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Review / Floor 13: Deep State

Floor 13: Deep State is a polished remake of a fascinating and underloved DOS-era classic, a conspiracy adventure with a mean and macabre vibe. But the intriging promise of a "document driven" game is slowed by repetetive animated transitions and strategies
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Maker Comics: Survive in the Outdoors!

I’ve been looking forward to this installment of Maker Comics — I’m really curious about learning how to Survive in the Outdoors. As told by Mike Lawrence, Sophia and her younger brother Alonso are spending the weekend with Grandpa, who’s going to take them fishing. They just want to stay on their phones and video games, but he manages to involve them in preparing for their trip. There’s an air of danger to all this. Typical of the series, the [...]
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Go With the Flow

Go With the Flow marks just how prevalent female readers and authors have become in comics. As one of the characters says, “Fifty percent of the population gets a period… but it’s like this HUGE secret we can’t talk about?” This book would not have existed several years ago. As it is, it’s a good starting point. It’s a lengthy book, over 300 pages, because the authors touch, if only briefly, on a wide variety of related subjects. (I believe [...]
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A Man and His Cat Volume 3

It’s around this time in a manga series with a relatively simple premise — a widower who’s tired of life finds comfort in an older cat that no one else wanted and enjoys the basics of having a pet — that I start wondering how the author is going to keep it going with descending into mere repetition. In A Man and His Cat volume 3, Umi Sakurai tells some longer stories about pet ownership as well as delving much [...]
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The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (Ghostwriter)

I wasn’t the right age for Ghostwriter, which is a shame, cause it sounds like I would have loved it. The original TV show ran 1992-1995, and it featured a group of kids solving mysteries with the aid of a ghost. Apple TV+ brought the series back a year and a half ago, as part of its service launch. To solve mysteries, the Ghostwriter team has to read books and meet characters from the stories, which is a great idea. [...]
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BL Metamorphosis Volume 1

BL Metamorphosis is a charming, low-key manga about how friendship can develop based on shared interests, regardless of how different the friends might otherwise be. It’s a lesson I’ve learned myself, and it was refreshing to see it portrayed on paper by Kaori Tsurutani in this English edition published by Seven Seas. Ichinoi is 75 years old. One day, she stops into a bookstore after she finds her favorite cafe has closed down. She wanders into the manga section, where [...]
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The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #1

Given the concept of the The Old Guard — an immortal group of warriors who bond while operating as mercenaries — an anthology telling more stories about the characters through time is an excellent choice. The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #1 contains two stories. The first, “My Mother’s Axe”, is by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández, the creators of the original miniseries. Andy is training Nile on fighting and tells her about the weapon she’s using. It’s a twist [...]
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Arsenal FC: The Game We Love

I was curious about Arsenal FC: The Game We Love because I know very little about football (as most of the world terms it; “soccer” to us US heathens). After reading this loving tribute by Philippe Glogowski, I don’t know much more about the sport or how one wins a game, but I do feel that I’ve been introduced to all the best and favorite moments of the past twenty years or so for this team (dating from 1996-2016). It’s [...]
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Cheer Up! Love and Pom Poms

Cheer Up! Love and Pom Poms is the perfect graphic novel for fans of the cult classic movie But I’m a Cheerleader. As written by Crystal Fraiser and illustrated by Val Wise, Cheer Up! is a sweet teen romance. The outcome isn’t a surprise; don’t worry, there’s the expected happy ending. Only now, thank goodness, it’s not the only story around about a lesbian cheerleader. Or the only one featuring a trans character. We’ve come a long way, particularly in [...]
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Chéri, My Destiny!

Chéri, My Destiny! LOOKS like a cute food manga about two young men falling for each other while making sweets, but by the time we reach the final chapter (of four) in the story, it’s well earned its Mature (18+) rating. Sakura manages a shop that sells Western-style chocolates and desserts near a confectionary that sells Japanese-style treats. Sakura gets competitive, so he checks the other place out, where he sees that they’ve got lots of young female customers. Sakura [...]
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The Real History of St. Patrick’s Day

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you might think of green beer, shot glass necklaces that say “Kiss Me, I’m Irish,” and everyone suddenly talking about how Irish they are. That’s all well and good, but you might not know much about the holiday’s origins or the saint it celebrates. Well, take off that stupid hat,…Read more...
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He was a 'sweet' teenager. Then he killed 2 men in Kenosha. Now he's a right-wing hero.

John Rudoff/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images; Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images; Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images; Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images; (Justin Merriman/Getty Images; Stephen Maturen/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Insider I. The Night Of Kyle Rittenhouse raised his hands in the air as he stumbled toward the convoy of armored police vehicles, his AR-15 bouncing against his legs.Behind him, three men who had chased him lay bleeding on the street. ...
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A Fire Story

In October 2017, Brian Fies (Eisner Award-winning artist of Mom’s Cancer) lost his home (one of over 6,000 destroyed) to a California wildfire. A Fire Story captures the events and their aftermath. This is my favorite kind of graphic novel. It gives the reader an empathetic understanding of an experience that they hopefully will never have to live through themselves, and it does a terrific job conveying the feelings and choices that go along with it. The book shares, directly [...]
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Starcation Predictions: Ideal getaways based on your zodiac sign

As hopes for travel in 2021 continues to grow, the uncertainty and unpredictability is likely to stick around. To help travellers make the most of their future travel plans, we caught up with our resident astrologists, the AstroTwins, to learn what is written in the stars for each zodiac sign and their perfect travel companions. Aries 2021 Starcation Predictions: Independent Aries are feeling more collaborative in 2021, making this a great year to organise a getaway with a small group. Arie...
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Review / Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red's sci-fi epic is a dense and entertaining open-world adventure with a mercilessly nostalgic aesthetic. Welcome to the unevenly distributed past; watch out for bugs.
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Review / Colt Canyon

Colt Canyon is a sepia-toned masterpiece of pixel art, chaotic combat, and well-crafted character and weapon designs that deepen its simple but refined gameplay. All the same, its difficulty wall has me throwing my hands up in defeat. It begins with the kidnapping of your partner, establishing a classic western revenge 'n' rescue scenario. — Read the rest
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The Unicorn Whisperer

What can I say about more Phoebe and Her Unicorn books other than the strip is still funny?! (I last recommended Unicorn Bowling last summer, and I was behind in reading them then.) The idea is simple — Phoebe is an oddball kid who has a real, live, magical unicorn for a friend. Her parents and a couple of her classmates know about Marigold (the unicorn). Their different perspectives make for all kinds of humorous moments, whether it’s Phoebe reacting [...]
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Google Is Testing a "Short Video" Carousel That Would Surface Instagram and TikTok Videos

Google is reportedly testing a new mobile search feature that would surface TikTok and Instagram videos in their own dedicated carousel — the search giant’s apparent answer to a growing appetite for short-form video content. Read more...
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How to Figure Out What You Really Want to Do With Your Life

At any stage in life, deciding what you want to “do” with your life can feel fraught. It can come when you’re 18 or when you’re 50, and it’s always a difficult process to work through—especially if a recent life change or job loss has thrown you off a prior path. But as stressful as this time is, it can also be…Read more...
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What happened last week? Pfizer's vaccine rollout began, the SolarWinds hack caused ripples, and Christmas lockdowns spread through Europe.

A taxi driver wearing a protective mask waits in traffic in front of a seasonal window display of a closed retail store as the British government imposes a stricter tiered set of restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, in London on Dec. 20. Toby Melville/Reuters What happened last week? A COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer began rolling out around the US. FBI officials announced "a significant and ongoing" cyberattack involving SolarWinds Orion software, used by a long list of government age...
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Alpaca carpets, Saint Laurent surfboards, and Basquiat paintings: Meet the interior designer who worked with Kylie Jenner on her lavish mansion in one of LA's ritziest suburbs

Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Lu Tapp Martyn Lawrence Bullard is one of the most prolific interior designers in the world. His clients include Kylie Jenner, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Cher, Tommy Hilfiger, and even Kid Rock. In an interview with Business Insider, Bullard talked about his design principles and his famous work on Jenner's Hidden Hills home, Cher's LA condo, and Tommy Hilfiger's Miami escape pad.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In 2018, Martyn Lawrence Bu...
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How a 28-year-old sold his first jewelry design for $25,000 and within 3 years built an exclusive client roster including Rihanna

Emmanuel Tarpin. Emmanuel Tarpin At just 28 years old, Emmanuel Tarpin is one of high-end jewelry's rising stars.  Tarpin has amassed an elite list of clients over the last five years, winning the Rising Star prize from Fashion Group International and Designer of the Year at the 2019 Town and Country Jewelry Awards along the way. Today, Tarpin's client roster is so exclusive that he works only by private appointment — he's not sold in stores or online, at least not yet.  Tarpin opened up t...
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John Fetterman, Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor and a rising star in the Democratic Party, isn't a progressive. He says he's just being honest.

John Fetterman at the Carrie Furnaces, a former steel mill near Braddock, Pennsylvania, that's now open for tours. Marketing the history of the steel culture to outsiders was part of the former mayor's plan to revive the area. Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images John Fetterman, the former mayor of Braddock, was elected lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania in 2018, beating out better funded opponents. Fetterman has taken an oft-overlooked post and made it his b...
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Best Beauty Deals for Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2020

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, it’s a great opportunity to shop for beauty products. And this year, the savings are better than ever. These are the best online beauty deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that I’ve found. Many retailers have started the savings early…doorbusters will still be Black Friday only. Check individual websites for most current information. Shop away! Amazon: (Deals not live yet) Save up to 60% on HAUS LABORATORIES by Lady Gaga collection Save up to 5...
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Twitter Will Now Warn You Before You Like a Tweet Containing Misleading Information

Expanding upon an existing feature that warns users who attempt to retweet content that has already been flagged as “misleading information,” Twitter will now issue the same warning when users attempt to like content that has been similarly designated.Read more...
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Major Holmes & Captain Watson

These days, I’m excited by how many good Sherlock Holmes projects there are. (I’m even more excited if Mycroft’s in them.) Of course, it’s always a dice roll when ordering comics on Kickstarter if you don’t already know the creators or publisher, but I was pleasantly surprised by this comic series, which came out in reasonable time and of good quality. Major Holmes & Captain Watson is written by Jeff Rider and illustrated by Ismael Canales. It stars the blond [...]
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What Did You Eat Yesterday? Volume 14

Obviously, I’m not rushed to keep up with Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday? series — but since we’re at a point where we’re lucky to get one volume a year, I think I’m better off saving it to savor. Much like the many delicious-sounding meals Shiro makes for Kenji. What Did You Eat Yesterday? volume 14 came out about a year ago, and the next book (yay for continuing!) is due out May 2021. As with the previous [...]
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How to Work Out When You’re Still Sore From Your Last Workout

The hardest part of sticking to a workout routine may be starting, but the second-hardest part is showing up to the next workout when everything feels like fire. You’re not off the hook, though! Staying home actually isn’t your best plan of action. Here’s what to do instead.Read more...
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Cornelius Lysaght: Life after BBC Radio 5 Live

If you were to ask someone who has followed British horse racing over the past few decades for the voice they feel is most synonymous with the sport, a number of names will crop up. Legendary commentator, Sir Peter O’Sullevan would be one. Younger fans may look to Richard Hoiles or Simon Holt. Yet, the person who would be mentioned more often than most is Cornelius Lysaght. For 30 years, Lysaght was the voice of racing for the BBC. As the figurehead of 5 Live’s horse racing coverage, Lysaght...
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The First Seven Things You Should Make With a New Instant Pot

If you are one of the many home cooks who have hopped on the Instant Pot bandwagon (or if you’ve been toying with the idea of getting one), you may be experiencing a lot of emotions. Given the fact that this particular tool is packed with programmable functions, choosing a “first recipe” can be a bit overwhelming, but…Read more...
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