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Cut-price apparel retailer Primark predicts that store closures during COVID-19 will cost it $1.4 billion

David Cliff/NurPhoto via Getty Images British fashion giant Primark's sales were down 30% year-on-year in the quarter, its parent company said. More than 75% of its stores are currently closed. Primark's total loss from store closures could reach £1.05 billion ($1.43 billion), it said. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Store closures could cost British fast-fashion giant Primark £1.05 billion ($1.43 billion) in lost sales, parent company Associated British Foods (AB Food...
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Amazon Prime Days: Hot Deals for You to Check Out!

&n Beginning Sunday, October 11, Amazon Prime members can get early access by shopping with Alexa on an Echo device by asking “Alexa, what are my Prime Day deals?” Amazon Prime Days are 10/13 and 10/14.  DO NOT MISS these bargain days. TONS of great deals.   Amazon Prime Day is coming up on October […] The post Amazon Prime Days: Hot Deals for You to Check Out! first appeared on
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This NYC tailor is rebelling against fashion industry waste by fixing clothes from a street cart

New York City tailor Makayla Wray mends clothes on the streets of Manhattan from her mobile cart. She's pushing back against the fast fashion industry by urging consumers to save their old clothes and have them repaired rather than buying more. Fiber from discarded clothes amounts to over 37 million tons of material wasted each year. View more episodes of Business Insider Today on Facebook. Makayla Wray wants to show people that style doesn't have to come from buying new clothes.The 29-year-old...
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From rags to riches — if we support local clothing manufacturers

Reviving our industry to its former glory is possible. We have the infrastructure, talent, and a population that is eager to work. Now we just need consumer buy-in. The post From rags to riches — if we support local clothing manufacturers appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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UK fast fashion giant Boohoo is becoming a transatlantic force: Total sales topped $1 billion in the first half of 2020, and US sales doubled

Boohoo British fast fashion retailer Boohoo earned £816.5 million ($1.05 billion) in sales in the six months to August 31, it reported on Wednesday. Boohoo’s international popularity is growing rapidly: Sales in the US nearly doubled compared to the same time last year. Nearly half of the group’s sales are now made outside of the UK. Recent allegations of "lockdown breaches, exploitation, and modern slavery” among its suppliers don’t seem to have dented sales. Boohoo said it has a “highly...
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Fast fashion giant Boohoo ignored red flags over working conditions among suppliers and often has 'no idea where its clothes are being made,' an independent review found

Boohoo founder Mahmud Kamani and business partner Carol Kane. Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Boohooo An independent review into fast fashion giant Boohoo's supply chain found "multiple failings" over pay and working conditions.  Boohoo, which faced allegations of "modern slavery" in its supply chain in June, ignored red flags, the review found. Multiple textile factory workers claimed to be paid less than the minimum wage, and around half of the suppliers and subcontractors investigated ha...
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How To Avoid Fast Fashion & Pick Clothes That Will Last

If you want to be a responsible, environmentally conscious consumer, then you need to be buying clothes that will last a long time. According to The New York Times, one of the worst things for our environment has been the advent of fast fashion. What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion consists of cheaply made clothing that capitalizes on trends. These clothes and shoes are cheaply made and manufactured then sold at a low price point. Fast fashion apparel brands and retailers include ...
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Bargain Shopping Alert! Do NOT Miss the “DOLLS KILL” Sample Sale! 2/21-23 in SF + LA!

  Don’t miss this killer sale. You will be very happy with the amount of clothing that this brand is marking down. I asked for photos to illustrate this piece and they said they had so much stuff, that I should show up and shoot it on the day of the sale. (uhhhh.. that’s like […]
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Saturday Startup Spotlight: Swayy

Capital Factory’s Saturday Startup Spotlight series features intimate chats with some of the latest founders taking hold of the startup ecosystem today. We’re returning this week with the co-founders of Swayy: Rajya Atluri and Clio Harralson. If you’re worried about the current state of the fast fashion industry but want to continue changing up your closet with exciting outfits, Swayy has a solution for you. They’re a carefully-curated clothing aggregator, with an emphasis on creating customiz...
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16 must-see environmental documentaries

From animals facing extinction to pollution to global warming, the world is changing — quickly. Some days you may feel like you’re the only one concerned with what is happening to the planet. But there are a host of scientists, environmentalists, authors, journalists, adventurers and Hollywood actors that share your mindset and went through the effort of getting it to the screen. Here are some top environmental documentaries to watch if you’re looking for a show that keeps sustainability in focu...
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How is the world handling fast fashion?

Over consumption has become a huge problem for our society, with impacts stretching far and wide. Each year, we purchase 80 billion pieces of clothing which has shown a 400% upsurge in the last two decades. Creating these garments takes a lot of work and resources. For example, the amount of water required to produce the 80 billion pieces mentioned above would fill 32 million Olympic-sized swimming pools. This just highlights how out of hand our shopping habits have become, and it’s an issue tha...
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The convenience of "highway fitting" your clothes is hurting the planet

Everybody likes the convenience of a free return policy. But what consumers do privately in their home closets — say, ordering two sizes of jeans and returning the one that doesn’t fit — has a growing global impact. A recent U.K. survey concluded that more than 40 percent of clothing bought online is returned. A group called Fashion Revolution wants to do something about this. “Instead of the two-way drive of a delivery van bringing a package to you, it now has to drive back to your house to re...
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RIPMARK: An Intervention Against Fast Fashion by Rocco & His Brothers

Rows of shopping paper bags put up upside down in the middle of a busy street in a way that they resemble gravestones. Unfortunately, that’s not any silly Halloween action. On the contrary – the ”RIPMARK” bags, each with a cross printed on them in a familiar blue font, symbolize actual deaths of innocent people. The happening, organized by intervention artists Rocco and his Brothers in a collaboration with the street artist Hera from Herakut, is a bold gesture of protest against fast fashion. ...
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Pineapples and Bananas: Yummy to Eat, And Now Fashionable to Wear

Style trends may come and go but the apparel industry is increasingly accepting that sustainability will always be in fashion.“We have the chance to shift the environment to a cleaner, more non-toxic place,” says Greg Altman, co-founder and CEO of Silk, a Boston-area maker of a proprietary liquid silk. “That’s really our goal.”To that end, Silk announced last week that it raised $30 million from investors to deploy the company’s silk technology into the apparel market as a replacement for chemi...
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Girls In Tech Showcases Women Founders In SF Pitch Competition

Kristina Tsvetanova says she found the motivation for her startup Blitab in 2014, when a blind colleague’s struggle to communicate via the Internet made her conscious of the barriers facing visually impaired people in a digital world.Her search for solutions spurred her to move from her native Bulgaria to find greater resources in Vienna, where she began developing what is now a tablet computer that can display the text from any online source in a full page of Braille. The top screen of the “ta...
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Going Coachella: The K-Klan Shows Up Haute! Kylie, Kourtney +!

The Kardashian contingent were definitely present at Coachella’s weekend #1! Two of the K-Klan were wearing clothing from Day 1: Kourtney Kardashian!  Oh, baby … or should I say holy mama?! Excited to share that Kourtney Kardashian was a definite showstopper tonight at Coachella, kicking off the music festival wearing Fashion Nova! In true Kourt fashion, the hot mom-of-three flaunted […]
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Coachella Gets Even More ‘Fab’ with JustFab’s Fab for Festival Photo Bus!

Bravo-lebrities and Bachelor Nation came together at Coachella Weekend 1, thanks to JustFab’s traveling photo bus, which made it’s way to the Vampped + No Ties Genies Pool Party and around the festival grounds.     In celebration of their festival-friendly April shop, curated exclusively by celebrity stylist, Natalie Saidi, JustFab packed up their branded […]
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Topman plagiarizes designer, promises to stop, doesn't stop

Stefan Lawrence is a much-loved designer whose work graces such Maximum Fun podcasts as Judge John Hodgman and Bullseye, noticed that the "fast-fashion" brand Topman (a division of the notorious slavers Topshop) had ripped off one of his designs and used it without license or credit in a bunch of its products. (more…)
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Uniqlo To Go Vending Machines Deliver Japanese Minimalism On Demand

Uniqlo is offering two items via vending machines—heat-retaining shirts and lightweight down jackets—dispensed in boxes and cans to U.S. consumers. The Japanese fashion brand installed a vending machine at Oakland Airport in California with nine more planned for airports and malls in Los Angeles, Houston and New York in the near future. Uniqlo just installed its first vending machine, selling T-shirts and jackets at a US airport. #uniqlotogo — ...
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Four Years Later, Rana Plaza Collapse Still Resonates for Brands

It’s been four years since the April 24th, 2013 horrific collapse of an eight-story building in Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka that killed 1,130 people and injured more than 2500 others. They were all working in a building complex known as Rana Plaza, sewing and producing garments under sweatshop-like conditions for brands including the Children’s Place, J.C. Penney, Joe Fresh and Walmart. In the disaster’s wake, companies, trade unions, human rights and workers rights groups pledged to imp...
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Unbuttoned: The New Meaning of Fast Fashion

How quickly do you really need that Gucci handbag? Sometimes it’s O.K. to have to wait for what you want.
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5 ways to become a responsible fashion consumer this year

With fashion as cheap as it is these days, most of us have closets full of impulse purchases that we never wear. That kind of mindless consumerism hit its apex in the US yesterday with the infamous Black Friday.  But instead of joining the trend of consumption this holiday season, how about joining the trend of responsible consumption with these 5 easy to implement tips.
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Best of 2016 – Part II

Welcome to Part II of our fourth annual Best of the RRP Anthology series. If you haven’t already, I suggest listening to The Best of...
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Dozens of violations found at the factory that makes Trump shirts in Bangladesh

The sweatshop that produces Donald Trump-branded clothing has been cited for a "yuge" list of safety violations. The factory is an unsafe work environment for workers at the Elite Garment Industries factory in Bangladesh. Violations ranging from insufficient fire alarm systems, faulty wiring, lack of fire escapes and “highly stressed” support columns in the building’s infrastructure threaten the lives of employees every day. READ MORE > 
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Victoria Beckham Is Doing a Target Capsule Collection That Includes Baby Clothes 

Victoria Beckham, née Posh Spice, is the latest designer to temporarily join forces with Target for a capsule collection. Coming April, it’ll run all the way to 3X, it’s priced to move, and will also include items for babies and children. Extremely chic and stylish babies and children. Read more...
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A beginner's guide to ethical fashion

Fast fashion is devastating for the environment and for the people who are forced to labor to make those $5 shirts. It also has become so ubiquitous that it can be difficult to avoid. We've created this handy guide to ethical fashion, so you can shop 'til you drop and still feel good about your choices.
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Fast fashion helped the planet's richest men get that way on the back's of the poorest

Some of the richest men on the planet got that way on the back's of the poorest. A recent report from Quartz reveals that the fast fashion empire has made the CEOs of Zara, H&M and Uniqlo absurdly wealthy. But that wealth comes at a cost that includes sweatshop labor and devastating environmental practices.
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Kenzo's H&M Collaboration Is Tiger-Lady Chic

Of all the H&M designer collaborations, Kenzo’s is the most interesting in recent memory, not least because there’s been no clear idea of what to expect. The storied Japanese brand, directed by Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, has become revitalized in recent years. With this initial image from the new collection, the designers told Vogue they’d be diving into the archives of founder Kenzo Takada. We’ll be desperate to wait in line for this joint.Read more...
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Ivanka Trump Makes America Great Again in an Imported Dress

Last night at the Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump opened for her father, promising that “a Trump Presidency will turn the economy”—while wearing a bland sheath dress that was almost certainly more of a boon to the economy of Ivanka Trump than the economy of America. Read more...
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Greenpeace Calls Out Leading Fashion Brands in ‘Detox Catwalk’

In what Greenpeace calls its third annual “Detox Catwalk,” the environmental organization lauds the companies making a change, while rattling the cages of companies it believes are doing nothing. [Author: Leon Kaye]
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