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Kiwi media company Stuff for sale

From the moment Nine and Fairfax announced their merger, it was clear that Stuff wasn't part of the plans for the future of the joint enterprise. Speculation that the company would slice off the New Zealand arm has been confirmed... [Author: [email protected]]
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Basketball, soccer, wrestling and water polo games, practices postponed until LAUSD teachers’ strike ends

Practice plans and game schedules were already interrupted Monday for the 88 Los Angeles Unified School District high schools in the L.A. City Section — and the situation will worsen with each new day of the teacher’s strike. The work stoppage forces postponement of all practices and games for basketball, soccer, water polo and wrestling teams. “The district can’t provide enough supervision for this kind of work stoppage,” said Carson wrestling coach Sean Soltysik as he headed to a teachers’ ral...
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NRA Applauds Sen. Cornyn for Introducing Reciprocity Legislation

Opinion John Cornyn Fairfax, VA – -( On behalf of our more than 5 million members across the country, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauded the introduction of S. 69, The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019, sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (TX). “The current patchwork of state and local gun laws is confusing and can cause the most conscientious gun owner to unknowingly run afoul of the law when they are traveling ...
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NRA Needs A Proven Leader, Now More Than Ever

Opinion by Marion Hammer Wayne LaPierre is one of the most humble guys I know. He routinely turns down profile pieces, and he always tells people that it’s the members who are the bedrock of the NRA. Wayne doesn’t just say that. He believes that. More so than anyone else. Florida – -( My name is Marion Hammer. I’ve written in AmmoLand News before. I work as a gun rights lobbyist on gun rights for the NRA and for it’s Florida affiliate – Unified Sportsmen of Florida. I tell you ...
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L.A. City Section sports to continue for rest of week as potential teachers’ strike delayed until Monday

The United Teachers of Los Angeles announced Wednesday that it has postponed its planned strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District until Monday, clearing the way for sports in the L.A. City Section to continue the rest of this week. Initially, plans called for the strike to begin Thursday. The LAUSD sent out a memo Tuesday stating that once the strike begins, all games and practices will be cancelled. It also stated that practices couldn’t be relocated during the work stoppage. Wedn...
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Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results

Opinion Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results Fairfax, VA – -( Anti-gun organizations want you to believe that the next law, the next restriction on gun rights, the next burden for law-abiding gun owners will be the game-changer.  Whenever gun control fails – and it always does – the answer is that the effort didn’t go far enough. Researchers grasp for an excuse when they find their preferred gun control laws have no effect on crime. Chicago experienced fe...
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Gun Controllers Want Credit Card Companies to Monitor & Restrict Lawful Purchases

Opinion Gun Controllers Want Credit Card Companies to Monitor & Restrict Lawful Purchases Fairfax, VA – -( Treating nice people like criminals isn’t likely to enhance respect for the law. That’s a tough lesson anti-gun officials in New Jersey and Canada are learning now that deadlines are past or nearly arrived for certain newly-enacted gun control measures. Both localities are apparently experiencing widespread noncompliance with new requirements for firearm owners, despite pr...
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La Cañada boys basketball advances to tourney championship game

LA VERNE — What a difference a week makes. Last week, the La Cañada boys basketball team got off to a slow start that played a big part in its loss to St. Francis. In Friday night’s semifinal game of the Silver Division of the Classic at Damien, the Spartans started off slowly again but ended up much better results. Senior Ryan Graves scored 25 points and Ryan Grande added 12 as La Cañada (12-5) easily defeated Rancho Cucamonga 57-40 to advance today’s championship final against either Highland ...
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Midterms 2018: Get Ready for the Battles to Come

Opinion Midterms 2018: Get Ready for the Battles to Come Fairfax, VA – -( Although election results are still coming in as I write this, the overall picture of the 2018 midterm elections has emerged. Democrats made substantial – though not historic – gains in the U.S. House, retaking a majority and likely handing the speakership to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Democrats also picked up a handful of governorships across the map, with statehouses now about evenly divided between red a...
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Missouri: [Anti]Gun Bills Pre-Filed for 2019 Session

Opinion Missouri: [Anti]Gun Bills Pre-Filed for 2019 Session Fairfax, VA – -( With the 2019 Missouri legislative session to start in a few weeks, legislators have been busy pre-filing both pro and anti-gun legislation.  The following bills have been introduced to date and we expect more in the coming weeks.Pro-Gun LegislationSenate Bill 5, sponsored by Senator David Sater (R-29), would modify and create new provisions relating to the initiative and referendum process.Senate Bill ...
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Getting Priorities Straight: House Democrats and the Public

Opinion Nancy Pelosi Fairfax, VA – -( Anti-gun organizations and their sycophants would have you believe that the 2018 midterm elections were a referendum on gun rights.Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi “vows to fight” for “bipartisan, common sense” gun control and announced gun control “will be a priority” even before she had secured the Speaker’s gavel. The eagerness to curtail Constitutional rights isn’t limited to Nancy Pelosi; Representative Mike Thompson, head of the Democrats’ “...
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Twist: American Criticizes UK Shooting Traditions?

Opinion Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Fairfax, VA – -( Americans are often encouraged by   to embrace United Kingdom-style gun control.This would entail restrictive gun owner licensing, a near total ban on all handguns (handguns are permitted but heavily restricted in Northern Ireland), a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles, and a near prohibition on the use of firearms and even non-lethal alternatives for self-defense. Moreover, U.S. gun controllers are egged on in the...
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Gun Banners Indoctrinate Kids with Toy Gun Turn-in

Opinion Gun Banners Indoctrinate Kids with Toy Gun Turn-in Fairfax, VA – -( During the Christmas of 1914, some French, British, and German soldiers along World War I’s Western Front informally ceased hostilities in order to celebrate the holiday. The truce offered the combatants a brief moment to celebrate their shared humanity amidst the otherwise ghastly conflict.No such luck for Americans weary of the United States’ all-consuming culture war. For anti-gun zealots, the Christm...
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Misleading Headlines and the Murder Rate

Opinion CBS News vs The New York Times vs Facts Fairfax, VA – -( We hear a lot about “fake news.” We regularly see data miscoded and statistics misused. What we have seen several times over the last several months does not really fit any of those categories.CBS News published an article last month with the headline, “Gun death statistics: CDC study says gun deaths are on the rise after years of decline.”Twenty-seven days later, The New York Times published an article last week w...
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Keto at Disneyland: How to Eat Low Carb at Walt’s Original Magic Kingdom

For the past few months. I’ve been losing weight on the Ketogenic diet – I’m down 25 pounds and counting. For those of you who don’t know what the Keto diet is, it’s a high fat, extremely low carb diet that transforms your body into a fat eating machine. When you first start Keto, the prospect of finding Keto-friendly foods when eating out seems overwhelming. However, as you continue on the journey, you discover that it’s not very hard to find Keto options outside the home. As a Disneyland annu...
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A Brief History of the NRA Executive Vice President Position

Editors Note: This is AmmoLand News' first article in a series examining the role, challenges, and future of the NRA Executive Vice President position. A Brief History of the NRA Executive Vice President Position: Current CEO Wayne LaPierre. Fairfax, VA – -( For nearly three decades, Wayne LaPierre has been the face of the National Rifle Association. While he has been out there, fighting to preserve our Second Amendment rights, many who oppose our Second Amendment rights call hi...
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Canter’s Deli is giving away free sandwiches in honor of Amazon’s ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

If you’re a fan of Amazon Prime Video’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” you’re going to want to sink your teeth into more than season 2, which arrives Wednesday, Dec. 5. So how about a “Maisel” sandwich? Amazon Prime Video’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” celebrates season 2 by partnering with Canter’s Deli on “The Maisel” sandwich, from Dec. 9-16.Courtesy of Carnegie Deli, New York Canter’s Deli, the 87-year-old deli open 24 hours a day in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, is serving the honor...
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Anti-Gun Researchers Undermine the Anti-Gun Narrative…Doh

Opinion Anti-Gun Researchers Undermine the Anti-Gun Narrative Fairfax, VA – -(  We have good news from a joint effort between the Violence Prevention Research Program at the UC Davis School of Medicine and the Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Johns Hopkins University. Comprehensive background checks and prohibitions based on violent misdemeanors had no effect on homicide rates in California. The latest study published by the highly-credentialed researchers in these well...
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Craig Kelly's preselection 'to be saved' amid Liberal open warfare – politics live

Malcolm Turnbull had admonished Scott Morrison for ‘worst and weakest response’ in attempt to save backbencher’s preselection. All the day’s events, live 1.04am GMT It’s been reported in The Australian and Fairfax, and it is what we were told is one of the options – the state executive members who could have upset the peace deal to ensure Craig Kelly (and every other sitting NSW MP) will abstain.So, Kelly is saved. 12.51am GMT Let’s all just take a moment to remember that Malcolm Turnbu...
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Fairfax may sell stake in ICICI Lombard; Sequoia may back ed-tech firm Eruditus - VCCircle

Fairfax may sell stake in ICICI Lombard; Sequoia may back ed-tech firm Eruditus   VCCircle Fairfax, which is controlled by investor Prem Watsa, known as the “Warren Buffett of Canada”, is considering reducing its stake in ICICI Lombard General ...
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NRA shenanigans too much for some gun owners

Another story came out this week about gun owners letting their NRA memberships lapse. My gun-owning family — admittedly more my husband than me — falls into that middle ground. He chose to drop his NRA affiliation and his favored gun range when its mandatory NRA membership tipped from practical tips into political advocacy. Apparently, he is not alone. The National Rifle Association of America reported $98 million in contributions in 2017, down from nearly $125 million in 2016, according to The...
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Plea hearing set for man accused of killing Muslim teen

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — A northern Virginia man accused of raping and killing a Muslim teenager is scheduled to enter a plea deal. A change-of-plea hearing has been set for Wednesday morning in Fairfax for Darwin Martinez-Torres of Sterling. He is charged with capital murder in the 2017 slaying of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, who was […]
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Australian Court Gives Approval for Mega Merger of Nine and Fairfax

BRISBANE — An Australian federal court has given approval for the acquisition of Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media, creating Australia’s largest media conglomerate. The decision is the last stage of regulatory approval, but it could still be challenged. The court in Sydney, ruled on Tuesday for the takeover of Fairfax by Nine, in a deal […]
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China's top security agency is accused of directing a wave of cyberattacks against Australia

Australian companies have been the target of a fresh wave of China-originated cyberattacks this year as part of a "constant, significant effort" to plunder corporate assets and intellectual property, according to a report released Tuesday. Beijing has rejected the claims that China's top security agency planned and directed a surge in cyber attacks on Australian companies. The report alleges the coordinated attacks also broke a personal agreement struck between China's Premier Li Keqiang and t...
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Australia's Fairfax gets green light to merge with Nine

Fairfax gets "overwhelming" shareholder support for the deal, in a big shake-up of Australian media.
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Australian media merger to shake up sector

Fairfax gets "overwhelming" shareholder support for the deal, in a big shake-up of Australian media.
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Australia’s Fairfax Media Shareholders Approve Nine Entertainment Takeover

Shareholders at Fairfax Media have voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposed takeover by Nine Entertainment. The proposed deal would create one of the largest groups in Australian media, spanning free-TV, streaming, radio, newspapers and digital publishing. At a Fairfax shareholders meeting on Monday, 81.5% of shares voted were in favor of the deal. The […]
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House Democrats Outline Gun Control Agenda for 116th Congress

Opinion Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Fairfax, VA – -( With anti-gun Democrats back in control of the House of Representatives come January, now is the time to prepare for a new onslaught on the Second Amendment. Emboldened by the mere thought of controlling the lower chamber, we are already seeing the warning signs of what will come for the next two years.First, virtually all Democrat leadership positions are likely to be filled by long-time anti-gun zealots, such as former Speaker Nancy...
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California: Cities Backpedal on Over-Reaching & Preempted Local Anti-Gun Ordinances

Opinion California: Cities Backpedal on Over-Reaching & Preempted Local Anti-Gun Ordinances Fairfax, VA – -( Several years ago the City of Palm Springs passed an ordinance that required any person in the city who lost or had a firearm stolen from them to report the loss to police within 48 hours.  Current California state laws impose the same reporting requirement, except that state law provides a person 120 hours (5 days) to report a firearm lost or stolen once a person knows o...
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More Gun Violence for Hollywood as Movie Studio Buys Gun Offset Credits

Opinion Harvey Weinstein Fairfax, VA – -( In 2014, Hollywood movie mogul and fierce NRA critic Harvey Weinstein appeared to acknowledge the movie industry might be able to have a positive impact by reducing its glorification of criminal violence. Weinstein explained,I have to choose movies that aren’t violent or as violent as they used to be… I know for me personally … I can’t continue to do that. The change starts here. It has already. For me, I can’t do it. I can’t make one mo...
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