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News Feed Posts and Facebook Stories in the Same Feed?

A Facebook feed containing content from both News Feed and Stories has been spotted in the wild. A spokesperson for the social network said that while Facebook is always exploring ways to help people engage with News Feed and Stories, "We are not currently testing this publicly." Developer and blogger Jane Manchun Wong shared screenshots...
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Facebook toys with mixing Stories and News Feed into one swipeable carousel

Facebook's News Feed could look a lot like Stories if a prototype the social media giant is working on rolls out to users. The design change mixes Stories and News Feed posts into a full-screen slideshow that users swipe left to navigate. The post Facebook toys with mixing Stories and News Feed into one swipeable carousel appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Latest Facebook News Feed Rumor Is So Dumb I Pray It's True

Compared to other apps, Facebook can seem downright antiquated. One blogger described it recently as “a dopey website that sucks to use and look at.” Facebook seems to be aware of this problem, and is now reportedly testing an interface tweak that’s so aggressively dumb I sincerely hope they go for it.Read more...
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Facebook prototypes a swipeable hybrid carousel of feed posts & Stories

Feed and Stories unite! Facebook is so eager to preempt the shift to Stories that it might even let us use the same interface of horizontally swipeable cards to sift through News Feed posts. If users won’t scroll down any more, Facebook’s ad business could take a huge hit. But by allowing traditional feed posts and ads to appear amidst Stories in the same carousel you’re more prone to swipe through, it could squeeze more views and dollars out of that content. This would help Facebook graceful...
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Instagram bug showed Stories to the wrong people

Today in “Facebook apps are too big to manage”, a glitch caused some users’ Instagram Stories trays to show Stories from people they don’t follow. TechCrunch first received word of the problem from Twitter user InternetRyan who was confused about seeing strangers in his Stories Tray and tagged me in to investigate. The screenshots below show people in his Stories tray who he doesn’t follow, as proven by the active Follow buttons on their profiles. TechCrunch inquired about the issue, and t...
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New to real estate? Make these 8 things your first-year’s mission

What does a new agent need to do regularly to succeed, grow and be profitable in their business and beyond? Here’s a list of the major things that new agents must do to prosper and succeed in their first year.
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Homesnap has created the Instagram Stories of real estate

Homesnap has launched a new feature that lets agents create short, Instagram-esque posts about their listings, which can be then shared on social media.
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Around the World in 50 Captivating Digital Marketing Statistics

Sit back and join us for a journey through 50 recent digital marketing statistics that combine to tell a captivating tale of change, innovation, and generational preferences in an industry that changes faster than Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg could ever have envisioned in “Around The World in 80 Days.” via GIPHY Statistics exploring each of the B2B, influencer, content, and social media flavors of marketing combine to tell a captivating and unique story of how digital marketing has evolved...
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Facebook's shift to ephemeral messaging raises big questions for its advertising business, and could trigger a move into one-to-one marketing

Mark Zuckerberg just announced in a blog post that Facebook would shift its focus from public posts to private, ephemeral communication on its messaging apps. The move creates big unknowns for Facebook’s gigantic ad business, most of which is now contained in public feeds and content, and for its advertisers, observers said. But analysts and ad buyers see opportunity for advertisers that have been early adopters of Stories and chat bots, two tools that are prevalent in Facebook's messenger app...
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Facebook’s messaging shift could have an 'enormous' impact on advertisers, and could trigger a shift towards bots and Stories

Mark Zuckerberg just announced in a blog post that Facebook would shift its focus from public posts to private, ephemeral communication on its messaging apps. The move creates big unknowns for Facebook’s gigantic ad business, most of which is now contained in public feeds and content, and for its advertisers, observers said. But analysts and ad buyers see opportunity for advertisers that have been early adopters of Stories and chat bots, two tools that are prevalent in Facebook's messenger app...
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My Top 5: Pandora Stories Can Reward Creativity, and Thoughts on Ending Loyalty

I am back with my marketing and PR Top 5, which this time around is 3 (sorry, no refunds): Image Credit: Chris Blakely Another “Stories” Feature? But Wait, I Have Thoughts About Pandora Stories Whenever a social media app launches a “Stories” app, I make a nasty face and, while checking them out, wonder why generally these features can’t pass the “Why?” test. Do you look at Facebook Stories? I don’t; I don’t see how they add to what people can simply post in their timelines. Ins...
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The Story Behind Social Media Stories

By Jeff Jones Social media stories…They were introduced into the social media space by Snapchat, Instagram jumped on board, and then other major social channels- Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger- followed suit. They enable social media users to share short, fun, and cool pictures and videos of them with their social media friends and followers, with the video disappearing automatically after 24 hours. This new trend bottom lines the importance of visual content on social media. Statist...
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Where Social Media Marketing Is Headed in 2019

The social media industry is extremely fluid, with platforms, algorithms, and features changing at the drop of the hat. As marketers, it can be challenging to keep a finger on the pulse when that pulse is constantly changing pace. That’s where we come in. As a social-first agency, we are constantly analyzing this space and this space only, making sure we are on top of the latest trends. As your marketing team prepares to tackle the rest of this quarter, be on the lookout for social media 2019 t...
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BuzzFeed News' real problem isn't the special counsel's office

Dear Readers, It was a three-day weekend for some, but not over at BuzzFeed News. The publisher was busy defending its bombshell report on Robert Mueller’s investigation after the special counsel’s office denied the story, which claimed that President Trump directed his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. (BuzzFeed stands by its story.) The ordeal raised questions about BuzzFeed News’ credibility and showed the perils of high-stakes reporting on the Trump presidency in a 24-7 news cycle. Bu...
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Facebook: Here’s How to Share a Boomerang in Stories

Did you know that you can share Boomerang posts on Facebook Stories? Boomerangs are like animated GIFs, but instead of playing an animation in a loop, they repeatedly play an animation forward and backward. Our guide will show you how to share a Boomerang in Facebook Stories. Note: These screenshots were captured in the Facebook...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #430

Facebook launches petition feature, Community Actions Social media is often a political battleground and Facebook’s latest tool is helping arm its users. The platform is making it easier for people to make political demands, with the launch of Community Actions – a News Feed petition feature. First rolling out in the US, Community Actions will have their own discussion feed where people can leave comments and create fundraisers, and users will be able to tag government agencies and officials in...
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Everybody thinks Facebook Stories is a lame Snapchat clone, but it's showing signs of being a huge sleeper hit (FB)

Facebook's Stories feature might be one of the company's biggest hits in 2019. The feature got a lukewarm response when it was introduced in 2017, with many writing it off as a shameless clone of one of Snapchat's best features.  But one analyst predicts half of Facebook's daily users will be using it before too long.  And the glossy, eye-catching Stories format might enable more premium advertising, netting Facebook even more advertising dollars. The reception to Facebook's Stories feature h...
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Invite your friends — Facebook Events can now be shared to Stories

Facebook is testing a way to make plans with friends to attend an event -- through Stories. By sharing an event in Facebook Stories, users can message other friends interested in the event to make plans to attend together. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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What to Expect in 2019: Marketing Trends

By Rieva Lesonsky Most of us small business owners start the new year with mixed emotions. We’re hopeful and optimistic about growing our businesses, yet with anxious about all the challenges we know we’ll face. To find out what lies ahead, I’ve collected a number of tips, predictions and advice from people in the know. We’ll be exploring general consumer, financial and economic trends, as well as what to expect in the fields of marketing, technology, retail, HR and money. We also have contribu...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #428

Facebook adds CTA stickers in Stories for businesses Facebook Stories are growing, thank god, given the amount of time and $$$ the platform has invested in promoting and improving them. The latest boost to the feature is the introduction of call-to-action stickers for Page Stories, designed to help businesses make more effective use of the option via direct response tools. You can now prompt Facebook Stories viewers to ‘Shop Now’, ‘Get Directions’ or ‘Book’, directly from the Stories feed. Desp...
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2018 Social Media Year in Review

Continued privacy concerns and increased scrutiny around social media platforms were the main headlines for 2018’s year of social. But 2018 also introduced new areas of interest like the evolution of voice technology, built on ongoing trends like longer-form video consumption with IGTV, and gave us the brief craze over platforms like VERO. Campaigns like HBO’s Westworld: The Maze” Voice Gaming Skill and MINI’s Created in a Countryman captured consumer’s imaginations and attention while making th...
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Facebook Expands Partnership With DoubleVerify for Viewability and Fraud Measurement on Stories’ Video Ads

Facebook and DoubleVerify have announced an expansion of their partnership, a development that will provide advertisers with fraud and viewability measurement across Facebook Stories' video inventory. Facebook Stories video campaign measurement is now integrated with DoubleVerify's Pinnacle platform, which lets advertisers analyze their Stories campaigns with all other ad placement types the social network supports,...
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TopRank Marketing’s Top 6 B2B Social Media Marketing Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2019

That magical time of year has come once again, B2B marketers. As the end of the year draws near, we’re reflecting on what has come to pass and looking ahead to what is yet to come. We’re setting goals. We’re shaking up strategies. And we’re hoping the next year will bring more focus, insight, and success. Undoubtedly, social media marketing is top-of-mind as we reflect and plan. From the emergence of cool new platform features to scandal and algorithm shifts, 2018 brought both opportunity ...
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What you need to know in advertising today

Barstool Sports is joining the stampede of publishers trying to drum up more revenue from readers. The 15-year-old company known for its bawdy take on sports and culture is launching a new service in January called Barstool Gold. The existing content will stay free, but for $50, people will get exclusive material like new podcasts and documentaries. The service will kick off with a documentary about Barstool founder Dave Portnoy himself and how he started the company as a print newspaper in Bost...
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Facebook API bug allowed apps to access unposted photos of up to 6.8 million users

Facebook has clarified that its team has discovered a photo API bug that may have affected people who used Facebook Login and granted permission to third-party apps to access their photos. Though it fixed the bug, some third-party apps might have accessed to a broader set of photos than usual in the period between September 13th to September 25th.  The bug potentially gave developers access to all photos including those shared on Marketplace or Facebook Stories. The bug also impacted photos t...
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Overexposed: Facebook Snafu Reveals Private Photos of Millions of Users

2018 is just not Facebook’s year. And it isn’t letting up here in the final stretch. image via from The latest kerfuffle deals with Facebook’s accidental exposure of millions of users' private photographs. But they weren’t viewable to just regular Facebook users, only to third-party app developers. In a disclosure on their blog released today, Facebook more or less cops to the issue and discusses steps the company has taken to fix the bug. What went down is that, whe...
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Facebook Says Some Users' Private Photos Were Accidentally Shared With Developers

In September, a Facebook "bug" allowed developers to access images people shared with friends on Facebook Stories — or images users had not even posted. Up to 6.8 million users may have been affected.(Image credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)
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Here's What You Need To Know About The Latest Facebook Privacy Breach

Facebook announced today yet another privacy breach —  this time, one that may have granted third-party apps access to the photos of up to 6.8 million users between September 13 and September 25, 2018.When users grant apps access to their photos on Facebook, they are only supposed to be photos shared on their timeline. This bug, however, potentially gave apps access to user photos shared on Marketplace and Facebook Stories, as well as photos that users may have uploaded and then chosen not to p...
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Guess What Facebook Fucked Up This Time

Facebook did it again.
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Facebook admits bug allowed apps to see hidden photos

Bug let developers access pictures people had uploaded but chosen not to postA Facebook bug let app developers see photos users had uploaded but never posted, the social network has disclosed.For two weeks in September, an error in the way Facebook shares photos with third parties meant that apps could see not only photos users had posted on their newsfeed, but also pictures in other parts of the site – on Facebook Stories or Facebook’s Marketplace, for instance. Continue reading...
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