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"Federal prosecutors offered an ominous new assessment of last week’s siege... saying in a court filing that rioters intended 'to capture and assassinate elected officials.'..."

"The detention memo, written by Justice Department lawyers in Arizona, goes into greater detail about the FBI’s investigation into [Jacob] Chansley, revealing that he left a note for Pence warning that 'it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.' 'Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions at the Capitol, supports that the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government,' prosecutors wrote.... 'When questioned as...
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"This was not a protest, this was a well-organized insurrection against our country that was organized by Donald Trump."

Said Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, Chair of the House Rules Committee, opening the debate this morning on the Article of Impeachment, quoted in "The House begins debating impeachment charge against Trump." (NYT). McGovern asserted that he looked into some people's eyes and "saw evil." I'm seeing the live vote embedded at the Times, and it is strictly along party lines... ... even though the text of the article says "Republicans were fracturing over the vote." And:Sena...
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If Trump knew there was a plan to storm the Capitol building, then his speech to the crowd was an incitement, even though he never told the crowd to commit any act of violence.

2 days ago, I read Trump's speech looking for any language that could support the claim that he incited the crowd to storm the Capitol. I wrote a post listing the 7 most violence-inducing statements. They're about fighting and showing strength and never giving up, but they're all consistent with an idea of having a big, traditional street protest — with lots of people marching and displaying their passion for the cause through big numbers, determined-looking faces, and lots words on signs and in...
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"In late December, Ms. Ponsetto was caught on video tackling Keyon Harrold Jr., the 14-year-old son of a prominent jazz musician, in the lobby of a boutique hotel in SoHo."

"She had falsely accused him of stealing her cellphone, and can be heard yelling, 'No, I’m not letting him walk away with my phone!' The video, which garnered widespread consternation on social media, was yet another example of Black people in America being confronted with baseless accusations while simply going about their lives. It drew comparisons to an incident in May, in which a white woman called 911 to falsely claim that a Black bird-watcher in Central Park had threatened her life. (Ms. P...
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Forensic science: The danger of relying on a single piece of evidence

Is the evidence used to convict criminals always based on sufficient facts or data? Leletu Tonisi from the Wits Justice Project examines some of the flaws in the system The post Forensic science: The danger of relying on a single piece of evidence appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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"The state isn’t exactly scrupulous in the evidence it musters. It contends that Biden had less than a one in a quadrillion chance..."

"... of winning any one of these battleground states after Trump established a lead on election night. The chance of winning all four, per the suit, was less than one in a quadrillion to the fourth power. But the calculation assumed that every batch of ballots would have roughly the same partisan breakdown, despite there never having been any real-world expectation of this. It was predicted that Trump would establish an early lead in states that counted in-person ballots first, and then Biden wo...
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There's a point in this Lou Dobbs rant where — if you been paying attention — you'll cry out loud "He" — Barr — "didn't say that!"

Lou Dobbs absolutely loses it over Bill Barr saying there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud, accusing Barr of joining "the Deep State and the Resistance" before saying this:"He is either a liar or a fool or both. He may be – perhaps compromised."— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) December 1, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Trump Lawyers Botch Hearsay Rule… AGAIN!

Rather than filing an appeal, perhaps this should have been a teachable moment.
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"Why would the internet have corrupted Republicans so much more than Democrats, the global right more than the global left?"

"My analysis begins with a remarkable essay [by] Jonathan Rauch [who] pointed out that every society has an epistemic regime, a marketplace of ideas where people collectively hammer out what’s real. In democratic, nontheocratic societies, this regime is a decentralized ecosystem of academics, clergy members, teachers, journalists and others who disagree about a lot but agree on a shared system of rules for weighing evidence and building knowledge. This ecosystem, Rauch wrote, operates as a funne...
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"Trump is a bully. He’s famous in many well-documented instances of asking or doing things that are inappropriate in most people’s view. I don’t think it would be surprising that he’d do something inappropriate today."

Said Rick Snyder — the ex-governor of Michigan — ironically using the same form of reasoning Trump is using in his effort to fight to win the election: You know what kind of people we're dealing with here, the kind of thing they do.... Quoted in "Trump suffers twin defeats in his effort to overturn Biden’s victory in key states" (WaPo). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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To say "deviation from Benford’s Law does not prove election fraud took place" is not to say that it isn't relevant evidence.

Reuters does a fact check that begins by stating the proposition in an ultra-strong way: Social media users have been sharing posts that say a mathematical rule called Benford’s Law provides clear proof of fraud in the U.S. presidential election. Here's how the proposition to be fact-checked could have been stated: Benford's Law is of some use in determining whether or not there there was fraud or error in the U.S. presidential election. Lawyers will recognize the test for whether evidence is re...
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"Terrence Miller, the 78-year-old man on trial for the murder of 20-year-old Jody Loomis 48 years ago, killed himself Monday, hours before a jury found him guilty of the heinous crime...."

"Loomis's death went unsolved for 47 years, until investigators connected DNA from the crime scene with information that Miller's relatives posted on genealogy websites.... His was arrested and charged with murder in April 2019 and later released on a $1 million bail.... Miller's lawyer tried to have his charges dismissed after learning of his death, but the judge overseeing the case overruled and the jury returned a guilty verdict Monday afternoon...." Reports Q13Fox. Here's the NYT article...
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I think it's valuable to read the transcript and judge Trump's words on their merit, not just to remember how you felt as you heard this...

... (if you listened to the whole thing live) and what it seemed as though he was saying. This speech was, I presume, intended to cause intense emotion, and I think it did. I got the feeling he was making wild accusations and that he ought instead to stay very closely connected to the evidence.  From the transcript of Donald Trump's press conference yesterday: The officials overseeing the counting in Pennsylvania and other key states are all part of a corrupt Democrat machine that you’ve writt...
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Brother Ali & Evidence – “Greatest That Never Lived” (Video)

From their 2019 album, 'Secrets & Escapes.'
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If I were going to vote for Donald Trump, these would be my top 2 reasons.

That's a post title that occurred to me as I was out on my morning run... ... by the end of the run, my list had increased to 4, but I'll just give you the original 2 for now:1. He defeated ISIS! And he hasn't gotten us into any new military adventures.2. The Trump haters have gone so big for so long that it feels like extortion. I instinctively resist bullying.ADDED:3. The Democrats have given us a ridiculous candidate, a sort of mystery box. I don't know what this entity is. Some composite of...
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"Police in Greenville, Wisconsin, found three trays of mail, including absentee ballots, in a ditch."

The Washington Examiner reports. According to the Sheriff's office, this was "mail going to the post office." That suggests that there was mishandling but not by the Post Office. Were the "absentee ballots" ballots that real voters had completed and attempted to direct to the Post Office? There were "three trays" of mail and "absentee ballots" — which is an assertion only that there were at least 2 "absentee ballots" in the mix of what was in the "three trays." The trays were in "a ditch" near t...
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Flee Lord & Mephux – “Pray For The Evil 2” (Album Review)

Flee Lord teams up with producer Mephux for their second installment of “Pray For The Evil,” and Flee Lord’s 8th (yes you read that right, 8th) project this year. Flee Lord doesn’t seem to be running out of gas anytime soon either, dropping what may be his most comprehensive project to date. Flee not only reminds us that he deserves to be included in the undergrounds top-tier, he proves it by holding his own drumming alongside some of Hip Hops elite. Accompanied by flawless production by Mephux...
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Sa-Roc – “Deliverance” (Video)

Off The Sharecropper's Daughter, out October 2nd
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How To Give A Speech That Will Connect With Your Audience

What do you have to do to make your next speech really work? Image Credit: gato-gato-gato Let’s face it – sometimes our speeches just don’t “click” with our audience. We get up there, we deliver our speech, they hear what we have to say, but nobody is moved. Nobody is motivated. We really have not changed the world by giving this speech. We’ve not been able to show this audience the importance of public speaking. Dang. This was a wasted opportunity. What we need to do as speakers is...
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How To Impress Your Next Audience

Yes, your audience heard you, but were they impressed? Image Credit: Greg Williams Let’s face it – you are not the first presenter your audience has ever seen. In fact, they have probably seen lots of other presenters. However, you would like to be able to use the importance of public speaking to become the presenter that your audience remembers. You’d like this to happen if you are the only presenter that they are seeing today or if they are going to be seeing a lot of different p...
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Why we can’t tell if a witness is telling the truth

Imagine that you are a juror in a trial in which the chief witness for the prosecution gives evidence about the alleged crime which is completely at odds with the evidence given by the accused. One of them is either very badly mistaken or lying. On what basis will you decide which one of them is telling the truth? And how sure can you be in your conclusion?Perhaps demeanour, way of speaking and body language are high on your list of relevant factors to look at to decide if someone is being hones...
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Ariano – “Money Won’t Buy You Angels” Ft. Self Provoked (Prod. By Evidence)

SoCal based underground Hip Hop artist/producer Ariano releases his powerful new single titled “Money Won’t Buy You Angels” featuring Self Provoked and produced by Evidence. 
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When Jake Tapper asked Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to explain her belief in Christine Blasey Ford and not Tara Reade...

... she really got desperate. Let's look at the transcript from last Sunday's "State of the Union." Tapper asks a completely fair and well-stated question:TAPPER:  You have said that you believe Vice President Biden. I want to compare that to 2018, when you said you believed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford after she accused now Justice Brett Kavanaugh of assault. Kavanaugh also, like Biden, categorically denied that accusation. And Blasey Ford, to be honest, she did not have the contemporaneous accoun...
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"As an activist, it can be very easy to develop a black and white view of the world: things are clearly wrong or clearly right."

"Harvey Weinstein’s decades of rape were clearly wrong. Donald Trump’s alleged sexual assaults were clearly wrong. Brett Kavanaugh’s actions, told consistently over decades by his victim (and supported by her polygraph results), were clearly wrong. So were Matt Lauer’s, Bill Cosby’s and so many others. As we started holding politicians and business leaders and celebrities around the world accountable for their actions, it was easy to sort things into their respective buckets: this is wrong, this...
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"My gut says that what Reade alleges did not happen. My head instructs that it is within the realm of possibility..."

"... and fairness requires acknowledging that. And there is another point to bear in mind: Double standards work in both directions. Those who disbelieved and diminished Christine Blasey Ford face the challenge of explaining why they seem so much more eager to credit Tara Reade’s account."Writes Ruth Marcus in "Assessing Tara Reade’s allegations" (WaPo). Marcus wrote a book about Christine Blasey Ford and concluded that she was telling the truth. This column is (or purports to be) Marcus's effor...
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Company Misses the Bus With Its Dismissal

Written by Daniel Standing LL.B., Editor, First Reference Inc. In Hicks and Winnipeg Exclusive Bus Tours Inc., Re, (Sept. 19, 2019), Doc. YM 2727-3941 (Can. Lab. Code Adj.) the arbitrator Bryan Schwartz was appointed by the federal Minister of Labour to hear a complaint of wrongful dismissal under the Canada Labour Code. The case provides a stark reminder to employers about the sufficiency of evidence necessary to support a claim of just cause for dismissal. Background Ms. Maisie Hicks’ invol...
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Evidence – “Unlearning” Prod. By Graymatter (Video)

Evidence offers a rare glimpse into his natural habitat with a meticulously intentional single and music video, “Unlearning.”  Produced by Graymatter, this song marks Evidence’s first solo release since his highly acclaimed 2018 album, “Weather Or Not“.
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