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How Bad Managers Can Become Good Managers

The pandemic has the ability to create good managers out of bad ones Image Credit: So would you say that you are a good manager or a bad manager? If, somewhat oddly, you answered that you are a bad manager, I may have some good news for you. As we are all very much aware, the past year has been completely upside down. However, despite creating a great deal of uncertainty about what everyone should be doing and making the job of being a manager that much harder, it may ...
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$170M top producer breaks down the secret to his success

The key to success in real estate starts with honing your sales skills, according to Andrew Undem. As the leader of a team on track to close $170 million this year, he's sharing the key factors to a superior sales experience for both clients and agents.
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What’s The Best Way For A Manager To Interview For A Job

The best way to get the job that you are interviewing for Image Credit: Alan Cleaver When a manager goes interviewing for a job, they may find it odd to be on the other side of the interviewing table. We use our manager skills to do a lot of interviewing as a part of our job; however, when we go looking for our next job we need to know how to use our manager training to do so successfully. What’s the best way for a manager to get the job that they are interviewing for? The Right ...
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Trusting in the God of Unmet Expectations

The boxer Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” That’s how I feel about this fall. I had hoped that things would start to get back to normal by September. After all, people have been getting vaccinated, and many of the COVID-19 precautions we had been practicing over the past year, from social distancing to face masks, were shifting from required to recommended. I had also hoped that the start of the fall school year would be a reset, allowing former p...
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Listing feedback doesn’t matter. Stop worrying about it

It doesn’t matter how easy it is to provide feedback through technology now — some buyer’s agents are just not going to do it. There isn’t any point in making a big deal out of it. Here's why.
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Managing expectations? 17 communication tips to stay above a fray

At the heart of every real estate transaction is a series of expectations, and they might be a little skewed as we're coming out of an extreme seller's market. Here are the 3 fundamental steps (and tips for every part of the process) to manage them effectively and win your client's approval.
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How to couch armchair expert advice

Knowing how to combat misguided viewpoints with vetted knowledge and confidence is vital. Here are eight scenarios you are likely to encounter and how to contend with them.
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How to coach clients through an inventory-depleted market

It's not easy navigating a market with anemic inventory levels, which is why real estate pros should do what they can to help clients throughout the process. Here are a few key things agents need to do.
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A psychologist shares clinical tips for transitioning into post-pandemic work and life

Post-pandemic life will be different for everyone, so it's important to meet loved ones where they are. urbazon/Getty Images Charting the post-pandemic world will not be as simple as returning to the way things were. To keep anxiety in check, psychologist Bethany Teachman says to set realistic expectations for yourself. Expect some awkwardness, frustration, and annoyance, and remember to recognize your privilege. See more stories on Insider's business page. You've been waiting ...
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Worrying about being overzealous and going overboard with your boundaries

Often, when we recognise our boundary issues, it’s all-too-easy to start chopping and cutting. We think that distancing ourselves, restricting our circle, maybe calling out the people we believe have taken advantage, is the way to go. But then we tend to second-guess ourselves. We wonder if we’re being overzealous, going overboard and being too hard on people. This is especially so when we maybe start to feel a bit lonely or the initial ‘high’ of taking action wears off. Given that we’re clearly...
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10 tips for working with picky homebuyer clients

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of a person’s life. Being a good agent means offering your expertise and honest opinions to your clients. It also means understanding how to deal with tough buyers while maintaining a healthy working relationship.
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Parents believing they ‘had it worse’ makes empathy difficult for them

My mother wanted me to do ‘better’. She wanted me to have and make the most of advantages and opportunities, and she was terribly afraid of me, not just failing and so not ‘succeeding’, but also ending up ‘like her’. I’m not alone in having a mother who didn’t get to be, do and have what she needed and wanted in childhood. Nor am I alone in having a mother who became an adult in a time when there were still very hard and fast rules about what was and wasn’t permissible for women. My mother k...
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Parents believing they ‘had it worse’ makes empathy difficult

My mother wanted me to do ‘better’. She wanted me to have and make the most of advantages and opportunities, and she was terribly afraid of me, not just failing and so not ‘succeeding’, but also ending up ‘like her’. I’m not alone in having a mother who didn’t get to be, do and have what she needed and wanted in childhood. Nor am I alone in having a mother who became an adult in a time when there were still very hard and fast rules about what was and wasn’t permissible for women. My mother k...
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They say you’re a ‘couple’, so why doesn’t it feel like that?

In dating, there’s often this intense focus, a goal, of getting the other party to say something that makes it clear that we’re in a relationship. We want to define the relationship so that we can know what to expect. Hell, we want to know that we’ve finally gone on our last first date! So they refer to us as their ‘partner’, ‘girlfriend’, ‘boyfriend’ or say that we’re a ‘couple’. Boom, we breathe a big-ass sigh of relief because of what we think it’s shorthand for–commitment and our desired fut...
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It’s not someone else’s ‘job’ to make us happy

If we make it someone else’s job to make us happy, we assign them a role, and with that comes obligations, expectations and responsibilities. It also creates a transactional aspect. If we think it’s someone else’s job to create feelings in us, we’ll play a role to fit around this. For instance, we will see our behaviour and choices as our way of making them happy so that it’s ‘easier’ for them to do what we need, want and expect. At the same time, though, our attitude means that we don’t thi...
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Why setting high expectations is key to success as an entrepreneur, according to an investor and management expert

Successful entrepreneurs focus on the big picture and long-term goals. DragonImages/Getty Richard Koch is an author, investor, and former management consultant and entrepreneur. He says the key to success is to set very high expectations that are tied to a specific mission. These expectations are self-fulfilling and will lead you to accomplish more than you thought possible.    Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Eighteen classes of schoolchildren were tested for their ...
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Feedback from our expectations and choices helps us to better meet our needs

If you’ve insisted that you need certain things in order to be happy and yet experience has taught you otherwise, compassionately examine what this communicates about your values and needs. Sure, you’ve had ideas, theories, about what you want and need, but these experiences have put your hypothesis to the test. They’ve communicated that something isn’t stacking up. You weren’t getting to be who you really are, or the components didn’t lead to your desired outcome. Or… your needs weren’t met. It...
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Podcast Ep. 212: People Can Be More Than One Thing

In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I explain why seeing people, including ourselves, as only one thing is a trap. It causes us to deny, rationalise, minimise, excuse, assume and generalise and this always leads to big problems. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Android 5 key topics in this episode To assume, for instance, that all people who lie and cheat are ‘bad’ people incapable of being thoughtful or generous at times is the trap. That doesn’t mea...
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Putting people on pedestals doesn’t give us the right to ‘compensation’

While working on the recent podcast episode about thinking that someone might be too good to be true, the issue of putting people on pedestals came up. This is where we elevate people to this glorified status by exaggerating who they are or, yes, by diminishing ourselves. It’s not that we necessarily set out to do either of these, though. Putting someone on a pedestal happens in the process of, on some level, thinking that the way to admire, like, love or respect someone is to paint them as ...
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Podcast Ep. 211: Too good to be true?

Something that makes us nervous is when someone appears to be a little (or a lot) too perfect. Things are so great, so impressive, so much of what we want or hope to get that we find it difficult to believe. Even if there aren’t what seem like obvious reasons not to trust them, we feel uneasy. In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I explore some of the reasons why we think someone is ‘too good to be true’ and what we can learn from it. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Sp...
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Letting Go of Expectations and Letting In the Light

After reading Myquillyn Smith’s philosophy about how lamp light can improve the mood of a room, especially in the winter, I put on my shoes, grabbed the car keys and my purse, and skedaddled myself off to Home Goods. With the sky-climbing Rockies just to the west of us, it gets dark mighty early this time of year. So, upon considering Myquillyn’s home perspective, I found it absolutely imperative that I infuse a little light into a couple dark corners of our home. And really, it’s been several m...
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How Managers Can Successfully Work From Home

Yes we can work from home, but we just have to know how to do it Image Credit: mik_p There is no question that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything for managers. Now that we all find ourselves working from home, we are being forced to find different ways to do everything that we used to do. Managing a team, delivering results, and doing all of the additional tasks that managers are called on to do can be especially challenging when we are isolated at home. What we need to do...
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Podcast Ep. 201: Who were you ‘getting to know’ over those texts?

During the pandemic, I’ve heard from an increasing number of people who feel wounded after spending sometimes hours talking/texting with someone each day, only for it not to blossom into the friendship or romantic relationship they expected. They often feel messed about, duped, used. In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I delve into why we have to be careful of letting our imaginations and expectations run the show, especially when we don’t really know someone at all. Sometime...
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Podcast Ep. 196: Taking Things Too Personally

Sometimes we take things too personally, internalising them in such a negative way that it affects how we think and feel about us, as well as our subsequent actions. In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I talk about why we do it, and how to start breaking the habit. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Android Nuggets from the episode There are times when people say or do things where we need to take it personally. Doing so helps us to create boundaries an...
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5 Questions to Ask Before You Present

When you are asked to give a presentation, it’s an exciting opportunity. I mean, just think about it. Someone wants you to share your insight and ideas. Someone wants to hear what you have to say. It’s an honor. Truly. But before you jump into the glorious spotlight and say “yes” (unless it’s your boss asking and you are obligated), you should ask a few questions to make sure the speaking engagement is right for you. We propose a checklist of these 5 questions. If you ask these right up front, i...
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Underestimate Yourself When You Return to the Gym

Gyms in many areas are reopening, or will be soon, and a lot of us can’t freaking wait to get back to normal workouts. (I myself have a well-equipped home gym, but I dream of the day I can get back to a proper squat rack.) But let’s talk about the proper mindset to have when you first go back, so you don’t set…Read more...
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Without disappointment, boundaries aren’t possible

Sometimes we’re afraid of saying no because we know with every fibre of our being that this is exactly how we feel. And we mistakenly believe that it’s selfish to honour those feelings and disappoint someone. But surely this renders our emotions useless? It turns us into the equivalent of a traffic light that only uses one of the three colours. We’re failing to utilise and develop our emotional intelligence when we act as if the only purpose our feelings serve is to remind us of where we have...
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The Power of Patience in a Pandemic Pause

I admit it: I am a jack rabbit. I like to hop to it and get things done. Give me a project and I’ll start immediately just so I can get it off of my to do list. The problem is, sometimes in my haste, I make mistakes. I admit that I have no tolerance for voicemail doom loops. I have been known to bang a phone against the desk and scream, “give me a real person!” (It doesn’t work.) So now, in the social-distance and isolation, my ability to get things done quickly seems to have taken a second seat...
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Why Leaders Need To Manage The Emotional Side Of Setbacks

When it comes to managing setbacks, the typical approach focuses on discovering what went wrong to prevent a similar issue from arising. But what we often overlook is the emotional context of managing setbacks, something I explore through a personal example in this latest edition of Leadership Espresso Shot on ... Click to continue reading
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When in a Committed Relationship, How Should I Cope with Depression?

I’m in a year-long relationship, and I’ve had depression on and off before and during the relationship. When my emotions get the best of me, my partner will tell me that I need to do more to combat my depression and prevent the build-up of emotions from happening. At one point, my partner told me I was being selfish for not trying hard enough to get out of depression because it was taking a toll on our relationship. My therapist believed that I was putting too much of the responsibility on mysel...
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