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9 NOW Ideas: Gardening Activities for Kids

Spring is in full bloom and the sun is making everything warm up! So yes, it’s time to start planting your garden. Whether you love to plant herbs and vegetables or flowers and trees, there are so many great ways to garden. Plus, it’s the best kind of activity to involve your kids! They love to get their hands messy and dig around in the dirt. So I’ve gathered a few fun ways where kids can help in the garden too. There’s all kinds of activities from planting to crafting. Have fun gardening with ...
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Check out the the new Wonder Park movie trailer starring Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, Ken Jeong, Kenan Thompson, John Oliver…and we can’t wait

This post was created in partnership with Paramount Pictures This week, the new Wonder Park movie trailer debuted, and our kids are already asking, “can we go? Can we go?” Well, they will have to wait until it’s release on March 15. But we can’t say we blame them. A fantasy amusement park? Gorgeous animation? Hilarious […]
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Activism 101: How to get involved with issues you care about when you don’t see yourself as the activist type | Spawned 140

We talk a lot about being the change you want to see in the world, but how do you do that? How do you get started? What if you’re like us, crazy-busy parents who are already juggling a lot of stuff? What if the word “activist” doesn’t seem to really apply to you? On this […]
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DIY Movie Popcorn Box + Free Printable

Use your home printer to print off these free DIY Movie Popcorn Box templates, Color in, fill with popcorn, and use for a movie night with your kids! We love family movie nights over here, and we love it even more when there is a giant bowl of yummy popcorn to eat as we watch it. As a kid too, we regularly made and ate popcorn, as we crowded onto the couch to watch a movie, TV show, or a football game. It is one of our fun family traditions, and my kids love doing it with me. DIY Movie Popcorn...
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How To Improve Your Family’s Health in 2019

Would you like to effectively reduce the risk of your family getting ill? We all know keeping healthy is important, but it can sometimes be confusing to know the best way to do it. Encouraging your children to adopt healthy habits means you’re setting them up well for the future. Nobody has ever said that raising a family is easy, and when you’re busy with your career and other responsibilities, finding the time to set a good example in the form of a healthy, active lifestyle can be a ...
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12 acts of kindness you can do with your kids over the holiday break, to make the season about more than presents.

On the first day after Christmas, Santa will be back at the North Pole, the toys will all be unwrapped, and you’ll have at least a week to entertain your sweet, energetic children while they are home from school. If there’s ever a time to let the kids watch a wee too much television, this […]
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Jesse Tree: A Wonderful Family Tradition

Many Christian families are feeling more disgusted with the over-commercialization of the Christmas holiday. Santa used to give you a paddle ball and some blocks. Now Santa can afford $200 Lego sets, a cell phone, and an NSA elf to spy on your children for 25 days before Christmas. Many religious families are trying to get back to the inherent meaning of the season, which, as my daughter’s Our Life in the Church textbook said that this was a time to “meditate on both past and future events...
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Pre-Christmas GIVEAWAY! Enter To Win The Road to Bethlehem Board Game!

A lot of families struggle with creating meaningful, family time during the holiday season. It is super easy to want to relax on your phone on Pinterest, while your son plays Minecraft and your daughter watches YouTube videos. Technology has made it easy for us to entertain ourselves, but this doesn’t help us have family time! As a parent, I think it is my responsibility to not only share my Faith but foster good relationships with my kids too. The best way to do this is by spending tim...
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Fun and Free Ideas for Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays

Entertaining kids over the holidays can be a struggle. So much time, so little to do! But this list of creative and totally FREE activities will make your Thanksgiving and Christmas fun and memorable! Read the full article: Fun and Free Ideas for Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays
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Here’s what you can do with your family on #TheLastWeekend before the Midterms, and why it (really!) matters.

Parents. We’re not like other people who can just drop everything and fly out to a swing state to canvas, or host raucous fundraising cocktail nights, or even attend a GOTV concert on a whim.  But there’s a lot we can do — with our families — to help make a difference on this Last Weekend […]
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12 fantastic no-carve pumpkin ideas for a very last-minute Halloween

Who here’s a fan of no-carve pumpkins for Halloween? As someone whose toddler definitely shouldn’t be anywhere near sharp objects, I’ve become a staunch convert. And as someone who doesn’t always get to my Halloween pumpkin until the last-minute, it beats spilling all those pumpkin guts. These pumpkins look adorable on a front porch without […]
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11 cool tween and teen Halloween craft ideas that don’t suck.

While we love sharing Halloween craft ideas for our preschoolers and little ones, our tweens and older kids want to get in on the fun too. So with my own Halloween-loving older kid in mind, I searched around for some cool Halloween craft projects and ideas just for teens. These are all officially tween- and […]
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FAMILY VLOG: Fall Fun with Teenagers and a Toddler

FAMILY VLOG: Fall Fun with Teenagers and a Toddler My teenage sons DID NOT ( I repeat – DID NOT) want to go pumpkin picking this weekend. As a matter of fact, when I told them that we were going – we were greeted with grunts. I guess they were just too cool! They just wanted to stay at home and play Fortnite for hours and hours. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. But when you have a 5 year old little girl begging you to get pumpkins and 2 other sons that are 10 and 11 years old – you just don’t...
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Keep calm and carry on with these 7 excellent children’s books about mindfulness

My four kids range from toddler to teenager, and I find that no matter their stage in life I am always looking for ways to help them increase their mindfulness. Whether they’re processing complicated, difficult emotions in their early teen years, or just learning to practice being still for just a little while (please, for […]
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17 of the best pop culture Halloween costume ideas for kids right now, from Meghan and Harry to Serena to Riverdale

Usually, my favorite Halloween costumes that our readers come up with each year are clever pop culture reference costumes. Do you remember the “Derry with the Bat” costume that Kristen’s son wore last year, from the viral meme last year? It was amazing! So, to spark your creativity this year, we’ve listed some of our favorite pop […]
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Weekend Activities To Keep The Kids Busy

The kids have been back at school for awhile now, but you’re finding the weekend is filled with mostly TV, video games, and the web. When they’re bored, restless children can be a lot to handle after a long week of work. Finding a variety of weekend activities that will keep them occupied, doing active and creative things, and using up different types of energies is your best course of action. You can choose to join in or simply relax and watch from the sidelines! Here are a few ideas for ...
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Make family night more…disgusting with these 7 popular gross-out games

“Gross” is really having its moment. Last year we saw the pimple popping game as an alternative to fidget spinners, and I have to admit, it made me gag. Now, we’re seeing a new trend in kids’ toys: gross family games. They are seriously ew. But hey, if your family thinks gross is more funny than […]
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Atlantis Submarines Waikiki – Take Your Keiki for FREE in September

The month of September is the perfect time to take your keiki to experience the magical underwater adventure of Atlantis Submarines. With every paid Kama’aina ticket purchased you can get a FREE child ticket (12 years and younger)! I don’t know about you guys but with 3 kids of my own I wouldn’t pass up this deal! I had the opportunity to check out Atlantis Submarines for myself recently and brought Kiana (12 years old) along with me. Atlantis Submarines is located at the Hilton Hawaiian Villa...
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5 Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe

Let’s face it: we’re all busier than we’d like to be. It’s a miracle we have any time to think, let alone plan for the coming week or day or hour. Being busy is no excuse to cut corners where it matters most, though. Your overscheduled tribe deserves the utmost in safety and security every bit as much as those laid-back doppelgangers living off the grid in the woods somewhere. If you haven’t had the time to think intentionally about your family safety lately, don’t sweat it. You’re certai...
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Our Story Land Adventures 2018

We recently came back from our fourth annual trip to Story Land! Our family of 6 and the Rountree family spent the whole day enjoying the rides and attractions at Story Land. They even had some new things to enjoy this year like the Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Day show! Last year, our youngest was only a couple months old when we went to Story Land, so he slept the entire time in our Free To Grow Tula . This year, he was more alert and able to enjoy a few rides like the Carousel and Eggs-Traordina...
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Why we need libraries: Twitter claps back against a truly stupid op-ed

It was only a week or so ago that I was reading Carolines article about 20 free summer activities for kids, and thinking how wonderful that there were so many mentions of various events at local libraries. And then this morning, I laughed as I stumbled upon a a poorly conceived, poorly reasoned, entirely unsourced […]
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Story Land in Glen, NH – What You Need To Know Before You Go

If you haven’t heard of Story Land yet or have yet to go with your kids, you are in for a real treat! Story Land is located in Glen, NH about 8 miles north of North Conway in the White Mountains. It’s absolutely breathtaking up there and the ride from Lake Winnipesaukee up to Glen is entertainment alone. If you are considering adding Story Land to your summer bucket list, we have a few hacks and tips so you can maximize your trip!   Planning Your Trip If you have kids under 4 and live more th...
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Story Land Here We Come!

  It’s finally here! Today is the day we go to Story Land! This is our 4th annual trip to Story Land and the kids couldn’t be more excited. We stayed at the little cabin in Alton Bay, NH last night, woke up early this morning and tried to get everyone washed up, dressed, fed and out the door by 9am. Well, that didn’t happen, but I had good intentions. We didn’t get out the door until 10am and now we are in the car heading up north to Glen, NH. We are listening to music in the car, trying to kee...
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Strawberry Poke Cake | Jello Gelatin | Easy Cake Mix Dessert Recipe

Here's a simple, easy and quick dessert recipe to put together. A Poke Cake made from a cake mix and Jello gelatin is also a fun way to teach the kids or grandchildren baking cooking skills in the kitchen!
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5 Summer Activities The Whole Family Can Enjoy

As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with fun things to do for the whole family. Choosing an activity that will be enjoyable for everyone is a real challenge and particularly when you have kids of different ages, but there are a few summer activities that will always be a hit (and enjoyable for mom and dad too!). So, if you are struggling to come up with something enjoyable to do the next time you have a family day planned then consider any of the following, all of which are s...
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Top Parenting Tips For Family Travel

Traveling always requires a lot of steps and preparation, from booking the flights and hotel rooms to setting your budget to determining which method you’ll use for paying for things overseas to actually packing everything you need to bring. That being said, planning a vacation for the entire family will always require more steps and preparation versus planning a vacation for just one or two people. One of the things about family travel that understandably stresses a lot of parents ...
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4 Amazing Ideas On How To Have Fun This Weekend

Are you meeting up with friends over the long weekend and you’re looking for a fun and entertaining activity? Well, you have definitely come to the right place! Weekend outings provide the perfect opportunity for you to forget the pressures of life and spend some quality time bonding with your loved ones. Here are some amazing ideas on how to have fun this weekend with a memorable game night!   1. Board games       Board games are a must-have if you are planning to have an indoor games ...
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4 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Balancing work and family can be hard but as a parent who wants their children to succeed in the future, you still need to create time for your kids. The quality of the time you spend with them matters more than the duration and this is why should make every moment meaningful and constructive. Do not just buy stuff for your kids and leave the parenting responsibility to the nanny. You have to spend time with them and play an active role in their growth and development and shaping their b...
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5 Budget-Friendly Word Games For The Entire Family

If you want some budget-friendly games for your next family game night, then consider incorporating some word games into your routine. Not only are they fun, but they are educational, too! Best of all, these are cheap or FREE!  The following ideas will get you started so that you have a budget friendly word game to play the next time your family is ready to have fun.   It’s All About The Letters The great thing about this game is that you can play it at home or on the go. All you need is a...
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Fun Family History Activities You Can Do With Kids

Exploring your family’s past with your children is a fun way to spend a rainy day. With resources available online, it’s possible to trace your family history centuries into the past. Understanding where your family came from brings children pride and opens their imaginations when thinking about the past. A Family Tree The easiest way to start children off with a family history project is by making a family tree. Take advantage of newspaper archives and census data available online. Family...
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