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How emotion-tracking A.I. will change computing as we know it

Affectiva is just one of the startups working to create emotion-tracking A.I. that can work out how you're feeling. Here's why this could change the face of computing as we know it. The post How emotion-tracking A.I. will change computing as we know it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Cops Are Trying to Stop San Francisco From Banning Face Recognition Surveillance

San Francisco is inching closer to becoming the first American city to ban facial recognition surveillance, a booming technology that’s a fast-growing business in the United States and extends to the core of China’s high-tech authoritarianism.Read more...
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'Automated Racism': Chinese Police Are Reportedly Using AI to Identify Minority Faces

Facial recognition technology can target entire populations of a specific demographic, and in the wrong hands, can be used as a powerful tool for discrimination. In China, this isn’t a cautionary tale, it’s already happening.Read more...
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Amazon Shareholders Set to Vote on a Proposal to Ban Sales of Facial Recognition Tech to Governments

Amazon shareholders will vote in May on a proposal to ban the sale of facial recognition technology to governments after beating an attempt by Amazon itself to quash the proposal before it got to a vote.
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What the rest of the world doesn't know about Chinese AI

ChinAI Jeff Ding's weekly newsletter reporting on the Chinese AI scene; on the occasion of the newsletter's first anniversary, Ding has posted a roundup of things about the Chinese AI scene that the rest of the world doesn't know about, or harbors incorrect beliefs about. It's an excellent list, but three points leapt out at me: 1. Most Chinese AI researchers read English and are very up to date on the progress AI researchers are making around the world; few westerners read Chinese and thu...
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Tour24’s self-guided apartment tours are catching on — is residential next?

Tour24 is an app that helps prospective renters tour apartments on their own. A leasing office can determine the hours the app allows, monitor time-in and out, and set the schedules for the validity of the smart lock's access code.
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Amazon shareholders to vote on proposal to stop selling racially biased facial surveillance software to governments

“BIG DEAL,” says the ACLU's Matt Cagle about this story. “Amazon shareholders will vote on whether the Board must reconsider company sales of face surveillance to governments. The SEC rejected Amazon's attempt to prevent this proposal from moving forward.” Amazon's facial recognition technology is branded 'Rekognition.' The fact that Amazon shareholders now get to vote on this *is* a big deal. Remember also that Amazon is one of the companies identified as providing services to Trump's “lock u...
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New York's Creepy Plan to Scan Faces at Toll Booths Has Been a Total Flop

Today brings some small relief for New Yorkers worried about the face-scanning tech being used at the city’s entry points: So far, the system has reportedly been a total bust, detecting 0 percent of faces “within acceptable parameters.” But that isn’t stopping the city from expanding the pilot program.Read more...
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How to Organize Photos by Faces in iOS

Gone are the days when you had to manually scan through hundreds of photos to find that one shot of you and your best friend that eludes you. On the three platforms you’re most likely to use to store your smartphone pictures—Apple Photos, Amazon Photos, and Google Photos—machine learning can categorize your photos by…Read more...
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In Your Face: How Facial Recognition Databases See Copyright Law But Not Your Privacy

Like many legal issues involving evolving technology, there is more here than meets the eye.
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West Virginia Man Fights Biometric Drivers License by Being Very Racist [Updated]

Phillip Hudok claims the state of West Virginia is violating his religious beliefs by requiring him to get a biometric drivers license.Read more...
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West Virginia Man Fights biometric Drivers License by Being Very Racist

Phillip Hudok claims the state of West Virginia is violating his religious beliefs by requiring him to get a biometric drivers license.Read more...
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Creepy Airport Face Scans Like China's Aren't Just Coming to America—They're Already Here

On Sunday, tech analyst Matthew Brennan tweeted an unsettling video of a facial recognition kiosk at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The kiosk seemed to give Brennan minutely personalized flight information as he walked by after automatically scanning his face in just seconds.Read more...
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Lawmakers Move to Block Companies From Using Face Recognition Without Your Consent

On the heels of this week’s news that a major tech company had scraped nearly a million images off Flickr to help train a facial-recognition tool, Senate lawmakers have introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at prohibiting commercial users of facial recognition from collecting and re-sharing such data without the…Read more...
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Passbase is building a full stack identity engine with privacy baked in

Digital identity startup Passbase has bagged $600k in pre-seed funding led by a group of business angel investors from Alphabet, Stanford, Kleiner Perkins, EY; as well as seed fund investment from Chicago-based Upheaval Investments and Seedcamp. The 2018-founded Silicon Valley-based startup — whose co-founder we chatted to briefly on camera at Disrupt Berlin — is building what it dubs an “identity engine” to simplify identity verification online. Passbase offers a set of SDKs to developers to...
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Bipartisan bill proposes oversight for commercial facial recognition

On Thursday, Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz and Missouri Senator Roy Blunt introduced a bill designed to offer legislative oversight for commercial applications of facial recognition technology. Known as the Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act, the bill would obligate companies to inform consumers about any use of facial recognition and proposes limiting companies from freely sharing facial recognition data with third parties without first obtaining explicit user consent. “Consumers are incre...
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Find Out If Your Photo Is In This AI Training Dataset

Facial recognition systems are everywhere, from security cameras that try to spot criminals to the way Snapchat finds your face to put bunny ears on it. Computers need a lot of data to be able to learn how to recognize faces, and some of it comes from Flickr. Read more...
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China’s authorities propose to keep minors out of live streaming

China is getting serious about the way live streaming videos affect tens of millions of youngsters, so much so a top authority has proposed to tighten restrictions on underage use. According to a report from the China Youth Daily, the Communist Party-controlled All Youth Federation recently submitted a proposal during the once-a-year parliamentary session, urging the country to introduce rules for protecting minors online and considers banning those under the age of 18 from hosting live videos. ...
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Don’t look now: why you should be worried about machines reading your emotions

Machines can now allegedly identify anger, fear, disgust and sadness. ‘Emotion detection’ has grown from a research project to a $20bn industryCould a program detect potential terrorists by reading their facial expressions and behavior? This was the hypothesis put to the test by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in 2003, as it began testing a new surveillance program called the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques program, or Spot for short.While developing the pro...
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China is rushing facial and voice recognition tech for pigs. Here's why.

In China, technology firms are working with the government to push voice and facial recognition to help pigs, many of which have been dying from a swine disease that's sweeping the country. African swine fever has spread quickly through China in recent weeks, affecting the world’s top pork producer and the reliability of supply for other nations. Today, the government announced plans to divide its hog industry into five zones in an attempt to halt the swine fever's spread. More on facial and ...
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Are you being scanned? How facial recognition technology follows you, even as you shop

As digital billboards record customers’ reactions to advertisements tailored to them, just who is safeguarding Australians’ privacy?If you shop at Westfield, you’ve probably been scanned and recorded by dozens of hidden cameras built into the centres’ digital advertising billboards.The semi-camouflaged cameras can determine not only your age and gender but your mood, cueing up tailored advertisements within seconds, thanks to facial detection technology. Continue reading...
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It's Surprisingly Easy to Trick People With a Disguise, Sneaky Study Finds

It could be much easier to pull off the perfect heist than you think. According to a new study from the UK, you don’t need to disguise yourself much in order to fool the average person into thinking they’re looking at someone else. It might even take as little as a goth makeover.Read more...
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The Mystery of That Taylor Swift Face Recognition Kiosk Has Been Solved

In December of last year, Rolling Stone reported that at a Taylor Swift concert at the 2018 Rose Bowl, there was a mysterious kiosk playing clips of the singer that doubled as a facial recognition system to flag any of Swift’s stalkers. A number of reports covered the alleged kiosk—including Gizmodo—but little was…Read more...
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The Best Wi-Fi Cams with Facial Recognition

Nest If you just need a simple Wi-Fi cam that can capture video, then there are plenty of options available. However, if you want one that has facial recognition, the list gets much shorter. The good news is that there are still some great options to choose from. Face Detection vs. Facial Recognition Before we go over some options, it’s important to know the difference between face detection and facial recognition, because you’ll see both of these terms used in the description of Wi-Fi c...
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How Taylor Swift showed us the scary future of facial recognition

Surveillance at concerts is just the beginning, as fears grow around an unregulated, billion-dollar industryTaylor Swift raised eyebrows late last year when Rolling Stone magazine revealed her security team had deployed facial recognition recognition technology during her Repudiation tour to root out stalkers. But the company contracted for the efforts uses its technology to provide much more than just security. ISM Connect also uses its smart screens to capture metrics for promotion and marketi...
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Man Hiding Face From Police Facial Recognition Test Fined for Telling Cops to 'Piss Off'

On Thursday, Metropolitan Police trialed a face recognition system in the East London town of Romford. The technology led to three arrests, according to The Independent. One individual was fined after an altercation that reportedly stemmed from his response to the facial recognition technology.Read more...
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San Francisco could be the first city in the U.S. to ban facial recognition

A San Francisco lawmaker introduced legislation which could see the city by the bay become the first city in the U.S. to officially ban the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement. The post San Francisco could be the first city in the U.S. to ban facial recognition appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Mixtape Podcast: Oracle’s alleged $400M issue with underrepresented groups

Screen time for kids, corporations allegedly not paying people from underrepresented groups and IBM offers some hope for the future of facial recognition technology: These are the topics that Megan Rose Dickey and I dive into on this week’s episode of Mixtape. According to research by psychologists from the University of Calgary, spending too much time in front of screens can stung the development of toddlers. The study found that kids 2-5 years old who engage in more screen time received ...
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San Francisco Lawmaker Moves to Ban City's Use of Face Recognition Tech

The deployment of facial recognition technology by government bodies in cities around the world continues to spread, even as lawmakers and technologists point out the ethical issues still plaguing these systems. That’s why a San Francisco elected official’s recent proposal is so important—it effectively bans the city…Read more...
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IBM builds a more diverse million-face data set to help reduce bias in AI

Encoding biases into machine learning models, and in general into the constructs we refer to as AI, is nearly inescapable — but we can sure do better than we have in past years. IBM is hoping that a new database of a million faces more reflective of those in the real world will help. Facial recognition is being relied on for everything from unlocking your phone to your front door, and is being used to estimate your mood or likelihood to commit criminal acts — and we may as well admit many of the...
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