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Beyond the 88: A No-Fear Guide to On-the-String Piano Techniques

The beginner’s toolbox of preparations I’ve talked about in the previous two (1, 2) articles might be, in some ways, less scary to many pianists and composers than playing inside the piano because, once the foreign objects (paper, aluminum foil, glass rods, plastic straws, etc.) have been placed on or in between the strings, the pianist plays the instrument pretty much as usual. This is part of the disconnect—or the magical nature—of Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes. The scores for Cage’s little pi...
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Beyond the 88: More no-fear piano preparations

In the last post I talked about some easy surface preparations for piano, but I didn’t mention that there’s a long history of these. Some early piano makers experimented with creating “stops” for their instrument that would change the timbre of the piano. Many of these were essentially mechanisms for surface preparations. The bassoon stop, for instance, lowered a parchment roll (or a parchment roll covered in silk) onto the strings, producing a gentle buzzy sound against the strings when notes w...
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Beyond the 88: A No-Fear Beginner’s Guide to Preparing the Piano

In my university music department, I run a weekly composition colloquium, bringing in guest composers and new music performers, as well as faculty speakers, with the latter often coming to talk about things like idiomatic writing and extended techniques for a particular instrument, or setting up a composer website, or digital publishing. A couple of years ago, some of my composition students asked me if I could spend one of those meetings on extended techniques for piano. I dug through my scores...
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The Collaborative Studio: Suggestions for Your Next Recording Project

So far throughout this series on the recording studio and the collaboration within, I have provided a primer on what producers are and what they do, my process of producing non-classical music, how classical music production differs from non-classical, and ways in which classical music production could evolve with contemporary composition trends. For this last post, I’d like to offer up five suggestions for those who may be new to the studio experience—either as a producer or performer—or for th...
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Home Spun

  Homemade rod tube and reel case   ‘Tis poverty alone, Diophantus, that awakens the arts; poverty is the very teacher of labor…’ Theocritus, from the Fisherman’s Dream: 3rdcentury BC   The other day an angler friend sent me a care package containing, among other things, a complete leader building kit consisting of dozens of tippet and leader spools sorted by diameter, and a leader gauge. I have not built full trout leaders for quite some time, but upon receiving such a ge...
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Why Innovation Remains Elusive

Recently a reporter contacted me by email, asking several questions about innovation. I didn’t have the time to answer all of them, so I asked him what he really wanted to know. He replied that what he really wanted was a bottom line answer to the question of what makes the most difference in a ...
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Optimizely launches new tools to help companies manage thousands of web experiments

 Optimizely helps businesses test out different ways to make their websites or apps more effective — but, as Vice President of Product Management Claire Vo put it, how do you go from “five experiments per week to hundreds and thousands of experiments per week”? Vo said companies face real challenges as they try to increase their experiment “velocity” — the… Read More
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Projet Etudiant : Formation calcaire de Romane Van Troost

Jeune diplômée d’un DSAA Design Produits en 2016 et d’un DMA Décor Architectural option Art du Verre et du Cristal en 2017 à l’ESDMAA d’Yzeure, Romane Van Troost présente son projet de DSAA Formation Calcaire. À la fois narratif et poétique, ce projet met en évidence une caractéristique propre au calcaire : l’effervescence. Description du projet par Romane :  Autrefois, la matière revendiquait des qualités, un imaginaire et une identité. Aujourd’hui, les matériaux sont souvent réduits à une ...
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7 Ways To Improve Your Work Culture Through Experimentation

The following is a guest piece by CEO Matt Rizzetta.As our business has scaled, one thing that we’ve carried with us each step of the way has been a commitment to experimentation in the workplace. Some of our best ideas and biggest cultural differentiators were borne from experiments we created.Make no mistake about it. While I’m incredibly proud of the culture of experimentation that we’ve cultivated through the years, it’s come at a steep price. Lots of time, commitment, sleepless nights and m...
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Failing Fast Causes More Failure

One scary statistic is that 70% of change initiatives fail. An overwhelming proportion of new product launches fail. Most new businesses fail. The sad fact is that failure is all around us. Is this why so many organizations talk about a fear of failure being one of their major innovation stumbling blocks? And, so what ...
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First-Time Experiences Matter

Caesar’s Entertainment (the casino) noticed something peculiar: Majority of first-time visitors to their properties didn’t return. There are a number of reasons why a customer may not return but a big one is their first visit experience. If the customer has an experience they like, it greatly increases their chances of becoming a regular (thus … Continue reading First-Time Experiences Matter
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Are Your Management Approaches Stifling Thinking?

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A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

As rightly pointed out by Tim Kastelle recently, it’s imperative to distinguish discovery from execution when it comes to startup and innovation activities – bearing in mind that both purposes are complementary and equally important. Along with the case made in my previous post, this suggests following a dual approach to balanced corporate innovation management. The main objective of dual approaches is to ...
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Optimizely Unveils Optimizely X, The Experimentation Platform

Today in San Francisco, after much planning and anticipation, Optimizely has introduced its new product, Optimizely X: The Experimentation Platform. And I, for one, am very excited to introduce you to this new, powerful product. What is Optimizely X, you ask? It’s an experimentation platform that will provide you with the ability to deliver personalized experiences across every channel, every device, at every customer touchpoint . For years, companies could tweak their online shopping exp...
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Innovation and Organizational Culture

Recently, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has published key findings of their latest “Most Innovative Companies 2014” survey. Beside the annual ranking, headed by the top three companies Apple, Google and Samsung, some insightful outcomes with regard to organizational and cultural requirements have striked my eye. According to BCG’s research, successfully innovating companies approach innovation as a system. The system is rooted in experimentation, ...
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“A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, but That Is Not What Ships Are Built For”

Getting out of your comfort zone is key to experiencing new things, broadening your horizons, and taking the risks that help us grow as people—to either achieve our goals and do the things we’ve always wanted to go, or at least say we tried to get there, even if we fell short.Read more...
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Interview: Man vs Machine’s Simon Holmedal

As a Designer/ Technical Director at Man vs Machine, Simon Holmedal is well known for his stunningly executed work for clients such as Nike, Toyota and Microsoft. We talked with Simon to learn more about about background as well as his process and thoughts about what makes great creative work.
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Does Momentum Equal Stopping Power? Let’s Find Out!

In a recent post, I discussed four ballistics myths that I’ve heard over the years, and why they are just that – myths. One of these was the myth that the momentum of a projectile is equivalent or otherwise indicative of the stopping power of that projectile. I have for several years now been arguing […] Read More … The post Does Momentum Equal Stopping Power? Let’s Find Out! appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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A look at photographic experimentation in the studio

Photography has all sorts of ‘rules’ that we’re told to adhere to: thirds, inverse square, golden mean and so on. While these rules certainly help build the foundation of any great photographer, it’s important to remember to break the rules and step out of the mould every once in a while to learn and gain [...] The post A look at photographic experimentation in the studio appeared first on DIY Photography.
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