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Ex-Oregon mayor gets 16 months for soliciting sex with child

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A former southern Oregon mayor has been sentenced to a year and four months in prison for soliciting sex from a police officer on Facebook who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports 72-year-old Kenneth Barrett also was sentenced Thursday to serve three years of supervision after his release […]
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Continuing to Remember Ann+

Along with Education for Ministry (EfM) , Episcopal Café , and most of the Episcopal Church as a whole, I am mourning the loss of a mentor, co-mentor, editor, friend, and incredible resource and example, namely Ann Fontaine. So many words have been written about her since her passing this past week that anything I say might seem to be just more of the same. Still, in talking to a friend recently, I realized something about Ann and her passing that gave me one of those insights that I want...
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Current Obsessions: The Chef and the Ceramicist

On our radar: the multi-talented (and design-minded) chef, a new line of clothing from Rough Linen, and a new shop in Dobbs Ferry. Here’s what we’ve bookmarked this week. Above: As part of our Commercial Kitchen week, we’ve been tracking the All-in-One Chef: chefs who are also designers (see: Matt Dillon in Seattle); ceramicists (like the talented chef/stylist/potter Marité Acosta, whose work is shown above; and Fernando Aciar at L’Estudio in New York, who makes his own bowls, plates, and lig...
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Facebook users are mad as hell over the Cambridge Analytica scandal (FB)

Facebook users were angry after the enormous data breach and trust in the company has plummeted. Many have exacted revenge by deleting their account, and a study of 3,000 users in the US showed that they want Facebook punished in other ways. The Ponemon Institute found that they expect compensation and greater regulation after 87 million accounts were scraped for data by Cambridge Analytica. More honesty could help Facebook in the future. There's a simple reason why #DeleteFacebook was trend...
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How firms you have never interacted with can target your Facebook

Advertisers are seemingly able to access accounts with no input from the userOn one of Facebook’s myriad setting screens, a place where few dare tread, is a list of places you’ve probably never heard of, all of whom insist that they know you. It’s emblematic of the data protection issues Facebook is struggling to address in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, of the fact that these problems spread far beyond Facebook, and of the easy solutions the company could take if only it had the c...
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Facebook Already Spent $3.3 Million Lobbying this Year

Facebook spent $3.3 million on lobbying in the United States during the first quarter of 2018, disclosures filed with the government Friday showed. The multi-million dollar effort marks the largest tab the company has ever racked up on lobbying in a single quarter.Read more...
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Klobuchar wants 'consumer bill of rights' for Facebook users

Legislation a response to privacy breaches, election disruption revelations. [Author: Maya Rao]
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Machinima Power of The Primes Web Series Premiere Date Revealed

The Transformers Facebook page has shared a post today featuring a video clip (from Titans Return) and revealing when the third and final series in the Prime Wars Trilogy will launch. With a much shorter wait than that from Combiner Wars to Titans Return, Power of The Primes will begin streaming on Tuesday, May 1st. With the debut so close, it seems odd we haven't seen more promotion leading up to the launch date as we had with both previous web series - but there's still about a week and a h...
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Orchid Labs is in the process of raising $125 million for its surveillance-free layer atop the internet

Orchid Labs, a San Francisco-based startup that’s developing a a surveillance-free layer on top of the internet, has raised a bunch of funding, according to a newly processed SEC filing that shows the year-old startup has closed on $36.1 million. The money comes just five months after Orchid closed on a separate, $4.5 million in funding from investors, including Yes VC, cofounded by serial entrepreneurs Caterina Fake and Jyri Engeström. Others of its earliest backers include Andreessen Horowitz,...
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New Music To Know This Week: Lykke Li Makes A Comeback, Becky G Owns The World

Lykke Li "deep end"I think I learned more about Lykke Li's life from one mention in Rolling Stone's profile of Harry Styles last year than I have ever known about her, outside of what she records for her albums. She is a hardcore Artist with a capital A. And it would be irrelevant that she's partnered with super producer Jeff Bhasker (Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Jay Z, Kanye West, seriously the list goes on, and we could do this all day) or that the...
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Refreshing or Revolting: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai has few crossovers in its lineup, but all of them are getting a makeover. This year, the automaker began selling the new subcompact Kona and will bring out a face-lifted Tucson in the fall. Meanwhile, Hyundai is completely revamping the Santa Fe. Replacing the midsize, two-row Santa Fe Sport, the new Santa Fe seats up to five passengers while offering them more modern amenities than the old model. But has Hyundai made a more visually compelling crossover? The Santa Fe’s front face is an ...
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Tourist takes crowdfunded trip to British islands

Joe Hill, from the US, mistook a Facebook group for the channel island of Jersey as one for New Jersey.
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Facebook to show pre-roll video ads in more places

Facebook will show pre-roll adscommercials ahead of videosin more places on the social network.On Friday, the company revealed the expansion of pre-roll ads, a format once banned by CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, in a blog post about "best practices and updates on video and monetization."One of the ways for media companies to make money on Facebook is by showing ads in their videos and splitting the revenue. Last year, Ad Age reported that Facebook would start testing pre-roll ads in Watch, its ne...
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Deleting your Facebook account won’t keep it from tracking you

The #DeleteFacebook movement has been riding high ever since the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal got rolling, with high-profile figures like Elon Musk publicly declaring their intention to purge their good names from Facebook’s ledgers (only not really doing it, in Musk’s case). But, by Facebook’s own admission, it still has ways of tracking ex-users and non-users alike. For context: Facebook’s inability to keep its user data private was the crux of the Cambridge Analytica case, and its pro...
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Pennsylvania legislator attacks colleague as ‘lying homosexual’

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Republican state lawmaker in Pennsylvania is calling a colleague a “lying homosexual” in a Facebook post attacking liberal legislators. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe also is defending his comments, which he made Friday. He tells The Associated Press that he mentioned the sexual orientation of Democratic Rep. Brian Sims of Philadelphia because Sims […]
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Belgian Waffle Ride 2018

The Belgian Waffle Ride was my “A” race for the year. I was getting it out of the way early to give Becca plenty of room for her events in 2018. She was coming back from injury and with the race being brought forward by four weeks I was looking forward to having a relatively sane 2018 after a very busy 2017!My approach to the race started back in January when I attended the Source Endurance Camp. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with old faces, make new friends and more importantly spend so...
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State Lawmaker Attacks Fellow Lawmaker as 'Lying Homosexual'

A Republican state lawmaker in Pennsylvania is calling a colleague a 'lying homosexual' in a Facebook post attacking liberal legislators, and is defending his comments.
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Prepping Facebook Events For Optimal Promotion

Being able to clearly present and describe your event on Facebook is essential to reaching your patrons and fans, and being able to capture their interest to increase their chances of actually showing up at your event. _____________________________ Guest post from Event Marketing Toolbox Writing a clear and catchy description for your event is half the battle. Fill in all the information your potential patrons may need. Plan ahead: as soon as the event reaches a ...
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Facebook's rep has taken a hit from the Cambridge Analytica scandal — but its ad business hasn't (FB)

Despite all the negative news lately, particularly relating to the Cambridge Analytica data leak, Facebook's advertising business appears to be plugging along, Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said in a research note Friday. Ad spending on Facebook continues to grow rapidly, Sebastian reported, citing recent research from data firms. While some companies with well-known brands may scale back their spending on Facebook, the impact is likely to be minimal, he said. Facebook's stock and reputation...
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Google, Twitter pressed to follow Facebook into Senate hearings

The CEOs of Google and Twitter may be next to follow Mark Zuckerberg into a gauntlet of congressional hearings.Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune said he's considering another public hearing on data privacy and spoke with representatives of Alphabet Inc.'s Google this week, suggesting the company send CEO Sundar Pichai to answer questions."I've told them I'd like to have them come in and talk to us about data privacy and maybe some of the other social media platforms as well," Thune says. "It'l...
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Weekend Long Reads: Facebook's New Data Policy

It’s Friday, and that means you’ll soon get some sleep, wake up refreshed, pour a cup of Joe, and finally read Paul Ford’s 38,000-word article about coding from 2015. But wait, Facebook just stepped in and dropped its new data policy. And now that it’s a full 1,500 words longer, you’re going to want to set aside a…
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Hamilton Actor Javier Muñoz Forced To Go Into Hiding After Targeted Harassment Following Mike Pence Visit

This is the world we live in. Truly upsetting. Javier Muñoz is speaking out after a terrifying experience of being targeted by harassment following Mike Pence's visit to the Hamilton show back in 2016. As you may remember, the cast directed a conversation about equality toward the Vice President Elect (at the time) after the performance -- and Lin-Manuel Miranda's understudy says he has been threatened online and at his home ever since. Related: Britney Spears Honored By GLAAD Media Awards The t...
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Social Feed: Pinterest glams up, Facebook tests ‘live’ prerecorded premieres

What are the social networks up to this week? Facebook is launching a slew of new tests, while facing scrutiny for housing discrimination on top of data practices. Pinterest now has prettier profiles for businesses (with more stats). The post Social Feed: Pinterest glams up, Facebook tests ‘live’ prerecorded premieres appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Remembering Ann from the SttS Contributors

Although I never got to meet her in person, Ann Fontaine has been walking alongside me almost as long as I’ve been an Episcopalian.  We first met when I was new to the church, around 2006, via the blogosphere.  She later coerced me (in that won’t-take-no-for-an-answer way of hers) to do online EfM in one of the groups where she was a mentor.  She continued to walk alongside of me through my convoluted nine year path to the priesthood, encouraging me, telling me it was what I was called to do but...
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Facebook's drones unit is conducting a mysterious test in the desert near New Mexico's 'spaceport' (FB)

Facebook's drones unit is conducting tests of experimental wireless equipment in New Mexico. The tests were revealed in FCC filings seen by Business Insider. FCL Tech, which develops internet-enabled drones for the developing world, said it is working on a "connectivity project." Facebook's drones unit is quietly conducting tests of experimental wireless communications equipment in the New Mexico desert, according to company filings. Documents filed with the FCC show that FCL Tech Inc. — a F...
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Facebook Sets Pre-Roll Ad Expansion, Details Kinds of Videos That Aren’t Eligible for Monetization

Facebook says it’s expanding pre-roll video ads to more areas of the platform — and it’s also clarifying its monetization policies to spell out what kinds of videos aren’t eligible for ads. The company said Friday that after testing pre-roll ads for shows in Facebook Watch, it will be expanding the test to places where […]
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Facebook Sets Pre-Roll Ad Expansion, Details More Kinds of Videos That Aren’t Eligible for Monetization

Facebook says it’s expanding pre-roll video ads to more areas of the platform — and it’s also clarifying its monetization policies to spell out additional kinds of videos aren’t eligible for ads. The company said Friday that after testing pre-roll ads for shows in Facebook Watch, it will be expanding the test to places where […]
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Remainders: From Supply Chains to Stephen Hawking

I’ve set (what I originally thought was) a reasonably modest goal for myself of writing 10 blog posts in April. Two more to go with one week left. Thanks for following along and please let me know what you think. Also, you can now subscribe to the blog by email. Sign up here. Alright alright alright. Quick status check for me: Spent the week out in SF for Percolate’s Transition Conference where I gave a talk about how to use supply chain thinking and the Theory of Constraints to deal with the co...
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Facebook Wants To Make Its User Data Available To Social Scientists. Should It?

In partnership with the non-profit Social Science Research Council, Facebook's social-science program will put out a call for university scientists to apply for grants to study the effects of social media on democracies and elections, potentially using proprietary Facebook data. The money will come from various foundations known to give to Democrats, Republicans, and journalists.
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How A 32-Year-Old Woman In Media Learned Not To Disclose Her Salary

In our series My Salary Story , women with years of career experience open up about the most intimate details of their jobs: compensation. It’s an honest look at how real people navigate the complicated world of negotiating, raises, promotions, and job loss, with the hope it will give young women more insight into how to advocate for themselves — and maybe take a few risks along the way.We're joining forces with The Salary Project at Career Contessa for the next few months to reflect an even wi...
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