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That Viral Story About Selfie-Takers on a Thai Beach 'Facing the Death Penalty' Is Totally Fake

Recently, you may have seen news stories claiming that tourists could “face the death penalty” for taking selfies on a certain beach in Thailand—which we can all agree is a little bit extreme. Thankfully, those claims are totally fake.Read more...
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This Amazon Mothership is Terrifying as Hell, Even If It's Completely Fake

Have you seen that viral video of an Amazon blimp that deploys delivery drones? Twitter users are calling it “borderline dystopian” and “what the last human alive will see.” In reality, the blimp is totally fake, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. But there’s still reason to be unnerved by what you’re seeing. Read more...
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April Fools 2019 Full of Hearty Jokes

Game developers, anime studios and all sorts of websites have participated in the annual event of trickery that is April Fool’s Day, bound to have many on guard for suspicious news whilst others will no doubt enjoy all the creative jokes on display. Arc System Works opened a website for “Family Death Game”, a survival […]
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"Now the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s failure to exhibit 'Salvator Mundi' as promised has revived doubts about whether it is Leonardo’s at all..."

"... with skeptics speculating that the new owner may fear public scrutiny.... Others have argued that the painting was so extensively restored by Professor Modestini that it is as much her work as Leonardo’s," the NYT reports in "A Leonardo Made a $450 Million Splash. Now There’s No Sign of It."Believed to have been painted around 1500, “Salvator Mundi” was one of two similar works listed in an inventory of the collection of King Charles I of England after his execution in 1649, Professor [Mart...
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How Filmmakers Created Fake Newsreels in the 1920s

A horrifying magnitude 7.9 earthquake hit Japan on September 1, 1923, killing over 140,000 people. And while news of the devastation reached newspapers around the world by the next day, there was no way to get film footage from Japan to the United States that quickly. But that didn’t stop filmmakers from making fake…Read more...
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"Pete Buttigieg is the antidote to the Endless Summer of Scam. He’s full of the elite qualifications that you might rightly suspect..."

"... but provides depth in real time before you. He went to Afghanistan, but hasn’t made himself out to be a war hero. He fluently draws parallels between Ulysses and American politics. He learned Norwegian to read a book. He learned Norwegian to read a book. He has a lot of sober, curveball theories about millennials and generational change.... This is a 37-year-old mayor. In any normal situation, we probably would not be talking about him in context of being president of the United States. But...
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Fake goods trading on the rise; footwear & clothing most counterfeited: report

The  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union’s intellectual property office (EUIPO) have released a report titled Trends in Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods which outlines that fake and pirated goods accounted for 3.3% of the global trade in the... ...
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"[Elizabeth] Holmes, the ousted Theranos founder who was indicted last year on federal fraud charges for hawking an essentially imaginary product to multi-millionaire investors, pharmacies, and hospitals, speaks in a deep baritone..."

"... that, as it turns out, is fake. Former co-workers of Holmes told The Dropout, a new podcast about Theranos’s downfall, that Holmes occasionally 'fell out of character' and exposed her real, higher voice — particularly after drinking.... Holmes is obviously guilty of many more serious crimes, but faking one’s voice is just weird, and embarrassing, in much the same way that bad toupees are: they place one’s bodily insecurities center stage.... Personally, the episode has brought me back to an...
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Periscope cracks down on inauthentic behavior, including fake hearts, follows, chats and more

Twitter’s video streaming app, Periscope, is cracking down on spam and, specifically, fake engagements. The company says it’s updating its policies around how it enforces its anti-spam rules, and is making improvements in terms of how those rules are enforced. This means users will see increased enforcement actions, Periscope notes — and these may even take place on “high-profile” accounts. The app has struggled for some time to get a handle on spam and other bad behavior. For example, in 2016 t...
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Periscope cracks on inauthentic behavior including fake hearts, follows, chats and more

Twitter’s video streaming app, Periscope, is cracking down on spam and, specifically, fake engagements. The company says it’s updating its policies around how it enforces its anti-spam rules, and is making improvements in terms of how those rules are enforced. This means users will see increased enforcement actions, Periscope notes – and these may even take place on “high-profile” accounts. The app has had struggled for some time to get a handle on spam and other bad behavior. For example, in 20...
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That Viral Video of President Trump 'Forgetting His Toupee' Is Totally Fake

Have you seen that viral video doing the rounds of President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago lifting up his hat? According to the caption, the president “forgot” that he’s “not wearing his toupee,” and it’s getting passed around Twitter like crazy today. In reality, the video has been digitally manipulated to make Trump…Read more...
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For a third time, Huawei is busted using stock DSLR photos to advertise their phone camera

Huawei was busted two times before for passing off DSLR photos as their smartphone camera images. Well, it has happened again. To show off camera capabilities of the latest P30 phone, Huawei used stock photos, as well as a photo from someone’s portfolio. Needless to say – all of them were taken with a DSLR. […] The post For a third time, Huawei is busted using stock DSLR photos to advertise their phone camera appeared first on DIY Photography.
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"It’s certainly embarrassing for those who expressed concern or solidarity with Smollett to consider that we’ve likely been misled, our empathy for the actor misplaced."

"But don’t confuse your very reasonable embarrassment and anger in the wake of having been duped for a more permanent kind of harm. No one who invokes the name of Jussie Smollett to cast doubt on real victims would have believed them, but for this. Homophobes who regularly link gays to pedophilia or believe that same-sex marriage is a sign of civilization’s downfall weren’t on the brink of a change of heart, but for this. Neither were racists like U.S. Rep. Steve King, who believe that America w...
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Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson speaks about the Jussie Smollett case.

ADDED:I mashed up the CPD superintendent's press conference with Smollett's trainwreck ABC interview— David Rutz (@DavidRutz) February 21, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Japanese fireworks.

IN THE COMMENTS: Unknown said:I think it's actually computer generated. No, I'm not kidding. I don't see smoke - it's low res, the sound is exactly synced (they could have altered it afterward, but...). As a software developer with a lot of experience in computer generated images, it looks totally fake to me.Aw, too bad! I looked it up and found, at Hoax-Slayer, "'Japan’s Fireworks Best in the World' Video is A Digital Simulation." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Jump Force “Racism” Outrage Fabricated

Not satisfied with generating fake controversy in regards to the breast size of one of Hero Academia’s characters, an agenda-driven site on the internet has now targeted the upcoming Jump Force and claimed that people were labeling playable fighter Midoriya as racist. The article assumed that internet denizens were genuinely calling Midoriya Izuku (a character […]
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7 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

The internet is overflowing with fake images these days, making it hard to know what to believe. But Gizmodo is here to help. Read more...
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"You do love your dogs, don't you? I wouldn't mind having one honestly, but I don't have time. How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?"

Trump, in El Paso, last night."Would that be [makes a face] — right? — sort of not — right? I don't feel good. Feels a little phony — phony to me. People say, Oh, you should get a dog. Why? It's good politically. I said, That's not the relationship I have with my people." Trump muses about having a dog at the White House, but concludes "it feels a little phony to me.""That's not the relationship I have with my people... Obama had a dog."— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) Feb...
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Talk in the Raturday Night Café and the Google search it inspired.

Click to enlarge and clarify...Here's a link to last night's café."Marriage is the death of hope" brings up webpages that purport to quote Woody Allen. I'm dubious. "Marriage is the death of romance" gets me to some boring relationship advice plus the assertion that it's the translation of a Chinese proverb:I'm dubious. It used to be very common to hear characters on TV (often in ads) say "Ancient Chinese wisdom" (in a fake Chinese accent) followed by something in the form of a proverb (almost a...
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This Viral Photo of a Homeless Person Freezing on the Street Is Actually From 2013... in Canada

It’s a heartbreaking photo. But it doesn’t show what you think it does.Read more...
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President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

President Donald Trump’s social media accounts are filled with vile racism, idiotic xenophobia, and inaccurate statistics. And now we can add another category to the list: fake photos.Read more...
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"How much of the internet is fake?"

"Studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human; some years, according to some researchers, a healthy majority of it is bot. For a period of time in 2013, the Times reported this year, a full half of YouTube traffic was 'bots masquerading as people,' a portion so high that employees feared an inflection point after which YouTube’s systems for detecting fraudulent traffic would begin to regard bot traffic as real and human traffic as fake. They calle...
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18 Viral Photos and Videos From 2018 That Were Totally Fake

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to take a look at the most popular fake photos, quotes, and videos that were circulating on the internet throughout the year. And what a year it was for fakes.Read more...
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"Bruce Springsteen is a phony, and he wants you to know it. 'I’ve never held an honest job in my entire life,' he shouts.."

"...  early in his one-man stage show, viewable on Netflix Sunday. 'I’ve never seen the inside of a factory, and yet it’s all I’ve ever written about. Standing before you is a man who’s become wildly and absurdly successful writing about something [with] which he has had absolutely no personal experience.'... Mr. 'Thunder Road' never drove a car until he was forced to, in his 20s, on what sounds like a nightmarish cross-country road trip with his band. The hardscrabble romance of the Jersey Shor...
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The photo “debunking” protest fires in Paris is actually fake

A few days ago, a photo “debunking” protest fires in Paris appeared on Twitter and it quickly went viral. It shows two images side-by-side “proving” that the fire was actually harmless, but only shot from a low angle so it appears huge. However, when this “fact checker” was fact checked, it turned out that it […] The post The photo “debunking” protest fires in Paris is actually fake appeared first on DIY Photography.
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That Photo 'Debunking' the Paris Protest Fires is Actually Bullshit

Did you see the tweets supposedly “debunking” the huge fires that were burning during the protests in Paris? In reality, the “debunkers” are bullshit. The photos weren’t merely taken from different perspectives—they were taken on completely different days on completely different streets.Read more...
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Learn how to spot a fake painting from art forgery experts

Would you know how to spot a fake painting? In this Wired video, forensic scientist Thiago Piwowarczyk and art historian Jeffrey Taylor of New York Art Forensics go through their five-step art authentication process to determine if they have a legit Jackson Pollock or not. Spoiler alert: it's not, though watching their discovery methods is fascinating. (Nag on the Lake)
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You Can Stop Angrily Tweeting At Putin's 'Official' English-Language Twitter Account Now (It's Fake)

Twitter has banned an account first registered in 2012 that purported to be the official English-language channel of Russian President Vladimir Putin but was, in fact, that someone else entirely. Archived versions show the account had over one million followers and had previously popped up in news reports.Read more...
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They’re alive! The best TV death fake-outs totally had us fooled

Here's a look at some of the best (or most annoying) TV series death fake-outs, where viewers were led to believe that a key character had died, only to find out they managed to survive. The post They’re alive! The best TV death fake-outs totally had us fooled appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Viral Photo of Justin Bieber Eating Burrito Sideways Was Staged

Remember last week when we called Justin Bieber out for being an MFin monster because he was pictured taking a bite out of a burrito from the side?Well, it turns out, the man in the viral photo was NOT Justin Bieber after all. The whole thing was a viral prank! Gizmodo reports:The viral photo was actually staged by a group of YouTubers known as The Yes Theory using a Justin Bieber lookalike. The pranksters first planned a fake video of the Bieber impersonator helping an old woman across the str...
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