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World's most instagrammed forests

About a third of the world’s landmass is covered in forest. And in addition to providing important stuff like the oxygen we breathe and habitats for wild animals, they also make for some downright jaw-dropping photographs. From the towering redwoods of California to the cloud forests of Costa Rica, the trees covering our planet can be our most beautiful sites when captured correctly. We took a look at’s study of the 15 most-Instagrammed forests in the world and found some of ...
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President Trump’s Fiscal 2021 Budget Plan Expected to Face Skepticism

(WASHINGTON) — Confronted with trillion-dollar-plus deficits for as far as the eye can see, President Donald Trump is offering a budget plan that rehashes previously rejected spending cuts while leaving Social Security and Medicare benefits untouched. Trump’s fiscal 2021 budget plan, expected to be released Monday, isn’t likely to generate a serious Washington dialogue about what to do, if anything this election year, about entrenched fiscal problems that have deficits surging despite a hea...
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Top 10 things to do in Florida besides the beach

While it is understandable that most tourists head to Florida for its amazing beach offerings, the state offers more than just miles of stunning coastline. Here is a list of the top 10 ideas of things to do in the Sunshine State that do not involve the beach. Photo by Jorge Martínez Orlando is the theme park mecca of the world for a good reason. With four Disney World theme parks and two Universal Studios parks, it is easy to find something to suit every taste and preference. While the gra...
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Cover feedback?

It's for the fourth book in a zany, humorous thriller about Navy SEALs that takes place in Brooklyn. Nah, in the Everglades. Thanks.
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Inspiring STEM careers through a hands-on Everglades microbiome study

A pilot project between researchers at the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute and biology students from Boca Raton Community High School in Palm Beach County, Florida has culminated in a data report which provides the only known reference microbiome data sets for the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, a 226-square mile area of the northern Everglades. The paper was published January 21, 2020 in the journal Environmental Microbiome.
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'It was going for my throat': Florida python hunters wrestle invasive snakes

Thomas Aycock's life flashed before his eyes one night in the Everglades as a 13-foot Burmese python squeezed his arm and a leg in its coils. Aycock, who was trying to bag the snake by himself, still recalls feeling its tail across his back. "I knew what it was doing, it was going for my throat," said the 54-year-old Florida Army National Guard major who was able to wrestle free during that incident in the summer of 2018.
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Florida to purchase 20,000 acres of Everglades wetlands to protect from oil drilling

Florida has reached a deal with a real estate company to acquire 20,000 acres of the Everglades that is slated for oil production in order to protect the wetlands, Florida's governor announced Wednesday.
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Are sinking soils in the Everglades related to climate change?

Soils releasing carbon as gas lead to challenges on valuable farmland
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Florida's 'Python Bowl' brings hundreds together for one goal: Catching huge snakes

Hundreds of people registered for the Florida Python Challenge to capture invasive snakes in the Everglades in a 10-day event.
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ETW #45 Sports Inspired Travel

We’re kicking off the New Year with a look at sports related travel. Whether it’s traveling to run in a marathon, go on a buddies golf trip or attend a major sporting event, sports travel has never been more popular. This week we chat with three experts who share their own experiences chasing sports around the world. You can listen to the podcast here on this page or on any of these services: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher. The sponsor of this week’s podcast is Allianz T...
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Brightline is on the cusp of connecting Disney World to Miami by train. Its owner explains what's next in the railroad's quest to beat Amtrak at its own game.

The state of American passenger rail travel is bleak, yet demand is booming. Amtrak is on track to break even in the next fiscal year, despite what some passengers see as declining service and not to mention ever-rising fees. In Florida, Brightline has built a successful train between Miami and West Palm Beach, with grand plans to connect Disney World by 2022. Business Insider spoke to Wes Edens about the company's transformation into Virgin Trains USA, expansion plans, and other potent...
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Best hotels in the world in 2020

The 25 most spectacular hotels in the world: 2020 Photo: Castello di Vicarello/Facebook F iguring out where to stay is hard. By some estimates, there are over 700,000 hotels, motels, hostels, and resorts around the world. Even in the age of TripAdvisor, that’s a hard number to narrow down. Where you stay on a trip can be as important as where you go, especially when you consider that certain properties have become destinations unto the...
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47 Years Ago Eastern Flight 401 Crashed in the Everglades. Did Cockpit Crew Haunt The Airline?

Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 departed New York for Miami on December 29, 1972. The Lockheed L-1011 crashed into the Florida Everglades. Both pilots and the flight engineer died, along with 2 out of 10 flight attendants and 96 of the 163 passengers on board. There were 75 survivors. According to lore, one flight was cancelled after the ghost of Captain Bob Loft appeared and disappeared in front a three members of the flight's crew. Another flight's captain reported seeing flight engineer Don R...
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SPC MD 2229

MD 2229 CONCERNING TORNADO WATCH 706... FOR PORTIONS OF SOUTH FL AND KEYS Mesoscale Discussion 2229 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 1106 PM CST Sun Dec 22 2019 Areas affected...Portions of south FL and Keys Concerning...Tornado Watch 706... Valid 230506Z - 230700Z The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 706 continues. SUMMARY...The potential for a couple tornadoes and isolated damaging winds continues for most of the FL Keys, but will decrease from west to east over the ...
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In Florida and elsewhere, GOP pressured over climate change

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Since taking office in January, Florida’s Republican governor has appointed a science officer, established a climate change czar and pledged to spend billions of dollars to restore the Everglades and combat the pollutants that spawn blue-green algae and red tides. A top Republican lawmaker in the state, meanwhile, recently stood on […]
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Best US parks for winter stargazing

Most of us never see the stars. It was estimated a few years ago that about 80 percent of Americans live in areas so polluted by artificial light that the nighttime skies are invisible. That means that like so many things in nature, we must seek out the night sky and make stargazing a focal point of a vacation. The good news is that within a few hours’ drive of many major cities, you can find places where the stars still shine brightly. Here are 10 spots worth checking out this winter, and so...
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Best chicken strips in Miami

Buffalo may have the wing, but in Miami, we’ve got the strip. Not strip clubs. Not “the strip” along Ocean Drive. Chicken strips, the deep-fried, often-breaded bar-food favorite that you can eat in Miami unlike anywhere else in the world. No, we didn’t invent the chicken strip, nor did we perfect it. But you can have more fun eating them here than you can anywhere, and that is why Miami is king of the chicken strip. Before we get started, yes, I’m well aware there’s a difference between chic...
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Florida trappers capture record-setting python in Everglades

BIG CYPRESS NATIONAL PRESERVE, Fla. (AP) — Officials say Florida trappers have captured a record-setting python as part of a growing effort that encourages hunters to remove the invasive snakes from the Everglades. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the 18-foot, 4-inch-long (5.58 meters) female python weighed 98 pounds and 10 ounces (45 […]
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Fly Me to the Moon: Trump Wants to Shift $1.6 Billion from Pell Grants to NASA

As President Trump tweeted that he wants the U.S. to “return to Space in a BIG WAY!,” the White House updated its 2020 budget request Monday to include more money for a 21st century trip to the moon.The administration is asking for an additional $1.6 billion for NASA as part of an effort to move up the target date for landing astronauts on the lunar surface to 2024, four years earlier than Vice President Mike Pence proposed two months ago.NASA will receive $21.5 billion in 2019 and Trump’s origi...
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10 Dream Holiday Destinations For Couples

Exploring new and exciting places with the person you love provides the greatest life experiences that you could ever ask for. However, while the right companion is the most important factor, there is no doubt that the choice of destination can have a telling impact too. No two couples are the same, so finding a destination that satisfies your personal requirements is key. Here are 10 perfect destinations catered to different personalities, tastes and budgets. 1| London, England London is one o...
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5 reasons to stay an extra day in Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades

Extend your Florida trip to experience the fun of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades            [Author: for Florida’s Paradise Coast]
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Gilded Age mansions in Florida

Florida generally gives about as much regard to its history as its people do to common sense. That said, though the state has bulldozed much of its past for condos, some of the grandest structures ever built in America still remain there. Even before the advent of air conditioning, Florida was a popular winter retreat for wealthy northerners, particularly during the period between the Civil War and the Great Depression, much of which is known as the “Gilded Age.” During this time, grand pala...
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A $70 billion investment manager turned the Milwaukee Bucks into a basketball powerhouse. Now he's set on improving America's dismal passenger trains.

The United States' passenger rail system is in dire need of improvement. Wes Edens, founder of Fortress Investment Group and the owner of several professional sports franchises, thinks he's found the cure.  Edens spoke with Business Insider about his leadership on Virgin Trains USA, which will eventually connect Miami and Orlando, Florida. There are nearly a dozen other possible locations for private passenger rail in the country, Edens says, and the West Coast is next on his list. Hugging F...
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10 Cheapest Destinations for Flights in June, July, August

Looking for a vacation deal or nicely-priced getaway for June, July or August? Check out our list of cheapest destinations in the U.S., Europe and beyond; not only are these cities good values, they're great fun and some have the additional virtue of being stunningly beautiful year-round. Note: Some destinations may not be cheap for everyone, and they may not stay cheap for long but for the moment these cities are good deals from the U.S. and a number of other nations, too. You can also see ...
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7 fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are locations of high value to humanity, either for their cultural, historical, or natural significance.Some are even designated as World Heritage Sites because humans don't go there at all, while others have felt the effects of too much human influence.These 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites each represent an overlooked or at-risk facet of humanity's collective cultural heritage. None There are over 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in places ranging from Afghanistan to ...
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The world's first gene-edited reptile is a finger-sized albino lizard

For the first time ever, scientists have used Crispr technology to gene-edit a reptile. A new study recounts how a team successfully tweaked the genes of 146 brown anole lizard embryos. First reported by Science magazine, the scientists created four albino lizards — each no bigger than a finger when they hatched. The lack of pigmentation was a sure sign that their gene-editing trial had worked.   Researchers have used Crispr to alter chicken, pig, cow, and even fish genes. But this is the fir...
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Road trip to the Everglades

We always go to Florida for spring break. We usually fly because it’s faster. Driving from Indiana to Clearwater Florida is about a seventeen hour drive one way. We don’t want to spend days of our... For the rest of this post please visit my blog! Please leave me a comment or two. [Author: [email protected] (Sheilacakes)]
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An Everglades record: largest female python captured in Big Cypress (Thanks to pharmaross and elseabs, who says “Florida, the Australia of the U.S.”)
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A brief history of President Trump's environmental record. (Hint: It's long and troubling)

Trump's approach to environmental policy is all about pulling the teeth out of regulations. Gabbing about restoring the Everglades won't change that.            [Author: Treasure Coast Newspapers]
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