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FBI: Far-Right Extremist Posed As BLM Protester, Shot Minneapolis Precinct

The alleged gunman, a member of the Boogaloo Bois, shouted "Justice for Floyd" and also helped set the precinct ablaze.
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FBI joins Illinois state investigation into shooting of Black couple

The U.S. Department of Justice will assist the state of Illinois in the investigation of a police officer who shot an unarmed Black...
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New Report on Police Decryption Capabilities

There is a new report on police decryption capabilities: specifically, mobile device forensic tools (MDFTs). Short summary: it’s not just the FBI that can do it. This report documents the widespread adoption of MDFTs by law enforcement in the United States. Based on 110 public records requests to state and local law enforcement agencies across the country, our research documents more than 2,000 agencies that have purchased these tools, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We found that...
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A Christian School Sued Over Michigan’s Mask Mandate. Officials Just Shut It Down.

The Libertas Christian School, a “Bible-based” institution that local officials say is grappling with an “ongoing” coronavirus “outbreak,” has had enough of Michigan’s COVID-19 guidelines.In a lawsuit filed in federal court last week against top state officials—including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan attorney general, and the director of the Department of Health and Human services—the school alleges the state government has made “repeated, unreasonable demands” since it re-opened last mont...
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Feds say far-right group coordinated attack on Minneapolis police precinct during protest

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota on Friday announced that the FBI brought charges against a member of the...
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Don’t Expect ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3 Anytime Soon (or Maybe Ever)

Mindhunter, one of the very best shows Netflix has ever produced, might indeed be over. We’ve heard rumblings of this ever since the second season ended. The cast members of the David Fincher-produced series were released from their contracts after season 2, and there’s been very little news since then. Now, Fincher is suggesting the show is probably over, or, at the very least, on hold – and will remain on hold for the foreseeable future. Is this the end of Mindhunter? I sure hope not, sinc...
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Boogalooer Accused Of Firing Into MN Police Precinct During George Floyd Protests

A man connected to the so-called “boogaloo” movement has been charged federally with crossing state lines to participate in a riot, and is accused of firing rounds from an assault rifle into a Minneapolis police precinct as it burned to the ground. Charging documents released Friday detail the alleged activities of Ivan Harrison Hunter, 26, and also quote from alleged internet chats he had with Steven Carrillo. Carrillo, another alleged boogalooer, is accused of killing two law enforcement of...
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Mindhunter: David Fincher is Uncertain About Series’ Future

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Mindhunter: David Fincher is Uncertain About Series’ Future Earlier this year, it was previously reported that David Fincher’s Mindhunter has been put on indefinite hold due to the acclaimed filmmaker’s commitment in his latest film Mank which is currently expected to arrive in select theaters this coming November. However, it looks like the streamer’s plans for a potential third season hasn’t been set yet with Fincher finally opening up about the crime thriller series’ u...
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Far-right extremist shot at Minneapolis' police precinct to spark violence during Floyd protests, FBI says

A far-right extremist has been accused of opening fire on Minneapolis' third police precinct and sparking violence during May's George Floyd protests.Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old from Texas, was charged Friday with one count of interstate travel to participate in a riot. An admitted member of the "Boogaloo Bois," Hunter opened fire on the precinct and later looted it and helped set it on fire, the FBI said in a sworn affidavit released Friday.The Minneapolis police's third pre...
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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Sullivan Orders DOJ To Verify Docs In Flynn Case

Federal prosecutors need to provide detailed documentation of allegations of corruption among Obama administration officials, Judge Emmett Sullivan said on Friday. The move will force prosecutors to attest to the truth of exhibits that they’ve filed in the Michael Flynn prosecution, after Judge Sullivan said that a previous document — notes that the government admitted had been altered with post-it notes prior to filing — broke his trust that federal prosecutors would file accurate documents....
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GOA & Journalist Notify FBI Regarding FaceBook & Foreign Election Interference VIDEO

Washington, DC – -( Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 the FBI announced in a news conference that foreign states, including Iran, Russia, and other actors, have taken “specific actions” to influence public opinion during the U.S. election by obtaining voter registration. FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced that Iranian intelligence was responsible for a recent campaign of emails sent to intimidate Florida voters. They also rep...
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220 US Marines were killed in the Beirut bombing 37 years ago — it was the deadliest day for the Corps since World War II's Battle of Iwo Jima

U.S. Marines with the School of Infantry-East Color Guard stand at parade rest during a wreath laying ceremony on the anniversary of the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon on Camp Geiger, N.C., Oct. 23, 2015. U.S. Marine Corps photo by SOI-East Combat Camera Cpl. Andrew Kuppers/ Released The horrific Oct. 23, 1983 attack on the multinational peacekeepers, an attack purportedly perpetrated by the Iranian-funded terrorist organization Hezbollah, was especially devastating for t...
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5 ways the presidential campaign could still be disrupted, based on things that have actually happened before

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at at presidential campaign debate in Cleveland, Ohio, September 29, 2020. Brian Snyder/Reuters The storyline of the presidential campaign seems to be solidifying, with polls showing Joe Biden with a sizable lead over President Donald Trump. But the history of polling in modern elections suggests that the endgame could yet be altered by a number of disruptive scenarios. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. ...
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LIVE: Fact-checking the final Trump-Biden debate

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images, Drew Angerer/Getty Images President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden took the debate stage for the final time Thursday night ahead of the 2020 general election. The debate was moderated by NBC News' Kristen Welker and focused on six main topics: COVID-19, race, climate change, national security, leadership, and American families. The debate comes as Biden holds a hefty lead over Trump in a number of national and state polls, and as the Tru...
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Is it Iran or Russia's hackers we need to worry about? The Russians, definitely the Russians, says US intelligence

Energetic Bear team caught breaking into govt, aviation systems, no harm done to Nov 3 elections The FBI and the US government's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on Thursday issued a joint warning that a Kremlin hacking crew is probing or breaking into systems belonging to the US government and aviation industry.…
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Pelosi urges caution about 'any statements coming out about the election from the intelligence community'

Nancy Pelosi's comments came after a warning from the FBI and DHS Wednesday.
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Iran Behind Supposed 'Proud Boys' Voter-Intimidation Emails, Feds Allege

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray joined forces at a hastily announced press conference Wednesday night to issue a warning that foreign actors "have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections." Specifically, Ratcliffe said, actors from Iran and Russia had separately obtained "some voter registration information" and were using it "to communicate false informat...
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Intelligence officials think the Trump administration's election interference warnings are focused on the wrong country

American intelligence officials described the Trump administration's decision to focus on Iran's election disinformation campaign on Wednesday night as "concerning," characterizing efforts by Russia to be a bigger threat to destabilizing Americans' faith in the integrity of election results come Nov. 3.FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe shared on Wednesday that both Russia and Iran have obtained voter registration information and that I...
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North Carolina man plotted to assassinate Biden, FBI claims

A North Carolina man had plans to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden before he was ultimately arrested by the FBI, according to federal court documents. Federal officials detailed the shocking plot in court filings in a case against Alexander Hillel Treisman, who was arrested in May on child pornography charges. The FBI requested that Treisman remain behind bars until his trial, using the alleged assassination plot as justification.
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President Trump weighing firing of FBI Director Christopher Wray after election

President Trump regards FBI Director Christopher Wray as having gone out of his way to separate himself from the president on multiple occasions.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Here’s what you need to know about in-person voting in California

In-person voting is starting soon. And, of course, Nov. 3 – Election Day – is almost here. But with a pandemic also underway, and political tension through the roof, this year’s election is likely to unfold in unexpected and possibly unprecedented ways. So, here are some basics about voting in person in 2020. When can I cast a ballot in person? Maybe now. Some polling places opened as early as Oct. 5, and several in Southern California are opening the weekend of Oct. 24. Voting centers – and t...
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Indicted Founder Of Now-Defunct Legal Tech Company Says In Book He Was FBI Mole

He claims he was assisting in a political corruption investigation into the former mayor of Sacramento, California.
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This is how 16 tech companies have reacted to the QAnon conspiracy theory on their platform

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images Social-media platforms have been slow to act against the QAnon conspiracy theory, with many only acting to curb the ballooning movement within the last few weeks.  QAnon followers have been linked to several alleged crimes, including killings and attempted kidnappings.  Now, tech companies, including Facebook, TikTok, Triller, Etsy, and others, say they're making efforts to rid their platforms of the unfounded conspiracy theory movement.  Visit Business Insider's...
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60 Minutes Anchor Insists Hunter Biden Emails ‘Can’t Be Verified’ When Pressed by Trump

President Trump and CBS anchor Leslie Stahl sparred over the Hunter Biden laptop revelations during an interview that was to be aired Sunday on 60 Minutes but was instead uploaded directly to social media in an unedited form by the White House on Thursday.A former business partner of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, provided the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday with documents exposing the business relationship between the Biden family and now-defunct Chinese oil company CEFC. Bobulinski ...
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How a Secretive Phone Company Helped the Crime World Go Dark

Reader jkoebler writes: This is an in-depth, narrative investigation into Phantom Secure, a privacy-focused phone company that started selling locally to models and other VIPs, before eventually becoming a preferred network for serious, organized crime. One of Phantom's clients was the Sinaloa Cartel, according to a text message Phantom's owner Vincent Ramos sent to an associate included in court records. The story follows how Phantom got set up, how it took over the world, and eventually how it...
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Former Legaltech CEO Tried To Bribe New Haven Mayor

Earlier this week, I provided an update on Derek Bluford, the indicted former founder of a legal technology company whose newly published book claims he was an FBI informant. Now there is more news about Bluford, as the publication New Haven Independent reports on a 2019 dinner Bluford had with Toni Harp, then the mayor of New Haven, Conn., at a steakhouse, during which Bluford handed her an envelope stuffed with $7,000 in cash. The meeting of Bluford, Harp and Andrea Scott, Harp’s top aide, had...
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Trump Mulls Ousting FBI Director For Not Delivering Damaging Investigation Into Biden

President Donald Trump, angry that he hasn’t received the damaging pre-election bombshell on Democratic rival Joe Biden that he’s been pushing for, has reportedly been discussing with aides the possibility of firing FBI Director Christopher Wray for not handing Trump said bombshell in the form of an investigation into Biden. The Washington Post reported on Wednesday night that Trump wants a public announcement of a federal probe into Biden and his son, Hunter, that could damage the Democrat s...
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Journalists Join Dem Operatives in Attacking Fellow Reporters over Biden-Burisma Story

Michael Carpenter was as clear as he could be last week, the day the New York Post exposed emails allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop tying his father to his Ukrainian business dealings: The story was nothing more than “a Russian disinformation operation.”“I’m very comfortable saying that,” Carpenter, a senior aide with former vice president Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, told Politico.In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Democratic congressman Adam Schiff said it was clear “the ori...
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"Trump weighs firing FBI chief..." "Trump aims for adulation..." — the Washington Post reports on the inside of Trump's head.

I feel a little embarrassed for the Washington Post, embarrassed and disgusted. They flaunt their disregard for journalistic standards with front page headlines that state — as if it were verified fact — what's going on in Trump's psyche. These are front page headlines right now:1. 1. "Trump aims for adulation. Biden goes virtual. The two are running vastly different presidential campaigns." The facts here are that Trump is doing rallies, while Biden is staying out of view. "Trump has been spen...
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Trump’s best path to 270 runs through Florida, Pennsylvania

By JILL COLVIN | Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump still has a path to the 270 Electoral College votes he needs to win reelection. But it requires everything to break in his direction a second time. Persuadable voters in battleground states will need to overwhelmingly swing in his favor. He’ll have to win back crucial voting blocs. And his turnout operation will need to dramatically outperform Democrat Joe Biden’s in an extraordinarily turbulent year. “In 2016, his chances of ...
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