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July Another Record Month for NICS Checks as ‘Gun Rush’ Continues

July Another Record Month for NICS Checks as ‘Gun Rush’ Continues U.S.A. –-( Raw numbers from the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System (NICS) shows a new record for the month of July, and the third-highest monthly number of checks so far this year, suggesting the “gun rush” of 2020 is hardly over. There were, according to raw FBI data, 3,639,224 NICS checks initiated last month, eclipsing the previous July record of 2,197,169, set in 2016. That was a busy year as the e...
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READ: Excerpt From ‘Relentless Pursuit’ On Jeffrey Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell

Photo Courtesy of Simon & Schuster Victims’ rights attorney Bradley J. Edwards has been working to bring Jeffrey Epstein  and his accomplices  to justice since 2008 , when a young woman told him the shocking story of how , at 14 years old, she  had been sexually coerced by a rich older  man .  Now, in his book  ‘ R elentless Pursuit ’   (co-written with Brittany Henderson and available from publisher CBS sister company Simon & Schuster), Edwards provides a riveting, firsthand acc...
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FBI Raids Company Tied To Ukrainian Oligarch Who Pushed Biden Disinfo

FBI and IRS agents in Cleveland and Miami on Tuesday raided the offices of a company tied to a Ukrainian oligarch suspected of pushing dirt on Vice President Joe Biden. Vicki Anderson, a spokesperson for the FBI’s Cleveland office, confirmed the raids of Optima Management to TPM, declining to comment any further because the matter “is still under seal.” Nobody was taken into custody, Anderson added. Optima Management is partly owned by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, per court documents f...
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FBI says audit found only minor errors in FISA warrants

The FBI sent the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court a broad defense of its flawed surveillance warrant applications last week, after an internal audit concluded that despite finding two material errors in applications, neither would have invalidated the surveillance orders, according to a court filing.
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‘I’m Not Supposed to Be Talking to You’: Doomsday Mom Called Hubby From Jail as FBI Searched His Home

The day her two children’s remains were found gruesomely buried in her new husband’s Idaho backyard, Lori Vallow called her spouse from jail. “Are they seizing stuff again?” Vallow asked several times during the June 9, 2020 call from Madison County Jail, after Chad Daybell told her police were at his property. “What can I do for you?”Daybell, an author of apocalyptic novels for a Mormon audience, somberly told his incarcerated wife—who was being held on charges related to the disappearance of h...
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Witness claims to have seen Prince Andrew at club with Virginia Giuffre

Woman has come forward claiming she recalls seeing duke at Mayfair nightclub with GiuffreThe FBI has been passed information from a witness claiming to have seen the Duke of York at a nightclub with a woman who alleges the pair had sex when she was a teenager.The US lawyer Lisa Bloom, who is representing the victims of the royal’s former friend and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, said Shukri Walker recalled seeing Prince Andrew at Tramp nightclub in Mayfair and had come forward to suppor...
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Big YouTube accounts are being plagued by hackers promoting Bitcoin scams resembling the hack that compromised Twitter (GOOGL)

Hackers appear to have taken over several big YouTube channels in recent weeks, changing the channels' names to topics like "SpaceX" or "Elon Musk" and promoting Bitcoin scams. The hacked channels, some of which have tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, post videos urging people to send Bitcoin in order to be paid back double — a common scam tactic. It bears similarities to the tactics used by hackers who compromised hundreds of high-profile Twitter accounts last month. Unlike the Twi...
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Genetic Genealogy Leads To Mother’s Arrest In Her Baby’s 1988 Killing

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California woman has been arrested in the death of her newborn baby boy in the San Francisco Bay Area 32 years ago in a case that was solved decades later because of genetic genealogy, authorities said Monday. Lesa Lopez, 52, admitted to investigators she was the mother of the baby and implicated herself in the killing, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said in a statement. “Lopez, who was 20 years old at the time of the incident, told investigators ...
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US Government Warns of a New Strain of Chinese 'Taidoor' Virus

Intelligence agencies in the US have released information about a new variant of 12-year-old computer virus used by China's state-sponsored hackers targeting governments, corporations, and think tanks. Named "Taidoor," the malware has done an 'excellent' job of compromising systems as early as 2008, with the actors deploying it on victim networks for stealthy remote access. "[The] FBI has [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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The Canceled 2020 Telluride Film Festival Announces Its Lineup Anyway, Including ‘Ammonite’, ‘Nomadland’, and More

Thanks to COVID-19, the 2020 Telluride Film Festival has been canceled. The festival organizers made that decision a few weeks ago. But just because the fest isn’t actually happening this year, doesn’t mean they can’t still shine a light on the movies that would have played there if this godforsaken pandemic hadn’t thrown the world into turmoil. “Though we aren’t able to present our program in-person as planned, we still want to announce the lineup to bring attention to these brilliant films,” ...
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DOD, FBI, DHS Release Info on Malware Used in Chinese Government-Led Hacking Campaigns

The U.S. government today publicly exposed malware used in Chinese government hacking efforts for more than a decade. From a report: The Chinese government has been using malware, referred to as Taidoor, to target government agencies, entities in the private sector, and think tanks since 2008, according to a joint announcement from the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Department of Defense, and the FBI. The Chinese Communist Party has been u...
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Live Well CEO Trial Postponed to 2021 Due to Pandemic

The trial of Michael C. Hild — the former CEO of defunct reverse mortgage lender Live Well Financial — for an alleged bond fraud scheme has been delayed by six months, due to complications arising from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. This is according to original reporting by RichmondBizSense and court documents obtained by RMD. According to a letter submitted to New York Southern District Judge Ronnie Abrams by Hild’s attorney Benjamin Dusing in July, the logistical hurdles that have been...
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US firearms purchases skyrocket during pandemic, according to FBI records

As the nation has grappled with a global pandemic and images of some rioters causing damage after hijacking peaceful protests demanding racial justice, more and more Americans appear to be arming themselves.
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Estimated U.S. Firearms Sales In July 2020 Increased Year-Over-Year By 134.6% !!

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Approximate United States Firearms Sales (January 2000 to July 2020). Apart from obvious seasonality effects during the year, three massive demand spikes occurred in December 2013, December 2016, and as from March 2020 during the covid-19 crisis, [Democrats' riots and looting.] Likely handgun unit sales overtook likely long-gun unit sales as from the year 2014. GREENVILLE, SC, USA & HALIFAX, NS, CANADA) – -( Small Arms Analyt...
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How to win a negotiation

There are many variables in every negotiation, which means there is no silver bullet or magic phrase you can use to win every single time. On top of that, the idea of "winning" changes depending on the situation. The key to success is being able to identify the type of negotiation and use a strategy that gets you what you want."Successful negotiation is not about getting to yes," says former FBI negotiator Chris Voss. "It's about mastering no and understanding what the path to an agreement is."I...
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Tear Gas, Identity Theft, and Burritos: The Chaos of Free Protest Food

For nearly a month, Riot Ribs served barbecue, tacos, jalapeno poppers—whatever they had on hand—from a series of tents near the site of ongoing protests in Portland, Oregon. Then, on Tuesday, the food collective announced an abrupt closure. Someone was impersonating the group and swindling money, members said.Riot Ribs was among an emerging network of mutual aid groups aimed at distributing free food to protesters and the homeless in Portland and Seattle, where rage over the police killing of G...
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The more, the merrier...

From a reasonably even-handed (considering the source) CNN story on an increase in gun ownership among Latinos:"Even before the mass shooting, the number of hate crimes targeting Latino or Hispanic people increased in 2018 and the previous four years, according to data from the FBI's annual Hate Crime Statistics report.Tired of living in fear, some people like Martinez have opted to purchase firearms to feel a sense of security."The Second Amendment is for everybody. Self defense, and access to ...
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Hackers can make good money selling your Facebook login, Gmail password, or credit card number on underground sites. Here's the breakdown of how much.

A new report shows the average prices that hackers are willing to pay in exchange for control of different online accounts that have been compromised. Selling stolen login credentials is a common practice on the dark web, a collection of underground networks, where hackers will pay a high price for access to personal data, counterfeit documents, and hacked social media accounts. Compromised Gmail and Facebook accounts are among the priciest stolen logins, possibly because they could be leverag...
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Hate crimes targeting Latinos have increased every year since 2015, according to the FBI

As Natalia Miranda lay on the ground, she didn't know how she got there. Her body was severely swollen and her clothes were torn and dirty.
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‘The Kremlin wants me dead’: Russia's sports doping whistleblower speaks out

Grigory Rodchenkov was head of Russia’s ‘anti-doping’ centre but, in 2015, he fled to the US. He talks to the Observer’s former Moscow correspondent about the lies, the truth and life on the runThe man in front of me is wearing a disguise. We are talking on Skype. I’m at my home near London and Dr Grigory Rodchenkov is at an undisclosed location somewhere in America, guarded 24/7 by armed FBI agents. How is he? “My life is good. My mood is very good,” he says. He’s grinning, I think. Since he’s ...
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Olympian Terin Humphrey: USA Gymnastics ‘discarded me like I was trash’

In the nearly two decades after she helped the U.S. win its first World Championships team title, Terin Humphrey established herself as one of the most influential figures in American gymnastics. Serving on USA Gymnastics’ three-member selection committee for the Olympic and World Championships team, Humphrey played a key role in shaping what emerged as the greatest dynasty in international gymnastics, perhaps in any Olympic sport, this century. “The Second Most Powerful Woman In Gymnastics,” Gy...
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Ammo Deals: CCI 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammo, 50 round Boxes $17.49 No Buy Limits

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! CCI 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammo 50 round Boxes Deal USA – -( Palmetto State Armory has CCI 115gr FMJ 9mm training ammunition in 50 round boxes for $17.49 with no purchase limits. All we can say about this deal is that it is reloadable brass case, in-stock, shipping-at-once as of the date of this post, and buying more will save you $$ on shipping. Even at this price, it will likely sell out,,, again. Crazy days! Federal CCI Training A...
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New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Administration’s Russia Probe

Long-sought documents finally pried from U.S. intelligence agencies prove that the Obama administration used the occasion of providing a standard intelligence briefing for major-party candidates as an opportunity to investigate Donald Trump on suspicion of being a Russian asset.I say investigate Donald Trump advisedly.As I contended in Ball of Collusion, my book on the Trump-Russia investigation, the target of the probe spearheaded by the FBI -- but greenlighted by the Obama White House, and abe...
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Daily Crunch: Florida teen arrested in Twitter hack

Three arrests are made following this month’s celebrity Twitter hack, Microsoft may be working to acquire TikTok’s U.S. business and Facebook launches licensed music videos. Here’s your Daily Crunch for July 31, 2020. The big story: Florida teen arrested in Twitter hack In a hack earlier this month, high-profile Twitter accounts like Apple, Elon Musk, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were compromised and posted messages promoting a cryptocurrency scheme. Now an investigation by the FBI and Departme...
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A 17-year-old in Tampa, Florida has been arrested in connection with the massive Twitter hack that hijacked dozens of high-profile accounts (TWTR)

A 17-year-old in Florida has been arrested in connection with a major Twitter hack that compromised the accounts of dozens of high-profile accounts. State prosecutors filed 30 fraud, identity theft, and hacking charges against the individual, calling him the "mastermind" of a "massive fraud." Twitter's internal controls were improperly accessed in mid July in a hack that tricked people into giving away at least than $120,000 in cryptocurrency. The Department of Justice also charged two individ...
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Protesters demonstrate outside apparent Covina home of deputy who killed Andres Guardado near Gardena

About 75 to 100 protesters demonstrated Thursday night, July 30, outside a Covina house they believed is the home of the deputy who killed 18-year-old Andres Guardado near Gardena. The protesters demanded the arrest and prosecution of Deputy Miguel Vega, who apparently fatally shot Guardado about 6 p.m. June 18 near the 400 block of West Redondo Beach Boulevard. The demonstration prompted a response from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, along with other local law enforcement agencies...
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A 17-year-old was arrested for being the “mastermind” of the massive bitcoin Twitter hack

A 17-year-old boy from Tampa, Florida was arrested by the FBI, IRS, US Secret Service, and Florida law enforcement, who accuse the teenager of being the "mastermind" behind the Bitcoin scam Twitter hack that compromised the accounts of over a dozen famous people including Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and President Obama. Here's the press release from Andrew H Warren, in the Office of the State Attorney 13th judicial circuit: Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office tapped to prosecute worldwid...
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Alan Parker, Director of ‘Midnight Express,’ ‘Mississippi Burning’ and ‘Bugsy Malone,’ Dead at 76

Alan Parker, the Oscar-nominated English filmmaker whose diverse line-up of credits include Bugsy Malone, Midnight Express, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Angel Heart, Mississippi Burning, The Commitments, Evita, and Angela’s Ashes, has passed away following a long illness. He was 76 years old. Born on February 14, 1944 in Islington, North London, Parker began his career as an advertisement copywriter and commercial director. He broke into feature filmmaking in 1976 with Bugsy Malone, a truly strange...
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Bill Barr Has Done This Before

This article first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica Illinois is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force. Sign up for The ProPublica Illinois newsletter for weekly updates. As violent crime continued to climb in Chicago and other cities across the country, Attorney General William P. Barr announced that the U.S. Department of Justice was mobilizing to help: Dozens of federal agents would be sent to work with local police to combat gangs and i...
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Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8 Recap In the previous episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, the Doom Patrol survived a scant infestation, and Clara arrived at the manor. In Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8, Jane went in search for Kay’s stuffed animal, Rita and Vic teamed up, and Dorothy hit puberty. The Well While in the Underground, Jane questioned the Alters’ disappearances, and Miranda suggested that Scarlet Harlot and Lucy Fugue moved on because Kay was beginning to h...
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