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The Poison on Facebook and Twitter Is Still Spreading

Social platforms have a responsibility to address misinformation as a systemic problem, instead of reacting to case after case.
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Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology

Opinion Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology  USA – -( What do you make of the leftist violence and anarchy all over the country lately? Is it just random and unrepresentative of the Democratic Party and the left as a whole? Or does it logically follow from what the left has become?In Portland, Oregon, in June, a leftist mob surrounded a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office, barricading the exits and blocking the driveway. “Guards” patro...
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Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid 

It is so much easier to start a business when you have resources that do not require a lot of money to use. For instance, nowadays digital marketing has enabled small business owners to compete with even big brand names in the online landscape. On the Internet, it is fair game, what matters are the strategies you implement to get people’s attention. Digital marketing, search engine optimization – these are things that you can learn if you take the time to read all the helpful resources from web...
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A Guide To Getting The Most Of Facebook Analytics

For artists looking to get to know their online audience a little better, there are a variety of online tools at their disposal, but perhaps none is more powerful than Facebook Analytics. Here we offer some tips for those new to the service on how they can get the most out of it. ____________________ Guest post by Angela Mastrogiacomo from the TuneCore Blog When it comes to knowing your audience, you have a lot of tools at your disposal. Yet one that often gets overlooked despite its ...
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7 Indicators You Have The Wrong Music Marketing Strategy

A successful music career depends on a solid public image and communication with fans. While any good PR person does all they can, not every approach has a positive outcome. Here we look at some of the most frequent errors that can cause a marketing strategy to fail. ___________________________ Guest post by Scott Matthews Introduction The music industry, as much as any other field of work, depends on a good public image built through stage performance, street conduct, things the a...
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Improve Your Social Media Results

There are many variations of an old adage in advertising that goes something like this, "I know that half my advertising works...I just don't know which half!" I wondered who first came up with this humorous statement and according to... [Author: Randy Alletag]
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This Mediterranean Style Apartment Is an Oasis of Calm

Aangan Architects has designed this Mediterranean-style apartment in Surat for Pramod Mittal and his family. Mediterranean design is anything but straight lines; it is defined by arches, textured white-washed walls with a good dose of blue for windows and doors, and all colours that stem from nature.  The 2,660 sq.ft apartment is a modern interpretation [...] Connect with "dress your home" on Facebook. The post This Mediterranean Style Apartment Is an Oasis of Calm appeared first on dress your ...
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Black Dad Who “Golfcart Gail” Called Police on Breaks Down in Tears, Says Woman Owes Him an Apology

It’s a tale that has now, sadly, become as old as time. Yet another white woman has called the cops on a black man for the simple fact that he had the audacity to live in America while not being white.What was the cause of the latest in this long-running string of incidents? A man telling his son to listen to the refs at his youth soccer game.That’s right. Gerald Jones was doing nothing but trying to teach his son to listen to the refs during his game when all of the sudden “Golfcart Gail” decid...
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A shadowy group spent £257,000 on Facebook ads asking people to drive a knife into Theresa May's Brexit plan

Politicians have uncovered evidence of a dark advertising campaign on Facebook, in which Brits were encouraged to lobby against Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan. The Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee said £257,000 was spent on the adverts by an anonymous group called the Mainstream Network. The committee wants Facebook to reveal who is behind the campaign after it released its new political ad transparency tools in the UK this week. An influential group of politicians has u...
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New ‘Dark Ads’ pro-Brexit Facebook campaign may have reached over 10M people, say researchers

A major new campaign of disinformation around Brexit, designed to stir up U.K. ‘Leave’ voters, and distributed via Facebook, may have reached over 10 million people in the U.K., according to new research. The source of the campaign is so far unknown, and will be embarrassing to Facebook, which only this week claimed it was clamping down on “dark” political advertising on its platform. Researchers for the U.K.-based digital agency 89up allege that Mainstream Network — which looks and reads lik...
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Woman turns to Facebook to find a sperm donor

One woman tells how she took to social media in a bid to become pregnant.
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An Anonymous Group Spent $330,000 on Facebook Ads Urging Brits to Reject Brexit Deal

A group with no publicly available information about its owners has spent up to $330,000 urging Brits to reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal, according to evidence submitted to a British government inquiry on fake news. The website, called the Mainstream Network, is the latest group to have been linked to “dark ads” – advertisements targeted…
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Facebook campaign urges voters to oppose May’s Brexit deal

Anonymous ads appeal to as many as 10 million voters to ‘tell your MP to bin Chequers’An anonymously run influence campaign has spent more than £250,000 on Facebook encouraging British voters to email their MPs opposing Theresa May’s Brexit deal.In adverts micro-targeted to individual constituencies, voters are exhorted to “tell your local MP to bin Chequers”. Continue reading...
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A Curly Girl's Guide To Hair Oils

When it comes to curly hair, oils are a major key. In fact, almost every single complaint you have about your curls can be resolved with the right oil: from frizz to lack of shine, brittle hair, and even split ends. Curly hair tends to hold less hydration than straight hair. This lack of hydration causes frizz, making hair look dull (read: no shine). A lack of hydration also causes hair to feel brittle, which leads to more split ends. All of this stems from your curl pattern, not a natural incl...
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Twitter is shutting down bot accounts posting pro-Saudi tweets about missing dissident Khashoggi (TWTR)

Twitter has suspended hundreds of bot accounts identified by NBC News as being involved in a coordinated campaign to defend the Saudi government's role in the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Twitter told Business Insider it had already been aware of the bot accounts, which it said behaved like spam accounts.  Twitter said it could not definitively link the accounts to the Saudi government.  Twitter is suspending hundreds of bot accounts involved in a coordinated ef...
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The Only Facebook Timeline Cleaner You Need (New Scrubber)

There’s something exciting we want to share with you… We just added a Facebook timeline cleaner to our software. And it blows all the other ones out of the water. Before we move on, here are a couple lifelines for the time-sensitive: Don’t need the fancy details and just want to give it a shot? Click here to get started for free. Want to skip past “why we made it” and get to “why it’s better?” Scroll down a smidge. Why We Made It As you’ve probably noticed, more people have been getting in t...
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Brazil Elections: Facebook's WhatsApp “taking immediate legal action” against political spammers

WhatsApp, the messaging application business owned by Facebook, said on Friday it is “taking immediate legal action” against companies responsible for a flood of political spam ahead of Brazil's presidential elections. Campaign propaganda has flooded social media in Brazil ahead of an Oct. 28 run-off vote in the presidential election. Brazil's Folha (in Portuguese) is the best primary news source on this story. WhatsApp's legal action today immediately follows a Folha report a couple of day...
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Facebook is battling a tidal wave of fake news and misinformation on WhatsApp in Brazil (FB)

Facebook is battling a wave of fake news and disinformation in Brazil. Business groups have been spreading hoaxes supporting the far-right candidate in the presidential election, and ones study found half of all political content being shared was false or misleading. It shows how Facebook still struggles to police content on its platforms, and the seismic consequences this can have around the world. Facebook is currently battling a deluge of digital misinformation and fake news ahead of a con...
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Facebook needed to hire a diplomat, and Nick Clegg is the smartest choice

When Elliot Schrage announced he was stepping down from his role as Facebook’s Head of Global Policy and Communications, the Internet was abuzz with rumors about who would replace him. Today, we learned that it would be Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and one-time leader of the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg’s formal title will be VP of Global Affairs and Communications. According to the BBC, he’ll start working at the company next week, and will relocate with his ...
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New Music To Know This Week: Cher Lloyd Grows Up, Madame Gandhi Inspires & More

After my first job at MTV working as a music programmer, I can't stop trying to matchmake people with music they might like. So, I wrote a book calledRecord Collecting for Girls and started interviewing musicians. The Music Concierge is a column where I share music I'm listening to that you might enjoy, with a little context. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or leave me a comment below and tell me what you're listening to this week. Cher Lloyd "None of My Business"Damn, Cher Lloyd has grown u...
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Facebook hires EU veteran to help with tougher scrutiny

Facebook has hired former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to head its global policy and communications teams, enlisting a veteran of European Union politics to help it with increased regulatory scrutiny in the region and snowballing... [Author: [email protected]]
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Hughes Network, Paya Introduce New Business Tools, Voice Assistance Grows in Popularity

? Small businesses are always enticed with the latest pieces of technology to help them. They’re designed to help but often times, trying to adapt these technologies to our businesses or our businesses to these technologies does more harm than good. This week, small businesses were tempted with some new technologies that are designed to make it easier to run a business and make more money. For instance, Paya introduced a new payment platform. Hughes Network has launched a cyber security soft...
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US charges Russian woman Elena Khusyaynova with interfering in US elections

The US government on Friday charged a Russian woman with being part of a Kremlin-backed plot to interfere with next month's midterm elections. Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova, 44, became the first foreigner to be charged in connection with the upcoming elections, rather than the 2016 presidential race. She was accused of having being, since 2014, the chief accountant for "Project Lakhta", a $35 million operation linked to the St Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency, which led Russian soci...
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Male lion killed by mother of its cubs at Indianapolis Zoo

The zoo said on Facebook that a 10-year-old male African lion died Monday morning after it was hurt by a female lion.            [Author: Indianapolis Star]
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New Complaint Offers Details On How Russian Internet Trolls Were Financed

A new complaint unsealed Friday by the Justice Department against the alleged accountant who helped manage Russia’s election-meddling activities on social media offered new details on how the Internet troll farm was financed. Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova, a Russian national based in St. Petersburg, was in charge of “the budgeting and payment of expenses associated with social media operations, web content, advertising campaigns, infrastructure, salaries, travel, office rent, furniture, and sup...
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This chart shows Google’s $15 billion transformation over the past 10 years (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google knows that one day ad sales will max out and growth will slow. The company is preparing for the day by diversifying its businesses Statista, a research firm that provides market and consumer data,  tracked Google's revenues derived from non-advertising businesses and built a chart to show where they fall as a percentage of Google's overall sales. The tally from all those side bets, and moonshots and ventures outside of the core competency may surprise you.    Google's online adverti...
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Why academic medicine needs to value physician contributions to online platforms

In academic medicine, promotion depends on the weight of our curricula vitae, measured primarily by the number of papers we publish in peer-reviewed journals. Physicians strive to jump through the hoops of publishing their work in “top” journals ranked by the “impact factor” (yearly average number of citations for a given journal). Yet the “impact factor” of these journals — even those considered most prestigious and most impactful — is summarily dwarfed by the impact of those we can reach with ...
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Mueller Hits Snag In Russian Internet Troll Case

Special counsel Robert Mueller has run into some skepticism from the federal judge overseeing the case he brought against Russians allegedly behind a social media campaign to influence the 2016 election — skepticism that could lead to the dismissal of the count against a company run by the Russian oligarch known as Putin’s chef. The company, Concord Management, surprised observers by hiring lawyers to show up in court to fight the charges. Mueller has already survived Concord Management’s cha...
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Russian woman charged with U.S. election interference

By DEB RIECHMANN and ERIC TUCKER WASHINGTON  — A Russian woman was accused Friday of a sweeping effort to sway American public opinion through social media in the first federal case alleging foreign interference in the 2018 midterm election. The Justice Department unsealed the criminal complaint on the same day that U.S. intelligence agencies, in a rare public statement , asserted that Russia, China, Iran and other countries were engaged in continuous efforts to influence American policy and vot...
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Smart home makers hoard your data, but won’t say if the police come for it

A decade ago, it was almost inconceivable that nearly every household item could be hooked up to the internet. These days, it’s near impossible to avoid a non-smart home gadget, and they’re vacuuming up a ton of new data that we’d never normally think about. Thermostats know the temperature of your house, and smart cameras and sensors know when someone’s walking around your home. Smart assistants know what you’re asking for, and smart doorbells know who’s coming and going. And thanks to the clou...
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