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Ex-FCC Staffer Says FCC Authority Given Up In Net Neutrality Repeal Sure Would Prove Handy In A Crisis

While understandably grabbing fewer headlines, the FCC's failures impact this crisis too.
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FCC enacts $200M telehealth initiative to ease COVID-19 burden on hospitals

The FCC has developed and approved a $200 million program to fund telehealth services and devices for medical providers, just a week or so after the funding was announced. Hospitals and other health centers will be able to apply for up to $1 million to cover the cost of new devices, services and personnel. The unprecedented $2 trillion CARES Act includes heavy spending on all kinds of things, from direct payments to out-of-work citizens to bailouts for airlines and other big businesses. Among...
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FCC To Vote On Adding 6Ghz Band To Wi-Fi 6 To Improve Speeds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Devices with Wi-Fi 6 started rolling out at the end of 2019, but now, a new vote proposed by the FCC could open up the 6Ghz band to unlicensed wifi and add a massive speed boost to wireless gadgets. Backed by Chairman Pai, the FCC vote is scheduled to take place on April 23rd, and if passed would add 1200MHz of available bandwidth to the usable wifi spectrum which the FCC says would "effectively increase the amount of spectrum available for Wi-Fi...
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FCC to Vote on If We'll Get Better Wifi

Devices with Wi-Fi 6 started rolling out at the end of 2019, but now, a new vote proposed by the FCC could open up the 6Ghz band to unlicensed wifi and add a massive speed boost to wireless gadgets.Read more...
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2020 Extra Class study guide: E1A – Operating Standards: frequency privileges; automatic message forwarding; stations aboard ships or aircraft; power restriction on 630 and 2200 meter bands

One of the most important things you must do when operating an amateur radio station is to make sure that your signal stays within the amateur radio band or sub-band. So, for example, you don’t want to operate at the very bottom of the phone band, if operating phone, or at the very bottom of the CW/data portion of a band if your operating LSB AFSK. Nor do you want to operate at the upper end of the CW/data portion of the band if you’re operating USB AFSK. The reason for this is that your signals...
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2020 Extra Class study guide: E0A – Safety

No matter what amateur radio activities you engage in, I hope that you will engage in them safely. Every year, we lose amateur radio operators because of injuries they sustained while putting up antennas or doing things that could be dangerous. We don’t want to lose you. Perhaps the most common danger is from lightning strikes. To protect your station, use an external earth connection or ground rod. What is the primary function of an external earth connection or ground rod? (E0A01) ANSWER: Light...
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FCC Proposes $200M Telehealth Program To Tackle COVID-19

Commissioners still must approve the fund before providers can submit their proposals.
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No joke: BOP on April 1 reporting ever growing number of COVID cases in ever growing number of federal facilities

Just this past Friday (March 27) as detailed in this post, the BOP's COVID-19 Update page was reporting "only" 14 federal inmates and 13 federal prison staffers had tested positive for COVID-19.  Now BOP has updated its cases as of April 1, and it now reports that 57 federal inmates and 37 federal prison staffers have tested positive.  Here is where these latest BOP numbers come from: (Inmate) 4/1/2020 - MDC Brooklyn; FCC Oakdale (11); USP Atlanta (4); MCC New York (4); FMC Butner (9); FCI Otis...
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FCC Digs Deep to Help Fight the Pandemic

Just when you think all the FCC does is have meetings and tell others what they can and can't do, they come up with some actual money. In the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the FCC under chairman Ajit Pai has announced a $200M plan for Telehealth support. ... [visit site to read more]
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FCC Will Enforce Robocall Crackdown by June 2021

The Federal Communications Commission has announced it’s approved new rules that will require carriers by June of next year to implement protocols to protect consumers against scammers and spoof callers attempting to mask their unfamiliar numbers.Read more...
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FCC Mandates Robocall-fighting Tech Be in Use By End of June 2021

The Federal Communications Commission voted Tuesday to finalize rules requiring phone companies to use the Shaken/Stir protocol to automatically block calls to fight illegal robocalls. The new rules mandate the use of the technology by all voice providers by the end of June of 2021. From a report: The rules come after Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law the Traced Act last year. The law, which makes Shaken/Stir compliance mandatory for all voice service providers, directed...
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FCC mandates strict caller ID authentication to beat back robocalls

The FCC unanimously passed a new set of rules today that will require wireless carriers to implement an tech framework to combat robocalls. Called STIR/SHAKEN, and dithered over for years by the carriers, the protocol will be required to be put in place by summer of 2021. Robocalls have grown from vexation to serious problem as predictable “claim your free vacation” scams gave way to “here’s how to claim your stimulus check” or “apply for coronavirus testing here” scams. Be on guard for cor...
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Employee Management and the Coronavirus

As the phrase “stay at home” increasingly becomes part of our everyday vernacular, business owners across the country are doing some critical strategizing because of the coronavirus. Not only are they facing the challenges of keeping their businesses running and profitable while the world goes on lockdown, employers must work out new management policies to keep employees safe, reassured and productive under extremely difficult conditions. The legendary basketball coach John Wooden said, “Things ...
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Daily Crunch: FDA clears procedure for N95 mask decontamination

The FDA approves a new procedure that could allow healthcare workers to reuse N95 respirator masks, Microsoft divests from a facial recognition startup and Saudi spies have been taking advantage of a network security flaw. Here’s your Daily Crunch for March 30, 2020. 1. FDA grants emergency authorization to system that decontaminates N95 respirator masks for reuse Research, development and lab management company Battelle has received special emergency authorization from the U.S. healthcare regul...
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Tax, other scammers take advantage of coronavirus fears

Pixabay/CDC Coronavirus relief checks still are weeks away from arriving in our bank accounts or snail mail boxes, but crooks already are trying to trick us out of the money. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says its ScamTracker already has detected crooks impersonating as government officials and calling about the money authorized under the just-enacted Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. New hooks, old scams: COVID-19 is a new bait, but the scam scenarios are ou...
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Saudi spies tracked phones using flaws the FCC failed to fix for years

Lawmakers and security experts have long warned of security flaws in the underbelly of the world’s cell networks. Now a whistleblower says the Saudi government is exploiting those flaws to track its citizens across the U.S. as part of a “systematic” surveillance campaign. It’s the latest tactic by the Saudi kingdom to spy on its citizens overseas. The kingdom has faced accusations of using powerful mobile spyware to hack into the phones of dissidents and activists to monitor their activities, in...
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Google’s Pixel Buds 2 inch closer to launch with FCC certification

But whether coronavirus delays their launch, remains to be seen
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Google’s Pixel Buds 2 move closer to launch with FCC certification

But whether the coronavirus delays their arrival remains to be seen
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Librarians: If We Can’t Lend Books During Lockdown, Let’s Make Our Buildings And Bookmobiles Wi-Fi Hotspots

“The [American Library Association] urged the FCC to waive E-rate restrictions so libraries could not only offer [free] Wi-Fi access via local libraries, but could also provide broadband service to disconnected communities via bookmobiles and mobile hotspots without running afoul of FCC rules.” – Vice
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ARRL IS working on remote testing

So, over the past couple of days, my blog post and Sterling, N0SSC’s blog post on remote amateur radio license testing has caused a bit of a stir. I wrote, “Unfortunately, only the Anchorage VEC seems to be the only VEC interested in doing this [remote testing].” To which, Ria, N2RJ, the ARRL Hudson Division Director, tweeted, “None of the VECs are remotely interested” – come on that’s not true. ARRL did a session for Antarctica and it’s being investigated for regular use but it’s not going to h...
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Lack of Internet Access Could Be Dangerous for Rural Americans Needing Healthcare

The current covid-19 pandemic is underscoring just how important it is for rural Americans to have high-speed internet access. “Broadband is no longer a luxury it is a necessity for all rural Americans,” says RJ Karney Director of Congressional Relations at the American Farm Bureau told RFD-TV in a piece recorded for…Read more...
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Can you pass the Extra Class test?

A couple of hours ago, two friends of mine met for lunch. (Don’t get excited—it was a virtual lunch meeting using a platform call Jitsi.) One of them, who is an Extra Class licensee, commented that he’d been reading the updated Extra Class study guide sections here on my blog.  He went on to say that, based on his reading, that he probably couldn’t pass the test, and that when my book came out, he was going to buy a copy and study for the new test. (I told him that I’d just give him a copy, but ...
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SpaceX Gets FCC License For 1 Million Satellite-Broadband User Terminals

SpaceX has received government approval to deploy up to 1 million user terminals in the United States for its Starlink satellite-broadband constellation. Ars Technica reports: SpaceX asked the Federal Communications Commission for the license in February 2019, and the FCC announced its approval in a public notice last week. The FCC approval is for "a blanket license for the operation of up to 1,000,000 fixed earth stations that will communicate with [SpaceX's] non-geostationary orbit satellite s...
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Carriers introduce plans to keep consumers connected during COVID-19 pandemic

Earlier this month, the FCC issued a new measure aimed at easing some of the burdens on consumers as COVID-19 continues to have an increasingly profound impact on nearly every aspect of life. Most or all major internet and wireless providers in the U.S. signed up for the pledge, agreeing to take actions like waiving late fees and not terminating service. Now specific plans are starting to emerge from carriers, aimed at helping cash-strapped consumers until this pandemic blows over. T-Mobi...
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It’s time for remote amateur radio license exams

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, VECs around the country have—and rightly so—shut down their exam sessions. That has, of course, disappointed a number of folks trying to get their Tech licenses and those who are taking this time to study for General or Extra Class licenses. The answer is for VECs to ramp up remote testing. This has been allowed since 2014, when the FCC published Report and Order FCC 14-74. The FCC notes, In the years since the VE system was established, remote testing methods...
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Here’s a wrap of the main tech-related coronavirus news in the last 24 hours

Much of the world is waking up to a strange new reality. As the coronavirus strain, COVID-19, swept across the planet, today may go down in history as the day when huge numbers of countries were largely united in a global shut-down to address the pandemic. TechCrunch brings you a wrap of the technology world’s response to the virus do far in our own dedicated “COVID-19-updates” coverage. • In Extra Crunch we cover how you should pitch a story in the era of COVID-19. In our main coverage: • Goog...
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Calm also has a coefficient

Panic loves company. And yet calm is our practical, efficient, rational alternative. If you’re on a crowded plane and one person is freaking out about turbulence, the panic will eventually peter out. If, on the other hand, six people are freaking out, it’s entirely possible that it will spread and overtake the rest of the plane. Panic needs multiple nodes to spread. The same is true with a cabin of 10-year-olds at summer camp. One homesick kid usually comes around and ends up enjoying the summer...
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SpaceX wins FCC license for up to a million Starlink satellite broadband data terminals

After months of consideration, the Federal Communications Commission has granted SpaceX a license for up to a million terminals that would work on the ground with the company's Starlink satellite constellation to deliver global broadband internet service. Word of the 15-year license's approval came in a public notice issued by the FCC on Wednesday. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has described the plug-and-point terminals, which are made in California, as looking like a "thin, flat, round UFO on ...
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Be on guard for coronavirus robocalls, warns FCC

Robocalls have been targeting the vulnerable and unsuspecting for years, so it’s no surprise that the scumbags would take advantage of the current global catastrophe to enhance their scams. The FCC warns that it has received numerous reports of coronavirus-related robocall cons in the wild — here’s what to look for. While previous robocall scams threatened IRS penalties or promised free vacations, the new ones are using both pandemic-related and personal information to make what could for some b...
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Coronavirus Scams: Consumers Warned to Beware of ‘Proliferation’ of Bogus Claims

Looking to exploit the corornavirus pandemic as a way to grab a quick buck, scammers are increasingly targeting stuck-at-home consumers with offers ranging from fake testing kits to bogus cures as well as soliciting donations to fake charities, according to U.S. government officials. The FCC on Friday warned of a “proliferation of scam phone calls […]
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