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Release of Bruce Willis’ Unbreakable Spirit Canceled in China

Release of Bruce Willis’ Unbreakable Spirit canceled in China The WWII movie Unbreakable Spirit won’t be seeing a theatrical release in China this weekend following allegations of money laundering, according to Variety. Unbreakable Spirit, which stars Bruce Willis, Adrian Brody and Fan Bingbing, was originally slated for an August release under the title The Bombing, but was pushed back to August after co-star Fan was accused of tax avoidance. Now, with the latest accusations, the film Unbre...
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A Fan That Focuses on The User’s Experience

This sleek concept is Clutch Fan, and it alters the way the user interacts with the fan through careful and considered design! A conventional fan features buttons that we operate with our hands, but this certainly isn’t the case with Clutch; a vast amount of the fan’s functionality is controlled by a single ‘pedal’ that is located at the base of the device, while other features such as a memory setting and timer are located in a more conventional place!The designer, Hyeong Seop stated that ‘Usin...
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Concerns missing Chinese actor Fan Bingbing has fallen foul of authorities

Rumours abound that the Chinese star, who has not been seen in two months, has been detained for tax evasionConcerns have intensified that one of China’s most famous actors Fan Bingbing, who has been missing for months, may be in trouble with the authorities after she came last in a ranking of social responsibility among celebrities.Fan scored zero out of 100 in the category in the 2017-18 China Film and Television Star Social Responsibility Report, compiled by Beijing Normal University and the ...
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Keep Cool with This Cool Device

In the hot and uncomfortable weather than many of us are currently experiencing, the humble fan suddenly becomes our undisputed best friend. But it’s fair to say that the majority of fans aren’t too easy on the eyes. However, this certainly can’t be said for Mi Mini Fan, which brings a unique form and quirky design to the table!The fan sits within a, relatively plain-looking, square surround. But this surround holds a secret; a split line runs horizontally along its center, when folded it reveal...
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One Fab Fan

Sometimes all you need is a little breeze to cool down during the hot summer months. For those times, Blossom has got you covered.Inspired by the petals of a flower, this compact fan unit features flexible blades that can be safely tucked away when it’s not being used. To activate the fan, simply slide up on the trigger to reveal the soft blades. Rechargeable via lightning cable, it’s a super-convenient way to refresh that you can take anywhere. Better yet, it’s small and durable enough to throw...
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Cool Down and Charge Up!

When executed perfectly and having been designed with extremely careful consideration, a product that solves multiple problems can be an exceptionally useful and versatile bit of kit! CirXquare certainly falls into the category!This innovative hybrid device allows the user to always have both a portable fan and power bank with them wherever they go… this would be particularly useful considering the warmer weather a lot of us have been battling recently! The fan is located within the off-center c...
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A Fan with Character!

Who cares about blade-less fans when you’ve got the most adorable fan in the world?! Designer Muhammet Uzuntaş’ twist on the desk fan takes inspiration from people’s favorite cartoons, translating them into a three-dimensional form with the functionality of a classic fan. They come in 3 different iterations and sizes, but the entire collection safely houses the blade mechanism inside the bulbous body. Inside, the blade can also swivel to redirect air which is focused through the eye sockets of t...
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Star Wars fans: You have to see this animated ASCII remake of Episode IV

It was 1997 when Simon Jansen started his remake of the first Star Wars film -- Episode IV - A New Hope -- as an ASCII animation (or "asciimation," as he coined it). It was in 2015 when the dedicated New Zealand Star Wars fan added the last scene. That's right, it's not finished yet. In fact, it's only about 40 percent complete. Tedium reports: For reasons that are a mystery even to himself, Simon Jansen began creating individual frames of A New Hope after a chain of joke emails. Though not...
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A Friendly and Fun, Fan!

As I’ve mentioned previously, playful design is a style of design which I love, especially when it takes a rather mundane design and puts a fun spin on it, and this design definitely does this! The designers took the rather uninteresting fan and gave it a fun and friendly personality.The fan replaces the head of the pet, and the smooth oscillation brings an element of life and character to the ‘animal’. What makes this product so usable is the versatility of it, not only does it make for a great...
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Prepare to Hate your Ordinary Ceiling Fan!

Ahhhh, ceiling fans! Hate ’em, but gotta have ’em. What do you choose? To suffer from hot, stale air OR to kill your room’s vibe? It’s a tough choice and many of us cave in for comfort. The Orbit fan, however, offers an entirely new solution to air circulation that’s a whole lot easier on the eyes.The clever creation takes on the form of a gyroscope. It’s at once artistic and functional, with moveable sections that are enchanting to watch. Better yet, it differs from traditional ceiling-mount fa...
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This air purifying fan is everything your seasonal allergies need

The Pure Cool fan from Dyson is an air purifying fan that rids your home of 99.7 percent of solid particles like pet dander, cleaning solutions and natural irritants like pollen. Contol it from its LCD screen or with its companion app. The post This air purifying fan is everything your seasonal allergies need appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Dodos singer releasing solo album as FAN (hear new song "Velour")

The Dodos are taking a bit of a rest while singer Meric Long focuses on his new electronic pop solo project FAN. His debut album comes out in May on Polyvinyl and you can hear a new song now... Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
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You Whale Love This Design!

I love this fan almost as much as I love a bad pun. Don’t be deceived by its big name, the Whale is a personal fan with a super-compact form designed to help you beat the heat just about anywhere! Named after its ridges that resemble those on a whale’s belly, it’s ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand while safely concealing its fan blade safely. Perfect for a variety of occasions from sporting events to the beach, you can toss it in a bag and take it with you on the go. Its conven...
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This Fan Sucks!

Literally… it blows and sucks! As more urban-based companies lean toward work-from-home policies, so does the need to have better indoor air quality at home. Designed with this in mind, Fan Tone by designer Hyojeong Lee is an interesting twist on the ceiling fan that does double duty as an indoor air cleaner that rids your home of harmful particles.It can easily replace any existing fan or installed as a new fixture as it integrates into any standard electrical system. The unit utilizes a HEPA f...
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One Popsicle That’s Not For Licking

The Popsicle keeps you cool in an entirely different way that the name suggests! It’s a first-ever personal fan that actually looks pretty cool for once! I usually imagine the people using portable fans as the same who wear fanny packs. It’s usually the cherry on top of a touristy look. However, the Popsicle’s playful form is just plain adorable!It takes on the exaggerated form of a frozen treat and features a cute leather strap so you can attach it to your keychain or wrist. Just keep it rechar...
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In Win Aurora RGB Fans Review

It seems there are RGB fans everywhere these days, almost every company we know makes them. We have In Win's Aurora RGB fans up for review today. These fans are In Win's second forte into the RGB fan realm and it seems they have took a lot of time to get things right. The fans can easily be daisy-chained together, offer vibration dampening, can be connected and controller via an RGB header on your motherboard, or with the included controller you can customize them with In Win's application. ...
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Traeger’s wi-fi connected grill is delicious overkill

 As a fan of both meat and fire, the Traeger Timberline 850 hits right in my rib zone. This powerful – and expensive – smoking grill is more like an outdoor oven than the chintzy charcoal or gas grill you’ve been using and the unique pellet system adds flavor, sear, and smoke to your hearty cuts of whatever. Traeger has been around for years, starting out in the Northwest as… Read More
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Reeven KIRAN RGB Fans Review

Having taken a look at quite a few products from Reeven in the past, we were definitely interested to look at their first RGB fan offering, the KIRAN. The KIRAN is a standalone RGB fan, meaning each individual fan has a built-in lighting controller, and offers PWM control over the fan’s speeds. In this review […]
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China denies former senior officer being investigated

China's Defence Ministry on Thursday denied that former senior military officer Fan Changlong was being investigated on suspicion of corruption, pointing to a recent article in the military's official newspaper in which his name was mentioned. Hong Kong media reported earlier this month that Fan, a former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission which President Xi Jinping heads and which runs the country's armed forces, was being investigated. Asked whether Fan was indeed being probed,...
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A ‘fanta’stic fruity fan!

The Creamsicle’s inspiration is pretty apparent. Its warm orange tones and the way the blades orient themselves around the rim rather than the hub creates a negative space that gives it a citrus-y feeling. While the fan itself is a hubless fan with a design language that’s familiar because of Dyson’s work in the area… its blade design steals the show with its refreshing, fun, tangerine nature. It almost makes the fan itself look cool and refreshing like a glass of Fanta or Tang. Perhaps that per...
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Don’t Buy an Air Purifier Until You Read This Article

Air purifiers advertisements try to appeal to people’s fears about pollution getting worse. Resist the temptation to make an impulse purchase: experts on air purifiers say most people overpay yet end up with the wrong device for their needs. One aspect of the overspending is something you might not discover until it’s too late: The most critical component, the air filter, needs periodic replacement and is usually overpriced compared to what the purifier costs. About Those Reusables Whi...
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The Foreigner Review

Rating: 6 out of 10 Cast: Jackie Chan as Quan Ngoc Minh Pierce Brosnan as Liam Hennessy Charlie Murphy as Maggie / Sara McKay Orla Brady as Mary Hennessy Katie Leung as Fan Rufus Jones as Ian Wood Mark Tandy as Simpson John Cronin as Denis Fisher Caolan Byrne as McCormick Aaron Monaghan as Pat Nugent Niall McNamee as Patrick O’Reilly Lia Williams as Katherine Davies Michael McElhatton as Jim Kavanagh David Pearse as Billy McMahon Directed by Martin Campbell The Foreigner Review: Quan Ngoc ...
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BuzzFeed is ditching its anti-banner ad stance to better cash in on its huge audience

BuzzFeed is finally embracing banner ads.  The media company  will let advertisers run display ads on its homepage, story pages and mobile apps. The company plans to develop new ways for programmatic and native to work together for clients moving forward. , BuzzFeed is finally embracing them. BuzzFeed will start showing people display ads that will be bought and sold using third-party ad technology on a global basis. The move is  a bid to tap into its scale and monetize its owned-and-o...
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7 standing stones locations every Outlander fan needs to visit

The standing stone circle from Outlander has drawn fans to tour Scotland in search of the mysterious powers of Craigh na Dun. The scene shot on Rannoch Moor in Perthshire and although the stones in the TV series were made of styrofoam and installed on location, the fictional depiction is of one of many standing stone formations in the British Isles. Documented in myth, religious text and folk tales, people have traveled the world to visit the stone structures built by the Megalithic and Beaker...
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This Fan Makes Cooling Down a Breeze

It might look like your average floor fan, but the 3D Circulating Fan is anything but. A thoughtful relocation of its motor makes all the difference! Inclined at a 135° vertical angle, the motor is affixed in such a way that it makes it possible for the fan to sway with a much larger range of motion. In fact, it can be positioned in almost any direction but straight down. More importantly, it can swivel back and forth to direct air across a much larger area, putting its circulation capability ...
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Vintage Air India route map on a souvenir hand fan

Everything about this 1960s combination map and fan is fantastic: the Asia-centric map, the gold foil edges, the delicate wooden handle, and the beautiful illustrations. Lovely and doubly practical! (more…)
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Speaking to the Soul: Are You a Fan or a Follower

by Linda McMillan   Acts 1:6-14   QUICK! When I say Elijah what do you think of? If you said that he was the champion of Yahweh who brought down fire from the heavens, you’d be correct. And if you said that he raised a man from the dead, you’d be right again. If you said that he founded a school of prophets, was fed by ravens, or hid in a cave, you’d still be right. You could say a thousand amazing things about Elijah and be correct. But, those are not the things you first thought of are they? O...
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A New Spin on the Fan

Ceiling fans do a great job of circulating cool air during the summer and moving hot air that has risen during the winter. However, they’re not practical in compact spaces with low ceilings and… well… they’re just plain ugly. Torus was designed with this two factors in mind and brings the same fan circulating functionality to places where a ceiling fan won’t fit logistically or aesthetically!The blade-less design sits high with its circulating unit placed at the very top where it can either circ...
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Cancer victim pays ultimate tribute to Bayern Munich (video)

On an emotional day at the Allianz Arena which saw both Xabi Alonso and Philipp Lahm retire, Bayern Munich fans the world over showed their passion for the club through touching tributes and passionate celebrations. ‘The craziest fan’ But a video has appeared online today of an individual who surely must be the most passionate and die-hard fan of all. The clip in question revolves around a man who claims to be ‘The US’s largest Bayern Munich fan’, and, after hearing his incredible story, he li...
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‘World’s first’ backpack ventilation fan aims to prevent sweaty backs

Anyone who's put on a backpack in the summer will know all about sweaty backs. But the creators of the G2 Turbo ventilation fan are adamant that it doesn't have to be that way. The post ‘World’s first’ backpack ventilation fan aims to prevent sweaty backs appeared first on Digital Trends.
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