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The Best Remedies for Common Headaches

Whether it’s the pulsating pain of a migraine or the behind-the-eyes pressure of sinus congestion, nobody likes a headache. And if you suffer from them, you may need to cycle through a dozen different treatments to find one that works. The thing is, headaches—and their causes—are all different. With that in mind,…Read more...
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The Timey-Wimey History of Doctor Who's Time War

The Last Great Time War. Those five words have hung over Doctor Who ever since it was revived in 2005: an earth-shattering conflict that saw the Doctor’s people, the Time Lords, pitted against the Daleks. It’s been started, ended, revived, and discussed across Who media for years, and will be explored once more this…Read more...
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What is Roku? The streaming platform fully explained

You've heard the name, but do you know what a Roku can do? Give us five minutes and we'll make you an expert.
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Ahsoka Tano's Star Wars Story (So Far)

First, there was Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Then there was Star Wars Rebels. Then, miraculously, there was Clone Wars again. The story of Ahsoka Tano has been closed and reopened many times over her growth into one of Star Wars’ most beloved heroes. Her story is one that’s far from over, whether that’s in the upcoming…Read more...
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A Guide to Dune’s Strange and Intense Religions

Prophecies, ancient sisterhoods, a bible that’s orange for some reason. Religion in Dune can be a bit confusing. To help, io9 parsed the main, spoiler-free stuff you need to know before Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation arrives this December.Read more...
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Everything You Need to Know About DC's Justice Society Before It's Reborn (Again) on Stargirl

The Justice Society of America is dead. Long live the Justice Society of America! DC Comics’ first superteam is one of its most iconic and convoluted mythoi, the nexus of the publisher’s approach to its own fictional history. Its members have been rebirthed, re-imagined, retconned, and revived endlessly since their…Read more...
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What Does 'Peak Infection' Mean?

We are now at a point where the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States number in the hundreds of thousands, while the death toll is in the tens of thousands. Although these numbers are grim, , a sign that all of our hand-washing, staying at home and physical…Read more...
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A Guide to Kamen Rider, the Masked Marvels of Japanese Superhero TV

If you love Power Rangers, you are probably at least aware of Super Sentai, the Spandex-clad Tokusatsu series it borrows its costumes, mechs, and action footage from. But Toei, the makers of Super Sentai, are also behind another of Japan’s most iconic superhero franchises: the legendary Henshin Heroes of Kamen Rider.Read more...
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A History of Star Trek's Uneasy Relationship With Androids

Sci-fi has been fascinated with sentient synthetic life since its earliest days, but Star Trek, in particular, has had quite the tumultuous history with its own consideration of androids and their place in its far future. From classic interpretations of sinister ‘bots to one of the franchise’s most beloved characters,…Read more...
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Everything You Need to Know About the Darksaber, the Black Blade That Freed Mandalore

Death Stars. Starkiller Base. The Final Order. The Lightsabers of Jedi and Sith legacies alike. Star Wars is full of incomprehensibly powerful weapons, be they the tools of heroic and villainous individuals or the combined military might of Empires. But none have become more important or interesting to the galaxy far,…Read more...
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His Dark Materials' Most Confusing Plot Points Explained

Multiple worlds, armored bears, dust, daemons . BBC and HBO’s His Dark Materials can be pretty confusing. We’re here to open up the alethiometer and answer a few of your biggest questions about what the crap is going on .Read more...
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What You Need to Know About Star Wars' Imperial Inquisitorius

Jedi: Fallen Order presents Star Wars fans with a foe that may be a bit unfamiliar to them, as young Jedi purge survivor Cal Kestis goes up against the sinister agents of the Emperor known as the Inquistorius. But these saber-spinning acolytes already have a rich and tragic place in Star Wars’ canon. Here’s what you…Read more...
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What is Roku? The streaming media platform fully explained

What is Roku? Is it a device, or software, or a streaming service? And how much does it cost? Our full Roku explainer will make you a Roku streaming media expert in just minutes.
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What You Need to Know About the Court of Owls, the Potential Foes of the Next Big Batman Game

It’s been a good long time since we last stepped into the world of the excellent Batman: Arkham games, but recently Bat-fans were sent all aflutter by a new teaser for what appears to be the next entry in the series being made by game developer Warner Bros. Montreal. This time, the villain seems to be a foe that …Read more...
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How the New Supreme Court Discrimination Case Could Affect LGBTQ Workers

On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to review discrimination cases of three LGBTQ employees in the workplace—a pivotal decision that could very well result in the changing of protections for LGBTQ workers across the country. What hangs in the balance? And when will a decision be made? Here’s what you need to know…Read more...
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Why the 2020 U.S. Census Could Change Everything, According to an Expert

Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments in support of and against a crucial citizenship question being added to the 2020 U.S. census—a question President Trump couldn’t help but chime in about earlier this month.Read more...
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Everything You Need To Remember From Every Season of Game of Thrones in 10 Minutes

We’re just a few days away from the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. Even though there are only six episodes, there are still a lot of stories left to tell. Without a refresher course, it’s easy to get lost in all the loose ends that will hopefully get tied up by the finale. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.Read more...
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Everything You Need to Know About Kirstjen Nielsen's Resignation

This weekend, the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigned abruptly after a meeting that probably didn’t go all that well with President Trump. If you’re flipping through headline after headline trying to wrap your head around what this means, you should know it probably isn’t good and…Read more...
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IPX what? The electronics water- and dust-resistance rating explained

Increasingly, consumer electronics companies are using an IPX code to demonstrate that their products are water and dust resistant. But what does this IPX code mean? We break it all down and walk you through it. The post IPX what? The electronics water- and dust-resistance rating explained appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Should You Sign That NDA? 

Want to work for President Trump? Apparently, it’ll require three signed non-disclosure agreements—and the looming threat that he’ll ruin you financially and legally if you ever choose to break it (no pressure!).Read more...
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What Happens When You Sue the President?

After declaring a national emergency on Friday in a desperate attempt to fund a U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump did what any president does after a national crisis: He golfed all weekend at his club in West Palm, Florida (where membership fees start at $250,000 a pop). And if this week’s news is any indication,…Read more...
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A Guide to Kingdom Hearts 3, for the Disney Fan Who Has No Idea What This Franchise Is

At the end of the month—outside of any potential, agonizing last-minute delay—one of the most anticipated moments for games in 2019 is going to happen: After years and years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally come out. Are you a Disney fan who’s wildly confused as to what the deal is? We’re here to...let’s say …Read more...
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Everything You Need to Know About Section 31, Star Trek's Sinister Starfleet Secret

Although Star Trek is predominantly set in a utopian future where humanity has solved its problems and ventured out into the stars to explore the cosmos and forge peaceful new alliances, every once in a while the series likes to show a dark mirror to the price of maintaining paradise—and Starfleet does it with Section…Read more...
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Here’s how to keep Thanksgiving leftovers edible for longer

Thanksgiving leftovers are tasty and can often feed you for days, but how long before bacteria and mold make the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce no longer safe to eat? Keeping food fresh is easy as pie -- here's how. The post Here’s how to keep Thanksgiving leftovers edible for longer appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Holy Mother Forking Shirt Balls! Here's Your Good Place Refresher Ahead of Season 3

The Good Place—a heartfelt yet cleverly snarky look at the afterlife and the ethics of what it means to be a truly good person—returns for its much-anticipated third season tonight on NBC. Are you up to date on all the show’s twists and references? We’ve got all you need to get back up to speed.Read more...
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A Short, Uncomplicated Guide to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's Long, Complicated Love Life

Few couples in comic book history come close to the stature of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. Even though they haven’t actually been a couple in the comics for over a decade—something that could be about to change—Pete and MJ’s relationship has been one of the most dramatic and beloved in comics. Given that their…Read more...
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Shopping for plans on Sprint? We break down the carrier’s options

Sprint recently introduced two new data plans to its roster -- Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus. Here, we break down your options to help you decide which one is best for you and your family. The post Shopping for plans on Sprint? We break down the carrier’s options appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Crop factor: What it means and how to use it

If you're in the market for a new camera, chances are you've heard the term "crop factor" thrown about. Here's what you need to know about how crop factor effects everything from equivalent focal length to light sensitivity and depth of field. The post Crop factor: What it means and how to use it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Can Sound Make You Sick?

American diplomats in China are falling ill with symptoms like headaches, nausea, and hearing loss after hearing “odd sounds” in their apartments. It’s an eerily similar situation to what happened in Cuba in 2016 when 24 diplomats complained about strange sounds and nearly-identical symptoms. Is sound actually making…Read more...
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Watch how unhatched birds get oxygen inside their shells

How birds get oxygen inside their eggs. File this great explainer under "questions previously unconsidered that have interesting answers." (more…)
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