News Roundup: Director’s Cut of ‘Everest’ Documentary Scheduled for 2021 Release

In today’s film news roundup, a directors’s cut of “Everest” has been scheduled for release, “John Lewis: Good Trouble” has been set for international sales, RightsTrade hires Bill Lischak, Gerard Butler’s “Greenland” is scheduled and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film gets a release. RELEASES MacGillivray Freeman Films has set a February release for a special director’s cut […]
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Content Strategy for Virtual Events | 5 Lessons from Adobe Summit 2020

We all have those moments that stand out in our careers. Our dream promotion, succeeding at tackling a massive project; just something that brings back that feeling of seeing your report card hung on the fridge with pride. For me, it was being part of the team for one of Adobe’s largest events – Summit. Being responsible for content strategy for virtual events means the 16-25 weeks prior to Summit are always jam-packed. Truthfully, it’s an environment I thrive in. So it came as no surprise tha...
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Study: Life might survive, and thrive, in a hydrogen world

As new and more powerful telescopes blink on in the next few years, astronomers will be able to aim the megascopes at nearby exoplanets, peering into their atmospheres to decipher their composition and to seek signs of extraterrestrial life. But imagine if, in our search, we did encounter alien organisms but failed to recognize them as actual life.That's a prospect that astronomers like Sara Seager hope to avoid. Seager, the Class of 1941 Professor of Planetary Science, Physics, and Aeronautics ...
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New Zealand 'halfway down Everest' as Ardern plans big easing of Covid lockdown

New Zealand 'halfway down Everest' as Ardern plans big easing of Covid lockdown. PM says bars, hairdressers and domestic travel could be opened up next week along with gatherings of up to 100 people
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China sends survey team to Everest after season canceled

China sent scientists to climb Mount Everest while the world’s highest peak is empty of commercial climbers because of the coronavirus pandemic. China and Nepal canceled spring climbing on their sides of the mountain to prevent infections from spreading as expedition teams traveled to the region and lived for weeks in tightly packed camps at high altitudes with little access to emergency medical help. The official Xinhua News Agency said Thursday a 53-member team from the Ministry of National ...
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Still Charging: Erik Bjornsen Retires at 28

Erik Bjornsen crossing the line in the 2019 15 k skate pursuit in Ruka, Finland. (Photo: NordicFocus) Bright lights in PyeongChang. The men’s second semifinal of the Olympic freestyle team sprint was a career highlight moment for Erik Bjornsen. Fourteen teams would crowd the start lanes with Martin Johnsrud Sundby in bib 1. The Norwegian was paired with Johannes Høsflot Klæbo: The duo blessed with Sundby’s stamina and his younger counterpart’s break-from-the-pack speed. With Simi Hamilton ra...
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Coronavirus: Boy 'climbs Everest' for Dartmoor Zoo

Josh White, from Dorset, is climbing his stairs 3,400 times and has raised £13,000 so far.
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Coronavirus: trekkers climb height of Everest at home – video

Trail runner Rory Southworth launched a challenge to climb the height of Everest, an altitude of 5,364 metres, in five days in and about trekkers' homes. The virtual basecamp challenge was taken up by  a team of about 30 climbers, who completed the task on the evening of 3 April. Southword said: 'There was a lot of negativity among the outdoor community about being confined at home and I wanted to give people a reason to exercise indoors.'Trekking to Everest base camp – by climbing the stairs at...
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Man climbs height of Everest on his staircase

John Griffen, staircase mountaineer, has climbed the equivalent of the world's tallest mountain at home.
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Coronavirus: Chinese explorers start Everest climb amid pandemic

China has limited climbs to its nationals while Nepal has cancelled all expeditions.
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Read Up: The Best Books About Skiing & Snowboarding

In the face of the current COVID-19 global pandemic, many skiers and snowboarders mourn the closing of ski areas across the US and Canada and the abrupt termination of winter fun.  (For current information about the operating status of Utah’s resorts: CLICK HERE).  It’s time to adopt social responsibility in an effort to help stop or slow the transmission of the virus by remaining at home. Have no guilt in hunkering down with quieter pursuits like watching old ski movies, puzzling, reading, or...
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Nepal tourism hit hard as global coronavirus fears close Everest

The mountain’s closure is devastating for many in a Himalayan nation that relies heavily on trekkers and climbersCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe tiny airport at Lukla, perched on the edge of a mountain high in Nepal’s Himalayas, usually echoes with the roar of propeller planes flying a constant stream of adventure-seekers into the small town, known as the gateway to Mount Everest.During the peak spring tourist season, tens of thousands of trekkers and mountaineers...
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Everest climbing permits suspended

There will be no traffic jam on Mount Everest this year. The government of Nepal announced on Friday that due to fears of COVID-19 being spread by arriving climbers, it would suspend all climbing permits for Mount Everest and all other peaks in the country. The announcement followed a Thursday order by China banning expeditions from its side of the world’s highest peak. The move comes as the annual climbing season was set to kick off next month, leaving many sherpas and mountain guides unempl...
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