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"If you ask me what kind of a person and interlocutor President Biden is, I can say that he is a constructive person, well-balanced and experienced seasoned politician..."

"... and I expected that. He recalled his family and conversations he had with his mother. Well, these things don’t have directly something to do with our business, but nonetheless, it shows his qualities and his moral values. It is all appealing, and I believe that we spoke the same language. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to look into the eyes and see the soul, and to pledge eternal love. We defend the national interests of our countries. And these relationships are always based on p...
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Protecting Your Eye Health While You Work

While your main focus when at work is successfully completing any tasks you are given, due caution does need to be taken in terms of your health. Even though you most likely take steps already to prevent illness, such as bugs or colds that are rampant at your workplace, you may not have considered the need to protect your eye health too. Failure to do so can lead to pains and soreness, as well as the potential for you to lose your sight or even your eyes themselves in certain circumstances. E...
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Strivectin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Eye Concentrate

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not much of an eye cream person.  And it’s not because I have the world’s most perfect under eyes, it’s because I’ve just come to... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Second Sight Medical Products soars 592% after the FDA approves its visual prosthetic system

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Second Sight Medical shares jumped to nearly $10 after the FDA approved its Argus2 Retinal Prosthesis System.  The regulatory approval arrives as Second Sight works to complete a business combination with France's Pixium Vision.  A decision on when or if to begin production of the new hardware is pending the completion of the deal with Pixium.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Shares of Second Sight Medical Products shot up by nearly tenfo...
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Artist got pigments to blend in ways that look like eyes

Rus Khasanov (previously) continues to experiment with blending pigments, this time in ways that mimic the complexity of the colorful iris of many eyes. The effect seems to be related to pareidolia, but it also puts in mind how DeepDream sees eyes everywhere. — Read the rest
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Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage Review

Throughout the year, I am notorious for staying up past my bed time because I’d rather be having fun.  This is worst in the summer because there are way more daylight hours, and as long as the... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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"This was not a protest, this was a well-organized insurrection against our country that was organized by Donald Trump."

Said Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, Chair of the House Rules Committee, opening the debate this morning on the Article of Impeachment, quoted in "The House begins debating impeachment charge against Trump." (NYT). McGovern asserted that he looked into some people's eyes and "saw evil." I'm seeing the live vote embedded at the Times, and it is strictly along party lines... ... even though the text of the article says "Republicans were fracturing over the vote." And:Sena...
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Review | Clé de Peau Beauté Ombres Couleurs Quadri Eye Color Quad in 321 Magnificent Plumage

One of the highlights of the Clé de Peau Beauté Holiday 2020 beauty showcase, Collection Le Lac Enchanté (The Enchanted Lake), Magnificent Plumage is a limited-edition eyeshadow palette comprising 4 shimmery colours overlaid with a delicate feather motif. Extolling the beauty of the black swan, the eyeshadow quad does...
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"And their eyes — wow, it was like someone turned the lights on."

The image is from Earl Shaffer's Appalachian Hike Diary (1948), every page of which you can see at that link, at the Smithsonian website. I'm reading about Shaffer this morning in "Walking off the War on the Appalachian Trail," a new article at Gaia GPS. The author is Abby Levene.Shaffer was the first person to through-hike the Appalachian Trail: He travelled alone, walking around 17 miles a day. Shaffer packed light. He nixed a tent when he realized his poncho could double as a shelter. He men...
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Clear Day

  Today I will clean the windows.
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Why You Should Buy Eyewear In An Eyeglasses Retail Store vs Online

When it comes to choosing eyeglasses, especially those with prescription, you can’t just go anywhere to get them. It’s advisable to go to a retail store that specializes in selling eyeglasses to choose and purchase the right one for you. There are a lot of reasons for you to buy to choose a local retail store vs buying eyeglasses online, and here are just some of them. Try Out Different Frames The primary reason is that you can check out the different styles and make sure that you’re...
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5 Great and Helpful Tips for Healthy Eyes

Eye health is not related to the quality of your vision. Even if you suffer from astigmatism or are near- or far-sighted, you can still have healthy eyes. It is important to wear prescription safety glasses or other corrective eyewear to improve your vision, if necessary. A number of chronic illnesses that undermine the health of the eyes can be prevented by eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise. Find out about five ways to keep your eyes healthy for a lifetime and minimize the r...
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After some technical advisement, the short version of the story,I did, indeed,lose the files on my hard drive. And the computer is non functional. So "things" fell apart. But I didn't. And I have kept my needles threaded. Just needing some time to gather some appropriate patches. Seems the older I get, the more pieces there are to work with. And ways to hold them together.
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How to Treat Face Mask-Related Dry Eye

Have you noticed your eyes feeling especially dry lately? There could be a variety of reasons for that, including wearing a face mask. But before we go any further, let us be clear: having dry eye is not an excuse to stop wearing a face mask in situations that require them. This is especially the case because there…Read more...
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We have experienced the first evidence of shift...

S eptember has taken hold. Warmer than usual but still... The turning has begun. It will dip into the 40s tonight.  This is the edge of the Coma Cloth. Where the edge was no match for new eyes. I have so many new eyes. I just feel like closing them all. If only for a moment's rest. I watched the news before bed, woke up, went out to the chilly porch and screamed "I can't take it anymore!".  A few moments later, off in the distance, over the hill past the stone walls, I heard "Me eith...
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Seriously, Don't Look at the Sun, Ever

I’m amazed I have to write this, but here goes. If you’re on the West Coast or in some similarly disastrous-looking environment—I do love our new orange skies—then you’ve probably noticed that all the particulate in the air (or whatever else is befalling your area) might make the sun look different. Perhaps it’s…Read more...
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The Democratic convention was famously boring, but apparently the Republican convention is so damned exciting that...

... "coked" is trending on Twitter!A taste of why...“Passionate” = Coked out of his frigging gourd— Hal Sparks (@HalSparks) August 25, 2020 Was @DonaldJTrumpJr ‘coked out of his mind’ during RNC speech? #RNC2020— Raw Story (@RawStory) August 25, 2020 I’m not watching the #RNCConvention2020 but did see part of kimberly guilfoyle speech. All I gotta say is I worked in a chemical dependency office for years. That girl was coked out.
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"At a time when the pop charts were dominated by cloying songs such as 'A Horse with No Name' and 'Joy to the World' and the playlists of burgeoning FM radio stations were heavy on..."

"... James Taylor; Crosby, Stills & Nash; and the Eagles; Creem respectfully ceded coverage of those artists to Rolling Stone. It championed, instead, proto-punk bands such as the Stooges, the MC5, ? and the Mysterians, and Count Five; mavericks such as Lou Reed, Dr. John, Marc Bolan, and George Clinton; and nascent heavy-metal acts, including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Alice Cooper. 'Unlike Rolling Stone, which is a bastion of San Francisco counter-culture "rock-as-art" orthodoxy, Creem is...
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Yeah, well, find out for yourself. Started back here , just for some winter window garden in the first dark days after moving here. After some research, carrot tops, edible, salad greens, but you cannot get carrots, just greens. OK. So many roots, after a few weeks I planted them in small pots and then in the raised beds outside the porch. I like the greens. I use them like parsley. Got so big, started to block the sunlight for other late summer seedlings. Just pulled some, maybe to dye with...
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How to Wear Contact Lenses Safely, If You're Going to Wear Them Anyway

Back in April, we reported on the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s (AAO) recommendation that contact lens wearers switch back to glasses for the time being, for pandemic reasons. In addition to avoiding anything that involves sticking your fingers in your eyes right now, the AAO also pointed out that contact lens…Read more...
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A Seeing Morning

G ood Morning. It's cool. Cool for the first time in a long time. Evidence of cycle. I feel like this one was left for me.  Right outside the porch door. Yesterday's confusion led me to a small eye sampler started a couple of years ago .  Some eyes still colorless... "complete the full spectrum of vision" I said to myself.  There are Shells of Summer everywhere. They seem like eyes today. New eyes. Old eyes. A reminder that we need all eyes. To see. The first stitching was done on a...
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Bifocal Contact Lenses Could Keep Kids' Bad Vision From Getting Worse

The results of a new clinical trial may provide more hope for children with myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness. The study found that kids as young as 7 who regularly wore powerful bifocal contact lenses experienced less worsening of their myopia than kids who wore less powerful or single-vision lenses over a…Read more...
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"The deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security says federal officers in Portland suffered 113 eye injuries while guarding a courthouse from activists armed with powerful lasers."

"The usually green beams produce uncomfortable heat, unlike common small red pointers, Ken Cuccinelli said Tuesday at a Senate subcommittee hearing on the clashes in Oregon. 'We’ve had a number of officers who have days-long blindness. So far they’ve all kind of come back, if you will,' Cuccinelli said. 'But you also get what’s called flash blindness. Think of it as the old Kodak cameras where you get that blue spot and you can’t quite see your entire field of vision for a period.'... Although C...
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9 White Gold Eyeshadows That Bring the Bling

The best white gold eyeshadows are fantastic for brightening the eye area, whether used all over the lid as a wash of shimmer, on the inner tearduct to highlight, or on the center of the lid for a halo-effect. A few recommendations below are slightly deeper than truly white gold but would have a similar effect on medium/deeper skin but with a subtler white base (more of the sheen). Pro tip: If you want to kick it up a notch, try applying your favorite shimmery/more metallic white gold hue with ...
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Holding on to Nothing

N amed for the wispy silk scraps I am filling space with. It's like that, holding on to nothing. It has changed since I posted it on Instagram last week.  But also the image is developing  slowly around the concept of the name.  And the name has 2 parts.  Holding on to Nothing aka New Eyes. It's about my changing perception of what is real. How to give form to that. Make it some sort of place to hold on to.  Also, these kinds of images I build with cloth are more personal in terms o...
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Whale Sharks Have Eyeballs Covered in Tiny Teeth

Marine biologists from Japan say whale sharks have eyeballs coated in tiny teeth, in a discovery unique to this hulking but gentle aquatic species.Read more...
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A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study

Scientists in the UK think they may have found a cheap, low-tech way to help fight age-related loss of vision. In a small clinical trial, people over 40 who were told to stare into a deep red light for three minutes a day had noticeable improvements to their sight. They reported being able to see better in the dark…Read more...
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Stop this, my eyes hurt! / Une coïncidence un peu louche?

THE ORIGINAL? La Vanguardia magazine –  1998 Click the image to enlarge Source : Adeevee Ag : Ogilvy Barcelona (Spain) LESS ORIGINAL Audi Matrix LED – 2015 Click the image to enlarge Source : CargoCollective Agency : Tandem DDB (Spain) LESS ORIGINAL Xiaomi Note 8 – 2020 Click the image to enlarge Source : Agency : Tough Slate (Ukraine) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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"Isn't it beautiful?" — a middle-aged white woman enthused gently...

... as I was photographing this... ... in downtown Madison. Maybe she was just trying to say the right thing, but maybe she was delusional or had very low standards. I aim to help — and I have to admit that she wasn't the slightest bit intimidating to me — so I said, "Actually, I don't think this one is very good." In my endless search for positivity, I added that there were a lot of other murals and many of them were good. And then, because I'm always looking for a point of agreement, I said, ...
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a process

June's Stray wandered through the green to the edge of the River of Reckoning again for it was not the first time and there was Deep er Listening I'm not done, just begun. I think there will be no words. Just her own reflection. 
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