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5 Safety Rules You Must Follow When Planning A Family Hunting Trip

If you are an outdoor lover, you will probably want to introduce your kids to the thrill of the wild at some point. It makes sense to take them for their first family hunting tour when they are old enough to handle the rigors of the experience and enjoy the excitement it offers. But it also requires good planning as the leader of the group because you will want your family to have a safe and memorable experience. Fortunately, planning a family hunting trip isn’t as daunting as it sounds. F...
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Outdoor School Was Released TODAY!

We partnered with Macmillan as a Super Influencer to show you all about their newest program – Outdoor School! This series offers pocket-sized, waterproof guidebooks full of quick tips, as well as extensive and interactive journals and sticker books — all of which can serve as critical tools for hands-on learning that couldn’t have come at a better time!  America’s children are caught in one of the largest mass migrations in recent history: the movement indoors and online. According to ...
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What Do You Meme? Custom Cards make family game night waaaaay more personal (and hilarious)

Here’s what I suggest for the weekend: Entice your teens out from their bedrooms for a hilarious family game night using your set of What Do You Meme? game cards. Only surprise them when they open the box, to find that you’ve booby trapped the deck with photos and jokes about your own family.  All […]
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A free lesson plan about Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem will make for some great dinner table conversation tonight.

My kids and I were glued to the TV last Wednesday, watching history take place on Inauguration Day. We were sobered by the national guard presence, excited about the achievements of our new VP Kamala Harris, and just so totally and completely relieved to see President Biden take the oath of office in a peaceful […]
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2021 inauguration activities and events for kids and families: Lots of ways to watch, learn, and celebrate with your kids

As we move on from the worst president of all time, some wonderful organizations are coming together to help us collectively process, plan, and heal. You can find the full schedule of official Biden-Harris inaugural events here, but there’s more inaugural activities you can do with your kids, and I’ve put some favorites together below. […]
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The best children’s books of 2020: All the award winners to read with your kids in 2021.

I don’t think our annual roundup of the best children’s books of 2020 could come at a better time. As we’re heading into a winter of quarantining in 2021, my goal is to turn off the TV more and open up more books. This is my sixth year compiling all the year’s best-of lists for […]
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Gen Xers! We found 7 fun 80s movie-themed board games that are totally excellent

At my house, we always start the new year with new board games found under our tree, and this year, it’s included some really fun board games inspired by 80s movies. As we face the fact that there’s a whole lot of winter to go (and stay-at-home orders and family time) I love the idea […]
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12 acts of kindness you can do with your kids over the holiday break, to make the season about more than presents.

Acts of kindness have never felt more important than they do this year. And since kinds are naturally inclined toward kindness, we wanted to give this post a bump this year. Because when Christmas is over, Santa is back at the North Pole, the toys are all unwrapped, we will be wondering what else to […]
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Entertain the Whole Family With This Free Puppetry Class

Even for those who rarely leave their home anymore, the holiday break has been a welcome change of pace this week. Unlike previous years, it may be less about trying to spend every single moment together to make up for the time you lost —given that since March, we’ve been spending more time with the people in our…Read more...
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Our giant list of more than 200+ homemade holiday gift ideas: DIY gifts for boyfriends, girlfriends, men, women, kids, neighbors, teachers…

I can see in my social networks this year that so many more of us are looking for homemade gift ideas for the holidays. It’s not just that homemade gifts allow us to save some money (well, depending on the gift of course!), but they allow us to give an extra-special piece of ourselves. And […]
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Expert Tips on How To Do A 500 piece Puzzle

At this time of year, when we are more indoor-oriented because of long and cold winter days, and social distancing too, it’s good to have some ideas for family activities that are inexpensive and conversation-friendly. Instead of hours of television or video games, jigsaw puzzles are a great alternative. They are also good for your brain since they build great spatial reasoning and logic skills.  Putting together a jigsaw puzzle looks effortless, fun, and enjoyable. But this is not alwa...
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8 easy gratitude activities for kids this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving looking so different this year, we’re really trying to focus on gratitude and gratitude activities, so that we’re spending more time feeling, well, thankful, instead of resentful. With my own Thanksgiving family plans cancelled — though though that is — I’m also trying to look on the bright side. Not spending so much […]
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9 creepy, spooky, and scary board games for Halloween. IF YOU DARE.

The truth is, I don’t need an excuse to play scary board games for Halloween with my. kids. We’re full-fledged board game geeks at my house, and all games are an option for us, any time at all. But with so many families looking for safe trick-or-treat alternatives this year, a fun new board game with […]
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8 creepy, spooky, and scary board games for Halloween. IF YOU DARE.

The truth is, I don’t need an excuse to play scary board games for Halloween with my. kids. We’re full-fledged board game geeks at my house, and all games are an option for us, any time at all. But with so many families looking for safe trick-or-treat alternatives this year, a fun new board game with […]
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How to Attend a Free Drive-In Movie in a Walmart Parking Lot

Welcome to the latest edition of “Headlines That Would Have Seemed Very Strange in 2019.” Today’s post comes courtesy of Walmart, which has been turning some of its store parking lots into pop-up drive-in movie theaters at locations across the country. The movies shown are generally family friendly (depending on what…Read more...
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How to help fulfill Justice Ginsburg’s last wish: 3 simple action steps to help voters

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in a statement to her granddaughter before she died, this past Friday. I have been so saddened and yeah, troubled and angry since Friday night. And I know I’m not alone here — […]
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20 fun, educational board games that totally count as homeschool time: Math, science, geography and more

If you don’t think of family board games as an educational opportunity to supplement your kids’ learning, well put away the Cards Against Humanity (ha) and check out these suggestions! To be clear, as a homeschooling mom, I’m a big fan of actual curriculum for my kids. But I’ve learned that board games can be […]
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Why You Need to Watch the Unite to Fight Poverty Concert

Experts predict half a billion more people are at risk of being pushed into extreme poverty due to the impact of COVID-19. Now, more than ever, we need to stand together in unity to fight poverty! Read the full article: Why You Need to Watch the Unite to Fight Poverty Concert
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10 books kids and teens should read before they become movies and TV series in 2020.

This year, even though we haven’t been able to go to actual movie theaters, we’re still seeing plenty of great movies from home. Yay for film companies adapting! And yay for me spending less than $50 to get everyone popcorn! If you’re big on reading the book first in your family, here are some movies […]
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18 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do as a Family

With the weather warming up and the kids out of school, it’s time to get everybody outside! Time spent outdoors allows families to enjoy the fresh air, lap up some sunshine (with the proper SPF, of course) and forge bonds that last a lifetime. Added bonus: Fresh air play also drags kids away from their screens, and that’s always a big win in our book! Here are some fun outdoor activities to do as a family. Plant a garden. Teach kids about growing their own food and the importanc...
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Reset After the Work Day With 10 Minutes of Family Time

I have always been a disorganized parent. I remember my first baby, just a few months old, getting inconsolably cranky and I couldn’t figure out why. “Well, is it past his naptime?” somebody asked me, and I was like, wait: naps have a time?Read more...
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Check out these 4 fun games that my older and younger kids like playing together.

For my kids, their siblings have been their only playmates for months. And hey! Now that we’re heading into yet another weekend during Covid, that means finding a few more family activities. Our default is to sit around the table and play card games or board games together, but that can present a challenge when there’s […]
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4 Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July in 2020 as a Family

The best way to celebrate Fourth of July is by spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. Many are still wanting to practice safe social distancing, and others are ready to gather in large groups again. However, if you’re wanting to celebrate Fourth of July as a family, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to make it a special day. Make this 4th of July one to remember! Enjoying the Outdoors A simple family hike with a picnic at the end by a stream, waterfall, ...
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Stage an At-Home Olympic Games

Although the Olympic Games are canceled for 2020, your family needn’t go without the rush of competitive sporting events this summer if you host your own backyard Olympics instead. You don’t need to be able to complete a roundoff back handspring or risk letting your kids throw a javelin to do so—just have some fun…Read more...
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3 Reasons To Make Your Kitchen Family-Friendly

The kitchen is the definitive heart of any family home. A well-used kitchen will see the family congregate within three times again, and in return provide objective benefits; according to the New York Times, meals eaten with the family benefit children in everything from reduced obesity rates to better grades. It’s imperative, then, that your family kitchen is a place designed for organization and productivity – the effort you put into your cooking space will filter through to your loved o...
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9 Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy at Home

What day of quarantine is it? Weeks, days, and hours are all the same to me right now. I never know what day it is, but I know I need to keep my kids busy at home. We’ve completely run out of fun things to do and I’m letting my kids watch WAY too much TV. Please tell me I’m not the only one!? We are trying to do our part and stay home as much as possible. We’re in this for at least a few more weeks so I decided to find some new and creative ways to keep my kids busy at home. I hope these ideas h...
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These are the 5 fun card games for kids that our family is loving right now. Ready to change things up?

We’ve all had a lot of (ahem) together time recently, and we’re honestly starting to get a bit bored the same board games. There’s only so many rounds of Apples to Apples I can play before it’s not so funny anymore. So lately, we’ve turned to some easy card games kids can play that require […]
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Why You Should Draw a Map of Your Life in Quarantine

Regardless of whether you live in a major city, a spacious suburb or a rural area, your day-to-day world has likely shrunk significantly thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are no longer commuting to jobs, doing school drop-offs or meeting friends at their favorite bar or restaurant. Our lives now center on…Read more...
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Now’s the Time to Record Grandma's Family Stories

If you’re fortunate enough to have an older person in your life—whether it’s a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or even a family friend—know that you basically have access to a living part of history. As a child, you may not have been interested in hearing their stories from the past, but as an adult, it’s much easier…Read more...
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Build These Papercraft Models of Classic Computers

There are lots of ways to pass the time right now. You could read more books. Watch more TV. Take longer family walks after dinner. Or—or—you could build paper models of the computers you grew up with so your kids can see (and appreciate, dammit!) how far technology has come and how lucky they are, what with their…Read more...
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