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5 Safety Rules You Must Follow When Planning A Family Hunting Trip

If you are an outdoor lover, you will probably want to introduce your kids to the thrill of the wild at some point. It makes sense to take them for their first family hunting tour when they are old enough to handle the rigors of the experience and enjoy the excitement it offers. But it also requires good planning as the leader of the group because you will want your family to have a safe and memorable experience. Fortunately, planning a family hunting trip isn’t as daunting as it sounds. F...
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Outdoor School Was Released TODAY!

We partnered with Macmillan as a Super Influencer to show you all about their newest program – Outdoor School! This series offers pocket-sized, waterproof guidebooks full of quick tips, as well as extensive and interactive journals and sticker books — all of which can serve as critical tools for hands-on learning that couldn’t have come at a better time!  America’s children are caught in one of the largest mass migrations in recent history: the movement indoors and online. According to ...
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Best tips for camping with kids

This looks to be the year the world goes camping. But the Great Camping Return of 2020 may seem like a challenge for families who haven’t introduced their kids to this quintessentially American pastime. We’ve got you covered on how to pitch a tent and what to bring, and here we focus on what will make your family camping trip unforgettable — and only in a good way. We asked kids what they love best about spending the night outdoors and then added in some hard-earned parental wisdom. These res...
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8 Camping Gadgets You Need For Your Next Adventure

A camping trip in the wild can be a great experience. Whether you take a cool vacation with the family or plan a hunting spree, it can be absolute fun. However, you need to be well-prepared for the adventure with the right gear and equipment to make it memorable and safe. While there are several basic essentials that you must have while camping, you can add some cool gear and camping gadgets to add value to the experience. Here are some amazing suggestions for the camping gadgets that you ca...
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Camping Adventures With Kids – What You Need To Know

Vacations with the kids are always a bit tricky. You want to be sure you find a destination that keeps everyone happy, entertained, and comfortable while at the same time providing the adults with a sense of relaxation and escape from everyday life. Camping can often be a great solution for families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, explore new scenery and attractions, and enjoy a real sense of adventure. Before you head out on your camping vacation here’s a few things you may ...
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9 Essential Items To Take On Your Family Camping Trip

Before you head out into the backcountry, it’s good to get into the habit of packing the essentials you’ll need. You’ll find that certain items are more important than others that suit the type of environment you’re visiting; however, there are nine certain essentials you should always have with you regardless.   Emergency Shelter Most experienced campers already carry a tent for long trips, but those who only head out only for the day may find that emergency shelter becomes necessary in unex...
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Backpacking with kids doesn’t have to suck

Photo by the author. WHEN I BECAME A SINGLE MOM, I quickly realized how many things the kids’ dad had effortlessly done with them that I now felt completely incompetent doing. My soccer skills were lacking, to say the least. My tree forts sucked. And the idea of doing any serious backpacking with three young kids intimidated the hell out of me. We live in the Andes of Patagonia, and I wanted the kiddos to not just look at the mountains every day out the window, but to get out in them, almost ...
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Family camping holidays: Is a week in a tent together worth the strife?

Camping is rising in popularity, but does it deliver the family fun you hope for? Hattie Garlick busts the myths [Author: Hattie Garlick]
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