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Lake Day Outfits: What to Pack for a Lake House in Summer

The only thing left to do is find a friend with a boat.
Tags: College, Summer, Beachwear, Lake House, Summer Outfits, Fashion Tips

4 Comfortable Airport Outfits for Efficient Travel

Get through security fast and still be comfortable on your long haul plane rides!
Tags: Travel, Featured, College, Travel Tips, Travel Style, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas, Airport Style

What to Wear to College Orientation: 6 Perfect Outfit Ideas

Because your mom doesn’t pick your first day of school outfit anymore. VIEW THE POST
Tags: College, Academics, Summer Outfits, College Life, Fashion Tips, College Tips, Orientation, Casual Outfits, College Style

3 Surprising Ways To Change Your Routine and Instantly Look 10 Years Younger

Who says you can’t pull off a new and vibrant look despite your age? Looking ten years younger has never been any easier. The rule is as simple as looking youthful, radiant, and full of life. As the saying goes, ‘there is beauty in simplicity, but the point in looking younger accentuates the new focus of making that simplicity element ‘significant.’ It all revolves around the usual lifestyle routines and habits. It is nothing outside the ordinary; only you have to creatively add a ne...
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Internship Outfit Ideas for Every Major

Your personal style, but professional. VIEW THE POST
Tags: College, Internships, Job Interview, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas, Workwear, Summer Internship

What to Wear to an Amusement Park (+6 Outfit Ideas!)

Going to an amusement park soon? Here's exactly what to wear.
Tags: College, Swimwear, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas, What Do I Wear There, Fun Activities

The Best Outfits for College Formal Season

The best reason to procrastinate studying for finals...
Tags: College, Formalwear, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas, Date Outfits, Semi-formal

8 Trendy Outfit Ideas for Summer 2021

Trendy looks for all summer long!
Tags: College, Summer, Summer Outfits, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas

What is Fashion FOMO and How Can You Stop It?

Do you ever worry your kids aren’t fashionable enough — that you’ll neglect to predict a new trend or overlook a hot sale? You might be suffering from fashion FOMO, but don’t worry — there’s a cure.  Fashion FOMO is just like regular, old FOMO — a fear of missing out — but rather than worrying about missing an event or experience, it focuses on the contents of your closet. It’s a nagging feeling that other people are wearing cooler clothes, finding better deals, and curating a trendier ...
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6 Trendy Outfits to Wear on Repeat This Spring

Keep up with all the trends for this spring in these of-the-moment outfits.
Tags: College, Trends, Jeans, Fashion Tips, Casual Outfits, Spring Fashion Trends, 2000s

15+ Poses For Taking the Best Instagram Photos

There's no better way to show off your outfit.
Tags: Photos, Instagram, College, Social Media, Fashion Tips, best Instagram photos

I Dressed Like Myself: A Retrospective of a Fashion Experiment (& How I Write This Series)

This week, I’m giving you the inside scoop on how I create this series. Who takes the pictures? How do I choose the subject? What has stayed in my closet? I'm telling it all.
Tags: College, Inspiration, Blogging, Celebrity Fashion, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas

How to Dress to Stay Warm in the Mornings but Cool in the Afternoons

These outfits are perfect for warm or cool weather.
Tags: College, Layering, Fashion Tips, Transitional Fashion, Outfit Ideas, Casual Outfits, Spring Transition

What to Wear for a Night Out: 10 Cute Going Out Outfits

No more fashion emergencies!
Tags: College, Night Out, Fashion Tips, Party Outfits, Going Out Outfits

The 5 Types of Classic Dresses That Will Always Be in Style

These are the dresses that have stood the test of time.
Tags: College, Dresses, Fashion Tips, Little Black Dress

How to Start a Study Group in College, in 4 Easy Steps

Here's everything you need to start a study group that's actually productive.
Tags: College, Friends, Academics, Fashion Tips, Study Tips, Start a Study Group in College

15 Tips and Tricks for Shopping Smart at Lululemon

Our go-to workout clothing line, decoded.
Tags: College, Athleisure, Activewear, Lululemon, Fashion Tips, Workout Clothes

Here Are the 5 Key Elements of Italian Fashion, According to an Italian

When we'd all rather be in Rome.
Tags: Europe, College, Sunglasses, Italy, Heels, Fashion Tips, Faux Fur, Animal Print

6 Cute and Trendy Vacation Outfits for 2021

Look your best on your next trip with these on-trend vacation outfit ideas.
Tags: Travel, College, Vacation, Beach, Beachwear, Swimwear, Summer Outfits, Travel Style, Fashion Tips

How to Use Poshmark to Sell Your Old Clothes

Poshmark 101: the tips and tricks you need to know!
Tags: College, Fashion Tips, Poshmark, Thrifting, Selling clothes

How to Wear Zebra Print (+4 Outfit Ideas!)

Your complete guide to 2021's most fashionable animal print.
Tags: College, Fashion Tips, Rocker Chic, Spring Fashion Trends, Animal Print, Spring 2021, Zebra Print

How to Style the Mini Shoulder Bag Trend (+10 Extremely Cute Outfits to Try)

The smallest new addition to your wardrobe.
Tags: Accessories, College, Handbags, 1990s, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas, Casual Outfits, 2000s

How to Copy Dua Lipa’s Style [Outfit Guide & Tips]

Steal the new queen of pop's style.
Tags: Music, College, 1990s, 1960s, Fashion Tips, 2000s, Sequins, Music Inspired Fashion, Copy Dua Lipa

10 Tips for Wearing Makeup With a Face Mask

After a year of living in them, we've finally figured out how to wear face mask makeup.
Tags: Makeup, College, Skincare, Fashion Tips, Makeup Tips, Face Mask

How to Style a Sweater Vest (+5 Outfit Ideas)

This one is grandpa-approved.
Tags: College, Fashion Tips, Spring Fashion Trends, Sweater Vest, 2021 Trends

Uggs Are Officially Back & Here’s How to Style Them in 2021

The Return of the UGG, Episode 2021.
Tags: Boots, College, Ugg, 1990s, Fashion Tips, Casual Outfits

Graduation Announcements 2021: The 26 Most Stylish Cards to Send This Year

Here's how to celebrate your achievements in serious style.
Tags: Sponsored, College, High School, Graduation, Fashion Tips, Post-grad

My Natural Hair Experience (& My Favorite Natural Hair Care Essentials)

Plus how I finally learned to love my natural hair.
Tags: College, Hair, Haircare, Fashion Tips, Hair Products, Curly Hair

The Cutest College Loungewear (+ Essentials for Conquering Online Classes)

Your everyday outfit, solved.
Tags: College, Athleisure, Loungewear, Fashion Tips, Sweatpants, College Style