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Are You Making These 6 Major Mistakes When Shopping For An Investment Handbag?

Picture it: you’re about to part with a hefty sum of cash over the counter, as you prepare to take home your latest, delicately wrapped, dust bag clad handbag purchase. You’ve probably been eyeing it up for weeks and then finally taken the financial nosedive and become its proud owner. But how much pre-purchase thought went into your investment handbag? Was it really an investment, or merely a whimsical buy? The key is to draw a clear line between ‘investment’ and ‘It’ bag; the former is a well...
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How to Get an Indie Girl Aesthetic: 5 Fashion Rules to Follow

AKA how to always be in style without ever being mainstream.
Tags: College, Indie, Fashion Tips

How to Style a Graphic Tee (& 5 Insanely Easy Outfit Ideas)

Here's everything you need to know about styling those cute graphic tees in your closet.
Tags: College, Skirts, Dresses, Fashion Tips, Casual Outfits, Graphic Tees, Fall 2020

Studying All September: 10 College Outfit Ideas Inspired by Your Major

Study in style by dressing according to your major.
Tags: Fall, College, Fashion Tips, Outfits For Class, Fall Outfits

19 Closet Organization Tips for a Perfectly Organized Wardrobe

Struggling to organize your closet space? Follow these 19 tips for a perfectly organized wardrobe!
Tags: Cleaning, Jewelry, Organization, College, Shoes, Hats, Closet, Dorm, Fashion Tips

Art Inspiration: Fall Outfits Inspired by Famous Paintings

Express your artistic identity while dressing for cooler temps.
Tags: Art, Fall, College, Fashion Tips, Fashion Inspired by Art, Fall Fashion Trends

I Dressed Like Dakota Johnson for a Week & Here’s What Happened

This week I channeled the laid-back cool style of Dakota Johnson. Here's how it went.
Tags: College, Inspiration, Dakota Johnson, Celebrity Fashion, Fashion Tips, Edgy Style

8 Tips for Shifting Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

Get ready, fall is just around the corner.
Tags: Fall, College, Fashion Tips, Cold Weather Outfits, Fall Fashion Trends, Summer To Fall Transition

Mixing Textures 101: How to Use Texture to Bring Any Outfit to Life

A combo of textures gives your outfit that special touch (literally).
Tags: Leather, College, Textures, Denim, Fashion Tips, Lace, Sheer

Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls 2020

The ultimate guide to what every college girl should have in her wardrobe. Includes wardrobe basics for every college student's closet.
Tags: Featured, Shopping, College, Clothing, Wardrobe, Basics, Fashion Tips

How to Start Taking Fashion Risks

Your guide to becoming your group's resident Anna Wintour.
Tags: College, Trends, Fashion Tips, Fashion Challenge

Your Style Guide to Virtual Sorority Recruitment: Outfit Inspo & Styling Tips

Insider advice from a sorority recruitment stylist.
Tags: College, Fashion Tips, Sorority, Sorority rush

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Boots in Summer (+10 Outfit Ideas!)

Boots are making an appearance this summer and we are here for it!
Tags: Booties, Boots, College, Shorts, Rain Boots, Fashion Tips, Ankle Boots, Cowboy Boots, Combat boots

5 Fashion Tips To Enhance Your Daily Style

Everyone wants to look their best, yet the majority struggle to build their own daily style and, more importantly, feel comfortable in it. For that reason, many women are spending a fortune on trendy clothes to achieve the look they saw on a model in a magazine. In most cases, though, they end up looking like they tried too hard or not feeling their best. And it is all because style requires something else, something less material than dressing up solely in top brands. Truly stylish women ...
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The TikTok Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow for Style Advice

Trust me on this: TikTok is the absolute best social media platform for fashion tips.
Tags: College, Social Media, Fashion Tips

How to Upgrade Your Basic Beach/Pool Outfits (+30 Beach Accessories We Love!)

Make a statement at the beach (or just get a killer Instagram pic from your backyard) with these cute pool & beach accessories.
Tags: Shopping, College, Summer, Hats, Beach, Beachwear, Swimwear, Scarves, Fashion Tips, Cover ups

9 Cute & Casual Summer Outfits We Are Obsessing Over

Stay comfortable while looking amazing in our go-to casual summer outfits.
Tags: College, Summer, Summer Outfits, Fashion Tips, Casual Outfits

College Party Clothes: 10 Wardrobe Essentials for College Parties

These 10 pieces will take you through hundreds of college parties, in style.
Tags: Shopping, College, Parties, Dresses, Neon, Fashion Tips, Bralette, Crop Tops, Wardrobe Essentials for College Parties

How to Style Hard-to-Wear Colors

Stay breezy in these eye-catching colors!
Tags: College, Summer Outfits, Color Trends, Fashion Tips, Color Combinations

The Best Fashion Apps You Need to Download ASAP (They’re All Free!)

Apps to help you with every aspect of fashion, from shopping for new items to styling your old ones.
Tags: Apps, Technology, College, College Life, Fashion Tips

Why You Need Silk Scarves For Summer 2020

Well, the summer of 2020 is certainly not what we imagined it to be. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives. We were given little to no time to adjust to this new lifestyle and to the new normal. Staying at home is the best thing we can do right now but let’s agree that wearing pajamas and sweatpants all day long is becoming harder and we no longer enjoy it as much as we used to. Fashion is not canceled and we can still look cool this summer at home and for our video c...
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Shop Meghan Markle’s Street Style: The Essential Pieces You Need to Dress Like the Duchess

The essential ingredients to steal the Duchess's street style.
Tags: College, Royalty, MEGHAN MARKLE, Fashion Tips, Wedges, Classic Style, White Shirt, Shirtdress

5 Cute Summer Outfits to Inspire You to Dress Up (No Matter What You’re Doing)

This might not be the summer we all wanted, but we can still make the most of it!
Tags: College, Summer Fashion, Summer Outfits, Fashion Tips, Bohemian, Preppy, Edgy Style

How to Wear Sweat Shorts the Fashion Girl Way | Sweat Shorts Outfit Guide

Get in on one of Summer's biggest trends with these chic looks!
Tags: College, Shorts, Loungewear, Summer Outfits, Fashion Tips, Spring 2020

6 Important Fashion Lessons We Learned from “Fresh Dressed”

Examining the most important fashion movement in American history.
Tags: Music, Movies, College, Hip-hop, 1990s, 1980s, Fashion Tips

Evergreen Fashion Advice For Every Season

Do you have the same argument with yourself every summer? How are you supposed to dress to impress on a budget? It’s not as if you’re fall and winter outfits transition into the warmer months. Plus, you want to turn heads and stand out from the crowd. The things women have to go through! With fashion trends changing like the weather, it’s not easy or cheap to stay on top of the latest styles. However, this shouldn’t cause you to fret. The good news is that you can maintain your look ...
Tags: Fashion, Oxford, Fashion Hacks, Wardrobe, Fashion Tips, Fashion Trends, Fashion Advice, Wardrobe Must-Haves, Work Outfits, Wardrobe Essentials, Wardrobe Basics, Capsule Wardrobe, Evergreen Fashion Advice For Every Season

Woven Accessories 101: How to Style Wicker, Straw, and Rattan Accessories

Woven accessories are the best summer accessories! Find 3 ways to style them today.
Tags: Accessories, College, Handbags, Summer Outfits, Fashion Tips

Tie Dye Shirt Outfits: A Few Extremely Cute Ways to Style a Tie Dye Shirt

Your how-to-style guide for summer's biggest trend.
Tags: College, T-shirts, Summer Outfits, Tie Dye, Fashion Tips, Casual Outfits, Spring 2020