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Big tech can't keep our kids safe, so the platforms need to at least make it easier for parents to protect their children online

Junior, 7, recovering from COVID-19, plays games on his father's phone on April 25, 2020 in Stamford, Connecticut. John Moore/Getty Images Social media platforms don't adequately prioritize online safety for kids - but we've been asking the wrong things of them. Children face real dangers online, including issues like bullying, sexual predators, and more. Big Tech needs to partner with parents to give them greater control over their children's online worlds. Brian Bason is ...
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A counter to Facebook’s rebuttal of the Netflix film ‘The Social Dilemma’

Facebook has hit out at claims made in the the Netflix docudrama ‘The Social Dilemma’ which portrayed the growing divisiveness and danger on social media and the internet, and the role big tech companies like Facebook and Google are playing in this transformation. The company claimed that the film buries “substance in sensationalism”, and rather than offer a nuanced look at technology, it gives a “distorted view of how social media platforms work to create a convenient scapegoat for what are dif...
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Facebook launches Messenger Kids in India

On April 22, Facebook launched its Messenger Kids app in more than 70 countries including India. The video chat and messaging app, which has been developed to be used by children under 13 years of age is currently available on iOS in India, and will be rolled out for Android by the end of the week, […] ...
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Digital Trends Live: Zoom updates, Facebook Messenger Kids, SpaceX, and more

On this Digital Trends Live, we talk the top tech news, including Zoom’s update and Facebook Messenger Kids.
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Facebook announces additional parental controls for Messenger Kids

Parents, whose kids use the Facebook Messenger Kids app, will now be able to see recent contacts and chat history of their kids’ interactions, images kids sent and received in their inbox, and a list of contacts kids have blocked/unblocked, Facebook’s product manager Morgan Brown said in a blog post on February 4. Parents will […] ...
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Facebook teaches us all how web privacy works with Messenger Kids

Facebook Messenger Kids wants to help young users understand online privacy through in-app education.
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Child advocates to Mark Zuckerberg: 'Shut down Facebook Messenger Kids' immediately

After revelations that Facebook duped kids into spending money on online games, advocacy groups want the social network to shut down Messenger Kids.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Facebook and Instagram change to crack down on underage children

Facebook and Instagram will more proactively lock the accounts of users its moderators suspect are below the age of 13. Its former policy was to only investigate accounts if they were reported specifically for being potentially underage. But Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that an ‘operational’ change to its policy for reviewers made this week will see them lock the accounts of any underage user they come across, even if they were reported for something else, such as objectionable content, o...
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How to help protect your kids from ‘online luring’

Keeping your children safe online seems to get more difficult by the day. Children as young as five are getting tablets and smartphones. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other apps have become essential to how kids and teens communicate with each other. And yet, in the decades since children have been using the internet, a host of parental controls and devices have been developed to make it easier to monitor online use. And the new crop of parents are more familiar with the inner work...
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Facebook Messenger Kids gets new sleep mode parent control

Messenger Kids is Facebook chat application for children aged six to 12 and today the company is now rolling out a new sleep mode parent control. This feature brings more control to parents for how long their kids can spend using the app. The new sleep mode brings the ability for parents to set a designated off time on when the app can’t be used, meaning that at the determined time, the app will “go to sleep” and is not accessible to kids during those hours. This new Sleep mode is controlled ...
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Facebook just added an important parental control feature to its controversial kids app (FB)

Facebook Messenger Kids is getting "sleep mode," which lets parents choose which times their children can use the app. Messenger Kids has been met with backlash since it was introduced last year, with heath experts calling on the social media giant to shut the app down completely. Messenger Kids, Facebook's messaging app aimed at children between the ages of six-12, is getting a major parental control feature. The company announced Friday that parents will now be able to activate "sleep mode...
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Parents can now limit their kids’ access to the Facebook Messenger Kids app

Facebook has updated the Messenger Kids app with a new feature that parents might appreciate -- the ability to set when kids can and can't access it. The new feature is called Sleep Mode. The post Parents can now limit their kids’ access to the Facebook Messenger Kids app appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook Kids App Widely Criticized by Child Health Advocates Is Now Available to Even More Kids

Messenger Kids, Facebook’s messaging service for children, is rolling out to Android users today. It’s a bold move, given that the app has gotten a lot of heat since its launch in December. Nearly 100 child health advocates signed a letter to Mark Zuckerberg last month urging him to delete the app, and Wired…Read more...
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Child Health Groups to Mark Zuckerberg: Delete Messenger Kids 

In December, Facebook launched Messenger Kids, a new messaging service for children as young as six. Now, a bunch of advocacy groups are urging Mark Zuckerberg to discontinue the app.Read more...
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Facebook Messenger Kids app with parental controls launched for iOS

Facebook today has launched ‘Messenger Kids’ a standalone dedicated messaging app for kids in the USA for iOS. The Messenger Kids lets your kids to chat easily, start a video call and connect with family members and friends all of which is controlled from a parent’s Facebook account.  Facebook Messenger Kids comes with a bunch … Continue reading "Facebook Messenger Kids app with parental controls launched for iOS"
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Facebook “Messenger Kids” lets under-13s chat with whom parents approve

 For the first time, Facebook is opening up to children under age 13 with a privacy-focused app designed to neutralize child predator threats that plague youth-focused competitors like Snapchat. Rolling out today on iOS in the US, “Messenger Kids” lets parents download the app on their child’s phone or tablet, create a profile for them, and approve friends and family who they… Read More
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Facebook Launches New Messenger App for Young Kids—What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Facebook—home to rampant harassment, misinformation, and foreign election interference—is coming for your kids. The company announced a new app on Monday for children as young as six years old. The app, Messenger Kids, is a messaging service that gives parents authority over who their kids can chat with.Read more...
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Facebook Messenger Kids is a locked-down chat app with parental controls in mind.

Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook Messenger, aimed at children under the age of 13. The app, called Facebook Messenger Kids, works much like a trimmed-down version of the mainstream version of the app. The biggest difference is that it’s designed with parental controls in mind. Accounts have to be set up by parents, and kids can only talk to a pre-defined list of contacts. These can be relatives, who can use the ordinary Facebook Messenger app, or carefully-chosen friends. The home...
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