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My husband had major anger issues. We have been together for 8 years and have 3 kids together. I never feel like I can say what I want because I’m scared he’s going to react. I do everything in the home. All he has is to do is work. He snaps at the kids almost daily when he wakes up. He works graveyard. He never asks them how their days are or makes them feel like they are doing anything right. Our problem is that I defend them constantly and he doesn’t like that I take their side. Tonight, he s...
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Why Don’t I Care about Things as I Should?

From a teen guy in the U.S.: I’ve always been uncomfortable with affection. When I feel like I’ve been wronged I can completely cut someone out of my life and could care less about them. Even some of my close relatives. I realized that I don’t really care at all about things I should care about. I realized today that if my parents were to sit me down and tell me that they didn’t love me at all, I would absolutely not mind at all. I wouldn’t be hurt at all and the first thought that would come to...
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How Can I Choose Between My Parents and My Boyfriend?

I’m 23 years old, I’m finishing my studies, and I’ve been in a relationship for 2 years. My parents never wanted to know him cause he isn’t the looking good type, that they imagined to me (cause he is bald, without status and money). However he’s a nice independent man (he got his own house and car) with 28 years old, I love him, he is very honest and kind to me. He always treated me well and despite my parent’s attempts to separate us. Lately, my boyfriend and I started to see things worn out b...
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The School Holiday Carnival 2019 at The Mines Shopping Mall

( = || []).push({}); School holiday is happening this week and where to bring your kids in Kuala Lumpur? Time to check out the school holiday carnival at The Mines Shopping Mall. It is happening from 15 to 31 March 2019 at The Mines Shopping Mall. This is the largest indoor carnival is finally happening at the Seri Kembangan/Serdang area! The School Holiday Carnival is happening on Level 3, The Mines Shopping Mall. The carnival offers...

Pregnancy and Addiction: Overlooked and Undertreated

If one needs proof that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing, look into the eyes of a woman who knows her behavior is harming her baby but still can’t stop. With one in three individuals with opioid use disorder passing through the criminal justice system annually, court dockets across the country are overflowing with cases of illegal behavior fueled by addiction. Though such cases wrangle with the complexities of punishing individuals afflicted with what is increasingly seen as a dis...
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Do You Want A Values-Based Relationship?

Each person who finds themselves in a relationship has as an influence and reference point: their upbringing and what they witnessed between those who raised them. There are three choices when it comes to dating, mating and relating. Emulate the family pattern Resist or otherwise avoid the family pattern A combination of these two Any of these options may be engaged in either by conscious or unconscious intent or action. Each of them helps to mold and shape the values by which we ...
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'The Brexodus is under way': meet the Brits leaving the UK

In the year after the Brexit vote, 17,000 British people sought citizenship of another EU country – and many have since upped and left. Five ‘Brexiles’ explain why they’re starting a new life overseasLast month, after a decade of living in London, my husband and I packed up the contents of our two-bedroom flat and moved to France with our 15-month-old son. With another baby on the way, we’re renting an apartment in Toulouse while we look for a more permanent setup. Leaving friends and family beh...
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How to Automate Parenting With IFTTT 

IFTTT, the tool that lets you automate your digital life, can help any parent whose mental load has reached max capacity—and you kind of feel like a tech magician every time you use it. Here are some great IFTTT applets that can make parenting easier. (If you’re new to the service, check out our beginner’s guide to…Read more...
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Why So Many People Are Fascinated by My Blended Family

A neighbor once spent an entire neighborhood night out trying to figure out our family. Question by question, he attempted to piece together the six of us in a way he could understand. Finally he just came out and said it: “So, which one are yours and which ones are your husband’s?” I flinched visibly.…
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How to Live Sent in the Place You Call Home

Have you ever wondered why God has you where you are? What His greater purpose is for the place you call home? Despite being part of one of the most mobile societies in history, we find it easy to feel stuck where we are. Maybe it’s because of a recent move or because you’re still in the same place you’ve been for years. Many of us just aren’t where we thought we’d be or doing what we thought we’d do with our lives. Sometimes we may wonder if God knows what He’s doing. Shauna Pilgreen understan...
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I Am Unsure What Kind of Relationship I Should Have with My Parents

I grew up in a upper middle class family. I was given most things I wanted and all the essential things a child would need. I have a brother who is 25, he has borderline personality disorder. He acted out as a child/teenager, was constantly arguing with my parents and soaked up much of my parents attention. I was given attention in a different way, but rejected any emotionally connection because I saw emotions as negative because my brother/parents were arguing because of my brothers intense emo...
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Did Little Girl Learn Aggression from her Brother?

From the U.S.: Some information one may need to fully assess this question is the girl in question was about 10-11 years old and the boy was about 11-12 years old. Basically the boy sibling demonstrated aggressive behavior in the household from hitting to throwing objects and the girl witnessed it. I learned in psychology that one can learn aggressive behaviors from an adult when young. I was wondering if the girl, now about 12 years old, is now showing aggressive behaviors did she learn it from...
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You've been played: when your kids start beating you at video games

I taught my son how to play video games. Now he’s teaching meThere is a moment in parenthood when your child discovers you are not infallible, that you can be beaten. The first time a kid wins a game of tennis against their mum or dad, or solves a maths problem their parents can’t even begin to understand, it is profoundly bittersweet. While it is wonderful to see your child growing up and becoming independent, when they get good at things, they are a little bit less yours, and you are a little ...
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Don’t Read this. Unless You Want the Wild of Living by Faith (Or: One of the Craziest Things We Have Ever Done & I’m Kinda Terrified)

T he guy never balked once. And, I mean, he really could have, only about a couple thousand times. Turns out: When a man doesn’t falter in trusting a woman, it makes a woman fall harder. But that’s not the point of this story. Or maybe it is. I mean, the Farmer could have straight up guffawed when I kinda shriek right there on Main Street: “TURN AROUND.” You don’t always have to know where you’re going — when you know you’re going with God. He doesn’t bother asking why. Mainly because we’ve ...
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Loneliness in Seniors

It’s no surprise to most of us that loneliness has become an epidemic. In fact, those with mental health issues experience loneliness at an alarming rate. The one group most affected, however, appears to be the elderly , with millions of older adults across the Unites States feeling lonely. Major health risks such as heart disease and dementia often come along with this loneliness. In October 2018, the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging asked a national sam...
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Sexual Abuse?

When I was around 8 years old, my older sister would have me play “truth or dare” with her. She is 4 years older than me, and most of the time we had to share a bed. She would make me preform sexual acts on her and get upset or angry if I told her I didn’t want to. She rarely ever reciprocated, and if I brought it up or mentioned it later, she would act like it never happened. This eventually stopped around a year or two later, but she would still make me sleep in the same bed with her for years...
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Why did my girlfriend leave me when her ex overdosed?

From the U.S.:  I have been dating this girl for about 6 months. She’s been going through a divorce. He was abusive and a drug addict and that’s why she left. They were only married for less than a year before she decided she wanted a divorce. He overdosed on drugs about a week ago. And since then she has been very distant and told me that she just wants to be friends. She said  but it’s messing with her head that she feels like she might have still been in love with. She still wears the ring I ...
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The Weight of Perseverance

We finally made time for coffee. I stood in line next to my friend, smiling because it had been months since we had some time together, smiling because I had a break, smiling because it was a cold winter day and a cookie was in my very near future. It felt great. She asked what we always ask, “How are you?” and I replied, “Good.” And I was . . . if good meant the world wasn’t falling down. And I wondered, When did that become my standard? We got our coffee and sat, catching up on life and fieldi...
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How a love child found her sister – and forged a secret friendship

Laura was born to a mother who had had an affair with her married boss. Years later, a bond with her half-sister Laurie changed her lifeI’m having an affair with my sister. One of our recent rendezvous was in Charleston, South Carolina, where I happened to be traveling for a writing gig. Laurie slipped away from her home in a nearby state and we picked up right where we’d left off. That particular evening, we were headed to my work-related happy hour, where we sipped cocktails and introduced eac...
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Shared Beds Need Separate Blankets

A big, beautiful comforter, spread neatly across the bed you share with a partner may look nice during the daytime. But at night, chaos results. One person will be too hot, one too cold. Worse, one of them will probably toss and turn during the night, pulling cold air under the covers. The simple solution: separate…
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What fulfills our hearts — and makes Jesus Happy

When I look at a Bible a little rough around the edges, I see a life spent with Jesus. Each tear stain, I wonder if it was from desperation or new found hope. Every underline or highlight, is someone putting their trust in the promises of the Word. It’s an expectation of delivery, and not of the UPS kind. It’s guaranteed delivery no matter the storm. It’s a grace to welcome Stephanie Alton as she writes about The Beginner’s Bible on the farm’s front porch today… guest post by Stephanie Alton ...
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Raising Teenagers

I started this blog with my mom and sister in June of 2008. I simply can’t believe that we’re going to be celebrating our 11th “birthday” this June. It’s crazy to me! I guess what’s even crazier is that 2 years before that we were blogging on our very first blog It was (for us) the beginning of the beginning. We started to see the wild west of the interest become this THING that we just couldn’t ignore. The blog for me started as a way to share my life about raising babies an...
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Keeping Your Pup Active with Chewy and Nerf

Thankfully I think we are seeing the beginning of spring here in Maryland. (We will NOT mention the winter storm they are talking about coming this way!) I’m excited to have time and the weather to be able to go outside again with Leia. She has so much more fun when she is active. But […] The post Keeping Your Pup Active with Chewy and Nerf appeared first on I Like It Frantic.
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Five Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Catholic Central Giveaway

With my maiden last name being O’Neil you can tell I have some Irish in me. My grandmother actually had a friend who was a genealogist and he traced our history back to royalty in Ireland. It is the one place I have always wanted to head to and haven’t made it yet. When St. […] The post Five Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Catholic Central Giveaway appeared first on I Like It Frantic.
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What Is Wrong with Me? I Feel No Remorse

I need to know what is wrong with me. I don’t feel any kind of attachment towards people/anything really. I’ve been worried about bringing this up with a psychologist because I am a mother I’m worried they will call CPS on me. My child is in absolutely no danger. She is fed, cared for etc. I think I care about her, I miss her when she’s gone but I don’t feel any connection towards her. She is four. I respond in ways I have learnt to over the years because I think ive never really felt a connecti...
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Swoop, Snow, and Other News by The Pioneer Woman

Hi, friends! HUGE news. I mean, monumentally globally relevant news. Okay, not really globally relevant news. Okay, not really monumental news. Okay, not really news. Not anything, actually. Here goes: I started swooping my bangs over to one side. Here’s a pic I took to send to my sister, Betsy, and my mom. It covers […]
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How to Design a Leisure Room for the Whole Family

Nothing can throw a spanner in the merry works of your family as a prolonged bout of boredom. Whether it’s just sitting in front of the TV set all day on weekends or surfing the web, spending time together does not necessarily mean creating a bond. Indeed, if the only interaction you have with your family members is a brief heated exchange of shouting in case someone changes the channel without previously raising the question with the other family members in a proper pow wow fashion – you might ...
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My Boyfriend Left Me Alone at a Party

Me and my boyfriend went to a party together of someone he knows. I didn’t know anyone there but I still went because he wanted me to come. Anyway, when we got there I went to sit down and he left me and started to socialize. Now I don’t socialize as he does and it’s difficult for me to make friends and meet new people and he knows that but still left me alone. It’s not that I wanted him to sit with me the whole night but at least including me in something could have helped me to better socializ...
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Better Oral Care with Caripro Ultrasonic Toothbrush

I worked with Smile Brilliant a few years ago to test out the Smile Brilliant Whitening System. It worked well but I was excited when they reached out again to let me know about their new Caripro Ultrasonic Toothbrush. I was sent a Caripro Ultrasonic Toothbrush to test out. All opinions are my own. I […] The post Better Oral Care with Caripro Ultrasonic Toothbrush appeared first on I Like It Frantic.
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Saudi plane turns around after mother forgets baby at airport

‘May God be with us. Can we come back?’ says pilot during midair emergencyA Malaysia-bound plane had to turn back to Saudi Arabia after a passenger realised she had left her baby in the terminal.The pilot made the unusual request to return to the airport in Jeddah shortly after takeoff when the passenger told cabin crew she had forgotten her child. Continue reading...
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