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Whale Sharks Have Eyeballs Covered in Tiny Teeth

Marine biologists from Japan say whale sharks have eyeballs coated in tiny teeth, in a discovery unique to this hulking but gentle aquatic species.Read more...
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A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study

Scientists in the UK think they may have found a cheap, low-tech way to help fight age-related loss of vision. In a small clinical trial, people over 40 who were told to stare into a deep red light for three minutes a day had noticeable improvements to their sight. They reported being able to see better in the dark…Read more...
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Stop this, my eyes hurt! / Une coïncidence un peu louche?

THE ORIGINAL? La Vanguardia magazine –  1998 Click the image to enlarge Source : Adeevee Ag : Ogilvy Barcelona (Spain) LESS ORIGINAL Audi Matrix LED – 2015 Click the image to enlarge Source : CargoCollective Agency : Tandem DDB (Spain) LESS ORIGINAL Xiaomi Note 8 – 2020 Click the image to enlarge Source : Agency : Tough Slate (Ukraine) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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"Isn't it beautiful?" — a middle-aged white woman enthused gently...

... as I was photographing this... ... in downtown Madison. Maybe she was just trying to say the right thing, but maybe she was delusional or had very low standards. I aim to help — and I have to admit that she wasn't the slightest bit intimidating to me — so I said, "Actually, I don't think this one is very good." In my endless search for positivity, I added that there were a lot of other murals and many of them were good. And then, because I'm always looking for a point of agreement, I said, ...
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a process

June's Stray wandered through the green to the edge of the River of Reckoning again for it was not the first time and there was Deep er Listening I'm not done, just begun. I think there will be no words. Just her own reflection. 
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Use the time you have to know yourself

I say things over and over again. Usually as I am going.  Probably because they work more than once. And that is reassuring. I am on a side trip here for the weekend. Continuing with new eyes. But I do this with Big Cloth too. Manage thickness as I go.  Managing is that, problem solving in the moment. Tending to need. While holding on to the bigger picture.   Link to video if you see no player. It took hours. In the scheme of all things, not long really.  I enjoyed it a lot more with the e...
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Stay Home, Share, and consider When Time is not about Money

video link if you see no player above Some of us are luckier than others. We have time to consider time. I suppose you could call that privilege.  Time is not Money when you have enough.  Time might even be a gift.  The spell is broken, I am remembering the dream. 
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What Runs Through my Mind

T here were long wild dreams. I woke up and spoke the words, The Spell is Broken. I lost part of the thread in waking. I guess there was a story. There was a bit of work on this in the evening before sleep. Some thin silk to fill in the whites of the new eyes. I will work the third one in stitch. I like variation in technique in one piece. It raises the awareness of change in the expected. This split image is interesting. It would be interesting to see both side of things at the same time, no...
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Overlapping Fields

  F ield. Many definitions, but for me a space defined, chosen, within all other spaces that might act as a guide for focus. As in field of vision I suppose. And then and course, a place for wild open growth and play. An open field. Like Feeling Free. I play with the circle a lot, but not always. As I look at the quilts I have made, these shaped overlays, fields of focus, are fairly constant. Sometimes they happen at the beginning. As a base. Sometimes they are a tool to bring things together...
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A tree bark or a wild animal eye? / œil pour œil?

THE ORIGINAL? Mata Atlantica Foundation –  2003 “I saw a man cutting down trees” Click on the image to enlarge Source : Ad Forum Agency : F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi (Brazil) LESS ORIGINAL Helpengreen Foundation – 2020 “Save trees to save wildlife” Click on the image to enlarge Source : Luerzer’s Archive Agency : ADK Fortune, Gurgaon (India) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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It's March!

day 13 F eel it . Smell it. Spring. I'm charged.  This morning the window sill glowed.  And then , I changed my mind. I want need this window to go all the way to the floor. It's in my head now. It's a must. I'm changing furniture around again. That's a good sign. And yesterday, while splitting old logs, we met our first Eastern Eyed Click Beetle .  At first I thought it was a snake or something... I put a link here 'if you be curious', those are false eyes...
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mind games

  R ain again, fog, grey February, but no real snow. So warm, but cold returns tomorrow morn, in some big way. Kitchen window. Grandma's glass door knob. Always love how it twists things.  Here it's own little world, pushing all else out of focus.     Two wet racoons just slowly walked by across my field of vision. I did not think to pick up the camera. I noticed that. I picked this one today. To think about. Again. To show you, Again. Weathering A Storm . Now aka just Thinking ....
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Men Are Experiencing Days of Weird Vision After Taking Erectile Disfunction Drugs

Doctors are finding yet more men with strange episodes of vision problems after taking the erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil citrate, better known by the brand name Viagra. A new case study this week from Turkey details 17 men who took sildenafil and developed light sensitivity, blurred eyesight, and even…Read more...
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After all these years, the Lamb of God is looking at you.

That's a closeup of the central figure in the Ghent Altarpiece, before and after restoration. The great masterpiece by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck (1432) had been painted over in the 16th century, and people had gotten used to the eyes way off to the side. But the image on the right puts the eyes back where Hu and Jan had them.I'm reading "Ghent Altarpiece: Lamb's 'alarmingly humanoid' face surprises art world" (BBC). Smithsonian Magazine is quoted saying "These features are 'eye-catching, if not al...
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Mojo Vision Working on AR Contact Lenses

Startup Mojo Vision has revealed that they are working on contact lenses that, through the magic of augmented reality, will provide the wearer with information as seen in shows and video games set in a technologically advanced future. Regarded as the Mojo Lens, Vice President of product and marketing Steven Sinclair noted that everything in […]
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Open Your Eyes to Love

What I have experienced in my life has shown me that love is real, and that we are here on Earth to experience love in action through living our Vision of life. I am not referring to love as in the Cinderella story which requires one person to complete another. Rather I now have a clear awareness that love is a vibrational energy that transcends our lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Love starts with self. Learning to overcome one’s own self-blame, shame and guilt is the starting poin...
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Mojo Vision’s Smart Contact Lens Prototype

After five years of testing, Mojo Vision (a company comprised of former Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft executives and engineers) officially toured their smart contact lens prototype. The lens would act as an internal interface, letting the wearer peruse their calendar, devise a route home, and even skip songs currently playing within their earbuds. Though the product’s arrival remains years away, testing involves a VR …
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8:30 AM Last night, In the muted cloud filtered moonlight, I was suddenly sitting IN one of Valerianna's paintings . I have one right here. On the wall in front of me. It wasn't rolled up but sandwiched between rolls of cloth to keep it safe. Her calendars are on sale now, I love her work and the life she celebrates. The simple nature of it. Reminds me of Simpler Times. Simple is no small thing these days. I'm going to take a few stitches. I'll put them here later... Later...
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Perfecting My Vision and Finding the Perfect Sunglasses at MyEyeDr.

This post is sponsored by MyEyeDr. “When’s the last time you had an eye exam?” My husband asked me this question as I rested my chin on the pre-testing equipment during our appointment at MyEyeDr. I had to stop and think about it – probably not since my teen years! This month my husband and... Read More The post Perfecting My Vision and Finding the Perfect Sunglasses at MyEyeDr. appeared first on Afrobella.
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March Lashes Out

Perfume PosseMarch Lashes Out Hey everyone – In the states, you may (or may not!) be heading off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Seemed like a fine time to do a random makeup post. I have a smaller face and deep-set eyes, and over the… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseMarch Lashes Out
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Hot Topic Has a Friends Eye Shadow Palette Rachel Couldn't Resist

If you've ever wanted to re-create Rachel Green's makeup from Friends, Hot Topic is making it happen with its new Friends Eye Shadow Palette ($17) and Central Perk Makeup Brush Set ($25). The colorful palette features 12 Friends-themed shades, including "How You Doin'?" blue, "We Were on a Break" purple, Unagi green, Duck silver, Chick white, Pivot pink, "You've Been Bamboozled" aqua, and more. If you're looking to complete the collection, Hot Topic's red-tipped Friends makeup brushes are also ...
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Swedish Pop Star Zara Larsson Shares Her Tips For On-Stage Makeup - "Go Off With the Liner”

Zara Larsson is know for her subtle yet glamorous onstage looks, and the Swedish pop star wasn't shy about sharing some of her favorite beauty tips in a makeup tutorial with Vogue on Wednesday. While Larsson likes to keep her look young, fresh, and natural, she makes an exception when it comes to eyeliner. "Go off with the liner," she says. Also, can we just point out how amazing her wickedly long, bright green nails look? So cool. The 21-year-old "Lush Life" singer starts her routine by applyi...
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Creeptastic eye pies

"Look into my pies" Baker Lorraine Elliott has just the thing to bake this Halloween: creepy, vanilla-scented rhubarb "eye pies." A conversation with her friend Nina inspired them: "I'm so hungry I'm going to eat someone's face off!" she said with madness in her eyes, while kneeling dangerously close to my face. "How long have you been on this diet?" I asked. "A day," she said solemnly. ...I offered her a rhubarb tart but alas that wasn't high protein enough. Moral of the story: eat pies even on...
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Best Eyeshadow Palettes (2019) | Editor’s Top Picks

There is an endless supply (seemingly, at least) of eyeshadow palettes hitting the market at any given point, and last year, I was excited to see a few new, permanent palettes get released, but I’m even more excited for our guide to Best Eyeshadow Palettes — 2019 Edition because there were so many permanent palettes launched this year alone! ColourPop’s nine-hued monochromatic palettes released frequently throughout the year, and while a lot of them are quite nice, I’ve selected the best of the ...
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"Alleged Japanese stalker studied reflection from photos of pop star's pupils to find out where she lived"

Text from The Japan Times, 10/12/19. A man arrested on suspicion of stalking a female pop idol used the reflections of her pupils in photos she shared on social media and Google Street View to find where she lived. Tokyo police declined comment on the specifics of the investigation but confirmed Friday that 26-year-old Hibiki Sato was arrested Sept. 17 on suspicion of indecent behavior in connection with stalking and causing injuries to the 20-year-old woman. The police official, who ...
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It's OK

  T ime brings easier answers. He seems to be trying out all the baskets here. Seeing what fits. I'm considering face in new ways. By getting outside my box/self.    A few new thoughts in Part 1 of Patchwork in Perspective today. And it finally stopped raining.
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Use Your Electronic Devices and Still Get A Restful Sleep

If you are like me, you work from the time you get up until you go to bed and much of that work involves looking at a screen, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or when you get a chance to relax, the television. According to research conducted by the National Sleep Foundatio...
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Easy, Fuss-Free Summer Beauty Essentials!

Summer beauty means easy, fuss-free makeup. A select group of beauty products for minimal time, maximum impact. This is the beauty routine I’ll be following this summer! My summer beauty look starts with long, sexy eyelashes. I’m using neuLASH® Lash Enhancing Serum, which uses a proprietary combination of amino acids and bioengineered peptides to condition, strengthen and protect lashes. Niotin, an essential B vitamin, fortifies lashes against further damage and sodium hyaluronate boosts hy...
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The Complex Eye

M ost of my thoughts, lately, have to do with Perspective. And the confusion in how we might see things differently than others. Even, over time, differently than our other selves.  For me, there seems to be a new one born at every moment.  And I think that is good.  Because if I live long enough I might have enough eyes to make some sense of it all.
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  A ll things mechanical seem to have failed me this week. Technology related. Today it is Gmail of all things. But  I do keep at it. Technology is a thread. Here is a blurry pic of  Eye woman . From both sides. The other side was rather surprising mostly because it's been a while, and as it often happens,  and I'd forgotten how I got here. I think, to work on this from both sides might be appropriate. While trying to imagine what the inside looks like.  Vision, Perspective, how it mi...
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