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Facebook Is Pivoting Away From ‘Engaging’ Content In the News Feed

It seems like Facebook is really trying (for real this time, guys!) to get a handle on its fake news problem. Today the company announced a major change to the way it prioritizes news articles in your feed. Instead of prioritizing news content that has the most engagement, the social media giant will now show users…Read more...
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Facebook and Twitter Remove Trump's Doctored 'Fake News' Video After Copyright Complaint

Unsurprisingly, it turns out parents aren’t too keen on their toddlers being co-opted for presidential propaganda. Read more...
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Facebook hires Reuters to fact-check posts, but politicians can still lie in ads

Social media giant has been accused of perpetuating fake news
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Facebook must police Today In, its local news digest launching in 400 cities

Facebook has a new area of its app it will have to police for fake news and biased sensationalism. Facebook is launching “Today In”, its local news aggregator it began testing in January, in 400 small to medium-sized US cities. It’s also now testing it in its first overseas spot in Australia. iOS and Android users can open the Today In bookmark or opt in to getting digests of its local news in their feed. The feature includes previews that link out to news sites about top headlines, current d...
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Facebook partners with AFP to check fake news

Faceboook has partnered with news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) to curb the spread of fake news including photos and videos on its platform ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha elections, reports PTI. AFP has been certified through the Poynter Institute’s non-partisan International Fact Checking... ...
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Facebook launches “Hunt For False News” debunk blog as fakery drops 50%

Facebook hopes detailing concrete examples of fake news it’s caught — or missed — could improve news literacy or at least prove it’s attacking the misinformation problem. Today Facebook launched “The Hunt For False News”, in which it examines viral B.S., relays the decisions of its third-party fact checkers, and explains how the story was tracked down. The first edition reveals cases where false captions were put on old videos, people were wrongfully identified as perpetrators of crimes, or r...
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Facebook rolls out photo/video fact checking so partners can train its AI

Sometimes fake news lives inside of Facebook as photos and videos designed to propel misinformation campaigns, instead of off-site on news articles that can generate their own ad revenue. To combat these politically rather than financially-motivated meddlers, Facebook has to be able to detect fake news inside of images and the audio that accompanies video clips. Today its expanding its photo and video fact checking program from four countries to all 23 of its fact-checking partners in 17 coun...
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Facebook assigns you a fake-news-flagging trustworthiness score

A new way to attack Facebook is to fraudulently report a news story as false in hopes of reducing its visibility, either because someone wants to censor it or just doesn’t agree with it. Sometimes known as “brigading,” a concerted effort by trolls to flag a piece of content can reduce its visibility. Facebook now sends stories reported as false to third-party fact checkers, and these purposefully inaccurate reports can clog the already-overcrowded queues that fact checkers struggle to worth t...
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Facebook shuts down disinformation network targeting US elections

Facebook has shut down a disinformation network of 32 accounts and pages which were putting out divisive messaging ahead of the upcoming US mid-term elections in November. Facebook said the accounts stands suspended for “coordinated inauthentic behavior”. These accounts were created... ...
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Facebook answered some questions and didn’t answer many others about election integrity

We missed this earlier In late July, several core members of the Facebook team came together to speak about Facebook’s new and expanded election strategy. The agenda was to be election strategy, political advertising, news feed integrity, controlling the spread of fake news, and quality of... ...
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Dodged questions from Facebook’s press call on misinformation

Facebook avoided some of the toughest inquiries from reporters yesterday during a conference call about its efforts to fight election interference and fake news. The company did provide additional transparency on important topics by subjecting itself to intense questioning from a gaggle of its most vocal critics. A few bits of interesting news did emerge: Facebook’s fact-checking partnerships now extend to 17 countries, up from 14 last month. Top searches in its new political ads archive inc...
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Concerns over user data and ‘other issues’ delay WhatsApp Pay rollout: Report

The Indian government is delaying WhatsApp’s plan to launch its digital payment service owing to concerns over how the Facebook owned company will store user data and ‘other issues’, Bloomberg reports. According to Bloomberg, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has asked... ...
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Zuckerberg Looks To 'Clear Up' Stance On Facebook, Fake News And The Holocaust

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he "didn't intend to defend the intent of people" who deny the Holocaust occurred, after his remarks on fake news and hoaxes were criticized this week. (Image credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
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Facebook would make a martyr by banning Infowars

Alex Jones’ Infowars is a fake news-peddler. But Facebook deleting its Page could ignite a fire that consumes the network. Still, some critics are asking why it hasn’t done so already. This week Facebook held an event with journalists to discuss how it combats fake news. The company’s recently appointed head of News Feed John Hegeman explained that, “I guess just for being false, that doesn’t violate the community standards. I think part of the fundamental thing here is that we created Faceb...
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Facebook outlines plans for combating false news

Fake news stories remain a problem for Facebook and those who use the platform. At a recent conference, the social media giant outlined its new plans for identifying fake news stories using a combination of AI and human fact-checkers. The post Facebook outlines plans for combating false news appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook shrinks fake news after warnings backfire

Tell someone not to do something and sometimes they just want to do it more. That’s what happened when Facebook put red flags on debunked fake news. Users who wanted to believe the false stories had their fevers ignited and they actually shared the hoaxes more. That led Facebook to ditch the incendiary red flags in favor of showing Related Articles with more level-headed perspectives from trusted news sources. But now it’s got two more tactics to reduce the spread of misinformation, which Fac...
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Facebook demands ID verification for big Pages, “issue” ad buyers

Facebook is looking to self-police by implementing parts of the proposed Honest Ads Act before the government tries to regulate it. To fight fake news and election interference, the admins of popular Facebook Pages and advertisers buying political or “issue” ads on “debated topics of national legislative importance” like education or abortion to verify their identity and location. Those that refuse, are found to be fraudulent, or are trying to influence foreign elections will have their Pag...
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Facebook reveals Russian troll content, shuts down 135 IRA accounts

Facebook is showing an unprecedented level of transparency around its latest effort to suspend Russian trolls trying to influence elections and mislead the public as it tries to regain the trust of users and the government. The company shared both stats about the account deletions and samples of the content they shared. Facebook has removed 70 Facebook accounts, 138 Facebook Pages, and 65 Instagram accounts run by the Russian government-connected troll farm and election interference squad the...
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Facebook fights fake news with author info, rolls out publisher context

Red flags and “disputed” tags just entrenched people’s views about suspicious news articles, so Facebook is hoping to give readers a wide array of info so they can make their own decisions about what’s misinformation. Facebook will try showing links to a journalist’s Wikipedia entry, other articles, and a follow button to help users make up their mind about whether they’re a legitimate source of news. The test will show up to a subset of users in the U.S. if the author’s publisher has impleme...
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Facebook and the endless string of worst-case scenarios

Facebook has naively put its faith in humanity and repeatedly been abused, exploited, and proven either negligent or complicit. The company routinely ignores or downplays the worst-case scenarios, idealistically building products without the necessary safeguards, and then drags its feet to admit the extent of the problems. This approach, willful or not, has led to its latest scandal, where a previously available API for app developers was harnessed by Trump and Brexit Leave campaign technolog...
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Facebook's Latest Bright Idea to Fight Hoaxes Was to Promote Comments That Said 'Fake'

Facebook wants you to know that it is committed to stopping the spread of internet hoaxes. But it requires some mental gymnastics to understand how signal-boosting comments with the word “fake” in them would help fight misinformation. In a recent test, however, that’s exactly what the social network did.Read more...
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Facebook security chief rants about misguided “algorithm” backlash

 “I am seeing a ton of coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and attacks against fantasy, strawman tech cos” wrote Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos on Saturday in a reeling tweetstorm. He claims journalists misunderstand the complexity of attacking fake news, deride Facebook for thinking algorithms are neutral when the company knows they… Read More
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Facebook tries fighting fake news with publisher info button on links

 Facebook thinks showing Wikipedia entries about publishers and additional Related Articles will give users more context about the links they see. So today it’s beginning a test of a new “i” button on News Feed links that opens up an informational panel.  “People have told us that they want more information about what they’re reading” Facebook product… Read More
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Facebook bans “cloaking” of spam sites that fool filters

 “Cloaking” sounds sci-fi but it’s actually a trick used today by spammers to show content moderators or search engine spiders an innocent looking version of their site while real visitors just see ads and scams. For example, some spammers try to fool Facebook’s review team and tech by showing any of its staffers’ IP addresses a benign landing page for links or… Read More
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Facebook's Latest Solution to Fake News? More Machines, Baby

Take a shot every time Facebook evades editorial accountability.
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Facebook News Feed change demotes sketchy links overshared by spammers

 Technically, Facebook can’t suspend people’s accounts just for sharing 50-plus false, sensational, or clickbaity news articles per day. It doesn’t want to trample anyone’s right to share. But there’s nothing stopping it from burying those links low in the News Feed so few people ever see them. Today Facebook announced an algorithm change that does just that. It… Read More
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Facebook requests input on hard questions about censorship and terrorism

 How should Facebook decide what’s allowed on its social network, and how to balance safety and truth with diverse opinions and cultural norms? Facebook wants your feedback on the toughest issues it’s grappling with, so today it published a list of seven “hard questions” and an email address — [email protected] — where you can send feedback and… Read More
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Facebook requests input on hard questions about censorship

 How should Facebook decide what’s allowed on its social network, and how to balance safety and truth with diverse opinions and cultural norms? Facebook wants your feedback on the toughest issues it’s grappling with, so today it published a list of seven “hard questions” and an email address — [email protected] — where you can send feedback and… Read More
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