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Trump Signals He’s Prepared to Give Farmers More Federal Aid

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump signaled Friday that he’s prepared to tap federal coffers again to help farmers suffering from the tariff fights that he initiated. The Trump administration over the past two years has committed to providing farmers with $27 billion in assistance. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has said that a third year of financial assistance would not be necessary since China had committed to increasing its agriculture purchases under a Phase 1 trade deal. But Ch...
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Firms making billions from ‘highly hazardous’ pesticides, analysis finds

Use of harmful chemicals is higher in poorer nations, according to data analysed by UnearthedThe world’s biggest pesticide companies make billions of dollars a year from chemicals found by independent authorities to pose high hazards to human health or the environment, according to an analysis by campaigners.The research also found a higher proportion of these highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) in the companies’ sales in poorer nations than in rich ones. In India, 59% of sales were of HHPs in co...
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Immigration: firms will need to train more UK workers, says Priti Patel

‘Economically inactive’ Britons could do jobs in sectors where there are shortages under new system, home secretary saysCompanies will need to train more British workers to fill vacancies when the new immigration system kicks in requiring foreign workers to have qualifications and the ability to speak English, Priti Patel, the home secretary, has said.In a round of television and radio interviews, she said 8 million people between the ages of 16 and 64 were “economically inactive” and could be g...
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Locusts swarm into crisis-hit South Sudan as plague spreads across east Africa

Invasion is further food shortages in country struggling with drought and legacy of civil war Swarms of locusts ravaging crops and grazing land across east Africa have reached South Sudan, already reeling from widespread hunger and years of civil war, the country’s agriculture minister said on Tuesday.Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti are battling the worst locust outbreak in decades, and swarms have also spread into Tanzania and Uganda.
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UK to close door to non-English speakers and unskilled workers

Government plans to take ‘full control’ of borders a disaster for economy and jobs, say industry leaders and LabourBritain is to close its borders to unskilled workers and those who can’t speak English as part of a fundamental overhaul of immigration laws that will end the era of cheap EU labour in factories, warehouses, hotels and restaurants.Unveiling its Australian-style points system on Wednesday, the government will say it is grasping a unique opportunity to take “full control” of British b...
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From khat to coffee: revitalising an age-old Yemeni crop

In Haraz, farmers and exporters are bringing new life to a globally acclaimed and desired productHaraz, a collection of medieval villages in Yemen’s highlands, feels very far away from the devastation of the country’s civil war. Banks of cloud tumble down green farming terraces and caress the gingerbread-like houses clinging to the mountainside, and the unique environmental conditions create some of the best coffee in the world.Yemen has exported coffee since the 1400s: the Red Sea port of Mokha...
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The New Frontiers of Farming Come With Huge Climate Risks

Not sure you’ve heard, but the planet is getting hotter. The heat is making farming harder in some places, but it’s also making it possible to bring agriculture into new areas. Farmers are growing food in northern Alberta, Canada. Russia plans to “use the advantages” of global warming to expand its agriculture…Read more...
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A humanitarian crisis looms in Africa unless we act fast to stop the desert locust

The destructive migratory pest threatens catastrophe as it swarms through countries already plagued by food insecurityA colleague at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) tells a terrifying story about the desert locust.In 2005 she visited farmers in Niger as they prepared to harvest their crops. Just hours later, a swarm of locusts swept through the area and destroyed everything. One month later, truckloads of families were forced to leave their homes because they had nothing to eat....
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Bush harrow reveals banquet for the birds: Country diary, 14 February 1920

14 February 1920 Some of the fields are ‘bushed’, old style, with a five-barred gate harnessed to a horse with collar and long tracesSurreyRooks, companies of them, but each to his own flock, have searched the meadows to-day, following the bush harrow, and in some instances thinking, in their way, it has gone over grass, where in reality it has yet to come. In this remote part the fields are “bushed”, some of them, old style. We throw a five-barred gate, pull faggot wood from the copse, hazel, t...
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Exciting news. But the farmstead is on hold.

Well I bought a 25 acre track back in October. Small for a farm but land is not cheap around Charlotte. We was looking to maybe build a off grid cabin. Well we started clearing a building sight and tearing down the old barns but then the neighbor stopped in. Happened to mention he was selling out when he retires in February of 2021 to move back home to be with his parents. His farm is only 20 acres but borders mine and consists of 10 acres fenced for cattle. Really nice fence that is made o...
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Currants - suggestions

I have some currants "sprigs I guess is the word" coming soon. My plan is to use a couple of metal horse troughs for the first year. I want them off the ground and in controlled soil. I'm going to set the trough up on bricks (solid around to keep the snakes out) and drill drainage holes in the bottom of each. My thought is to keep them in good soil and to be able to move them to more or less sun as needed with my tractor. I know they won't bear until the second or even third year but that's...
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Anyone else having trouble getting seeds?

This year all my seed orders seem to be running late, not shipped yet, or have been canceled. Never had this happen to me before. Of course I have enough stocked for this year if I use them all up, but still, kind of odd, in the past I could always get anything I wanted in a couple days. Some of my orders this year are three weeks late.
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Joaquin Phoenix urges people to 'go vegan'

The Baftas awards frontrunner joins protestors on Tower Bridge in London to campaign for a meat-free worldOscar and Bafta nominee Joaquin Phoenix has made a plea for people to “go vegan” as he led an animal equality protest in central London.The actor gathered activists for a protest where he dropped a 390-square-foot banner from Tower Bridge that declared: “Factory farming destroys our planet. Go vegan.” Continue reading...
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CH Japan: Indigo Dyeing Leather + Cotton

From the Tokushima farm of Akihito Sato to the vats of dye master Naoyuki Asai in Kyoto Many people don’t know where natural indigo comes from or realize how few indigo farms are left in Japan (only six). Indigo is a green plant that has a higher percentage of blue than others. Traditional indigo dye in Japan is made from sukumo, which is what the …
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Trump will put US firms first in UK trade talks, says ambassador

Exclusive: US president will insist NHS pays higher price for drugs, says Kim Darroch ‘Irony is we got things right by 2015’ – Britain’s EU envoys on BrexitDonald Trump will put the interests of corporate America first and demand that the NHS pays higher prices for US drugs in a free-trade deal with the UK, the outgoing British ambassador to Washington has told the Guardian.Kim Darroch, in his first interview since his resignation from his post in July, from where he spearheaded attempts to grow...
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Taking the battle to the grave: South Africa’s contested sites

In his swansong, Santu Mofokeng ruminates on mortality, ancestry and dispossession The post Taking the battle to the grave: South Africa’s contested sites appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Almonds are out. Dairy is a disaster. So what milk should we drink?

A glass of dairy milk produces almost three times more greenhouse gas than any plant-based milk. But vegan options have drawbacks of their own‘Like sending bees to war’: the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsessionFor environmentally minded consumers, the news is hard to swallow: almond milk is not healthy for the planet and the popular milk substitute is especially hard on bees. Our recent investigation into the connection between California’s industrialized almond industry and a record 5...
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France moves to ban mass live-shredding of male chicks

Agriculture minister announces an end to cruel mass culling method, and castration of piglets without anaesthesiaFrance has said it will ban the controversial but widespread practices of live-shredding male chicks and castrating piglets without anaesthesia, in a move cautiously welcomed by animal welfare activists.Some 7bn male chicks, unwanted because they provide neither meat nor eggs, are culled around the world every year. Many are ground up alive, others are gassed, electrocuted, or asphyxi...
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Kenya suffers worst locust infestation in 70 years as millions of insects swarm farmland

UN urges immediate action as east African nations already experiencing devastating hunger see large areas of crops destroyedThe worst outbreak of desert locusts in Kenya in 70 years has seen hundreds of millions of the insects swarm into the east African nation from Somalia and Ethiopia. Those two countries have not had an infestation like this in a quarter century, destroying farmland and threatening an already vulnerable region with devastating hunger.“Even cows are wondering what is happening...
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How the Middle East's water shortage drives demand for live animal imports

The increasingly dry region relies on imports of sheep and cows from as far as Brazil to satisfy the rapidly growing populationCows are waiting in pens, on sweet-smelling fresh straw. They have come to Lebanon from Spain, from Romania. In the one end of the alley are two pens packed with enormous Brahman cattle, standing well over six feet with their distinctive humps, all the way from Brazil.“They are the most aggressive,” says one of the slaughterhouse staff. “It’s just their personalities.” C...
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Appetite for 'warm meat' drives risk of disease in Hong Kong and China

A wet market, where animals are freshly slaughtered rather than chilled was identified as the source of the coronavirus outbreak. But experts have long warned of dangers Each evening, under cover of darkness, hundreds of live pigs from farms across China are trucked through the rusting gates of a cluster of mildew-stained quarantine and inspection buildings in the Qingshuihe logistics zone in Shenzhen.Overnight they are checked for illness, primarily the African swine fever (ASF) that is expecte...
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Could new study on cow communication lead to more humane farming?

New audio recordings of cows reveal rich communication and unique individual voices. Cows do more than vocalize to their calves — they share emotions with each other. A better understanding of what cows are saying and feeling can help in the formulation of humane cattle-care standards. None Previous research has demonstrated that mother cows recognize and respond to the voices of their own offspring. Their calves, too, know their moms' voices. A new study from the University of Sydney, however...
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'A whole sheep for £18': how live exports are hurting farmers in Romania

Country’s lack of meat processing facilities means livestock must be shipped to international markets – at a high cost to both shepherds and welfare Gheorghe Dănulețiu, also known as Ghiță Ciobanul (Ghiță the shepherd), has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook after he featured in an advertising campaign that went viral, but he leads the modest life of a traditional shepherd.Looking after 1,500 sheep in western Romania, Dănulețiu’s life changes with the seasons. During lambing in spring, he b...
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'It was painful to declare it': outbreak of animal disease was blow to Sudan exports

Rift Valley fever led to temporary block on trade, with devastating impact on farmers and livestock‘Live animals are the largest source of infection’: dangers of the export tradeThousands of sheep waiting to be exported ended up dying of hunger and thirst, after an outbreak of Rift Valley fever led to a temporary Saudi block on trade.The appearance of the disease in any country that depends on the export trade is potentially catastrophic. Countries are supposed to notify the World Organisation f...
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'The dates are drying': profits shrivel for farmers as the heat rises in Tunisia

Irrigation systems and oases in the arid south are failing to keep up with the demands of thirsty palm plantationsMansour Rajeb is wrapping a plastic protective sheet around the branch of a date palm in his oasis near the village of Bchelli, in southern Tunisia. Tying it up, he lingers.“I’m worried,” he says. “The quality is getting worse. The dates are getting drier.” Continue reading...
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Up to 100,000 sheep killed in Kangaroo Island fires, as farmers tally livestock losses

Catastrophic bushfire burns through half Kangaroo Island’s landmass, devastating wildlife and the sheep populationUp to 100,000 sheep were killed in bushfires on Kangaroo Island and at least 25,000 more livestock perished in fires on mainland Australia, farming groups have said.Kangaroo Island farmers ordered thousands of rounds of ammunition to shoot animals that were critically injured in a catastrophic bushfire that has burned through half of the island’s landmass, devastating a significant k...
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Stockton 3rd Grader Wins $1,000 Education Bond For Growing 57-Pound Cabbage

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton boy has won a $1,000 education saving bond for growing a massive cabbage plant. Lorenzo Bruno is a student at Annunciation School in Stockton. On Friday, the National Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program announced he had won their plant growing contest after being randomly selected by the California Agriculture Department. Bruno’s cabbage plant weighed in at 57 pounds. For reference, cabbage heads usually only range from 1-9 pounds. Bonnie Plants awards one third-grade stu...
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Advance Preparation For Grid Down

Many people have nice land/acreages that could provide them with an abundance of food if the land was put into larger-scale production. However, many/most of these same people simply don't have the time to start growing this abundance of food on any scale larger than what would be considered by most to be a small garden at the current time. Time really is the consideration for most people that consider themselves survivalists when it comes to larger-scale food production. But this ability t...
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'Like sending bees to war': the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession

Bees are essential to the functioning of America’s titanic almond industry – and billions are dying in the processDennis Arp was feeling optimistic last summer, which is unusual for a beekeeper these days.Thanks to a record wet spring, his hundreds of hives, scattered across the central Arizona desert, produced a bounty of honey. Arp would have plenty to sell in stores, but more importantly, the bumper harvest would strengthen his bees for their biggest task of the coming year. Continue reading....
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New demand for very old farm tractors specifically because they're low tech

Farmers are increasingly sick of high-tech tractors that are expensive to buy and usually impossible to fix yourself due to their integrated digital technology. According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, "Tractors manufactured in the late 1970s and 1980s are some of the hottest items in farm auctions across the Midwest these days." To be sure, the farmers buying these old machines aren't luddites. In fact, they often customize and retrofit them with contemporary tech like GPS for automatic steerin...
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