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DOJ: Hundreds Of Capitol Insurrection Cases Opened, Months Of Investigation Ahead

Federal law enforcement officials investigating the Capitol insurrection warned on Friday that it could take months before "the full puzzle" of what happened on Jan. 6 is put together. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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NBC: FBI DC Field Office Flunked Assessment On Fighting Violent Extremism

The FBI's D.C. field office received a failing grade on a 2018 internal assessment of its ability to combat domestic terrorism, NBC reports. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Law Enforcement Braces For Explosive Threats To Biden Inaug

Military and law enforcement preparing for ongoing, violent attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election are bracing for the use of explosives over the next week. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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In Extraordinary Move, Joint Chiefs Publicly Affirm That Biden Will Be President

President Biden will take office on Jan. 20, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Tuesday in a message to the armed forces. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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The Army and Secret Service are looking at extra security screenings for US troops who will be at Biden's inauguration

A member of the DC National Guard gives directions near a rally at Freedom Plaza Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, in Washington, in support of President Donald Trump. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin The US Army and US Secret Service are working together to determine which troops participating in President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration need additional background screening, an Army spokesperson told Insider. The move, which was first reported by Army Times, follows a request from Colorado Rep. Jason Crow, ...
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Facebook Warns Employees Not to Wear Company Gear In Public After Banning Trump

Facebook’s internal security team has warned employees not to wear or carry any Facebook-branded gear in public, according to a new report from tech news site the Information. The warning comes after the social media giant banned President Donald Trump from the platform following a violent coup attempt by his…Read more...
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Extremists Eye Jan. 17 In Bid For Insurrection Violence

The next big date in the insurrection could be Sunday.  [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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A well-known QAnon influencer dubbed the 'Q Shaman' has been arrested after playing a highly visible role in the Capitol siege

Jake Angeli, the "Q Shaman," was one of several protesters to confront Capitol Police officers at the US Capitol on January 6. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images A leader in the QAnon conspiracy-theory movement was one of the rioters storming the US Capitol during Wednesday's attempted coup in Washington, DC.  The "Q Shaman" took photos on the Senate dais and marched through the Capitol with a megaphone.  He was arrested three days later and charged with federal crimes. QAnon's presence at the...
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In post about why it banned Trump, Twitter warned that it has seen discussion of 'secondary attack' on the US Capitol on January 17

The suspended Twitter account of U.S. President Donald Trump appears on an iPhone screen on January 08, 2021 in San Anselmo, California. Citing the risk of further incitement of violence following an attempted insurrection on Wednesday, Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump's account. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images In a blog post, Twitter said its decision to suspend President Donald Trump's account was due to the fact he was "likely to inspire" more violence like that see...
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Who Controls The D.C. National Guard? By Delegation, It’s The Pentagon

As confusion lingers about who ordered the D.C. National Guard into action on Wednesday, following a mysterious delay, one of the most troubling elements has been who was in control of the military unit as an angry pro-Trump mob descended on the Capitol. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Capitol Hill Police Offer First Account Of Failure To Protect Congress

After failing to prevent a torrent of Trump supporters from breaching the Capitol on Thursday, the Capitol police force issued its first statement on the event. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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How Far Did Mike Pence Step Into Trump’s Leadership Vacuum During Riot?

There's still a key mystery at the heart of Wednesday's assault on the Capitol: What was Vice President Mike Pence's role in deploying the D.C. National Guard? [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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What We Know About The Insurrection Shooting

A woman was shot and killed on Wednesday as an angry mob of Trump supporters seeking to overturn the results of the election took over the Capitol building. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Pence, Senate Leaders Condemn Trump’s Mob, Resume Process To Formally Certify Biden

Vice President Mike Pence brought the Senate back into session on Wednesday evening with a few words for the Trump-supported angry mob that invaded the Capitol: "you did not win." [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Several groups of extremists stormed the Capitol today. Here are some of the most notable individuals, symbols, and groups present.

A supporter of President Donald Trump confronts police as Trump supporters demonstrate on the second floor of the U.S. Capitol near the entrance to the Senate after breaching security defenses, in Washington, U.S., January 6, 2021. Mike Theiler/Reuters A pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, bringing extremist iconography and some regalia associated with far-right or white-supremacist groups. Some rioters wore clothing associated with the conspiracy-theory g...
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Trump Doubles Down On Incitement In Video While Telling Mob To ‘Go Home’

President Trump doubled down on his bid to overturn the election result in a Wednesday video, telling an angry mob that breached the Capitol building in a bid to overturn the election results, "I know how you feel." [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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A well-known QAnon influencer dubbed the 'Q Shaman' played a highly visible role in the Capitol siege

Jake Angeli, the "Q Shaman," was one of several protestors to confront Capitol police officers at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC. - Demonstrators breeched security and entered the Capitol as Congress debated the a 2020 presidential election Electoral Vote Certification. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images A leader in the QAnon conspiracy-theory movement kept popping at Wednesday's coup attempt in Washington, DC. The so-called "Q Shaman" was among rioters who stormed the US...
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Trump Bypassed In Decision To Deploy National Guard

The President has directed the National Guard to the Capitol Building after it was besieged by supporters of his , White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Wednesday.  [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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At Least Four Stabbed After Thousands Swarmed DC During Pro-Trump Rally

Two days before the electoral college is set to make President-elect Joe Biden’s return to the White House official, a rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday featuring thousands of maskless rallygoers who won’t accept that President Trump lost grew increasingly violent, with at least four people stabbed at a gathering point for the Proud Boys. According to the Washington Post, the falsehood-filled spectacle on Saturday began with rallygoers roaming from the Capitol to the Mall and back again. Th...
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Jerry Falwell Drops Lawsuit Against Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr. dropped his defamation claim against Liberty University on Wednesday, Lynchburg’s News & Advance reported. Falwell had sued Liberty in October, claiming that the university had defamed him by relying on allegations of his involvement with Giancarlo Granda in firing him. The son of the mega-pastor who founded Liberty University, Falwell Jr. moved to drop the case just days before Liberty was due to reply to his initial claim. TPM reported in-depth last month on Granda’s eight...
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Christchurch Terrorist Abused Steroids and Donated Money to Far-Right YouTubers

Brenton Tarrant, the anti-Muslim terrorist who killed 51 people during two attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019, abused steroids and donated money to far-right websites and YouTube personalities like Stefan Molyneux, according to a new report released by the New Zealand government. The 810-page report also…Read more...
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CNN: Former Nunes Aide Who Boosted Ukraine Conspiracy Theories To Lead DOD Transition

A Pentagon official known for spreading Ukraine-related conspiracy theories about President-elect Joe Biden will lead the Defense Department’s transition team, CNN reports. Kash Patel, chief of staff for Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, got his hand in the Ukraine disinformation pot while working as a staffer for House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). There, Patel tried to discredit the impeachment inquiry, and, earlier, wrote a memo in 2018 alleging that t...
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MMA clubs are a hotbed for potential extremists, European security officials say

Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of the Chechen Republic. AP Photo/Musa Saduayev Abdoulakh Anzorov, the Chechen teen who killed French teacher Samuel Paty earlier this month, had been part of a largely-Chechen MMA club in Paris, a French police investigator confirmed to Insider. The police shot dead Anzorov shortly after the attack. Paty had recently shown his students inflammatory cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, an act that is blasphemous in Islam. The French police investigator told Insid...
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The Trump campaign accused Michigan's governor of having 'hatred in her heart' just hours after the FBI said it foiled an extremist plot to kidnap her

Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller on Thursday accused Michigan's governor of having "hatred in her heart." Twitter Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller on Thursday attacked Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just hours after the FBI said that it had stopped armed right-wing extremists who were plotting to kidnap her. Miller went after Whitmer for suggesting President Donald Trump was "complicit" in extremist violence due to his hateful rhetoric and refusal to condemn white supremac...
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Trump To Hold Wisconsin Rallies In COVID ‘Red Zones’ As State Cries ‘Crisis’

Green Bay’s Bellin hospital spent most of the pandemic in sleepy readiness. But over the past few weeks, that has ended. The hospital, one of four in the city of 100,000, has hit 94 percent capacity as of Thursday. Dr. Paul Casey, its ER director, took to Facebook in desperation last week. “For the first time in the 16 years I have been medical director, our ED has had to place patients in the hallway,” Casey wrote. “This occurred twice in the last week.” The second wave is here, and...
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Professional Conservatives Push Senate GOP To Hold The Line On Ginsburg Seat

Leading conservatives in advocacy and media immediately ramped up the pressure Friday night on Republican senators to support an immediate vote on a GOP replacement for deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The agitation that Republican senators agree to vote on a Trump appointee to replace Ginsburg signals the tremendous pressure that they will be under to confirm a replacement on the Supreme Court before the election or inauguration. Sean Davis, a former aide to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), laid...
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Trump Officials Stay Silent As Subordinates Rant, Froth At Mouth

There’s no other agency with as much power to respond to COVID-19 as the Department of Health and Human Services. That’s part of what made exiled HHS spokesman Michael Caputo’s litany of wrongdoing so egregious. Not only did he try to assert political control over key weekly reports on the spread of the virus, he also went on an unhinged rant Sunday in which he forecasted a civil war after the November election and said that he was being persecuted by leftist hit squads operating in the CDC. ...
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Would Axios Co-Founder Mike Allen's Dad Have Been Banned From Facebook?

Axios co-founder Mike Allen recently sat down over videochat with Mark Zuckerberg for an interview that aired last night on HBO. And while everyone in the tech world is spending the morning discussing Zuck’s most disingenuous quotes, we here at Gizmodo couldn’t help but zone out during the softball chat while…Read more...
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Facebook said it removed en event encouraging violence against protesters in Kenosha, but it was actually removed by the event's own organizers, according to a new report

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Facebook came under fire last week after site moderators did not remove the Facebook page of a militia group that encouraged violence against protesters, despite being reported hundreds of times.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last week that Facebook ultimately did remove the page, but that the removal came too late because moderators hadn't been adequately trained on Facebook's new policies against militia groups. "Counter protest? Nah. I fully plan to kill looters a...
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A California cop who wore a far-right patch to a George Floyd protest won't be fired

A sheriff's deputy in Orange County put an unauthorized patch on his uniform that references far-right paramilitary organizations. Twitter/The Democratic Party of Orange County; Insider A cop in Southern California who wore a patch on his uniform in June referencing far-right extremist groups will not be fired, the Orange County Sheriff's Department announced."Although I cannot go into the specific details of the investigation, I can tell you that there is no evidence revealed that show...
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