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Fabrice Monteiro’s best photograph: a spirit emerges from a rubbish dump in Senegal

‘The model is holding a child’s doll, looking out over the wreckage. It represents the future generations we’re condemning to environmental catastrophe’Outside Dakar, Senegal’s capital, is a rubbish dump with its own name: Mbeubeuss. The land on which it sits was once flat swampland. It began as a landfill site in 1968; today, it is a mountain of rubbish. It has accumulated so much plastic waste from the city that to reach it you have to drive on a road of compacted trash.This is not the Africa ...
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Fabrice Monteiro Travelled To The Most Polluted Places In Africa And Created Terrifying Characters Who Roamed Their Midst Dressed In Eerie Debris

Informed by Africa’s environmental problems, Fabrice Monteiro’s photographs aim to highlight urgent ecological issues all over the world. His series...
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Gods of garbage – in pictures

Fabrice Monteiro travelled to the most polluted places in Africa and created terrifying characters who roamed their midst dressed in eerie debris. They are spirits, he says, on a mission to make humans change their ways Continue reading...
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