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How to Save Money as a One-Car Household (and Make It Work)

How to Save Money as a One-Car Household (and Make It Work) is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money! A few months ago, we sold my husband’s car and downsized to become a one-car family. I’ve always said that my husband and I would ultimately drive both of our cars into the ground before getting a new one. Well, his car ultimately kicked the bucket first once it hit over 200,000 miles and became too expensive to maintain or repair. This has...
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How Luxury Homeowners Upgrade Their Homes on a Budget

Living in a luxury home is nice but its downside is that making changes can get very expensive. A small upgrade in one part of the hose quickly racks up into thousands of dollars. While you may be able to afford it, you don’t necessarily have to go out and do it. There are ways you can upgrade your luxury home on a budget. 1. Repaint the walls a new color Changing wall colors is easily one of the cheapest ways to freshen up the look of your space. If your luxury home is loo...
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Four Ways To Boost The Family Budget

As a busy, working mom it can often feel that you’re just treading water financially. Pay day always seems a week too far away and you aren’t able to start that savings account for the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Interested in Cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin Investing Can Bust the Family Budget

When I first started a family, bought a house, and began paying multiple premiums for multiple kinds of insurance policies, I accepted that I had become an adult. Being an adult involves sacrifice – sacrificing personal pursuits and deferring dreams for the sake of family. Life doesn’t end. Ambitions and dreams don’t die. I just know that what my family needs takes precedence over what I want. As a family man, I had to perfect my skills in perfecting budgets. I really can’t afford to overindulg...
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Frugal Dinner Party Ideas for Moms On A Budget

Just because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean you need to kiss your social life goodbye. Check out these frugal dinner party ideas to wine and dine your besties without breaking the bank! There’s always a reason to throw a dinner party. If you’re not sure you agree, give it a second thought. We’re sure you could find even the smallest reason right now to break out the placemats and napkin holders. Now, with that said, one of the biggest challenges to any dinner party is the question of your ...
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Ashley’s Bloated Budget

I have to be honest. I’m totally nervous about this post. When I first started blogging here back in early 2014, I experienced a lot of backlash. It’s tough to put your entire financial world out there on the internet for a bunch of strangers. And tougher, still, to take in the comments and criticism of very personal financial decisions. But then the tides changed once I started experiencing some success. Within 3 months of beginning to blog, I paid off over $10,000 in credit card debt. In total...
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It’s funny, even after 3 years of blogging here, you guys always keep me on my toes! When publishing posts that I think might be controversial (like this one or this one), I’m met with nothing but understanding and support. And then I write a post that I think is more innocuous (like this one) and I’m met with backlash on a level I haven’t seen or experienced since early on in my blogging days. Before my financial successes, I was initially met with quite a bit of criticism (some constructive, s...
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April Budget Update

Yikes! With how overdue this budget update is, I did consider just skipping it entirely. I forgot to post December’s budget and it was my first time to ever miss a month! I don’t want it to start becoming a pattern. So, instead of pushing it off any longer, here’s the extremely overdue budget: Place Amount Spent Rent 1200 Down Payment Savings 2000 Electricity 88 Water 55 Natural gas 60 Cell Phones (2 lines) 89 Cable/Internet 100 ...
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Ashley’s January 2016 Budget Update

Let’s just jump right to it, shall we? Also, full disclosure….as I was making this month’s budget update I realized I never made one for December! Yikes! How did no one point this out/remind me? In full honesty, I feel too rushed for time as it is to go back and write a post from last month so I’m just picking back up here and moving forward.   Place Amount Spent Rent 1200 Electricity 199 Water 61 Natural gas 103 Cell Phones (2 lines) 89 Cab...
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