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New Blu-ray Releases: ‘Suspiria’, ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’, ‘Crimson Peak’, ‘Notorious’, ‘Judgment Night’

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, it’s time to break out the latest Blu-rays you should check out. What better way to pass these cold days than staying inside and watching Blu-rays? This week, we have a look at the Suspiria remake, the ambitious Bad Times at the El Royale, Guillermo del Toro’s new cult classic Crimson Peak, Alfred Hitchcock’s fantastic thriller Notorious, and the great ’90s flick Judgment Night. These are the new Blu-ray releases and their special features yo...
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Rachel Maddow Reveals Trump’s ‘Genius Move’ To Put FBI Out Of Business

The MSNBC host called it "one neat trick."
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Tuesday, Jan. 22 Filming Locations for Mouse Guard, Grey’s Anatomy, Empire, FBI, & more!

Here’s a look at various filming locations for Jan 22, 2019: Filming in California TV Series: Grey’s Anatomy  Stars: Ellen Pompeo Location: 409 S Lucerne Blvd, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 3:00 PM) Movie: Mouse Guard  Location: 330 S Alameda St, Los Angeles (6:00 AM – 10:00 PM) Filming in Illinois TV Series: Empire Stars: Terrence Howard Location: […] The post Tuesday, Jan. 22 Filming Locations for Mouse Guard, Grey’s Anatomy, Empire, FBI, & more! appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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The FBI says its photo analysis is scientific evidence. Scientists disagree.

At the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, a team of about a half-dozen technicians analyzes pictures down to their pixels, trying to determine if the faces, hands, clothes or cars of suspects match images collected by investigators from cameras at crime scenes. The unit specializes in visual evidence and facial identification, and its examiners can aid investigations by making images sharper, revealing key details in a crime or ruling out potential suspects. But the work of image examiners ha...
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Martin Luther King Jr Day: Sarah Huckabee Sanders sparks outcry by saying human rights icon ‘gave his life'

Donald Trump’s White House spokeswoman has triggered anger by writing that slain civil rights icon Martin Luther King “gave his life”. On a day when people across the country paid respects to the campaigner, organiser and preacher who 50 years ago was central to the still unrealised push for African American equality, Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote of King: “Today we honour a great American who gave his life to right the wrong of racial inequality. People were quick to point out that King, hated...
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White House tweets about Martin Luther King Jr. aren't going over well

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet honoring Martin Luther King Jr. is not going over well.  In a tweet, the White House press secretary wrote that King "gave his life" for the civil rights movement, and that "our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice."  > Today we honor a great American who gave his life to right the wrong of racial inequality. Our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice #MLKDay > > -- Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) J...
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U.S. Airport Screener Absences Triple as Shutdown Continues

The number of unscheduled TSA absences hit the highest level seen so far, the TSA said in a statement Monday as the shutdown entered its 31st day. Airport screeners are in a category of workers including FBI agents and border patrol officers who are considered “essential” and therefore required to work without pay during the shutdown.
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Jeff Merkley says he asked FBI to investigate DHS secretary for perjury because he's 'sick and tired of this administration lying'

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley said Monday that he asked the FBI to open a perjury investigation into Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen last week because "it's time for some real accountability."
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Jeff Merkley says he asked FBI to investigate DHS secretary for perjury

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley said Monday that he asked the FBI to open a perjury investigation into Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen last week because "it's time for some real accountability."
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Model who alleged Russian meddling in US election tells Moscow court she will not publish Deripaska recordings

Anastasia Vashukevich, the model who recorded a former employer of Paul Manafort allegedly discussing US relations with a Russian deputy prime minister during the 2016 election, has promised in a Moscow court not to release any further recordings.  Ms Vashukevich previously claimed to have evidence of Russian interference in the US election from a fling with Oleg Deripaska, the metals magnate to whom Donald Trump's campaign manager Manafort reportedly promised private briefings, something De...
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Forget the 'border crisis' – it is Trump's shutdown that's made us less safe

With thousands of FBI and TSA staff furloughed and critical functions hit, the shutdown is a disaster for national securityPresident Trump closed the US government over a fabricated border crisis, and in doing so has sparked a real national security emergency. By shutting down the government, Trump has disabled America’s defenses against threats to national security.Trump decided to shut down the government over the claim that America needs a wall to deal with a crisis at the border with Mexico....
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A wall of counterintelligence secrecy could stand for decades

Lately, all our political controversies seem to involve a wall. The government is shut down by the fight over funding for a wall on the southern border, with President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dug in for trench warfare. She pulled the plug on his State of the Union address. He canceled her flight to Afghanistan. You can almost hear the 2020 election galloping toward us and the prospects for peace running off into the distance. But the other wall, which may turn out to be even ...
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Buyer of troubled St. Paul parking ramp was FBI informant on Chicago corruption

Capital City Plaza Parking Ramp is being sold after failing to make enough money to pay the debt used to build it.
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A conspiracy of dunces

Just before Christmas, a story broke that seemed too strange — and too hypocritical — to be true. As Democratic Party elders were trying to stifle loutish impeachment threats by fanatical House freshmen, it was revealed that Democratic operatives had used cyber fraud to manipulate the 2017 Alabama Senate race. It’s hard to know precisely who masterminded the plot because the perpetrators have lawyered up and are pointing fingers at one another. But according to the New York Times and subsequent ...
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Former Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke sentenced in state court to only 81 months for murder of Laquan McDonald

As reported in this lengthy local article, headlined "Jason Van Dyke given relatively lenient sentence of under 7 years in prison for Laquan McDonald shooting," a high-profile killer seems to get a relative low sentence in an Illinois courtroom yesterday. Here are some of the details: Former Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced Friday to nearly seven years in prison for the fatal on-duty shooting of Laquan McDonald, bringing to a close one of the most racially fraught and sociall...
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FBI employees turn to food banks, outside work as shutdown drags on

As the government shutdown stretches towards a fifth week, FBI field offices across the country are opening food banks to help support special agents and staff struggling without pay.
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My husband puts his life on the line for the US. Why can't Congress do its job?

I used to be afraid when my husband left the house to do his job as an FBI agent, says Amanda Beam, but now - as he continues to work without pay during the shutdown - I feel anger at the politicians who can't (or won't) do their own jobs.
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Opinion: My husband puts his life on the line for the US. Why can't Congress do its job?

At times when my husband used to go out in the depths of the night, to surveil a house or execute a search warrant or do whatever else FBI agents do, my stomach would clench with worry.
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This Week: Trump Allegedly Directed Cohen To Lie To Congress About Moscow Project

This week brought the clearest-cut example to date that President Trump allegedly violated federal law while in office. BuzzFeed reported that Trump personally directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about plans to develop a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 campaign. Two federal law enforcement sources told BuzzFeed that Trump ordered Cohen to falsely claim that work on the project ended months earlier than it did in order to obscure his involvement. The bombshell article also reported th...
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Sen. Merkley asks FBI to investigate DHS secretary

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Democratic senator is asking the FBI to investigate whether Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen lied during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Sen. Jeff Merkley said in a letter to the FBI that a December 2017 memo shows DHS officials were secretly outlining a policy to separate families. In April 2018, […]
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UCLA ‘needs to inject some life’ into men’s basketball program with coaching search

The optics were just all off. UCLA in Pauley Pavilion, getting trampled by Liberty, the crowd showering the Bruins with boos. Don MacLean, UCLA’s all-time leading scorer who was on assignment calling the game for Pac-12 Networks, knew. Things couldn’t go on like this. “I think that was the final nail in the coffin,” MacLean said. About 30 hours after UCLA’s 15-point loss to Liberty, news broke of Steve Alford’s dismissal. UCLA announced the coaching change the following morning. The Bruins are j...
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What Was Up Between Cohen, Trump During Period Covered In BuzzFeed Blockbuster?

A potentially momentous Thursday BuzzFeed report provided the clearest-cut indication yet that President Trump may have violated federal law. Two federal law enforcement sources told the publication that Trump personally directed his former attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about matters related to the Russia investigation—an order that Trump’s own attorney general nominee believes would constitute obstruction of justice. No other publication has yet verified BuzzFeed’s story. And b...
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January Amazon First Reads

Amazon’s Kindle First program is now called Amazon First Reads. In addition to letting members pick one (two this month!) of the selected books for free (to keep), Prime members can now purchase the hardcover edition of these books for $9.99 or less and there are free Short Stories and Kindle Singles, as well, for those with Kindle Unlimited. The new picks for this month’s have been available long enough that we can now look at the reviews before making a selection. If you are an Member, y...
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ShapeShift forced to ‘help’ police with 60 cryptocurrency inquiries last year

Prominent cryptocurrency exchange service ShapeShift has disclosed the number of times it been forced to give up information about its users to international authorities. In a blog post, ShapeShift revealed it has “assisted” law enforcement agencies with 60 different inquires last year, 30 percent of which came from the United States. A significant number of enquiries made by authorities from Germany, the UK, and France were also recorded. The FBI and the SEC were noted as the most common US age...
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The Best Work I Saw at the Medium Festival of Photography: Part 2

  I never set out to be an opinion columnist. It’s true. Hell, before 2008, if you’d told me I’d become a professional blogger, much less do the job for nearly 9 years, I’d have taken you for a crazy person. But everything realigned 10 years ago, in the eye-teeth of The Great Recession, and frankly, I don’t think the world has been the same since. It’s funny, reading the papers, following the discussions about whether the 10 year bull market has finally turned bear. Will the stock market’s tumbl...
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Evaluating the GCHQ Exceptional Access Proposal

The so-called Crypto Wars have been going on for 25 years now. Basically, the FBI -- and some of their peer agencies in the U.K., Australia, and elsewhere -- argue that the pervasive use of civilian encryption is hampering their ability to solve crimes and that they need the tech companies to make their systems susceptible to government eavesdropping. Sometimes their complaint is about communications systems, like voice or messaging apps. Sometimes it's about end-user devices. On the other side ...
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Manafort Kept Up His Sketchy Behavior While Already In Deep Legal Trouble

A court document filed by special counsel Robert Mueller this week reveals new examples of how Paul Manafort allegedly engaged in brazenly shady behaviors well after he was already in deep legal trouble. The heavily redacted filing was made in the dispute over whether Manafort violated his plea deal with Mueller by lying to investigators — perhaps the most brazen, and likely illegal, misconduct of all. But in addition to that, it appears that as late as March 2018, after Manafort was indicted...
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Government shutdown: FBI officials fear investigations being harmed by lack of funding

At federal law enforcement agencies from the FBI to the DEA to Customs and Border Protection and others, the frustration about having missed a pay-check last week because of the partial government shutdown is growing into fear and anger amid signs the lack of funds is affecting investigations. The government shutdown, the longest in American history, has dragged down morale across federal agencies as tens of thousands of workers are required to show up with no idea when their pay will resume. ...
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Examining News Topics: Michael Cohen, President Trump, Russia Probe

David Greene talks to Clint Watts, a former FBI special agent, about developments this week pertaining to the investigations into connections between President Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia.
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