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The Violin Is the Protagonist in Hugh Marsh's World

None The name Hugh Marsh might not be known by most people, but it is almost certain everyone has heard the great violinist at some point. Marsh is a prolific musician, who has collaborated in major soundtrack projects, of the Hans Zimmer-type, but he has also recorded with some legendary figures in the rock world, including Iggy and the Stooges as well as Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. Still, despite appearing in a plethora of records and works as a collaborate, Marsh is more than capable of venturi...
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ZVI Delivers Limited Run New Single, "Dear Pink" and Covers Portishead's "Undenied" (premiere)

None ZVI is the far-reaching solo project of Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Sabbath Assembly, Psalm Zero) and will release the album Deer Pink this spring via Nefarious Industries. But before that happens, ZVI brings forth an extremely limited 7" single (out February 22) with the LP's title track on the A-side and a cover of Portishead's "Undenied" on the flip. One of the 100 copies may be ordered via Bandcamp or Nefarious Industries."Dear Pink" builds slowly, moving us from passages that threaten to fad...
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Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch Continue their Unlikely Collaboration with the Dark, Droning 'An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil'

None Famed independent film director Jim Jarmusch never really gained notoriety for his musical exploits, and Dutch experimental lute player Jozef Van Wissem isn't exactly a household name, so it may not be a surprise that a musical collaboration between the two artists would fly under the radar.But the truth is, they've worked together frequently over the past few years. Beginning with a chance meeting in New York City in 2006, Jarmusch and Van Wissem have since collaborated on three studio al...
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Listen Up

Atmospheric soundscapes, folk-inflected tunes and more in our musical wrap-up this week Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah feat. Saul Williams: Ancestral Recall One listen to jazz artist Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah’s “Ancestral Recall,” which features poet and songwriter Saul Williams, reveals a mission beyond music. The track, and forthcoming album of the same name, were “built as a map to decolonize sound; to challenge previously held misconceptions …
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Chicago's Twin Talk Take Jazz on a Bracing, Innovative Journey with 'Weaver'

None The most exciting jazz music being made today is the kind that defies convention, the kind that makes you rethink the concept of jazz while still retaining a comfortable air of the familiar. It can be a tough line to straddle. One of the bands doing just that is Chicago's Twin Talk. Formed in 2012, their sound is unmistakably jazz, but falls outside of the genre's comfort zones just enough to make it fresh and vital.The trio's third album, Weaver, follows 2013's Sightline and their 2016 se...
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Machinefabriek Explores the Domain of Voices

"V" None Rutger Zuydervelt, the man behind the Machinefabriek moniker, has been traversing the far edges of ambient, drone, and noise domains, producing minimalistic works of electro-acoustic experimentation. Since 2004, these sound design explorations have resulted in a rich discography, and Zuydervelt's return now in With Voices, sees him further expand on this path, but with a slight twist. On his new album, Zuydervelt once more implements his sound crafting techniques to produce his trademar...
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Xiu Xiu Produce Another Work of Chaotic Essence in 'Girl With a Basket of Fruit'

Xiu Xiu, the extraordinary experimental band led by singer/songwriter Jamie Stewart, has been throughout its existence a truly innovative act. Undergoing multiple transformations and never standing still Xiu Xiu has explored the edges of abstract pop, expanding these with noise elements and an alternative rock form. This adventurous spirit has led them to some strange combinations of styles, ranging from cheesy power pop notions all the way to repetitive electronic components. All these attr...
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Lee Gamble's 'In a Paraventral Scale' Explores the Sensory Overload of Urban and Virtual Spaces

It's a culture industry. It's a digital wasteland. From its inception to the present, the discourse of mass consumerism wages on. With the oversaturation of replica content, covert advertising by influencers, and economy of likes, Marx's conception of the "opium of the people" changes meanings. This multi-faceted mask of consumerism has inspired a plethora of electronic artists to satirize or unveil its effects—to name a few, there are Holly Herndon, James Ferraro, Amnesia Scanner, and most ...
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Archival music collection from June Chikuma, composer of the "Bomberman" videogame soundtracks

June Chikuma is the Japanese composer behind the beloved soundtracks to Nintendo’s Bomberman series and countless other videogame, TV, and film scores. Now, Chikuma's 1986 album "Divertimento" has been expanded into a new edition titled Les Archives, available from the Freedom To Spend and RVNG Intl labels. The vinyl edition of Les Archives also includes a limited edition 7" that includes two tracks not on the original Divertimento release. The above video, "June Rebuilds," was directed by A...
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Don the Tiger Unleashes a Sound That Spans Continents with 'Matanzas'

None Befitting the unusual, hard-to-classify nature of his music, Don the Tiger's new album, Matanzas, draws from a wild array of influences. The title of the album refers to the coastal Cuban town that birthed the rumba and is something of a hotbed of poetry, culture, and Afro-Cuban folklore. But Adrian de Alfonso – the real name of Don the Tiger –was actually quite an influential presence in the underground scene of Barcelona until he moved to his present home of Berlin.This level of globetro...
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Maurice Louca Returns with a Record of Cosmic Jazz Exploration

None Elephantine by Maurice Louca Maurice Louca is an exceptional composer and performer, who has become a prominent figure of the Egyptian experimental music scene. He has collaborated with some fantastic artists, such as Nadah El Shazly on her seminal record Ahwar, and most famously he has been a member of the mystical act the Dwarfs of East Agouza, whose free-jazz explorations have trespassed into the realm of spiritual, traditional middle-Eastern and Arabic music. But Louca has also been a...
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Free download: A 400-page guide to experimental Eastern Europe sounds

If experimental music and Europe make you think only of cities like Paris and London, you’re missing a big part of the story. Now you can grab a huge reference on fringe and weird electronic music from the east – and it’s free. (At least that would please Marx.) Berlin, and Europe in general, have exploded as hubs for experimental sounds. And if you want an answer to why that’s happened lately, look in no small part to the ingenuity, technical and artistic, of central and eastern Europe. These...
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Acid Testing the Revival of Psychic TV and Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

None Over the past ten years, an arcane impulse has slowly re-emerged in underground music. Formerly content to survive on the fringes of various dark subcultures (and mostly in the basements of self-anointed purists), the occult and its signifiers—spanning design, text, and sonic elements—are now crawling out of the depths of the musical imagination, and reclaiming territory once ceded. This stygian urge, both ideological and artistic, is subtler than just love of the abject, and more purposef...
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Sarah Louise Offers 'Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars'

None Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars by Sarah Louise Sarah Louise directly describes the instrumental parameters of the music on her latest album, Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars, in the liner notes. She wrote, "all compositions are made entirely of live and electronically manipulated six-string electric guitar in standard tuning." Louise also added the sounds of frogs and birds, and a smidge of synth and voices. The sounds on the disc would be difficult to identify without her explanation...
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Surachai Once Again Plunges the World in Darkness

Surachai Sutthisasanakul is an intriguing music producer and sound designer extraordinaire, who has been traversing the furthest reaches of the extreme music domain. From black metal all the way to dark ambient, Surachai has been producing impressive works of experimentalism, from the electronic-based black metal assault of Embraced to the heavy atmospherics of power electronics featured in Instinct and Memory. Returning now, his new album Come, Deathless sees the producer return to his dark...
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Tangents Trace a Shifting Landscape with "Lake George" (premiere)

None New Bodies, the second album from the Sydney-based experimental five-piece Tangents, was named one of our 70 Best Albums last year. Tangents now have a video for its opening track, "Lake George", and it is an appropriately stunning accompaniment. The video was made by Hospital Hill and the band's own Ollie Bown, with visual effects done by the Mod studio. Located between Sydney and the capital city of Canberra, Lake George has a reputation as a place of mystery. The water level of the lake...
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Black to Comm Returns with an Immersive Ambient Work, 'Seven Horses for Seven Kings'

None Marc Richter has been producing an expressive brew of ambient experimental music since the early 2000s under the Black to Comm moniker. In his explorations, the German sound artist has been using intricate sound design techniques and off-kilter paradigms, taking notions across ambient music, minimalism and drone to construct an immersive sonic journey. Seven Horses for Seven Kings continues this tradition, with Richter taking on a more surrealistic and at the same time oppressive form, con...
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Buke and Gase Continue their Genre-Defying Education on 'Scholars'

It's often said that there are only two types of art—good and bad—and that rings especially true for music that more or less defies categorization. Such is the case with Buke and Gase, a New York duo comprised of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez who've been labeled as indie rock, "steampunk art-folk", and math rock, among other things. However, their latest LP, Scholars, most curiously and creatively exemplifies how they "make pop music in the most insane way possible". Filled with atypical instr...
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Writhing Squares Scrape Away the "Dirt in My Mind's Eye" (premiere)

None The Philadelphia-based band Writhing Squares consists of Daniel Provenzano of Purling Hiss (among other groups) and Kevin Nickles of Ecstatic Vision and Taiwan Housing Project. Playing together over the past few years, Provenzano handles bass, Nickles handles saxophone and flute, and both take turns doing vocals, keyboards and percussion. Together they revolve in serrated circles, turning up and tuning into cosmic static like a Dark-Side-of-the-Moon Duo. "Dirt in My Mind's Eye" is the lead...
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Best of CH 2018: Listen Up

From synthpop to indie, disco-inflected bops and more, our favorite songs of the year Each day, our editorial team listens to new music and shares favorites in the Listen Up section. Be it synth-pop, indie, experimental or beyond, the discoveries are always powerful. This year provided plenty of ammo—from the ferocious to the poetic, political and personal, delicate tunes, bops and more. While some artists represented …
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When music takes us between pain and peace: Dimension Series mixes

Music can be wallpaper and fashion and groove and all those things – and sometimes those things are grand. But music can also be a torch to help us see out of the dark. The Dimensions Series of curated mixes this year took on those themes of metamorphosis – and how to find ways out of depression and darkness. Mexico City-based artist and curator Oscar González of the wonderful Static Discos label gathered some significant names for t...
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Mystical music for midwinter, with SO of Tokyo’s Labyrinth, more

The Northern Hemisphere’s darkest days make a good scene for music, whatever your spiritual/religious persuasion. So here we have some gorgeous sounds in this holiday week. First, this mix sets the mood for your end of December about as well as anything could, I think: I will write about the ongoing Dimension Series of mixes shortly – it was an honor to make the first episode of that myself, and ever since Oscar Gonzales and Static Discos have delivered a steady flow of some of my favorite ...
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Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, a freaked-out ambient tape loop remix

Magnetic tape maestro Randall Taylor, aka Amulets, takes an old Mannheim Steamroller Christmas cassette in a totally different direction... a totally different dimension. Just when you thought you were going to listen to some sweet christmas music it turns into a weird 7 minute ambient drone rework that no one wants to hear at your family/work/friendmas/holiday party! Give the gift of your obscure musical taste and Mannheim Steamroll your loved ones today! GEAR USED: - Custom Tape Loops ...
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Mysterious Experimental Thompson SMG with a Folding Stock

This experimental Thompson submachine gun is kept and displayed in the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps which is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The photos of this Model 1928A1 Thompson SMG were taken by a fellow firearms researcher Marin Milchev who kindly provided them to TFB to be used in this article. The information about […] Read More … The post Mysterious Experimental Thompson SMG with a Folding Stock appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The 20 Best Avant-Garde and Experimental Albums of 2018

None Another year, another fine batch of experimental music. That will never change. This year, with four writers at the helm, we did our best to comb the sonic sea, churning up waves of earthly music, all the way up through sound subjected to the harshest processing—and everything in between. We've dredged up jazz and soul, ambient and new classical, aboriginal and pop music, deconstructed club and everything that seemed like nothing we'd heard before. Bear in mind, this is no scene or col...
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Enchanting, dark, heavy Indonesian music blending traditional and experimental modes

Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi are Jogjakarta, Indonesia-based musicians melding the ancient, traditional sounds of their region with a very contemporary mode of heavy experimentalism. The duo, known as Senyawa, have just released a new album, Sujud, on the always-compelling Sublime Frequencies label, distributed by Forced Exposure. This is music that is best enjoyed at night, in the darkness, where the expansive, transgenre magick can wash over and through you. Listen below. From Sublime Freq...
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Hen Ogledd Concocts an Illusive Musical Haven Out of the Dissonance on 'Mogic'

None Hen Ogledd has always shown a proclivity for embracing the avant-garde. Entwining experimentation with distinct musical acumen, the British group has released their third full-length LP Mogic. A study in lyrical dexterity and sonic imagination, the band revels in their ability to make lush soundscapes out of discord. Hen Ogledd's moniker is derived from the Welsh name for the British Old North, an expansive region encompassing several kingdoms. An apt name for a band with equally wide-reac...
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Jacob Collier feat. Laura Mvula: Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep

“Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep” is a sprawling tune conducted by Jules Buckley and performed by Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula and the Metropole Orkest. With its vast harmonies, the whimsical song transcends traditional constraints and is more of a soundscape. The single, from Collier’s forthcoming album Djesse (Vol 1.), highlights his talents as an instrumentalist and vocalist with incredible potential.
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A haunting ambient sci-fi album about a message from Neptune

Latlaus Sky’s Pythian Drift is a gorgeous ambient concept album, the kind that’s easy to get lost in. The set-up: a probe discovered on Neptune in the 26th Century will communicate with just one woman back on Earth. The Portland, Oregon-based artists write CDM to share the project, which is accompanied by this ghostly video (still at top). It’s the work of Ukrainian-born filmmaker Viktoria Haiboniuk (now also based in Portland), who composed it from three years’ worth of 120mm film images. ...
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Panda Bear: Dolphin

In typical Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) style, his new song “Dolphin” is delightfully oddball. Complete with droplet sounds, the gentle psych-pop tune is led by acoustic guitars and Lennox’s delicate vocals. Without any real hook, the track will appear on the upcoming album Buoys, which Lennox co-produced and co-mixed with Rusty Santos.
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