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Ted Cruz's threat to 'woke CEOs' was 'the most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said,' ethics expert says

"This may be the most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said," the former ethics watchdog said. Getty Ted Cruz's newspaper column on "woke CEOs" was the "most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said," according to the former director of the office of government ethics. The Texas senator in a Wall Street Journal column published last week expressed his anger at corporations objecting to Georgia's new voting laws. "This time, we won't look the other way on Coca-Cola's $1...
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Biden’s climate order prompts GOP Senator to demand answers from Export-Import Bank

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania is demanding answers about how the Export-Import Bank plans to implement President Biden’s climate change orders, FOX Business has learned.
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It’s Groundhog Day all over again in Washington

One of the recurring themes after the election of Joe Biden to the presidency has been that it would bring a radical change from Donald Trump’s presidency. To be sure, these men have very different backgrounds and personalities. However, when it comes to public policy, in many areas, Biden is decisively following in Trump’s footsteps. I’m not the only one to notice. The Babylon Bee, a satirical newspaper, joked, “In a stunning repudiation of Trump’s COVID plan, Biden has announced he will throw ...
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Interview with wegg® Board Member Chantal Wittman

"I always like a challenge and a good story. I have helped some wonderful companies get their first line of credit and be able to use that financing to grow their businesses. I love being there at the ground floor with them and watching them succeed." -Chantal Wittman, wegg® Board Member Meet wegg® Board Member Chantal Wittman! Chantal is Vice President of International Trade & FX Sales at Wintrust, and has served on the wegg board since 2016. Communications Intern, Lucy Brooks, interviewed Ch...
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Summary of the May 6, 2020, weggchat® with Ursula Wegrzynowicz, Founder, Emelev, LLC

“The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM): What They Can and Can’t Do” Summary of the May 6, 2020, weggchat® with Ursula Wegrzynowicz, Founder, Emelev, LLC W = wegg® U = Ursula W: Good morning, Ursula! Thank you for joining us today on our #weggchat. How did you get started in the field of international trade finance and why? U: I became interested in international trade in college and had an opportunity to be the World Trade Organization rep at a Model UN session in NYC. It was an awe...
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Former Export-Import Bank Chairman On How 'Trade Is Not A Four-Letter Word'

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Fred Hochberg, former chair of the Export-Import Bank, about his book Trade Is Not a Four-Letter Word: How Six Everyday Products Make the Case for Trade.
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GAO-19-43, Export-Import Bank: Enhancements Needed in Credit Program Underwriting Policies and Procedures, May 14, 2019

GAO found that Export-Import Bank's (EXIM) process for updating its underwriting policies and procedures was properly designed and implemented. EXIM's Loan, Guarantee and Insurance Manual...
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Senate confirms trio of Export-Import Bank officials

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has confirmed a trio of nominees to the Export-Import Bank, reviving a U.S. agency that provides loans and other help to foreign buyers of U.S. exports. Confirmation of the nominees, including Republicans Kimberly Reed as board president, restores a quorum and permits the bank to process larger transactions to help […]
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Corporate Welfare Wins Again in Trump’s Washington

We don’t need the Export-Import Bank, which pads the profits of politically connected corporations on the taxpayer’s dime, but it’s back anyway.
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Bikini Airline Will Order Boeing 737s During Trump’s Nuclear Summit

VietJet had been an exclusive Airbus customer until President Obama visited Vietnam in 2016 and so far operate 64 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft and no Boeing jets. They have five times as many planes on order as in operation. Even without the Export-Import Bank giving Boeing's business a boost, the US government is still their chief benefactor. And in the case of VietJet you might even say the President grabbed these orders by the... Continue reading Bikini Airline Will Order Boeing 737s Durin...
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Export Opportunities for Small Businesses and Help for Getting Started

Professional jugglers often start out by keeping three balls sailing through the air at once. Then they start adding balls. That’s not a bad picture of the current state of U.S. global trade negotiations. For a while it seemed like we were trying to cut new deals with every nation on earth. Fortunately, some of those have been settled—more or less—including Mexico and Canada by replacing NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) with USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement), and a new dea...
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Boeing Replaced the Export-Import Bank With Its Own Financing, Now It’s Being Sued

It turns out that aircraft financing isn’t very risky, and Boeing created their own private sector replacement for the Export-Import Bank and made money doing so. This new lawsuit alleges that Boeing violated contracts with another company that Boeing built out the structure to do this with years earlier – a private sector bet that involved Ex-Im staff. Continue reading Boeing Replaced the Export-Import Bank With Its Own Financing, Now It’s Being Sued...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 14 September, 2018

The world’s most underwhelming tourist trap? So says a new report. See last item, below. Good morning It has been another busy week here at the Travel Insider Galactic Headquarters. To my amazement, I found myself actually liking the latest release of new iPhones, so much so that I’m staring at my now four year old iPhone 6+, complete with cracked screen, and wondering if it is getting close to an appropriate time to replace it.  But that’s a two part issue, because while I do believe the new i...
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GAO-18-492, Export-Import Bank: The Bank Needs to Continue to Improve Fraud Risk Management, July 19, 2018

What GAO Found In managing its vulnerability to fraud, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (the Bank) has adopted some aspects of GAO's A Framework for Managing Fraud Risks in Federal...
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Republicans and Democrats alike support corporate welfare for well-connected businesses

Congress created the usual special interest frenzy with its latest iteration of the Farm Bill. Agricultural subsidies are one of the most important examples of corporate welfare, money handed out to businesses based on political connections. Business plays a vital role in a free market. In real capitalism there are no guaranteed profits. But corporate welfare eliminates this handicap for the well-connected. Business subsidies allow politicians to channel economic resources toward their preferred...
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Trump Wants to Close Trade Gap, but Leaves Export Agency in Limbo

The Export-Import Bank has been effectively crippled, and big business groups are angry that the board of the bank has been left completely vacant.
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Senate panel rejects Trump's nominee to run Export-Import Bank

The Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday rejected Scott Garrett, President Trump's choice to lead the Export-Import Bank, an agency that helps to boost financing for U.S. exports by companies.
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Banking panel kills Trump nominee to lead Export-Import Bank

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Senate panel has rejected President Donald Trump's nominee to run the Export-Import Bank.Two Banking Committee Republicans, Tim Scott of South Carolina and Mike Rounds of South Dakota, joined with Democrats to... [Author: [email protected]]
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Michael Flynn’s rise was rapid, his fall even faster

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn leaves federal court in Washington, Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to making false statements to the FBI, the first Trump White House official to make a guilty plea so far in a wide-ranging investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) By CHAD DAY, ERIC TUCKER and STEPHEN BRAUN Associated Press WASHINGTON — Michael Flynn was President Donald Trump’s favorite general, rapidly vaulted to promin...
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What Trump is doing to consumer agency isn't normal

Fred Hochberg, former chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the US, says Mick Mulvaney is part of a pattern of nominees to lead agencies they had previously been intent on destroying or eliminating. This isn't normal.
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Trump Nominee Wants To Keep Agency Now That He'd Get Paid To Run It

WASHINGTON ― As a Republican congressman from New Jersey, Scott Garrett took to the floor of the House in 2015 and lambasted the Export-Import Bank as an institution that “embodies the corruption of the free enterprise system.”
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Multi-trillion dollar buildup of a China centric new world order for the 21st century

Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative is part and parcel of President Xi Jinping’s strategy to solidify China’s emergence as a great economic and military power, a leading expert on Asian economies said Wednesday. In May, 2017, China’s President Xi Jinping has pledged $124 billion (£96bn) for the scheme, known as the Belt and Road initiative. China will funnel an additional RMB 100 billion ($14.5 billion) into the Silk Road Fund, while the China Development Bank and Export-Import Bank will set up ...
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President Trump’s Export-Import Bank nominee is no friend of American enterprise

We can’t support Rep. Scott Garrett, who denies the need for the bank and its crucial role in fostering a strong manufacturing sector to lift up families, many of which populate our nation’s rural regions.
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Senators call session with Ex-Im Bank nominee ‘bizarre’

A group of nine Senate Democrats sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s nominee to serve as the chairman of the Export-Import Bank, calling their meeting with former New Jersey Congressman Scott Garrett on Tuesday “bizarre.”
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Scaramucci Lawyer: Ousted Comms Chief Will Pay Taxes On Hedge Fund Sale

In addition to losing his plum White House communications director job after less than two weeks as a member of the Trump administration, Anthony Scaramucci’s lawyer confirmed Tuesday that he would forgo the capital gains tax deferral that could have come with it, CNN reported. In January, perhaps in preparation of an expected job at the White House, Scaramucci arranged to sell his hedge fund, SkyBridge Capital, to a Chinese conglomerate. As a government employee, he may have had the option of d...
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WH: Scaramucci 'Does Not Have A Role At This Time' In Trump Administration

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday that ousted White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci had no role in the Trump administration. “He does not have a role at this time in the Trump administration,” Sanders said at a press briefing Monday, shortly after news broke of Scaramucci’s abrupt departure. “And we put out a statement earlier announcing that, and I don’t have much else add.” Sanders added that Scaramucci was not working at the Export-Import Bank, e...
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Trump Ousts Scaramucci As Comms Chief Just 10 Days After Bringing Him On

President Donald Trump on Monday removed Anthony Scaramucci from his role as White House communications director just 10 days after bringing him on. The New York Times first reported, citing three unnamed sources close to the decision, that Trump ousted Scaramucci at the request of newly minted White House chief of staff John Kelly. Per the New York Times, it was not clear whether Scaramucci would continue to work at the White House or if he would leave the administration altogether. White House...
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When Companies Hire Above You To Make a Statement (or Force You Out)...

There's a lot of plays in the ole' Human Capital Management playbook.  There are plays for recruits, high performers, difficult team members, managers, struggling performers and more.... This play is one that's run occasionally for low/struggling performers.  It's called: "We're Hiring Someone in a Position of Authority Above You. In your functional area" Bigger title than you.  You report to them.  You probably didn't even know we were in the market, but we just told you, so hey - meet the new ...
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NYT: Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary

Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary Friday morning,  Spicer told President Donald Trump he disagreed with New York investor Anthony Scaramucci’s appointment as White House communications director, according to the report. The resignation, the Times reported, came very shortly after Trump offered Scaramucci the job. The Associated Press also reported Spicer’s resignation on its Twitter account: BREAKING: AP sources: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned over hirin...
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